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Chapter 28

 Without Lee Yeon-woo, Seoul is full of dark clouds. The air was gray.

Sure enough, when I tried to book an evening flight, I said there was a high probability that the flight would be canceled today.

Sun-jae, who had been agonizing, searched the Internet and called his friend Gi-jun.

"Kijun, have you ever been on an express train?”

[Yes, I do.] Haven't you ever ridden one?]

"I'm thinking of trying today...I just need to sign up for this and make a reservation, right?”

[Yes, but if it's today, will there be any seats left?]

Sunjae's hand, which was sitting in front of the computer and clicking the mouse, stopped.

"……sold out. To the special room."

[It's sold out on Fridays]]

Yeonwoo Lee. It's a long way to go to you.

Should I take a car?

It would be best to drive, but then it's five hours. The road conditions will be bad because it's Friday.

Even if you take a plane, you have nearly three hours to move, so you have to set aside one schedule, although it only adds two more hours.

'You have to leave before 4 o'clock to arrive at 8 o'clock.’

Sunjae, who came up with a second best plan to prepare for the flight's cancellation, has become more diligent than yesterday.

I'm going to work hard on my schedule.

After 3 p.m., Seonjae was excited.

It was the same as the office worker's mind on Friday.

Now I'm going to clean up all my work and drive to Busan.

I'll leave the driving to the driver and think about what to do with Yeonwoo.

By the way, there appeared a man who poured cold water on Seon-jae's mind, which only recalls such pleasant things.

It was Ok Seung-hye's husband, Ma Jin-tae.

"Vice president, long time no see."

Jin-tae, who visited Seon-jae's office without notice, smiled brightly and greeted him.

"Yes, hello."

Seonjae also said hello. But I couldn't laugh because I was upset.

Because the reason for the visit was obvious.

"I want you to tell me in advance from now on. I have a schedule, too."

"Yes, I'm sorry."

"Sit down for now."

Seonjae recommended a seat for now.

"We've known each other quite a bit, but it's almost my first time talking to each other like this. But I've been watching the vice president since he was very young.”

The predecessor of Marjintae's company Jay Natural is a sanitation company called Sungsil Clean.

More than a decade ago, however, Sin Sung-Klin faced bankruptcy and Unho bought a company that was about to collapse.

Unho's father and Jin-tae's father were in a relationship, so Unho had no choice but to help Jin-tae's crisis.

So Sincerity Clean changed his name to Jay Natural and rose again.

"I didn't have a relationship to talk to. We're in the same group, but we're working so differently that I can't see you. But what's going on all of a sudden today?"

Seonjae asked the reason for the visit, meaning to stop treating each other.

Fortunately, Jin-tae also went straight to the point.

"I was told that my child's mother and I were talking about what happened when he entered college.”

Jin-tae's voice was seriously lowered.

"Rather than talking back and forth, I did inform her that your professor was being investigated."

Jin-tae was annoyed by Seon-jae, who showed an arrogant attitude, but he couldn't say anything recklessly because he was in a position to coax his opponent.

"You'll know when you raise a child someday, but a child really doesn't grow up my way. Your mother's heart must have been overwhelmed to watch the iron mound. How frustrating it must have been for the professor to make such a fuss."

It was to ask for understanding of the situation.

Seonjae gave a cold answer.

"Why don't you say that to the prosecution?"

"I know to a certain extent that the vice president threw me information. So if the vice president asks you to quit, that's what they'll do."

"You've got it wrong. I don't have that kind of power."

Sunjae took it away.

"But even if there is, I won't do what you want. We need to fix the twisted past."

Jin-tae's face was twisted once by Seon-jae's firm voice.

"I think it's because of the vice president's wife, but I heard my wife made a mistake at the dress shop. But it was a misunderstanding, and there's no need to get even with such a thing. Yeonwoo and I got along well until we got married. Yeonwoo's mom and dad are also people I have collected for nearly 20 years. The vice president shouldn't do this to us."

Huh. Sunjae sighed between his lips. It was amazing.

"And vice president. Aren't we in the same group? Please understand what's going on for me."

Jin-tae's words were strong. I said it as if I were asking, but the way I spoke was quite incensed.

"Why should I understand the situation?"

Seonjae responds with a more determined response.

Seonjae was thinking about Yeonwoo.

"Why should we help you in a world where people who are much nicer than you, people who live much more faithfully, live much harder than you."

Yeonwoo Lee, will you forgive these people?

Then there may be parts where we cannot compromise.

I can't bear to cover like you.

We can't pretend it didn't happen and move on.

In fact, I want to get rid of it without anyone knowing it, but I just put up with it not to be the same person as them.

But there is also a limit to tolerating.

I can show my bottom right now.

"How can I waste my life understanding people like your family?"

And I want to let you watch these men sink.

Can't we do that?

"You'll regret it if you come out like this, VP."

Mar Jin-tae, who had to grind his teeth, said with poisonous eyes.

Judging that it would be meaningless to have a conversation anymore, Seon-jae stood up and opened the door.


