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Chapter 26

 We were holding hands just now. It was fun.

You laughed a lot, too.

Seonjae became despondent.

What had happened just a few minutes ago seemed to be moving away already.

They want us to swear.

One bedroom was an answer that came as a shocker than being rejected by saying I couldn't use it.

Yeon-woo, who uttered the word "swear," has a strong expression.

I didn't expect my wife to be such an ironclad woman.

Iron walls. The earthquake-resistant design is so good that it won't budge, let alone collapse.

I'm not saying I'll rush in as soon as I use a single bedroom.

But a human being. Let's give him hope.

Let me hold your hand. If the bed gets uncomfortable, I'll let you do an arm pillow.

Good night, and you should let me pat your head.

If you swear, if you swear not to touch, what's the difference between a husband and a sister?

There's nothing to protect between husband and wife. How can they keep their chastity?….

"……let's just sleep separately."

I'll fight an eagle for the rest of my life with such an oath.

"Just run every morning."

Sunjae, deprived of warmth by her demands, spoke in a cold voice.

Yeon-woo also opened his lips with a disappointed expression in his answer.


Yeon-woo shook off his grief.

I told you not to touch me, and you said you'd sleep right away?

You were just gonna touch me from the start?

I guess all this guy has in his head is sex drive!

Has it been calculated that you've been holding hands and trying to please me?


She shoots and he also flips his words furiously.

"No, it's just funny."

Yeonwoo doesn't lose either. The romance of looking at the tree together has all gone.

"I don't think you're a big deal.”

Yeon-woo also said, holding hands and quickly hiding his hands behind his back.

That was the most challenging thing I've ever said.

He also has a frightening eye.

Huh. But I'm not scared anymore! I'm not scared!

"I told you not to look at me like that."

Yeonwoo came at it even more.

"What have I done?"

"You're staring at me in a cold way.”

"No, it just looks like this!"

If it comes out like this, then me too.

"……it's a sand ring.”

"What? Did you just curse at me?"

"How can a sand ring curse?”

I didn't know there was such venom in her.

It's also refreshing, but I didn't want to applaud it.

Was she resentful of her for pouring cold water on the flowing atmosphere, and he also became grumpy and stubborn like Kang Seon-jae.

"Don't run to my bedroom in front of you. Don't interfere with my health."

Yeonwoo was amazing.

What, there's such a cheap guy. Why does the word health come from there?

What a noble ritual health check is!

"No, it's a completely different matter. And it's all for you."

"If it's for me, I'll take care of it."

"I'm leaving things I can do on my own. That's why they're married. This kind of interference is natural in a marital relationships. It's not a bad interference, it's a good interference. If you have any complaints, you should interfere with my health."

Sunjae's eyes became sharper after thoroughly considering it.

Looking at her like that and saying nothing, Yeon-woo swallowed her dry saliva.

"Yeah, that's a good thing to say.”

In suspense, after a long time he agreed with her.

Yeon-woo also nodded as she was quickly spoken.

"Yes, health interference. That's fine. Do as you please.

"Not that."


"Couple relationship."

But the point he noted was different.

Ugh. The dark energy that approaches drearyly.

"There's something I haven't said in a while because I've been too busy, but I think the most important thing in a marital relationship is a marital relationship.”

To match the spirit, he lets down his voice.

Yeonwoo seemed to be slowly falling into the voice.

"It's the closest relationship. Mental and physical, all."

Take off your coat as if you're taking it off.

"It's a couple who are both close in body and mind."

Unbutton each suit.

Take it off slowly, put it down with the coat.

He, one step at a time, approaches.

Yeon-woo unconsciously stepped back as far as he approached.

This isn't it.

It's not like this. What I want is.

"And you and I aren't the only ones that matter. It's time for a second-year-old to be needed to some extent. I've been waiting for you for two years, and I've decided not to divorce you. So don't you think we should also think about generational issues?”


"And strangely enough."


"The best way to check my health.”


"That's it."


"Do you understand?"

I don't want to understand. I don't want to understand anything.

Regardless of her bewildered look, he glows with a faint smile.

I feel like I'm paralyzed by that smile.

I feel like I'm paralyzed, but my heart is pounding.

"It's a good thing for you, too."

It's disadvantageous. Should I cry?

He gets stuck when he cries.

Yeon-woo secretly turned it off and tightened it inside his neck.

But tears didn't come out as I wanted.

I closed my eyes tightly to get a drop.

I can't cry. It's so hard to control my emotions because I'm embarrassed.’

Except for being honest, Lee Yeon-woo, a dead man, did not know how to shed false tears.

Unbuttoning his shirt one by one, he approaches, seductive, no.

Woolen, no, clavicle, no, no...….

His carelessly sexy appearance further confuses her mind.

