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Chapter 31

 The next morning.

Yeon-woo, who opened her eyes, jumped up after checking the surrounding background that was different from usual.


But I soon came to my senses.

"Oh, I'm in Busan."

I remembered spending another day in Busan with Seonjae after the conference.

So my senior gave me a ride to the cable car.

And then I had dinner and drank...….

And then you got drunk. You're on my back.

Oh, I'm a nuisance again. Why do I look like this?

"Oh, but did I sleep in bed? I was going to sleep on the sofa!"

Yeon-woo, who was having a time of reflection, quickly came down from the bed, surprised that she had taken the bed.

I heard a sound from outside the bedroom.

Shoot, it was the sound of water.

I can see the light on in a bathroom with translucent glass walls.

And beyond the glass wall, the flesh-colored figure looked hazy.

When Yeon-woo gulped loudly, the sound of water stopped.

And Seonjae stuttered out of the bathroom.

Just like the naked subject is.


A man who goes naked...….

As soon as Yeon-woo saw it, she turned her back against him. Just looking at it seemed like a sin.

In addition, I covered my eyes with both hands.

"Why don't you wear an eye patch?"

In fact, he is relaxed. There is also a towel around his waist, but his wife, who makes a fuss, is just considered strange.

Last night, you were so distressing to me.

"Where's all my naked spirit gone?"

"You have to dress smartly!"

"Wet your clothes."

Regardless of her bruising, he moved leisurely.

"It's comfortable if you cover your eyes.”

Seon-jae picked up his clothes when he saw Yeon-woo covering his eyes with his shoulders huddled.

"Keep doing that. Until I'm all dressed."


And I dressed slowly.

"Don't take your hands off me. I'm not dressed yet."


She answered obediently.

He is floating as if he had become ice with his eyes covered.

You never know why I'm so grumpy about that look.

Sun-jae sat on the sofa, rested his chin, and stared at her.

I was wondering how long I'd be doing that.

"...are you all dressed?”

"No. Not yet."

Yeonwoo felt strange only then.

Until a while ago, I thought I heard a slight movement, but at some point it all disappeared.

Yeon-woo gently took off her hand that was tightly covering her eyes.

"Not yet.”


Yeon-woo, who pressed his eyes again in surprise, heard a snort of laughter.

Yeon-woo lowered his hand and opened his eyes to look around.

And I found Seonjae who was well dressed.

"With everything on!"

Yeon-woo grudgingly raised the volume.

Nevertheless, Seon-jae only sneers chicly without feeling sorry.

Sarcasm about what happened last night.

"I didn't expect you to be so drunk."

"……sorry I took control of the bed."

Yeon-woo immediately apologized after learning how to read the room.

"There's nothing to be sorry about.”


"Because I slept there, too."

Excuse me?

"Let's go home after a good night's sleep."

He flung the shocking words and left her unruffled.


The two packed up, ate roughly, and went straight to the airport.

Sunjae didn't say much all the way to the airport.

Yeon-woo became aware of the cold Seon-jae like a person with a twisted corner.

Yeon-woo, who judged that he must have caused a great deal of trouble yesterday, said.

"Thank you for bringing me safely to the hotel yesterday."

"I can't believe I brought it. I carried him on my back and kept back."

A thorn stood up in his tone.

"Yes, thank you for taking me there."

"That's enough."

I knew it. It's twisted.

Yeon-woo has come to think more deeply about Seon-jae's reaction.

This seems to be a complex, not a problem or two.

There wasn't only one stab in the back.

Are you upset that I was so shocked to hear that you slept in the bed together?

"Sir, I know we didn't do anything."

Yeon-woo accurately informed that he was not misunderstanding.

Nevertheless, he only looks coldly down.

I don't know why you're holding hands when you're being so crooked!

Do you think I'm gonna get lost at the airport?

Or do you think journalists would sneak around with cameras?

Yeon-woo, who became sulky, made his argument even more.

"And I'm really sorry that you took up half of the bed that you had to sleep in. If you were so uncomfortable, why would you put me on the sofa and put me on the bed and make me feel uncomfortable?"

