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Chapter 23

 Because I want to do many things with you.

Let's be a real couple.

Yeon-woo's heart pounded again at the voice of Seon-jae, who was seriously shaking the air.

'Oh…... I'm in big trouble, too.’

I've tried a few fake kisses that seemed real. I said that a few days ago.

If he shines his eyes pretending to be honest like this, he is swept away again.

I shouldn't be excited about everything.

So far she's like a girl in first love.

She asked him, holding her mind against reason.

"……do you have anything to ask of me?”


He gave a clear answer.

"If there is, then so be it. Don't be afraid of me."

He's sweet. He's sweet, but he'

It's frighteningly sweet, and it gives me goosebumps.

Is it revenge?

Are you trying to enlighten me that it's been so hard for me to deal with my changes?

I think I can understand if you make such a guess.

Yeah, you must have had a hard time because of me. You must have been annoyed a lot.’

Besides, a few days ago, I took offense at that kiss I've always had.

It's been a while since Saturday's kiss, and I've been emotional.

There was no problem if you said it was just a play.

But it hurt me because he said 'let's do it for real, not play'.

So I blamed him more than necessary.

When he avenged so freshly, he thought about how selfish his resentment was at that time.

'Yes, he managed to accept me, who changed overnight, while I was too sensitive.’

Yeon-woo smiled bitterly reflecting on the past.

"Shall we go home?"

This was the answer to his honest words.

He smiled faintly at her withering reply.

"Okay. Let's go home."

Pick, was not a mockery. He is as gentle as he can be today.

I don't know why he's doing this, but I don't know why he's pounding.

Yeon-woo ran toward the passenger seat as if running away because she felt like being fooled by him.

In a warm car unlike the air outside.

When Yeon-woo entered the passenger seat and sat down, Seon-jae also opened the driver's door and sat down.

Yeon-woo cleared her throat for no reason.

"Thank you for picking me up."

I couldn't use the same gentle tone as Seonjae and smile at him.

But I just wanted to say thank you out of courtesy, so I just spoke out as I wanted.

Seon-jae smiled faintly with a sense of relief from the Cold War.

After starting the car, Yeon-woo, sitting next to him, was looking out of the window with his hands neatly gathered and placed on his lap.

It was fun to curl my lips with blank eyes at what I was thinking so hard.

Suddenly, I thought I'd like to hold her hand.

There was no natural procedure for the two. Seon-jae asked Yeon-woo to marry her for the first time and later kissed her without exchanging emotions.

He has shook hands and held hands lightly to show others, but he has never held hands with his will.

For her, who couldn't open her heart, Seon-jae thought he'd step back and start there.

Let's fix it one by one from there.

Don't tell me you're not serious about holding hands.

With a heart of hope,

Seon-jae held the wheel with his left hand and naturally placed his right hand on her hand.


Maybe she was nervous about rejecting it, but she was a little quick.

……But it feels heavier than Lee Yeon-woo's hand.

Seonjae lowered his head belatedly.

And he found out that his big hand grabbed Yeon-woo's thigh very easily.

Contrary to Sun-jae's expectations, Yeon-woo's hands fell off the bridge and held his cell phone.

Yeonwoo was hardened like ice.

Sunjae's hand, which was attached to her thigh, slipped off.

"The goal is……"

She asked in a trembling voice.

"Is it sexual desire?"

Seon-jae's mind, which he tried to take steps step by step, became funny.

This is the moment when the pure intention of "Let's be a real couple" before riding the car boils down to sexual desire.


Sun-jae was embarrassed and made a loud noise without realizing it.

After shouting no, Yeonwoo's expression made me feel sad again.

She was looking at herself again with resentful eyes.

"If you want to scream, I'll scream. Why would you scream?"


"You shouldn't scream unless it's because of sexual desire, you should say sorry, your hand slipped your hand. It won't happen again."

However, even though Yeon-woo set the answer, Seon-jae could not apologize as she said.

I was at a loss as to what truth to respond to her.

I couldn't say I'd never touch it again.

It's not that I don't want to touch it.

