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Chapter 30

 The yellow-haired man left over while she was dazed.

And the spot was filled straight away by Seonjae.

"Lee Yeon-woo!"

On the other side of the man, Seon-jae ran, shouting Yeon-woo's name loudly.

"You found it!"

Somehow there was water in his eyes.

As soon as he saw her, he hugged her as if he had found Mia.

Huh? Yeon-woo came into his arms without knowing why he found him so desperately.

The arms of a reliable, warm, cozy husband who suddenly came in.

And more than ever, the beating sound of her husband's heart calms Yeon-woo's heart.

'Oh, the sound of your heart. I love this.’

But I couldn't afford to appreciate the sound for long.

Seon-jae immediately removed Yeon-woo's shoulder and bruised her.

"What if you leave me alone and disappear like that?"

"You can call me."

"You, check your cell phone."

Yeon-woo pulled her cell phone out of her bag, twitching her lips at Sun-jae's pin. The cell phone was out of power.

"Oh, why did it turn off?"

"Where the hell did you go for half an hour. I knew I had to broadcast to the building."

"It's already been half an hour?”


It's a strange thing.

It's only been about 10 minutes at the most since I came down from the cable car, but it's already been 30 minutes, so I felt like I was in a different world.

"Don't disappear."

Yeon-woo tilted his head in a daze, and Seon-jae scattered Yeon-woo's head.

"Isn't it urgent that your father called? Are you okay?"

"I'm going to Seoul next week to figure it out."

Seon-jae spoke lightly so as not to cause Yeon-woo any worries.

Yeon-woo also nodded and suggested to Seon-jae in a relaxed voice.

"Shall we eat while looking at the night view? I thought there was a cafeteria on the second floor."

Two people went to the cafeteria.

Yeon-woo was excited to see a wide cafeteria with a variety of foods ranging from snacks to meals to alcoholic beverages.

Seonjae also thought fresh because he had never eaten in the cafeteria.

Yeon-woo's eyes, which were looking through the menu to choose food, were fixed on the mainstream corner.

"What could that be?"

What she pointed to was a fruit-laden sangria.

"It's like Shangria. It's a sweet drink made of wine with fruits and nectar. Do you want a drink?"

"Are you going to drink?"


She seemed to be paying attention, so Seon-jae answered quickly.

"Shall we drink together?"

"I don't drink outside. Don't get drunk. I've become a scumbag."

"I'll take responsibility."

Seon-jae took it easy. I've never seen her drunk before, so I was curious.

"It's weaker than beer. It'll be sweet and delicious."

Seonjae received a glass of wine and handed it over to Yeonwoo.

"Just taste it."

"Let's take a sip...….”

Yeon-woo put his mouth on the glass thanks to his temptation.

"Wow. Delicious!"

An exclamation came out of Yeonwoo's mouth after a sip.

Seon-jae smiled satisfactorily and ordered another glass of Shangria.

It was her first time again.

The two people sitting opposite each other by a window with a good view of Busan's night view drank Shangria with the food they ordered.

"You must have had a drinking party for two days at the conference. You haven't had a drink?"

"Of course, I'm very self-managed. But this is weaker than beer, right?”

Seon-jae, who was going to say that it would be weaker than beer, but it would be better to drink slowly, shut up.

It was because she was so cute sipping wine with a pleasant expression.

"By the way, what if I get drunk and you get drunk? I'm supposed to be in charge of you."

Besides, with all this funny talk, Seonjae didn't want to stop her.

"When I'm with you, I feel like I've become a very precious person."

"You're a precious person."

"But my life doesn't have to come before yours.”

I just wanted to tell you this.

Although her altruistic mind is pretty and lovely, she has been thinking that it should not lead to self-sacrifice.

"Your life is important to you."

Yeon-woo, who heard his voice, became more affectionate to him.

Can I think of my life apart from you?

I was beaten by my owner's wife since I was about six years old, and in high school, I was assaulted without asking, married without love, and divorced in 'Another Future'.

The biggest shock of my life was you, too.

Your death.

Maybe I want to save you.

Maybe it's for me, not for you.

To escape the memory of the day you died in front of me.

Maybe he wants to save you because of that guilt and selfishness.

Thinking about the accident made me feel bad.

She gulped down the sangria to release the bruise in her heart.

"Oh, this is really delicious."

I felt better quickly when something sweet flowed into my mouth.

Let's think of happy things.

Today, let's thank him for the day he gave us.

