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Chapter 27

 When asked by Hee-jin, Seon-jae frowned.

I thought for a moment that this guy might be part of Ok Seung-hye.

"I can answer that, but I'm also curious about my intention to ask this question."

Seon-jae answered Hee-jin's question coldly.

"That was rude. I'm sorry."

As expected, Hee-jin apologized briefly, but showed no signs of intimidation.

"We have a conference next week. Yeonwoo prepared hard for the conference for two months and said he was looking forward to it.”

Soon Hee-jin revealed how she came to ask such a question.

Seon-jae's head, which tried not to look at Hee-jin, headed to Hee-jin.

I haven't heard that Yeon-woo has a conference.

"But a few days ago, he suddenly said he'd give up. I've heard there's an important chore."

Important chores? I have never heard of such a thing either.

Seon-jae's story began to look suspicious.

"So I'm a little disappointed. I wonder if the important housework is great enough to break Yeonwoo's long-term plan.”

Hee-jin seemed to misunderstand Yeon-woo's situation without knowing it properly.

Giving up on a two-month-long academic conference under the pretext of important housework meant that there was such a story.

Is there someone who is mean to Yeonwoo at school? Maybe that's why she gave up the conference all of a sudden.

"In my opinion, love is not restraint. I thought that a couple who love each other would respect each other's work and enthusiasm."

While Seon-jae is guessing in various directions, his interference continues.

"If you prepare so hard for the conference and let go of your hand at the end, Yeonwoo's housework won't be a problem, but you can be hated by professors at school."”

"I'll talk to Yeonwoo.”

Seon-jae relentlessly cut out Hee-jin's explanation.

More stories were judged to be right to hear through Yeonwoo.

"But if Yeon-woo has any other inconvenience, I don't want to let him go."

Yeon-woo came out of the academy building around the time Seon-jae properly cut off Hee-jin's

I'm glad to hear that's nice.


That one.

Looking at his embarrassment immediately, he didn't call Hee-jin, but Sun-jae.


Yeon-woo added Hee-jin in front of her senior with a crawling voice as she approached her.

Heejin grinned.

"Why are you calling me so nice, man?"

That wasn't you, that was me, man.

Seon-jae stared fiercely at Hee-jin, who was smiling, and gave Yeon-woo a hint with her side legs.

This happens because you've become a habit of calling me a senior. What are you going to do?

When I shot a sharp shot, Yeon-woo's lips opened again.

"Honey...are you here?"

Well, I forgive you.

"Honey, let's go home."

Seonjae kindly called her.


"I need to practice. Honey, you're such a stiff couple that people think we're a good couple?

Walking towards the parking lot.

When Yeon-woo was the only one left, Sun-jae made a request for support to Yeon-woo.

Yeon-woo also had a puzzled look on his face to admit his mistake was admitted.

Well, thanks to you, I'm...That's enough nagging now that I've heard the word …bo.

"Did you have a conference?”

Seonjae asked what he heard from Heejin.

"Is Hee-jin talking?"”

"When is it?"

"Next Thursday, Friday and Saturday. But I'm not going."

"Why. Why aren't you going?"

"Well, I just don't want to go.”

"I heard you've been preparing for two months.

"But you don't have to go. I know everything now."

I had no other regret because it was an academic society that I had already experienced once in another future.

However, I was a little worried because I have never experienced what it means to be out of favor with the professor if I miss the conference.

Still, Yeonwoo was able to give up the conference lightly.


Seon-jae tilted at the unknown expression. Yeonwoo immediately recovered.

"Oh, there's that. You don't have to go anyway."

"What else are you hiding?"

"What do you mean hide it?"

"Who's bothering you? Do you want me to me.

Yeon-woo didn't tell the truth, so Seon-jae took it more seriously.

"Who told you not to go to the conference?"

Seon-jae repeatedly questioned with the intention of getting an answer.

"Anyone tell me. I don't care if it's a professor.”

"Oh, no, it's not like that."

"No, it't think so. I heard you made excuses for housework."

"Oh, I'm sorry about that. But it's really nothing."

"It's nothing if you've been preparing for two months."


Yeon-woo sighed deeply at Sun-jae's persistent interrogation.

"You really don't have to go."

I have to say that my husband takes it so seriously, but I was worried that he would take her intentions purely.

She told the truth carefully.

"The conference venue is Busan, but it's too far away. Besides, it's been 2 nights and 3 days. That's why I don't want to go."


"I don't know what you think of my intentions, but my senior health is the most important thing in the world. It's better to check your health than to go to a conference."

If you don't check this person's safety in time, you can't concentrate on the conference.

Especially in the morning.

It is reassuring to confirm that he is alive and to touch him with your hands as much as possible.

Now her morning ritual of confirming her husband's existence has become the most important routine of the day.

Fortunately, he seemed to have accepted Yeon-woo's answer without any doubt.

Looking at him with a blank look on his face, Yeon-woo complained jokingly.

