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Must be a Happy Ending Manhwa Novel

Chapter 24

 19 years from now.

It is the story of Yeonwoo and Sanghee when they were six years old.

Seung-hye, who entered her daughter Sang-hee's room with the intention of pushing her to read, asked Sang-hee when she saw the empty bookcase.

"Ma Sang-hee. Where are all the fairy tale books?"

"I gave Yeonwoo everything."

Six-year-old Sang-hee said.

"Mom, I don't know the handwriting. Yeonwoo knows everything in Korean. She's a very good reader, too.

Lee Yeonwoo.

The daughter of Oh Soonjung and Lee Myungsik who came to live downstairs.

This happened less than a month after Soonjeong and Myeongsik renovated the warehouse downstairs to make a house with the intention of taking care of all the housework.

Maybe because Yeon-woo is the same age as Seung-hye's daughter Sang-hee, Seung-hye felt bitter whenever she saw Yeon-woo.

Her daughter, Sang-hee, was barely trying to write her name, but Yeon-woo was already offended by the fact that she had learned Hangul.

Looking at Sang-hee, who is compared to Yeon-woo, her husband Jin-tae seemed to be scolding her to educate her properly.

Seung-hye immediately left the door and went to Yeon-woo's house.

Six-year-old Yeon-woo was reading a book next to her grandmother who was sick and put her brother Tae-woo to sleep, and after a while, she even let her grandmother sleep and came out to the living room.

With one of the fairy tales that Seung-hye bought for Sang-hee.

Seung-hye walked quietly and stood at the feet of young Yeon-woo.

Yeon-woo, who was educated by her parents, welcomed Seung-hye to say hello to her elders first.


All right!

However, as soon as young Yeon-woo called Seung-hye, Seung-hye slapped Yeon-woo on the head.

Seung-hye's strength was strong enough for Yeon-woo, who was small, to fly a couple of steps.

Yeon-woo, who fell on the floor, put his hand on the side of my head with a shocked face.

Young Yeon-woo's expression was greatly distorted by the fear created by Seung-hye.

As soon as young Yeon-woo woke up with the floor, Seung-hye approached again.

"Sing it again."

With the witch-like voice, young Yeon-woo spoke like a shuddering instinct to live.

I remembered hearing the epithet of "ma'am" was "ma'am".



This time, I fell off the other side before I finished talking.

Young Yeon-woo woke up after lying on his stomach for a while, feeling his head fluttering.

I grabbed my hand and crawled back in place.

I gulped down my tears as I shed tears. For some reason, I thought I'd get hit more if I made a sound.

I remembered that my mom said I should listen to Sang-hee's aunt.

"Didn't your mother educate you?”

Seung-hye asked in a scary voice.

Young Yeon-woo, who did not know what the answer was, lowered his head and shed tears.

"Wipe your tears."

Young Yeon-woo quickly wiped away tears at Seung-hye's order.

As Yeon-woo's crying subsided, Seung-hye grabbed the young Yeon-woo's arm violently.

Yeon-woo left the house and climbed up the stairs to reach the yard, led by Seung-hye.

"Look. I'll let you know once, so look at me."

Seung-hye said as if warning. Where Seung-hye's eyes were on, one of the employees was sweeping away the fallen leaves.

"Clean up. Come here."

Seung-hye said to the staff.

"Yes, ma'am."

An employee who was cleaning hurriedly came to Seung-hye with a broom on the floor.

"Okay, go and work."

"Ah…… yes……".”

Without knowing why Seung-hye called herself, the employee turned back and ran to the broom.

Later, Seung-hye asked Yeon-woo coldly.

"Did you hear that?"

Young Yeon-woo couldn't answer immediately and flinched.

"Did you hear that?"


"Then what should I call you?"


"Put it on your head."

Seung-hye grabbed the young Yeon-woo's arm again and went down to Yeon-woo's house to order.

"Come out with the stolen Sang-hee fairy tales."

At Seung-hye's command, Yeon-woo quickly ran into the room and brought out a pile of books.

However, he resisted the accusation of stealing.

"I didn't steal it. Sanghee gave it to me. Put it in your bag...….”

Young Yeon-woo's reply was annoying, so Seung-hye approached Yeon-woo again.

Yeonwoo, who was afraid of getting hit again, closed his eyes tightly.

"Madam, you were here...….”