In fact, there's a latent desire to touch everywhere.

That doesn't mean I'm a slave to sexual desire!

Please don't look at me like that...….

Seonjae was in a more desperate position than before he got into the car.


After the disturbance in the car, Yeon-woo became feisty.

When I thought I was making eye contact with Seon-jae, I turned my head right away, and even if Seon-jae talked to me, he answered in a short answer or complained.

"I went to work."

"Yes, I can see it."

"Aren't you asking about your health?"

"You're healthy at first sight."

Should I say that it's better than the Cold War because there's a reaction?

Seonjae is in a position to be fortunate for this change.

"It's colder today than yesterday. Dress warmly."

"Don't worry about him."

As I kept listening, Yeon-woo's harsh words were somewhat addictive.

Isn't the ever-changing answer quite interesting?

Anyway, compared to two weeks ago, she's made great strides.

Her colorful answers gave him the odd power to think about what to say next.

Two days later.

Seonjae put a souvenir from the company in front of Yeonwoo.

"Take this."

It was an ornament with a small tree model on top of a small round wooden box.

"I'm giving it to you.”

"What's this? Did you pick it up on the way here?”

Yeonwoo, who doesn't disappoint him again this time, gives a fresh response.

In fact, Yeon-woo is training to strengthen his mind.

Every word he said, every action seemed too swayed.

If you don't want to be swayed by this guy, you have to be equal.

I have to show that I can be feisty and tough.

I put the brakes on my actions with that mind.

In fact, I was full of desire to check and touch his presence every morning, but I endured it.

Still, after spitting out his words, his heart fluttered, but it was still worth it.

That's how he trains to chop poison, and this time he hands over some dainty ornament.

"No, it's not.

The decorations are so pretty that the girlish sensibility in my heart comes back to life. I shouldn't do this.

"The company made an orgel as a souvenir.”

"Do you make orgels?”

"Yes, it's a Christmas present."

Oh, I almost got excited again.

I thought you bought it for me.

Yeon-woo smiled as she let out the thin air between her lips.

"Then did you bring souvenirs?”


Seonjae answered quickly. It was a long-awaited question.

"A song is not like a souvenir. It's specially customized."

For you.

Just for you.

This is how I'm trying. Please know that.

In response to his reply, Yeon-woo's arrogant blinking lips gradually lengthened.

And a clear, sweet sound that rings at the heartstrings.

"Thank you."


This is how you give it to me.

To be honest, I expected her to like it, but it's even more touching to actually check the reaction.

I feel another thirst for that smiling face.

I wanted to kiss you.

But after breaking the mood here, I wondered if that pretty expression would disappear, so I stayed still.

Yeon-woo immediately picked up the orgel box with the child's curious eyes and wrapped the spring leaf.

The song prepared by Seonjae was an old pop song titled "You light up my life."

Before getting married, I chose this song because I remembered my mother-in-law humming it as if she was happy when I visited Yeon-woo's house.

As the machine turned with a clear sound as if the chorus of the song was hitting a glass egg, Yeon-woo released her arrogant expression and exclaimed.


The tip of Sunjae's lips look good in that's how he looks.

If I knew you'd like it that much, I'd do more.

The days of erasing emotions and erasing them together, the times of turning a blind eye to her, made his heart sink.

It's about to change a lot of things.

But after a while, Sunjae's hopeful will hit an unexpected snag.

"……are you still there."

"Yes, here you are."

It's been three hours.

His wife is sitting in front of him like a person addicted to the orgel, repeating her constant behavior.

After listening to the song, I'll wash the spring again. After listening to the song, I'll wash the spring again.

It's almost midnight.

"Whether I'm an orgel or an orgel."

Yeon-woo keeps muttering but never stops acting.

She seemed to be the one with the spring wrapped around her. The infinite repetitive clockwork is different from the orgel.

There was a drunk man here without a drop of alcohol.

"Stop looking...….”

"I think I'm united with the orgel. It feels good."

But Sunjae feels weird.

It's the first time I've seen her look so relaxed.