"But you're telling me not to do this pure thing."

It was a whinge about last night's argument.

Sunjae, who learned the truth, was in a bind.

Whether to laugh or get angry.

Unlike difficult situations, emotions have a big fallout.

You. What are you.

How much longer are they going to shake me?

"Are you giving up the conference just for a health check?”

"What do you mean, I can give up what I've prepared for two years, not two months!"

It's good to hug her when she shows this level of teary innocence.

Even though he is so passionate, he has no dark heart, so he cannot touch her as he pleases.

"You have that kind of thinking, so I have to stick around thinking I should take care of you."

"Let's go together."

Sunjae suggested to her lips pouting.


"I'll make a reservation at the conference hotel.”


"I go to Busan often, too. You don't know, but I go twice a month. There's a lot of work going on over there, too.

A capable wife says I'm ahead of the conference.

He said he'd give up the conference because of me.

How can you stay still knowing that?

You talk so lovely that if you don't have anything to do, you have to make it and follow it.

"We can work together and meet when we get back."

"No, you don't have to.”

"I can also schedule a business trip to Busan.”

"No, you don't have to change your schedule because of me.”

"I go to Busan often."

"It's really nice."

"I work, too. Work."

Yeon-woo's mouth shut as he repeatedly said it correctly.

"Tell me you're going to a conference tomorrow."


"Oh, do I have to tell you now? Do you want me to tell you?”

"Oh, no, I'll do it."

Yeonwoo immediately took out his cell phone and called someone. It seemed to be Shin Hee-jin.

"Hey, I'm going to the conference. I'm sorry for the reversal. Yes. I'll prepare again from tomorrow.”

Yeon-woo hung up right after giving a brief message.

And I told Seonjae.

"I'm busy getting ready, so I have to go to school tomorrow. I'm going to keep coming home late."


Yeon-woo's lips, which had a puzzled expression, slowly grew longer.

Seonjae was also happy when she was satisfied.


Sunjae reached out his hand and said.

Yeon-woo held the hand he held out without hesitation this time.

The hands that the two held together went into Seonjae's coat pocket, which was cozy like a house.

Today's body temperature was considered very affectionate to think that I might not be able to afford it from tomorrow.


While we were busy, time went by without a break.

It has already become the day when Yeonwoo leaves the conference.

Early in the morning, Seon-jae asked Yeon-woo, who had packed all his luggage.

"You're all moving with the department, right?”

"Yes. Let's take the KTX. Soon. Are you coming later in the evening?”

"Yeah. I'm going to do my work in Seoul and fly out in the evening.”

"So you're going on a business trip to Busan from tomorrow?”

"Yeah, I'm going around."

"They must be very busy. But we can still see each other in the morning and evening, right?”

"Okay. See you later in the evening."

"Yes, see you later. You have to be careful!"

Yeon-woo waved his hand vigorously and left first.


Seon-jae sighed at the house where his wife left. Now Sunjae had to move.

His busy schedule also began.


The academic conference, attended by Yeon-woo, Yeon-woo's colleagues, and professors of the department, was a forced march followed by lectures, forums and seminars.

However, Yeon-woo, who has experienced it once in "Another Future," performed the schedule more clearly than anyone else.

It was a meaningful time for me to spend my bonus life for myself.

That's how the whole day ended, and it's night.

Yeon-woo sat at a table in the hotel lobby and prepared for tomorrow's seminar with other colleagues.

There were people who wanted to gather in the room and people who wanted to gather in the lobby, and Yeon-woo put his energy into the lobby.

He wanted to check when Sunjae would arrive at the hotel early in the lobby.

Then, about an hour after the preparation began, I could see Seon-jae entering the lobby at the end of the meeting.

Wow, it's my husband, husband.

Yeon-woo, who found Seon-jae, straightened his waist to mean that he wanted to look here, and looked at Seon-jae with sparkling eyes.

Seonjae, who went through check-in procedures, also found Yeonwoo easily.

Yeon-woo couldn't approach her because she was with her colleagues, but she smiled softly to mean that she checked her face.

"Now I think about tomorrow and have a beer...Lee Yeonwoo, is this your husband?”

One of the seniors who was leading the meeting turned his head along the direction Yeon-woo's eyes and said loudly when he found Seon-jae moving away.

"Wow, did the groom follow you all the way here?”

There were colleagues who envied them, and there were groups who showed discomfort.

"I can't believe the groom followed me.”

Some people showed off their displeasure at all.

"Yeonwoo's junior. But isn't it too much to bring the groom here? It's not like we're here to play. Does the kid preparing for the conference have a heart in his mouth?"

Potato senior, who was dissatisfied with Yeon-woo, who continued to miss the regular dinner, said bitterly.

"The groom is just staying quietly. I just happened to be in Busan for a business trip, so I just booked a hotel."

"Didn't you set up a business trip to suit you?"


"Is the conference a playground?"