Angry, Ma Jin-tae left the Seonjae's office.

Seon-jae snorted to himself after Jin-tae left.

Oh, I wasted my time. Let go of your mood.

Now I'm going to quit and go see my wife.


He gave up on the plane route and left early, but it also took him five hours to get to Busan.

Sunjae arrived at the hotel at 8:30.

I would be annoyed that I can't do it if it's something else, but it's amazing that I think it's worth it.

A welcome voice also plays a strong part in such a generous heart.

"Hey, hey, hey!"

Yeon-woo, who found Seon-jae trying to enter the hotel, ran up.

The title "senior" is not welcome, but I almost hugged him because he looked like a puppy.

Yeon-woo smiles as if she is surprised and happy to find him.

"You were with me?”

"Yes, I ate quickly and came out for a while, and we met. Awesome."

"Why are you eating so fast? You have to eat slowly.

"Huh. I don't have to worry."

I couldn't accept being told to put aside her worries, so I scattered her head.

Yeonwoo laughs well though. You have a big smile today.

"See you tomorrow morning like today. I'll go out on time for my senior to go to work. What time do you go out tomorrow?”

"I'll be out around 8:30. Are you okay then?”

"I hope it's all're leaving later than today?”

That's because I went to Seoul today.

"I'm not too busy because it's Saturday.”

"Yes, see you tomorrow. Get in there and rest."

Yeon-woo waved to go up first.

It's a farewell as soon as we meet. It's not Gyunwoo or Jiknyeo.

Seon-jae expressed his disappointment.

"You can go up there with me."

"If you get caught by others while climbing up with your senior, I hear you again."

In fact, it is also for the good.

This is because if rumors spread that he is staying here, he may have to call Seonjae to today's after party.

I couldn't get my husband to work early in the morning and work hard.

The two are caring about each other's position.



"Thank you for coming on a business trip with me."

Soon after, Seonjae changed his expression to Yeonwoo's greeting, smiling and responding.

"See you tomorrow."


The last day of the conference.

Seon-jae, who came down from the room at 8:30 as promised the previous day, hurried to see Yeon-woo coming out first.

However, Yeon-woo, dressed in a suit like the first day of the conference, faltered back when he saw the approaching Seon-jae.

Sunjae said in a pout.

"Come on. Where do you keep running?"

Until yesterday, I had stars in my eyes, but now that the conference is over, I feel sad that I don't have to use it.

"My clothes are starting to smell. I wore it for 3 days.”

But Yeonwoo's answer is surprising.

Seon-jae burst into laughter, which was ridiculous.

"Did you bring that one?”

"I brought you a suit and a tracksuit."

"Why do you live like that?"

"Originally scholars are nasty.”

"What kind of dog philosophy is that?"

"I had a lot to bring, so I had nowhere to put my clothes. But there are two blouses, so it's less dirty.”

"You should have left me with laundry services. Or at least tell me."


"You could have left it with me when I did.”

"Ah, you're right."

It's so sloppy at times like this.

Why am I always stuck in this mess?

"Are you going to play with me even if I smell bad?”

"It doesn't matter to me, but let's change for hygiene. I'll buy it. Can I buy it to my liking?"

"No! Please ask the female staff!"


Seonjae said, "I knew it without ever being stubborn again."


Seon-jae, who returned to the hotel early after doing a simple task at the Busan branch and even packed clothes for Yeon-woo to change, came down to the conference room in time for the conference to end.

The last of the conference was a public event.

Seonjae was also able to pick up Yeonwoo without noticing.

Seon-jae found Yeon-woo taking pictures with his colleagues from afar.

Hee-jin approached Seon-jae, who stood far away and was looking at Yeon-woo.

"I'm sorry to have been rude last week."

I know, well, I thought so, but I accepted the apology calmly.

"It's all right."

"In fact, it was such a waste. There are not many people as smart as Yeon-woo, and as a colleague, it's a pity that I gave up my two-month-long academic conference because of housework."

"I understand."

"Thank you for your consideration."

"Why should I hear from you thank you for Yeon-woo?"

The conversation that I thought was going well went wrong. Seon-jae gave a harsh response.

Hee-jin's greeting offended Seon-jae.

"Yeonwoo is my wife. You're a fellow at school."

That's it for you. Do it right.

He did not want to allow any presumptuous interference even if he accepted his spouse's greetings.

"Excuse me."

Fortunately, Yeon-woo recognized Seon-jae, so the two could fall apart without a war of nerves.

Seonjae left Heejin and went to Yeonwoo.

"Is it over now?”

"Yes, I'm done saying hello. It all ended well."

"Okay, good job.”

Seon-jae reached out and held Yeon-woo's hand, saying, "Thank you for your hard work."

Now it's the start of a proper weekend.

Yeon-woo was attracted to the 33rd floor by Seon-jae and felt something strange.

Come to think of it, it was my first time staying in a hotel together.

The two didn't even go on a honeymoon.