"So you feel uncomfortable now?"

"I'm a little upset because you're upset."

"Okay, well, that's how you feel.”

Wow. How can I be so narrow-minded?

"Oh, you're such a little prick.”


"No, it's not."

Yeonwoo eventually closed his mouth.

The hands of the two fell off the plane.

Yeon-woo felt awkward again as the conversation was cut off and even her hands were empty.

Besides, I went to the restaurant in such a hurry that I didn't eat breakfast at the hotel.

Yeonwoo took out a bag of candy from her bag.

While attending the conference, it was a snack that was stocked for sugar charging.

Yeon-woo took out the candy with a rustle and put it in his mouth, and Seon-jae glanced and turned his head again.

"Would you like some candy?"

"I won't eat. I hate it."

"You don't like it? Why?"

"I don't like sticky things.”

The answer to any question is cringe-worthy.

"Do you eat sticky? I eat it because it's sweet."


"No, it's not."

What the hell did I do so wrong, though.

If this is the case, let's just go back yesterday.

Did you think it would be a lot of fun to hang out with me?

I'm usually a very boring person!

Yeon-woo, who was grumbling silently after him, peeled another candy into his mouth and chewed it.

It's kind of weird to think about.

He was pretty sweet in a vague memory.

But didn't you hold my hand and carry me on your back last night and stay with me until I slept?’

I vaguely remember him talking to me kindly yesterday.

This man's mind is beyond control.

The sweetness of the candy neutralized her sorrow.

Yeon-woo took out two more candies and ripped them off the package.

"Are you going to eat it all?”

Seon-jae, who had been ignoring Yeon-woo for a long time, turned his head and looked at her.

I'm not a child, and I don't understand why you're suddenly munching on candy.

"I'm hungry, but I should at least eat this."

Yeon-woo answered, putting two candies in his mouth at once.

Sun-jae, with a sense of duty as a spouse, offered a proper meal.

"Go to Seoul and eat properly..."….”

"Oh, I was supposed to meet Suzy today.”

But she suddenly snatched the waist off.

"I'm going to meet you for lunch. Maybe I'll have dinner and come back.”

One end of Sunjae's lips twisted slightly.

"I have an appointment.”

For some reason, his pride was hurt, so he made up a story that Yeon-woo didn't even ask and spit it out.

Don't you feel sorry for me? Nothing?

That night just went by like that.

A straight, unshakable wife, drunk and lying in the same bed.

It's so hard for me to keep an eye on you.

"Oh, and."

However, she grits her teeth and does her best in her husband's role.

"You can drink outside."


"Isn't it because of your drinking habits that you haven't been drinking outside? I would have refused to drink at company dinners and meetings."


"Drink when you want. And tell me half an hour before you get drunk. I'll pick you up."

Besides sharing a bed, there are things in the world that only "Lee Yeon-woo's husband" can do.

"You're busy.”

"But I can still go.”

"It could take more than half an hour to get to me."

"Tell me in advance if you have a drinking party. I'll be around there."

Yeon-woo, who has become round eyes like candy at Seon-jae's words, nods calmly after a while.

"Yes, I appreciate your words."

"It's not just talking."

Her reaction gave a smirk.

I don't think she's willing to owe it to anyone.

This would also be the result of a two-year break.

I hope we can overcome this. We are

He relapsed last night's event as the regret lingered in his mind.

The last thing you said in that dreary air.

Your answer to the question 'Why did you want to break up.

What else did that mean?

He started carefully.

"And last night...….”


But I soon became hesitant.

I couldn't create a serious atmosphere by bringing up the word "divorce" again.

"No, it's not.

Seonjae gave up his thoughts. I decided it would be better.

I mean, let's just bury the thought.

The present is important. You're not getting divorced anymore.

Yeon-woo has also made a friendly apology as if he is glad that the conversation has opened.

"I'm sorry I couldn't play much last night because I was drunk."

"It's okay. It's Christmas next week, so...….”

"Oh, Christmas!"

Then again, the conversation goes awry.