"Choose between the two."

"What, what....”

He quietly replies to her, embarrassed and teary.

"My room."


"Or your room."

The eyelids that fell down like a voice. The eyes that persistently look at her with squinted eyes are wickedly concentrated.

I was determined to be possessed.

Yeonwoo felt suffocated.

Barely enough, gave strength as if to resist.

"Both, I don't like them!"

He turned his body upside down with two left-facing and left-facing positions.

But he didn't get away and got it right.

Seonjae wrapped his arms around her shoulder and grabbed her.

"Why are you running away?"

His voice tickled my ears.

"Oh, oh, I'm not ready yet...….”

Since she cannot give birth to a second-generation child, she cannot say that she will cut off the generation of Kang's family, and to avoid this situation, she uses sophistry again.

"Isn't it enough to have you ready for two years?”

But he has no mercy.

"I'll give you ten minutes. Get ready, mind."

Yeon-woo, who couldn't even cry, said in a tearful voice.

"How can you have 10 minutes of that. We need 1,000 times more."

"A thousand times? Then 10,000 people?"


"166 hours. About seven days."

Seon-jae seemed to have calculated 10,000 minutes like a calculator.

Is that all you can say?

Lee Yeon-woo, a liberal arts student to the bone, is just unfair.

Why am I so calculating?

"No, I mean, I need five trillion and a half times as much.Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

"Don't change the subject. Keep what you said."

He said firmly.

"As you said, in a week, let's have a good time."


"Good night. Sweet dreams."

And his friendly handwork in contrast to that determination.

"Stop listening to the orgel. Don't worry about Ok Seung-hye."

Sun-jae, who released his arm around her shoulder, patted her head thoroughly and left after saying sweet words. To your bedroom.

Yeon-woo can't tell that he is smiling secretly against Yeon-woo.

Even after he left, Yeon-woo stood there like a built-in for a long time.

He let out a long sigh between his lips.


That guy, wow.

Well, this crazy drive.

I can see why Forbes chose him as a young entrepreneur.

It felt like a typhoon had passed.

It's Ok Seung Hye.

I slept all night because of Kang Seonjae!



Seung-hye was still stuck in the mystery of the previous day until the day after the disturbance.

"I must have put the necklace in her bag...….”

It was strange to think and think about.

Yesterday, Seung-hye thought of a trick while Yeon-woo was away and secretly put Sang-hee's necklace in Yeon-woo's bag.

There was no one watching and there was no CCTV, so it was a perfect situation for the show to take place.

By the way, Sang-hee's necklace, which should be found in Yeon-woo's bag, was in a man's hand.

What is the man? Where did he come from?

Is it like Lee Yeon-woo's inner man?’

It made sense to think so.

Maybe the man who followed Yeon-woo to the shop watched everything and skillfully stole the necklace and saved Yeon-woo from the crisis.

The employee said he was from a client, but the director didn't know about the man.

It also allows speculation that the man may have made it up to surround himself.

Seunghye, who thought she needed to find out more about the man, called the dress shop's director.

After a long waiting call, the dress shop's director answered the phone.

[Yes, ma'am]

For some reason, the director's voice did not sound pleasant.

I thought it was yesterday's aftermath, but Seung-hye didn't care and said what happened.

"I want to ask you something."

[Yes, go ahead]

"The guy who came up to the third floor yesterday when we were with Yeonwoo. Which client are you from?”

[It's in Hong Kong] But the deal itself fell through.]

"Can I have your contact number?"

[We don't have any contacts left...]….]

"Does that make sense? They must have exchanged business cards."

[That's...] I came for the first time yesterday, but they said they wanted to pretend that there was no deal after seeing what happened yesterday. It didn't even have a company name, but it seemed like it was just a private business. I didn't even leave my business card.]

"You didn't even speak to each other?”

[Our staff heard the name, but they can't remember it]]

"Are you sure you're here to make a deal?"


"If you don't expose yourself that much, you might be a fraud?"

[I don't think so...]….]

The director clouded the end of his sentence.

Seung-hye smiled with confidence.

There's something fishy about it.

In my head, a decent drama was being made.

Seung-hye, who hung up, called Sun-jae's phone number.


Sun-jae, who was working at the company, decided to meet Seung-hye for a while. Seung-hye said she would come to the company in person.

I didn't want to forgive Yeon-woo even if he apologized for being rude to her yesterday.

However, I was curious about the coming goal.

Whether to apologize or make a weird excuse.

In fact, this was the second time I met.

The two met two years ago.

After Yeon-woo's marriage became known to the public, Seung-hye came to lie down first.

Seung-hye bowed her head again to Seon-jae and asked Yeon-woo to forget about the slap on the cheek.