Yeonwoo's mother, Soonjung, is here.

After cleaning up the house at Seung-hye's house, she belatedly came to take care of her children and mother-in-law's lunch.

Seung-hye answered with her hands lifted.

"My daughter took a bunch of fairy tales. Not just one or two, but everything."

"Oh, my God. How did this happen. I'm sorry, ma'am. I'll put it back quickly."

"The little ones don't know. I'll buy you some books separately. Bring back the original ones."

"You don't have to buy it. We'll get it right soon."

Seung-hye stared coldly at Yeon-woo and turned around and left.

Soon-jung, who rushed into the house, sighed sadly at the fairy tale books piled up in the living room.

"Oh, my God, I brought all of this. He's strong. Don't touch Sanghee's stuff. All right?


"My mom will buy you something nice.”

Yeon-woo also seemed surprised, so Soon-jung quietly pressed Yeon-woo without scolding him.

Yeon-woo lost the opportunity to talk about what had happened.

Children can't speak.

You know it's bad because you've been scolded, not because you've done it.

I don't try not to do bad things, I don't do bad things not to get in trouble.

Lee Yeonwoo, a small and young child who is six years old.

So did young Yeonwoo. I couldn't say that I was scolded because I was scolded.

I thought I was scolded because I said something bad enough to get in trouble.

And that night, everyone fell asleep.

Young Yeon-woo sobbed alone with a blanket over his head.

In Yeon-woo's short dream, Ok Seung-hye appeared as a witch appearing in Snow White.

But there was no happy ending. Yeonwoo's fairy tale was all overturned that day.


Dress shop.

Seung-hye's face asking for a bag shows a confident smile.

All of this was meant to be, Ok Seung Hye.

He wanted to hurt Yeon-woo's face somehow.

Yeon-woo was suddenly afraid.

Somehow, I thought Seung-hye might have secretly put her necklace in her bag.

Seung-hye was an excellent person to roll her head in a vicious way.

Enjoying Yeon-woo's slowly hardening expression, Seung-hye lengthened her lips.

I had a hard time living quietly for 2 years.

It's time to spread your wings again.

It was no accident that Seung-hye visited this place today.

Seung-hye, who visited the shop once last weekend, heard the director's phone call and found out that Yeon-woo's Shimo Mi-hyun had made a reservation on Friday afternoon.

Seung-hye made a reservation an hour before Mi-hyun's reservation time.

Then, he appeared at the shop with his daughter Sang-hee as a ploy to buy time.

The original plan was to get to know Yeon-woo's mother-in-law properly, but unexpectedly a better opportunity was created.

A chance to make Lee Yeonwoo laugh.

"It's okay, I didn't mean to be malicious. It's just a habit."

Seung-hye took a step closer to Yeon-woo with a witch's voice.

"You get a kick out of just taking what you want without permission.”

"……what are you talking about?”


Yeon-woo unknowingly pulled one side of his foot back at the creepy sound of the last whisper.

"Well, can you show me your bag and pocket?"


"I don't say things I'm not sure about."

I see. You put a necklace in my bag.

Yeon-woo, convinced that she was caught in a trap, looked around her.

It was a room without CCTV. I can't prove what happened in this room, so if a necklace comes out of her bag, she'll be framed.

The shop's director also looked awkwardly at the shop, and the employees rushed to find work as if it was too much to join.

Then, I glanced toward Yeonwoo. It is to continue to pay attention to the development of this disturbance.

"Why are you hesitating. Yeonwoo."

Seung-hye approached Yeon-woo, who swallowed dry saliva.

"I'm sorry to interrupt."

Then someone spoke out. It was a man.

The people around me turned their heads in unison.

There was no sign of popularity, but when he came, there was a man standing near the changing room.

Yeon-woo's eyes narrowed, who turned his head together.

That's a man I've met once.

The yellow-haired man I met two weeks ago at Sunjae's wedding hall.

The man was there, still with yellow hair.

There was a necklace and a dress in his hand.

"Are you looking for this? There's something hanging on the dress."

"Oh, it's my necklace!"

Sang-hee ran and Seung-hye flinched.

Yeon-woo breathed late.

The man handed Sang-hee a necklace and stared at Seung-hye with a smile.

It seemed like I'd figured out everything that just happened in this space.

"If it's precious, you should have taken care of. Did you suspect someone who wasn't even looking?”