"I decided to do volunteer work at school this Christmas. You're busy, right? According to your mother, that's the busiest time.”

"Yes, I'm the busiest. I can't keep my eyes open!"

Whether it was coincidence or intentional, I kept getting grumpy with my wife, who avoided spending time together.


Gangnam, Seoul.

Susie is waiting for Yeonwoo at the appointment place.

"Is your brother coming with you? Sigh, I'm going to be scared again."

Suzy was nervous about Yeonwoo's call that she returned from Busan with Seonjae.

The two of them met separately and talked candidly about the past, but he was still difficult for Suzy.

The presence that dominates the surroundings. The ghastly look in his eyes when he looks silently.

"How did Yeon-woo end up dating and getting married?"

It's a mystery no matter how much I think about it.

"Maybe my brother-in-law grabbed me a lot. I'm sure you told me not to look away and just look at you.’

That's probably why Yeon-woo hasn't talked much about her husband so far.

Still, I think he cares about Yeonwoo a lot because he even came to his friend to talk about Yeonwoo.….’

While thinking about Yeon-woo and Seon-jae for so long, a car stopped in the direction of Su-ji.


And Susie ended up blanking out.

First, I saw Seon-jae, who got out of the car, reaching out to Yeon-woo nicely.

Yeon-woo grabbed Sun-jae's hand and got out of the car.

Even after getting out of the car, Seon-jae did not let go of Yeon-woo's hand and held him to walk along the slippery road.

"Oh, my God."

Susie let out a long sigh.

Is the person I'm looking at right now, the man I met last week, the man of great presence?

After hearing his story, I wondered if he was the charismatic man who seemed to strangle anyone with angry eyes.

It is clearly visible from a distance.

It's just that your eyes aren't shaped like hearts, but your eyes are full of honey.

While looking at the two people so blankly, I made eye contact with the approaching Seonjae.

Suddenly, Seonjae quickly put his index finger on his lips and took it off.

It was a message to Suzy. I must have asked you to keep it a secret that we met separately last week.

Susie nodded enchantedly. There was a strong will to take the secrets of the two to the grave.

"Suzy, you've been waiting a long time, haven't you? Sorry."

Yeon-woo, who approached, greeted brightly.

"Oh, no."

"Hey, honey, this is my best friend Susie. Kim Soo-ji."

"Hello, I'm Kang Seonjae. Thank you for hanging out with Yeonwoo."

Seonjae, who politely greets Yeonwoo's introduction, is natural. But Yeonwoo's eyes are still sweet.

"I'm leaving now?"

Even her voice asking questions to Yeonwoo is soft.

"Yes, I'll see you later at night."

"Okay. Have a good time, Suzy."

I envy you. I want to get married too!

Susie's heart fluttered as if she had watched a thrilling drama.

After Sunjae left sensibly, Susie stamped her feet and made a fuss.

"Your husband is absolutely awesome. It's a completely different story from then.


Yeon-woo blinked at Su-ji's expression.

"Ah, at your wedding.”

Susie quickly corrected her slip of the tongue.

Yeon-woo fortunately did not find it suspicious. However, he smiled in a nonchalant manner.

"Does that look like that to you? It was a little low today."

"No, it was so sweet!"

He's the playboy.

Yeon-woo was bitter and sarcastic.

"I envy you. You really have everything now."

Unaware of Yeon-woo's twisted pace, Susie is busy praising.

"You have a beautiful face, you have a great body proportion, you're smart, your husband is sweet and handsome."


Yeon-woo smiled awkwardly at Suzy's repeated "sweet" in her mouth.

"You really have everything but aegyo. No, genius Meng's charm is also very addictive."

"Hey, no!"

Yeonwoo got angry when he heard my nickname.


"If you ever see my husband, don't tell him my nickname!"

During his school days, Yeon-woo was called the "Meong-genius."

You're stupid, but you're a genius.

I often say silly things, but studying was a nickname given to me because I was excellent.

In March, when she became a senior in high school, she became the class president and said in front of the school table, 'As it is said that he will come after hard work...It is still a well-known story that began with a greeting that began with … and eventually made the class motto "He comes after hard work."