It was skipped under the pretext of Yeon-woo's graduation from university and entering graduate school.

It was a marriage without affection, so I didn't think about finding a honeymoon afterwards.

That's why this sudden stay today is awkward.

Thinking that it was strangely like a honeymoon, the tiredness of finishing the conference was relieved and another tension came.

"Did you buy my clothes?"

"Yes, I left it in my room."

"Suite room, right?"



Yeonwoo breathed a sigh of relief quietly.

My senior tells me to sleep on the bed and I'll sleep on the sofa in the living room.

Let's think of the hotel room as just a miniature version of the house.

We can have each other's territory.

Yeon-woo followed Seon-jae into the room, trying to calm down her nervousness.

TV, a spacious living room with a luxury sofa and a self-bar, and a bedroom beyond the living room.

Yeon-woo, who looked around once, was shocked by the unexpected fact.

"Wow, why is that glass?"”

The wall of the bathroom next to the living room was translucent glass.

"I heard it's like a newly married couple concept. It's for lovers."

"Doesn't lovers have human rights?”

"Why are you staring at me? I didn't even build this hotel."

There was another problem besides that.

I heard it was a suite, but there was no door between the bedroom and the living room.

"Why isn't there a door in the room again?”

Yeon-woo said in a tearful voice.

"Yeah, I'd like to put it on for you."

My wife shows off her dislike so blatantly.

He wouldn't do what she didn't want either.

You have to believe that, but Seon-jae still hasn't earned that trust from Yeon-woo.

I was discouraged, but I decided to be as considerate of her as I could.

He was stubborn and ended up staying one more day.

"There's clothes in the paper bag next to the bed. I'll be out, so change. Let's go to dinner."

He comforted Yeon-woo and came out of the room into the hallway.

But after a while, he got a call from outside the door.

It was a call from Yeonwoo.

With a door between them, the two were on the phone.

"Are you done changing?”

[No, but do you like these clothes?]]

Yeonwoo's tone was a little high.

"It's just not bad. Why?"

[I don't think these are my clothes]]

Oh, Seonjae nodded.

I remembered what the employee who bought me clothes instead said.

"It's because the size doesn't fit, right?"

[It doesn't even fit...]….]

"I asked the staff to buy me some for me. He said the clothes could be a little big. But I heard it's pretty even if you wear it big."

[Well, I don't know if it's pretty]]

"If you don't like it, you can buy something else. Let's put it on and go buy something else."

[But you don't have any bottoms?]]

"It's a dress."

[It's too short]

"I think it's just the right length and decent."

[Let's be gentle]]

"Anyway, try it on. It might be okay if you wear it unexpectedly.”

There was no answer from the other side.

It wasn't a bad outfit for him, but Yeon-woo didn't seem to like it.

I never thought Lee Yeon-woo was a picky woman, so I thought Seon-jae was unexpected.

"Let's get dressed and go back to shopping."


But then, on the other side of the phone, I heard a sudden scream.


"What. What's wrong?"

[What is this, what is this, what is this?]]

That's a weird thing to say. Her voice went higher, higher, like up the stairs.

"What's wrong, what's wrong, what's wrong?

After that, there was no voice answering Sun-jae's words, except for the exclamation of "Yuck, yuck!"

Do you have cockroaches crawling around your bed?

Or some kind of freak...….

Surprised by the sudden cut-off, Seon-jae hurriedly opened the door with a card key and entered the room.

And I ran to the bedroom in a minute.

"What. What's going on...….”


And then, I was speechless.

"Why are you coming in, why?"

What she's wearing is.

It was his own white shirt yesterday, which he assigned to do laundry service.

With the narrow length of barely covering the hips, the shoulder line went down there, and it still looks like he rolled up his sleeves to pull it off well.

Her real clothes, discovered late, had been scattered on her bed, frightened by his sudden attack.

……Yes, my shirt was in a paper bag. I was next to the bed.

That's true.


Seonjae let out a sigh like a sigh.

Yeonwoo, who doesn't know the meaning, just turns up the volume.

"Never seen anyone make a mistake?"

His wife sounded tearful, perhaps unjust, and it was hard for him to hold on to the tip of his lips.

"That's a really decent outfit."

It's just amazing and mysterious that ordinary clothes can be reinterpreted so sensuously.

The fair skin that was revealed under the shirt hid under the covers she had held, but everything was already imprinted in his eyes.

"Yeah. I'm sorry I didn't dress up."

Yeon-woo answered poutily without noticing the meaning behind his words.

I changed my clothes because I was told to change.

I just did what I was told, but why should I be so ashamed?

"No, you can keep wearing it.”


"It looks better than steel."

"If you tease me like that, I'm not going anywhere."

"Yes, let's not go anywhere."

His sweet voice builds up in the air.

But somehow the gaze is not benign.

"But you know what?"

Somehow, Yeon-woo was briefly captivated by her eyes, which seemed to shine more sharply than usual.

She took a breath and took it back, belatedly.


"It's past."


"166 hours."


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