Seon-jae warned such Seung-hye not to appear in front of Yeon-woo again.

Having done that once, I didn't think Seung-hye would do the same thing as yesterday.

Do you think they've made a lot for me?

Do you have the power to confront yourself and Yeon-woo?

Ok Seung-hye is the wife of Ma Jin-tae.

Jay Natural, a company of Seung-hye's husband, Mar Jin-tae, is a small affiliate of J Group, with more than 50% of the shares held by Sun-jae's father, Un-ho.

Seung-hye must also be in a difficult position to advance as her husband's lifeline goes back and forth at Un-ho's words.

But why did he act so thoughtlessly to his wife Yeon-woo?

I can't understand what happened yesterday no matter how hard I think about it.

That's why I accepted the meeting. I was curious.

After waiting for a while, Seung-hye arrived at the office.

"Long time no see. Vice President."

"I didn't expect you to come all the way here, so please have a seat."

Seon-jae was polite and offered a seat.

Seung-hye had a slightly twisted smile.

It was not entirely a low profile.

The first greeting was still polite, but Sun-jae was uncomfortable to keep facing Seung-hye.

Seon-jae coolly uttered the following words.

"You're here to say something, aren't you? Go ahead, I'm busy."

"Yes, it's about Yeonwoo."

"Let's do it."

"I'm telling you this very carefully. I saw something at the dress shop."

I said it was a very careful story, but I didn't see a look of caution.

"Do you happen to know that Yeon-woo has an internal lover?"

The words from Seung-hye's mouth slightly wrinkled the brows of Seon-jae, who had no expression.

Seung-hye examined the expression with interest.

How responsive he is to this remark. It was the purpose of Seung-hye to find out.

"Now is not the time to say this."

Seonjae opened his mouth a little later.


……I want to tear my mouth apart.

But the harsh words were put back into his throat. You don't have to show all the cruel stuffing.

"In fact, I was surprised to hear what happened yesterday and expected you to come to apologize, but you hit me in the back in a unique way."

Seonjae sarcastically spoke of her.

"Two years ago, I asked you in good words. Don't touch the person I'm going to marry."


"I thought I said it quite politely, but I didn't understand him."

Seung-hye flinched.

Seon-jae's words were not an additional question about Lee Yeon-woo's inner man, but about his willingness to block the conversation.

'There's no way he's responding like this...….’

It was completely different from Seung-hye's expectation.

To embarrassed Seung-hye, Sun-jae said.

"By the way, your daughter graduated from art school."


"On the subject."

This time, it was Sunjae's attack.

His gaze is as fierce and sharp as a beast that finds an enemy.

"It must have cost a lot of money because the topic is not that big. The professor who received the money is now facing a prosecution investigation."

Seung-hye's face turned blue at the following words.

In order to send his daughter to college, he recruited a department head-level interview professor and gave her billions of dollars.

I didn't think anyone knew that. Even my husband doesn't know.

By the way, the professor is being investigated? When? Why didn't I know?

No, how did this man know that?

There was a cold sweat behind Seung-hye's creepy neck.

Seonjae spitted out his words coldly.

"I'm not asking for anything now. My wife doesn't like to be stabbed in the side."

This isn't it!

Contrary to expectations, Seung-hye's fingertips trembled at the flowing conversation.

"Just take care of yourself and get out of here.”

Seon-jae stood up first with a look of no mercy.


After finishing all the work, Sun-jae, who missed Yeon-woo, went to school and called Yeon-woo.


Yeonwoo answered the phone right away.

But it seemed to be in a pretty raucous place. Yeon-woo's voice was not heard well because of the noise around him.

"Are you done with your work? Let's have dinner together."

[Oh, I'm eating.]]

Her answer was nothing short of light.


[Academic] I'm almost done eating.]


Seonjae was grumpy for some reason.

"I'll go to the academy."

Seonjae moved his feet diligently.

Not long ago, I remembered that she often ate with Hee-jin.

Will he be with Shin Hee-jin again this time?

I want to have a broad mind to understand my wife's workmate, but I keep feeling uncomfortable maybe because I have faced a guy named Shin Hee-jin.

"Hello, I see you often."

In the midst of the discomfort, he talked to me. Shin Hee Jin.

When I arrived in front of the academy, I recognized it and greeted it.

Even that greeting was an unwelcome one.

"Yes. Did you eat with Yeonwoo?"

"Yes, we ate together while working. Yeon-woo will stop by the bathroom and come out."


As expected, this guy was with me.

I was grumpy, but I didn't talk anymore to be decent.

But he talked to me first.

"Excuse me, but may I ask you a question?”

"Go ahead."

"Do you love Yeonwoo?"

One of Seonjae's eyebrows suddenly lifted up.

What the hell is this?


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