Then he quickly changed his face and smirked.

"They're terrible people.”

The man's mockery was stinging.

Meanwhile, an employee was sighing silently at the man's long, warm appearance.

"Well, if you'll excuse me."

In return for such staff, the man smirked a hospitality smile and went downstairs through the stairs.

After a while, the director quietly asked the staff, looking in the direction of the man's departure with fierce eyes.

"Who's that guy right now?”

"He's from a client earlier. He's like a model!"

The employee, who was admiring the man's appearance, suddenly intervened and replied.

Then, feeling embarrassed by the way they looked at me, he cleared his throat.

Seung-hye asked Sang-hee with a dazed expression.

"Sanghee, is that your necklace?”

"Oh, yeah, Mom. I also checked my initials here.”

Sang-hee, who had no idea, replied in a light voice because she was fortunate to have found the necklace again.

Only then did Seung-hye admit her mistake while looking at Yeon-woo bitterly.

"I'm sorry, I misunderstood. I'm reminded of the old days again.”

"What do you think of the old days?"

But Yeon-woo was already angry.

"I have no such thing as a thief. I've never touched anything in your family.”

In fact, I thought it was fortunate that Seung-hye didn't put the necklace in her bag on purpose, but misunderstood it purely.

But then the backstabbing was also offensive.

I can't believe it reminded me of the old days.

In the past, she has never touched anything from Seung-hye's house.

Seung-hye's intention to undermine herself in any way was too clear.

"This time it was a misunderstanding, so I'll skip it, but if you keep talking like this, I won't stay still.”

Now you're beaten up like you were, and you're not taking it for granted.

Yeon-woo warned in a strong voice.

"I'm going to expose everything I've done in the family."

Seung-hye flinched when she heard Yeon-woo. Seung-hye's facial muscles shook.

Lee Yeonwoo, you've grown up a lot. You know how to scare me with words.

But at least you're a scarecrow Cinderella.

"Sanghee, let's go."

Seung-hye, who was staring at Yeon-woo, said.

I decided I'd better stop here today.

"I'll call you later to order clothes."

When Seung-hye, who was short to the director, went to the elevator first, Sang-hee belatedly followed Seung-hye.

Only after Seung-hye left completely, Yeon-woo sat on the chair with a deep sigh as if she were breathing out.

The director ran over with a face that was in tears.

"I'm sorry, ma'am. You were surprised. I'm sorry."

"No, it's not.

Yeon-woo smiled helplessly because she could not blame anyone who apologized repeatedly.

In fact, I had no more energy to deal with anyone.

"I'll have to go back today. I'll come back with my mother later."

Yeonwoo also grabbed the elevator after packing the bag.

The director continued to apologize as he came down the elevator together, but it did not come into Yeon-woo's ears properly.


Soon after Yeon-woo left, Seon-jae visited the dress shop.

Seonjae, who came inside, approached the director who had once greeted him through his mother's introduction.

The director quickly recognized Seonjae. However, there was a disturbance just before, so I had to be nervous.

"Hello, vice president...….”

"I came here thinking my wife might be here, but I guess she left early."

Seonjae found out that he was a step late.

After Yeon-woo sent a message saying thank you just for his words to his text asking if he would like to go with him, I thought he was still choosing clothes because there was no other word.

"Well, I....”

By the way, the director's hesitant attitude as if he was uncomfortable somehow seemed strange.

"What happened?”

"There's a disturbance...."

The director brought it up carefully.

Yeon-woo may first tell Sun-jae what happened today more unpleasant, so he thought it would be better to beat her.

Seon-jae also became displeased after hearing the whole story, including Yeon-woo being offended by the rude customer's coercion.

Sun-jae, who let out a harsh sigh, criticized the director.

"If that happens, shouldn't we be careful in the middle so that customers don't doubt and offend each other? Were you just watching?”

"Oh, that's... The other customer's argument is too strong...….”

"If you're so assertive, it's customer tyranny. Can't you stop that tyranny?"

"I'm sorry....”

"What's the rude guest's name?"

The director barely answered with a voice as if he was being dragged away by Sunjae's interrogation.

"It's Ok Seung-hye, and I think you know her name is Ok Seung-hye."….”

After the director confessed the guest's name, a cold silence was created for a few seconds.

Life shone for a moment in the eyes of Seonjae facing him.