Pretty clothes, cable car and delicious dinner.

There were some unexpected events in between, but it made it a richer and more fun.

"Drink slowly."

He spoke in a low voice.

Yeonwoo's lips grew pleasantly longer.

Now I trust you.

I believe you are a good person.


Feeling better, she called him in a clear voice.


"He's here.”

Who's coming?

"What about me?"


"In half an hour."

Sun-jae, who was turning his head wondering what she was saying, fixed his eyes on her again by Yeon-woo's voice.

"You'll get drunk, maybe."

Yeonwoo's eyes turned into a beautiful half moon.

"Are you going to get drunk in half an hour?”

I didn't know my wife would be so weak at drinking, and it was funny that she would get drunk with a set time, so Seon-jae also had a pleasant laugh.

"Are you feeling a little tipsy now?"

Did he say he'd turn into a badass if he was drunk?

I don't know why I really want to summon that wretch.

"If you think he's here, it's not over 30 minutes."

He really seems to be coming.

Before I knew it, her cheeks turned red.

I feel like a ripe peach, so I have an urge to bite it.

"So you have to go home quickly."

What kind of drinking habits do you have to control yourself like this?

I wanted to keep an eye on her out of curiosity, but he also moved diligently because he wanted to make sure she was drunk.

"I called a cab."

Originally, I was going to take a taxi after going back to where I came from by cable car, but I decided to get off there.

"Will it happen?"


Yeon-woo held the hands of Seon-jae pleasantly.

I've only been holding hands with him for a few days and now I'm really at home.

Yeon-woo put his hand in his coat pocket first.

"My hand went into the house."


Seon-jae responded kindly and helped Yeon-woo.

It didn't stumble, but I was worried that her movements seemed to be fast.

By the way, Yeon-woo took a step faster and stood in his way and faced him.

Then he grabbed his other hand empty-handed and put it in his coat, too.

"This will save two houses."

Oh, my. Yeonwoo.

Oppa, I'much..

You said you'd get drunk in 30 minutes.

If you run to the cute garden already, your husband will lose all the screws on his head.

"Let's go to the hotel quickly."

I can't wait to be alone with you two.


Yeon-woo answered and released one hand that he held playfully.

Although he was in a hurry, Seon-jae took a step calmly, fearing that Yeon-woo would stumble.

Two people in a taxi soon.

"Please go to Hotel A."

Seonjae's eyes, which revealed his destination to the driver, went straight to Yeonwoo.

Yeon-woo also talked to Seon-jae as if he had waited for him when he looked at him.

"Senior, I have a favor to ask of you."

Although I'm still sad about the title.

I feel like I'm already having a spring breeze in my heart because I smile whenever I make eye contact.

"Tell me. Anything."

I'll listen to everything.

"Don't be annoyed."

"Why would I be annoyed?"

"It takes more than half an hour to get to the hotel.”

It really seemed like he was going to get drunk in half an hour.

This emphasis on 30 minutes makes me more curious about what kind of drinking habit it is.

Not to mention that this moment is ticklish regardless of curiosity.

"I'm not annoyed."


Eventually, her lips touched her round forehead.


The driver who was driving hard coughed.

Seon-jae returned to his regular posture, looking at the young things, as he seemed to hear the sound of his heart, "Young things should be done when they are together in a hotel, but they are affectionate acts in front of an adult."

LOL. Her mischievous laugh, which killed the sound, tickled his heart.

It's slowly getting quiet in the car.

The car, which had been running silently, entered the vicinity of the hotel.

"We're almost there."


The sound of her answer was faint.

"I shouldn't sleep."


"You said you'd check your drinking habits."

The answer came back hard after a long time.

"You're here...…drinking habits……."


"Good night...….”


Seonjae froze at Yeonwoo's voice.

Is sleeping a drinking habit?

"Did you say that's gonna make you a scoundrel?”

Having already entered the dreamland, she is as reticent as a picture.

Oh my gosh.

Pooh pooh. The wind escapes from the swollen balloon.


The voice comes out mournfully.

Lee Yeonwoo. I'm corrupted.

He was so cute even before he got drunk that I thought the New World would open when he got drunk.

……Yes, my wife is quiet and gentle by nature.

It's a speculative drinking habit, but his expectations seem to have been raised too high.

"By the way, sir."

Meanwhile, the taxi driver carefully talks to him.

"That's true, ma'am I right?

Seon-jae was offended by the article's question.

"That's right."

"No, your wife said she's a senior.”

