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Chapter 25

 Yeon-woo, who held hands with Seon-jae, became emotional again.

His hand wrapped in his was filled with warmth.

Clap clap Clap clump Clap clack clack clack clack.

My heart skipped a beat at my fingertips. So it seemed like he was touching his heart.

This isn't it.

Since I'm living my second life, I decided to live for his life for at least 100 days as a bonus.

It felt strange to be comforted by him unexpectedly.

It was strange, but cozy.

The first two to walk hand in hand through the night.

Yeon-woo, who couldn't say anything because he was ashamed and awkward to hold hands, opened his mouth after a long time.

"But where do you eat beef radish soup?”

"I know a cook. I'm sure you'll be busy, but I'll do it for about a million won."

The way he spoke was sincere. This man is really thinking of spending 1 million won on a meal.

Yeon-woo was surprised by Seon-jae's answer. One million won is your dog's name.

"Just eat anything...…. I'll give up."

"No, eat beef radish soup."

"It's all right! What kind of beef radish soup costs 1 million won! Who the hell is the cook?"

"I'm a chef at Women's University, and my specialty is lunch boxes, but there's nothing I can't cook."

Yeon-woo's foot, which was being dragged by Seon-jae, stopped for a moment. I was surprised.

I couldn't help but know the chef of Women's National University.

A man who was by far the best among some chefs introduced on TV a few years ago when the star chef boom broke out in Korea.

Isn't he the handsome cooking genius who won the title of "Heavenly Joseph."

The legendary chef, who rejects all advertising and collaboration proposals from the processed food industry after appearing on the air and still remains a lunchbox craftsman.

"It's not that famous. It's the best!"

Yeon-woo shouted in a high-pitched voice.

"Do you know each other personally? The chef of Women's National University?”

Suddenly, seeing his sparkling wife, Seon-jae felt strange.

I'm also a famous person, but I feel like I'm being pushed back.


"Then tell me first. I'm a huge fan! Let's go now!"

"Let's not go."

"Why! With so much air."

"It's too windy.”

Seon-jae, who was so jealous, quickly reversed his words.

It was cheap, but if I took my wife to the studio of a chef at Women's National University, I felt like I was going to lose all of my days today because of the coolness of a chef at Women's National University.

"Hold on a second. Let's search for good restaurants that sell beef radish soup."

"That's fine. You can really eat anything."

sulky Yeon-woo stuck out his lips and replied.

Despite Yeon-woo's response, Seon-jae did not give up beef radish soup and took out his cell phone and started searching.

You can search with both hands, but it is pathetic to see her right hand holding her hand moving her left thumb poorly without even thinking about taking it out of her pocket.

Yeon-woo sighed and pointed to the Korean restaurant across the street.

"Let's go, there. That's a good restaurant, I saw it somewhere."

"No. I'll look for a beef radish soup restaurant."

"I knew you didn't like beef radish soup, so I was just grumpy. Let's go."

Yeon-woo took Sun-jae's cell phone and diligently grabbed Sun-jae.

Eventually, the two entered the Korean restaurant across the street.

When I entered the restaurant, an employee wearing a modernized hanbok greeted me politely and guided me inside.

The dining table was all room type.

Yeonwoo and Seonjae were guided to a warm room on the floor.

After ordering a simple course meal, the room became a private space when the staff closed the door and left.

I was told it was a good restaurant, but I couldn't hear any people.

"It's very quiet."


Two people's hands fell off after entering the restaurant.

Yeon-woo somehow felt empty in her hand that fell away from him and became alone.

I feel like I should do something because my hands are empty and the atmosphere is awkward.

Yeon-woo searched in her bag for something to fill her silence.

Crunch. The sound from the bag makes a gentle noise in the room.

Seon-jae was just watching, wondering what the hell this woman was going to do.

And after a while she took it out and put it on the table...….

"Did you bring it?”

It was a tree orgel.

"I listen to it when I'm bored.”

Why are you so prepared to make a fuss?

"……Orgel addiction?"

Yeon-woo's lips twitch at Seon-jae's words.

"Why are you turning the spring? Are you bored?"


"Are you bored with me?"


A challenging answer to his quibbling question.

"Don't let me get bored?"

But when his eyes get thinner and his voice gets low, the spirit of challenge quickly falls flat.


"……I'll put it in."

Yeonwoo's orgel failed to make the pretty sound and went back into the bag.

I'm glad the food came out quickly.

Looking at the dishes prepared in a small way, I felt appetized.

I stopped by the dress shop and when I came home, everything was annoying and I hated it.