The director felt like his heart was freezing.

"I can't let it slide."

Seonjae recited lowly.

I can't believe she's so mean. I'm chopping my teeth.

I should get rid of it.

Sunjae, who made up his mind, asked the director coldly.

"Is there anything else you want to say?"

"Oh, no, there's no such thing, I'm sorry...….”

"See you later, then."

I don't think I can see anyone who is not good at handling the situation anymore, but Seon-jae left the building after saying hello.


Yeon-woo, who arrived home after going to the dress shop, was sitting in the bedroom without changing his clothes.

It was the first time in a long time that I thought about myself in my daily life when I was almost Kang Sun-jae Oriented.

It wasn't about himself, it was about Ok Seung-hye.

I didn't want to see a person named Ok Seung Hye in my life anymore, I didn't expect to see her like this again.

In fact, it was strange that we hadn't encountered each other before.

Ok Seung-hye is the wife of President Mar Jin-tae and CEO Mar Jin-tae is the CEO of Jay Natural, an affiliate of J Group.

How will we encounter each other in the future?

Yeonwoo is already afraid of it.

Today, I got out of the crisis with the help of a man who seemed to have fallen from the sky, but it will never happen again.

How long has it been since I was so lost in thought?

Knock, knock, knock.

I heard a knock.

Seon-jae was already looking at himself knocking on the open door.

"I heard there was a disturbance in the dress shop."

"How did you know?"

"I just dropped by. The director told me."

Yeon-woo bowed his head to Seon-jae's answer.

Seon-jae felt sorry for her appearance that she seemed to have lost her vitality.

"Are you surprised?”

I didn't mean to, but my voice came out softly.

"No, I'm fine."

"Are you okay again?"

What's so good about it?

What's so good about it all the time?

Why don't you tell me everything?

If you lean on me, you'll feel a little comfortable.

Whatever it is, I'll fight for it.

"You must have been very embarrassed.”

Seon-jae comforted Yeon-woo, who was speechless.

Yeon-woo gradually raised her head, which was bowing down.

"All the bad guys will be punished properly."

You've earned it. Punishment of good and evil.

It is quite a fairy tale ending affirmation. The reality of not being so would be overflowing.

By the way, my voice was warm and warm as if I was reading a fairy tale.

Yeonwoo got emotional for no reason.

Oh, voice swindler.

Talking in that voice makes me want to lean on you.

She spoke to herself in a sullen way as if to repel her thoughts.

"Oh, I'm hungry."

"Shall we go out and eat something?"

Seon-jae, who picked up the words to himself, kindly asks.

Yeon-woo looked at him with a pessimistic look and replied. It was mean.

"Beef radish soup."

Getting slapped in Jongno and venting my anger in Han River.

"Okay. Let's go eat."

However, Seonjae readily accepted it.

"Let's go."

The thought of feeding her something somehow preceded her, so it didn't matter what went into her mouth.

After a while, the two men went outside.

It was the first time I left the house without a car.

Yeon-woo followed Seon-jae without saying a word, not knowing whether he would feed him beef radish soup or anything else.

While walking side by side, the two men do not touch each other's collars.

Seonjae slid down and looked at Yeonwoo's hand.

In comparison with my hands, a small and thin hand goes into my pocket, knits the other hand, fiddles with my coat, and goes up for a while to sweep my hair.

It's just been a few days since I thought I wanted to hold that hand.

No married man would be as innocent as me.

Sunjae, who was no longer hesitant, grabbed her hand as if it were going into her pocket.

Yeonwoo looked up at him with surprised eyes.

"Your hands are too cold.”

But when he grabbed it, he felt awkward again, so he used her temperature as an excuse.

I'm keeping your hands warm because they're cold.

However, Yeon-woo quickly took his hand out of Seon-jae's, as if it were unfamiliar with warmth and shamefully his cold hand.

The hand is lost and wanders in the air.

Seonjae grabbed the hand again.

I don't think you know how frustrating it is to bypass the desire to go straight.

I'm gonna have to teach me.

"Why is it so hard to hold hands once?"

Seonjae quickly put Yeonwoo's hand in his pocket.

And wrapped her hand in her pocket with her own.

"Keep putting it in here from now on."

Her wriggling fingers in her coat pocket are itchy and soft.

I thought I shouldn't let go now.

"It's my house, think about it and put it in."

This is where you belong.


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