Ah, ah, ah.

I trusted the orgel as much as I trusted you, so I gave you the orgel as a gift without any burden...….

"Is there such a beautiful sound in the world?”

You're more interested in the orgel than I am. I lost to the orgel.

"You're prettier. Go to sleep, please."

Now I'm going to be jealous of Orgel, too. To the orgel that I gave you.

By the way, what he blurted out seemed to have imposed some sanction on her infinite power.

Yeon-woo's hand, which was trying to wind the spring of the orgel again, stopped sharply.

At last she stood up from her seat.

"Please clarify that."

The snow, which had been loosened up toward the orgel, tightened again and headed for Seonjae.


"Are you saying I'm pretty, or are you saying I'm pretty?"

Yeonwoo was very serious.

Sunjae, who doesn't know what's wrong with her, was embarrassed.

"They're both pretty. Both."

"I want you to be precise. Exactly. Exactly."

Yeon-woo repeated "exactly" a few times and persistently demanded an answer.

Why are you so obsessed with this?

Do I have to choose between the two? Can't you both just be pretty?

"You're pretty. Your voice is pretty because you're pretty."

...isn't this it?

It's disturbing that she doesn't respond immediately.

Seon-jae corrected her words and spoke clearly about her beauty.

"No, your voice is beautiful, too. That's why they're both pretty."

"What comes first?"


"Is my voice first or am I first?"

What is it...?

"……you. You're pretty."

"So do you like my hands or me?”

This time, my wife suddenly raises her hand.

"You. You're the prettiest."

Seon-jae replied bewitched by the tenacity.

And finally, her eyes were relaxed.

It is a full-fledged smile that brightens up the whole space around it.



A crazy smile.

My brother-in-law is right.

Fox, fox. Lee Yeonwoo is a fox.

"I think I can sleep now."

"……Shall we sleep together?"


"No. Go to bed."

I was so distraught that I said let's sleep together.

No, I almost took him to bed without saying anything.

It was a night when the future of being dragged by her became bright and distant.


One more day later, it became Friday.

Yeon-woo decided to stop by the dress shop with his mother-in-law Mi-hyun.

- Tell me if you don't feel comfortable meeting your mother. I'll talk to my mother well so she won't misunderstand.

What's so worrying about, Sunjae sent a text message around the appointed time.

"Chi, you're going to talk about it very well." It's a habit to be magpie.'

Yeon-woo laughed even though she thought so.

What he said last night was uncharacteristically heartwarming.

"You. You're the prettiest."

LOL. His answer yesterday tickled my mind again.

I shouldn't be excited, but I can't help but feel good.

On the day she promised to marry Seon-jae two years ago, Yeon-woo heard something similar from Seon-jae.

Seonjae said, "You're pretty too" to Yeonwoo's embarrassing compliment that his hands are pretty.

The time when I was excited by the words and the time when I was hurt by the words are now gently crushing.

You light up my life.

This song, produced and presented by Seonjae as an orgel, is a favorite of Yeonwoo's mother, Soonjung.

Did he know that? How did he know?

I was pleased to receive the unexpected gift, and the orgel melody he specially ordered made made her more sentimental.

With that little happiness, I even thought marriage was worth it for the first time in two years.

He was also a man who could not be hated and resented.

"Don't worry about me. I think I'll get closer to my mother than to my senior...….’

While trying to send a playful reply, the cell phone screen changed and vibrated.

It was a call from my mother-in-law, Mihyun.

"Yes, Mother. I'm on my way."

Are you going to the shop? But what do I do with this? My father-in-law of a distant relative died suddenly, so I went to pay tribute.]

"Oh, yes... It's okay, Mother. Then shall I go with my mother?"

[No, no, no, no. That's fine, but if you can go to the shop alone, would you go and look at your clothes? I've talked about it when I made a reservation, so I'm going to show you a lot of pretty clothes.]

"Yes, I will, then."

[Sorry I couldn't keep my promise.]

"No, I'm really fine."

Yeon-woo hung up after repeatedly saying it was okay.