Before you know it, the stress of the time is being talked on the street, and this quiet dinner is calmly pushing away.

"You don't know much about this neighborhood because you're almost driven by car, do you? Have you been anywhere?"

Yeonwoo asked while chopsticks were moving.

"I've been to the bar next door."

"You mean the house with the Chinese sign on it? Is it nice there? I heard it's a good restaurant, too."

"Do you want to eat?"

"It's a bar. I don't drink."

"You drink a lot.”

Yeon-woo blinked at Sun-jae's comment.

"What beer cans are missing from the fridge?"

……I can't believe I saw that.

In fact, Yeonwoo can't drink outside because of her drinking habit.

But I like beer, so I often drink a can or two before I go to sleep.

"……sometimes I drink alone."

"Don't drink alone, eat with me."

"No, just double it."

"Why should I drink when you don't either."

"Chi. What do you mean you don't fit in?"


"No, it's not."

Yeon-woo, who was mumbling, put a big spoonful of rice into his mouth as if he were covering his mouth.

"Then what shall we do.


"Is there anywhere you want to go?”

He, who is so sweet today, asked her opinion again.

Yeon-woo rolled his eyes at the thought of thinking about something because she thought it was unfamiliar because it was too casual, but she thought she should not miss this opportunity.

This man is pampering me.

This unfamiliar conviction expanded the scope of the idea that had been locked up.

"I want to see the Christmas tree. I think it's near the trade center. Wouldn't it take 40 minutes to walk?”

"It's cold, so let's take a taxi. Not 40 minutes."

"Walking for 40 minutes won't freeze to death."

"I freeze to death. Aren't you my health care worker?”


He's out of his league.

At some point, she is intimidated when she speaks firmly with a cold look in her mouth even though she is speaking in a sweet way.

He didn't say he couldn't make it anyway.

Yeon-woo, who is unpredictable but tries to listen to him somehow, felt amazing.

After the meal, the two traveled by taxi to the front of the department store where the tree was installed.

"Be careful, the floor is frozen.”

He got off the taxi first and said, supporting Yeonwoo.

The hand he held out wrapped her hand warmly again.

The image of a loving husband, no matter who looks at it.

In addition, his sweet voice makes every syllable a point of excitement.

Yeon-woo, who started pounding again, naturally let go of his hand after getting out of the car.

"Hold it."

Yeon-woo let go and he said. Yeon-woo mumbled again.

"Voice fraud."


"Don't you know the voice swindler? A voice swindler?"

Yeon-woo's babbling finally escaped from talking to himself. She spoke mischievously of him.

She is progressing, albeit tenaciously.

"A person who sings a good song lives a good life and a person with a cool voice has a cool personality. If you have a voice like that, you should live a serious and heavy life according to that voice."

"You're such a bigot. That's the perfect idea for a kidnapper."

Uh-huh. You don't agree with me and you make fun of me.

It'll be more crooked.

"Your voice was very hard. That's the voice that asked me to marry him, so I fell for it."

Yeonwoo is even more correct.

"I got married without really knowing anything. I couldn't even think about what style of man I like.”

It was just a moan.

How am I the victim of this marriage.

Married him and benefited from all sorts of benefits.

She was no longer falsely accused of marriage.

I also know that he is a grateful man.

The current whining was bordering on a joke.

He may have wondered to what extent he would accept his heartache.

It was also a struggle for this strange excitement.

"I'm doing everything with you for the first time in my life.”

Then, out of the blue, his lips stretched long.

I don't think it's time to laugh.

I don't think it's time to hold hands.

Seon-jae grabbed her hand again and held it in his pocket.

You told me to think it was my house, and a really cozy warmth wrapped around her hand.

Why is the atmosphere so moving?

I don't want to be more excited.

Yeonwoo is in a difficult situation.

"You can say more.”

"I don't think there's anything good to say."

"I can embrace everything.”

Seon-jae wanted to shake off what was piled up in her mind.

I was just thinking of relieving stress, but I laughed from time to time because her words were unexpectedly lovely.

Yeon-woo, who couldn't figure out his laughing point, decided to play up more as he laid out the puppy stone. Stuck his hand in his pocket.

"You made me a married woman like that, and you're being hard on me.

"I don't mean anything."

"I don't even come home often."

"I've been home all the time except for classes in the United States. I'm sure you weren't interested in me.”

"No, it's not."

Now I'm quite a woman who can snort.

"You didn't come home from the United States. You haven't been here in two nights and three days."

"When did I ever."

"Last summer, August 15!"

He also lamented greatly whether it came to mind.

"That's when you went to the Reserves!”