"I met you as a senior and junior in college student."

As Yeon-woo fell asleep, Seon-jae was treated as a pathetic man who secretly took a woman to the hotel by drinking.

Yeah, he's a terrible guy.

You didn't mean you were going to be a jerk, you meant I was going to be a jerk.

A feeling of emptiness flowed silently out with a sigh.


Seon-jae laid Yeon-woo, who had been carrying him from the entrance of the hotel, on his bed.

It's only 9 p.m. yet. She came back four hours after starting dating.

"You must have been tired preparing for the conference. And then you sipped because the alcohol was delicious.’

I'm afraid I could understand her.

Sun-jae resigned and grabbed Yeon-woo's ankle to take off his shoes.

As soon as she took off her shoes, a shallow breath burst through her lips.

Ticklish insides responding to her breathing, and this time approached her further to remove her coat.

The moment she lifted her upper body and tried to skim off one shoulder of the coat, she twisted.


I'm trying to protect my body thoroughly to see if I have a mind even in my sleep.

"Just take off your coat. Coat only."

Ugh. I've made my intentions clear not to be a seething but nasty one.

"I'll do it.”

In a feeble voice, she said. Close your eyes.

"Yes, you do."

But the little hand that touches the buttons of the coat doesn't even think about moving a minute later.


He quickly took off her coat, frustratingly.

Hoot. Again, a little wind escapes through her lips.

Is that on purpose? You're actually awake.

Lying face to face next to her with small expectations.

"I checked my wife's injection in two years."


"Are you so reluctant to show this?”

She has no answer.

"Yes, sleep tight."

Seonjae patted her lightly.

And when I was about to raise my body.

"That's when you...….”

She gave a small voice.

"Because I didn't believe you."

As it was, it muttered.

Seonjae leaned his head back on the bed.

"Do you believe me now?"


"Are you going to believe me?”


"No matter what I do?"

He showed his sincerity in a soft voice.

I know it's cheap to ask for your opinion when you're drunk, but he actually wanted to seduce you even more.


"……I swore. I won't touch you."

"I didn't swear!"

This ironclad woman with excellent earthquake-resistant design only raises his voice.

"I won't swear. I don't want to."


"Don't make me a good person."

Even though he asked once again, she found her way to the German Government Complex and went straight.

"Thank you, senior."


"For being alive."

"Don't say that!"

This guy is really.

"You're doing it on purpose. I'm not going to let's go.

Don't turn this Eros mood into Agape.

Don't make my worldly heart holy, please.

Yeon-woo, who quietly opened his eyes without even realizing that he was in so much pain, smiles.

Sunjae is nervous again with that expression.

Yeon-woo reaches out a hand beautifully to him who held his breath without realizing it.

And grab the hand and drag it and hold it tight.

His pulse sounds as the world calms down.

Enthusiastic with the sound, she closes her eyes again.

"I'm going to sleep holding you.”

The so-called 'I'll just hold my hand and go to sleep.' Skill.

I didn't expect you to do it. Yeonwoo.

If you tickle the ticklish place more, you will explode.

"Don't catch me. I don't have human rights?”

Seonjae burst out mournfully.

"I'm not letting go.”

However, Yeon-woo grabs his hand more tightly regardless of this.

"You want to sleep with me, right? I don't sleep holding hands.”

There is no answer to this question again. Is he willing to respond only to his advantage?

"You asked me to sleep with you. I don't say no."

The eyelashes that sank quietly.

The faintly hanging smile disappears, and in time she seems to have reentered dreamland.

I couldn't touch the dream because I couldn't disturb it.

When she saw a tremor in her tightly closed eyes, she was worried that she might have another nightmare.

But the nightmare was actually appreciated.

Anyway, that nightmare has brought us this close.

The colorless days before she changed are far away.

Before I knew it, I fell asleep waiting every morning for her to run to me.

Seon-jae whispered quietly as if he were talking to Yeon-woo in her dream.

"Why did you want a divorce?"

You were going to change this much with just one nightmare.

You're not going to let go.

Why did you do that?

Why did he even write a divorce application and a letter to get a divorce?

The problem that didn't matter at the time is now a concern.

"Why did you want to break up?”

At that moment.

Her eyes, which she thought had fallen asleep, opened again.

But the eyes closed again before confirming the popping truth.

In her ear came a slow, hazy voice.


I couldn't tell the pronunciation exactly, but in his ears...….

It sounded like 'you know'.

What do I know?


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