After hanging up the phone, I got a text message from Seonjae again.

You said you were hit by the wind. Do you want me to come with you?

'I guess I figured that out. That's so fast.’

LOL. I told my mother that it was okay, but I was a little disappointed. Sunjae's text itself was nice.

- Thank you for just saying it.

Yeon-woo calmly sent a reply and got out of the car.

The dress shop in Cheongdam-dong used the entire three-story building. Yeonwoo was led straight up to the third floor.

"Oh, ma'am! Welcome. I've heard so much about you. It's such an honor to see you in person."

As soon as she got off the elevator, a woman approached and said hello. He was the owner of the dress shop. After that, several staff members followed and bowed their heads.

"Hello…… It's a great pleasure to meet you. I'm Lee Yeon-woo."

In fact, it was his first time visiting a dress shop except for fitting a wedding dress, so Yeon-woo was not familiar with this hospitality.

In addition, the title "Madam" is not quite right.

When we walked inside the shop after saying goodbye awkwardly.

"Huh? Lee Yeon-woo!"

I heard her calling a few steps ahead.

Yeon-woo's foot stopped there as he was moving forward with a puzzled look.

Her eyes widened to identify her partner.

Ma Sanghee. It was Ma Sanghee.

The only child of President Ma Jin-tae and First Lady Ok Seung-hye.

Sang-hee came close and shed light eyes. Sang-hee had a smile on her face. Still, Sang-hee seemed to be glad to see Yeon-

"Hey, you're married and you haven't called?”

"Uh…… Hi."

However, Yeon-woo did not say sorry for Sang-hee's scolding because she was not too pleased.

Another voice was heard in the future of Yeon-woo, who said such an awkward greeting.

"Long time no see."

An oddly sarcastic voice at the end.

Yeon-woo's heart froze as she remembered the voice.

Mrs. Ok Seung-hye was also with him.


"Yes, how have you been?”


"I missed you."

I wasn't happy to hear that I missed you.

"That's great. We made a reservation an hour ago, but Sang-hee hasn't finished dressing yet. Director, Yeonwoo and I know each other well. So can we stay together no matter the reservation time?”

"Ah…… I…….”

The director looked at Yeon-woo's wits as if it was difficult to answer.

"Yeonwoo, are you okay?"

Seung-hye repeatedly demanded an answer.

"Go ahead."

Yeonwoo gave a crawling answer.

He thought he should quickly look at his clothes and leave this place first.

Afterwards, it was fortunate that Seung-hye and her party did not have to exchange words more to talk about clothes with the director.

Sang-hee and Seung-hye were also trying on this and that clothes under the care of another employee.

On the way, there was a case where Sang-hee took the clothes Yeon-woo was going to try on and gave up, but Yeon-woo kept silent because she thought it would be better to avoid them rather than bumping into each other.

It's been 10 minutes.

Sang-hee, who was busy thinking that this outfit was pretty for a long time, shouted as she entered and came out of the changing room.

"Oh? Oh, Mom! I don't have it's not there. My necklace!"

"You mean the necklace you wore today?”

"I took it out because I felt uncomfortable every time I put it on and took it off, but it's not in the changing room. Where'd it go?"

Sang-hee looked around in tears, making a busy appearance.

"If someone doesn't take it, why would I leave it in the changing room?"

"That's what my mom bought me for my birthday. You said it was 50 million won. What should I do?"

Yeonwoo's hand stopped while choosing clothes. The air felt stuffy with some unknown anxiety. It felt like dark clouds were pouring under my feet.

Meanwhile, Seung-hye called Yeon-woo.

"Wait, Yeonwoo. I'm sorry to say this, but...….”


"Can you show me your pocket and your bag?”

At Seung-hye's request, Yeon-woo seemed to have fluffy skin all over his body.

"You used to have thieving when you were a kid.”

Seung-hye, who approached, lowered her voice as if she were whispering.

However, since it was a sufficiently accurate pronunciation, it must have been heard clearly by the two employees who were next to Yeon-woo.

Yeonwoo couldn't breathe well.


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