His voice rose high. He seemed to be really unfair.

"You're the one who's done his duty of national defense like a bug.”

While complaining like this, he never lets go of his hand. Isn't it too funny?

There's no drama girl or drama guy.

We're a show window couple of the century.

"……when am I."

Yeon-woo's voice, who became solemn with the "Reserve Army" argument, fell.

I didn't really know that the night out was a reserve.

As expected, people should have a conversation.

"You did. Your expression then remains in my head like a picture."

"You look like a little senior."


It's time to run away.

"Where are you going, where are you going?"

But he can't just let Yeon-woo get out of my hands.

Seonjae squeezed her hand even tighter. And the other hand stretched over the top of her head and squeezed her head.

His big hand didn't have much trouble holding her head.

"Are you holding hands to hit me? Are you going to grab him and hit him?"

"No. Why would I hit you?"

"It's like hitting someone."

"What are you talking about? You're being kind to me.

Now Sunjae's ugly hands scattering her head.

Yeonwoo crumpled her face.

"I don't think so?"

"That's right?"

Seon-jae scattered her hair more, smiled satisfactorily, and arranged it again.

Fluffy. Something soft clumps up in Yeonwoo's chest.

"Keep talking."

"What do you want me to say?"

"It was hard.”

Yeon-woo is confused because she keeps saying "voice fraud."

"You're not getting up tomorrow morning and retaliating, are you?"

"Revenge? What retaliation?"

"Throw him out, add him to his divorce.”


But guesses seem to have gone too far.

Divorce, the taboo word was uttered easily and lightly.

Why do you keep making me talk?

"A divorce."

His voice darkened at once, too.

"Do you still think I'd do that?”

"……please pretend you didn't hear."

"How can you say you didn't hear what you heard?"

"Think about turning back time."

"How can I turn back time?"

"You can turn it back!"

Seon-jae was bewildered by her wild reply, which shone seriously as if it could turn back time.

"You can turn back time, you can change your destiny."

The look is similar to the time two weeks ago when he insisted that he could never get divorced and that he had a good home or a good kiss.

Now she is so desperate not to divorce.

"We can be close to each other when we're about to divorce!"

And a magician of language.

As soon as I bring up the subject of divorce, I can only laugh at the end of the day when I have such lovely sophistry.

"Yeah, that's what I wanted. You're right."

Yeon-woo's good reputation made her look relieved again.

"What a beautiful ending."

"Yes, happy ending is the truth."

"Yes, it is."

He added another word, as if to sum up the conversation.

"And don't be nervous for no reason. You don't have to imagine. I've already told you a few times, but I'm not getting divorced."


Yeonwoo also replied with a sorry heart.

In the midst of the five-year-old squabble, we reached the front of the tree.

A tree with a large star hanging from the top is shining beautifully in harmony with the surrounding lights.

For Seonjae, Christmas was "the busiest day for department stores." I had no time for romance because I was not relaxed.

"Tree, you're pretty."

It was the first time he had ever thought like this. All the glitters in sight were pretty.

"It's a tree in front of someone else's department store, is it pretty?"

"I'm a broad-minded entrepreneur, so I'm not jealous of this.”

"The chef at Women's National University is jealous.”

Yeonwoo teased me.

I can't believe you noticed that.

There was a slight pupil earthquake in his embarrassed eyes.

Yeon-woo smiled pleasantly at it.

I thought I couldn't laugh today.

I thought I'd fall asleep with a frown, sigh, and cry.

Thank him for making me laugh.


After spending time in front of the tree, the two entered the building, looked around the tree and library in the building, and returned home.

It was a fun date. I don't know if I can call it a date.

"Thank you for today. Thanks to you, I feel refreshed.”

She smiled like the light of a tree.

Seon-jae was sad to let go of Yeon-woo's hand, which became the same as his body temperature because he was stuck together all the time.

"Good night."

I had to say 'good night' but my mouth didn't drop.

"Shall we sleep together?"

Now I've sent her the words that I've been spitting out and putting in.

Yeon-woo looked surprised by the unexpected offer.


"Let's share a bedroom."

The couple were supposed to share a bedroom, so they were trying to force themselves a little, but they said hastily.

"You always want to check if I'm alive or dead. Isn't that why you run into my room every morning?"

He spoke calmly, but was nervous that he would be rejected at once.

"You don't have to run like that, you can just share a bedroom.”

Yeon-woo, who had been agonizing over his proposal for a long time, finally nodded.

"Shall we?"

When the expression of nervousness was released.


She attached a condition.

"If you swear you'll never touch me."

Even iron walls don't have this kind of iron wall.


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