Yeon-woo couldn't say anything because she knew it might look bad to other people's eyes.

Hee-jin, who was watching, quietly suggested to Yeon-woo.

"Professors may be watching, but I think it'll be a little tactful. Wouldn't it be better to stop thinking about meeting separately until the conference is over?”

I don't like that.

Yeon-woo turned into a depressed face.


Seonjae came into the room and unpacked.

Even if you fly from Seoul to Busan, it takes about three hours to get to the airport.

I finished my work in Seoul around 5 o'clock, but it was past 8 o'clock when I arrived at the hotel in Busan.

The traffic jam blocked the way to the hotel, so I even thought about getting off the taxi and just walking.

By the time I arrived at the hotel, I was exhausted.

By the way, I could check Yeonwoo's face in the lobby for a moment without thinking.

I just checked my face from a distance, but I feel like I'm recovering.

Not only for Yeon-woo but also for Seon-jae, checking his face was a joy of everyday life.

By the time I washed up, Yeonwoo called me.


[Are you here safely?]]

Yeonwoo's voice was too small.


[Which room is it?]]


[Whoops. That's a long way off. I'm in room 824.]

Her voice, whispering in her ear, tickled my heart, and she told a regrettable story.

[Sorry, I don't think I can make it there today]]

Yeon-woo also seemed to be disappointed.

[Seniority] The situation got awkward because theyease. They don't even let me move. I guess I shouldn't have come.

"Don't say that. But there's a lot to learn.”

Seon-jae comforted me like a grown-up.


Yeonwoo answered me in a small way.

[See you tomorrow morning] Even for 10 seconds]

But that word breaks my heart.

10 seconds.

10 seconds, not 10 minutes.

[What time do you get up?] I'll be there when you wake up.]

"Well, I think I'm going to get up early. About six o'clock?"

Six o'clock, no problem. I won't disturb you and I'll be there in 10 seconds.]

You can stay longer, but why do you have to wait for 10 seconds.

[Hold on. Without the card key, the elevator button wouldn't work.]]

By the way, Yeon-woo's voice, who was announcing the plan, suddenly darkened again.

The hotel where the two people stayed was a system that operated the elevator with a card key.

I couldn't go anywhere except for the room floor where I stayed unless it was a public floor.

"Then just see you in the lobby in time for your movement."

Seonjae was forced to come up with the easiest alternative.

[Can I?] Then I'll text you again tomorrow morning.]

"Okay, good night."

[You, too.]

The phone was cut off quickly. Seon-jae looked at the disconnected phone for a long time and smiled.


The next morning.

Seonjae, who came down to the lobby after getting ready for work, sat in front of the table and waited for Yeonwoo.

Soon after, I saw Yeon-woo running in a hurry, and Seon-jae got up and moved.

It was safer to see from outside the building.

Yeon-woo, who followed Seon-jae out of the hotel, caught his breath and poured out words.

"You're not sick, are you?" Did you sleep comfortably?"

His pinkish cheeks, bright eyes and brave, clear voice refresh his morning.

"Yes, I'm healthy today."

Yeon-woo nodded seriously as if he were satisfied with his cool answer.

"They might come down. I can't see you for long."

Are you really thinking of leaving in 10 seconds?

Sun-jae made a suggestion to Yeon-woo.

"Then play with me tomorrow after the conference.”

Yeonwoo blinked. I was wondering if what he heard was right.

This person asked me to play.

Does he know how to play?

What's playing?

"And let's go up together on Sunday."


"No? Should I move with my colleagues when I go back to Seoul?"

"No, no, no!"

Yeon-woo, who was absent-minded, belatedly waved his hands.

"After the conference, everyone splits up. It's okay."

"Okay, then hang out tomorrow."

Yeonwoo nodded his head as hard as he could.

Her lips get longer in the shape of a crescent moon.

Seon-jae raised his hand to her face without realizing it.

"Thank you for checking my face."

I tried to touch her cheek, but she checked over Sunjae's shoulder and winced.

He seemed to know someone behind his back.

Seon-jae withdrew his hand with regret.

"Hurry up."

"Yes, I'll see you at night. You'll be able to see it today. It'll only take 10 seconds."

It's been 10 seconds?

Yeon-woo walked into the building as if running away as soon as he could say hello.

Seon-jae looked at the scurrying back for a long time and set out on the road.

In fact, I couldn't push ahead with my business trip to Busan. There was a lot of work at the headquarters in Seoul.

But for 10 seconds to see your face this morning.

I expected 10 seconds, but we spent 1 minute together.

I came from Seoul to Busan.

And from Busan to Seoul again, I'm waiting for a long way to work.

It doesn't matter if you take a car and a plane for about 3 hours.

This is because these 10 seconds become a long day of energy after this time.

It's funny how I stamp my face from Seoul to Busan to see my wife for 10 seconds when I asked her to share a bedroom with me.

What can I do?

No one can blame it.

It was what he wanted to do.


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