"Oh, so you still don't know your nickname?”

"No, no. You can't say it."

Yeon-woo shook his head as if he was sick of it.

"You're still playing with me, and I don't know how much you're going to tease me."

"Wow, play with it!"

However, everything sounded sweet to Suzy's ears, who was hooked on Sunjae's friendly eyes.

Susie asked Yeonwoo with her eyes wide open.

"Be honest with me. Your brother-in-law compliments you on your figure, doesn't he?

"Oh, no compliments, no compliments."

"Oh, you don't compliment me? This is where it is and this is where it is."

Curious, Suzy poked her finger along Yeonwoo's side line.

"Oh, no, it's not that."

"Oh, you're too shy to tell me, aren't you?"

Susie nodded excitedly.

"It's no joke when it's just the two of you, right? Honey's gonna drop out of your brother-in-law's eyes, right? I'll say a lot of pretty things."

"No, I'm not that kind of person."

"No, but why do you keep calling your husband a senior?"

Oh, Yeonwoo's eyes rolled in circles looking for excuses.

Fortunately, the cell phone rang at a good time. It was a forerunner.


[Are you playing well with Suzy?]

"Yes. What's wrong?"

[There was a problem with my work, so I'm going to meet someone related to me later, but I'm probably going to be very late. It's a drinking party.]


[Don't wait] Don't fall asleep in front of the front door.

"……then I'll sleep in bed, so can't you stop by?"

In the meantime, Yeon-woo took care of what he needed.


Seonjae answered right away and hung up the phone call.

Suzy sits with her chin resting in front of Yeonwoo and smiles pink.

"Did your brother-in-law call you?”

"Yes, I'm late today."

"Huh. I've been nervous because I didn't know anything about your marriage, but I'm glad I checked something today."


"What a desirable couple.”

Haha. Yeonwoo laughed it off awkwardly. I thought it would be good in many ways to just let them misunderstand like that.

By the way, a grinning Susie suddenly asked.

"But where are you going?"


"On the phone earlier, I asked you to stop by because I was going to sleep in bed.”

"Ahhhhhh. I'm not stopping by, I'm asking you to stop by. I'll be sleeping, so when I get home, I want you to hear my voice. Haha."

"Wow, that's so sweet! It's completely different from when I met you!"


This time Susie faced a moment of embarrassment. It's a secret that I met him, but I keep making mistakes.

"Oh, no, when we met at the wedding.”

Susie also covered herself.

There were two women who kept different secrets about a man.


That night, Yeonwoo's bedroom.

"Lee Yeon-woo."

Yeon-woo, who fell asleep, heard a sweet voice calling herself.

But I couldn't open my eyes because I was too deep asleep.

In a dream, the strong smell of alcohol rushed in and slowly drifted away.

A friendly touch that sweeps the hair away. The touch brought her deeper into the dream.

"Good night."

A sweet voice coming back. And the sound of footsteps falling down calmly drifted away.

Yeon-woo, who became happy in her dream, smiled finely around her mouth.


The next morning.

'Oh, I slept well. How many days is it today?

Yeon-woo, who had a good night's sleep following the previous day, looked for her cell phone to check the date as usual.

Now I can get up in the morning and relax.

The scenery that hasn't changed from yesterday makes Yeonwoo happy.

The date I checked on my cell phone is December 18th.

Yeon-woo, who confirmed that it was flowing properly, was blinded by the missed call sign.

There were two missed calls on the phone.

When I checked the list, it was my father, Unho.

Yeonwoo immediately called her father-in-law.

[Yes, Sae-ah]

"Good night, Father. I just woke up and checked my phone. I'm sorry."

[Yes. No] You know what? Sunjae, are you home now?]

"Yeah. There's...…is."

I couldn't answer my father-in-law properly because I didn't see it with my own eyes.

Yeonwoo got up and headed to Seonjae's room.


"No, there is."

Yeon-woo said she has a father-in-law because he seems to be worried.

"Maybe he's sleeping. I came in late yesterday.”

[Yeah, yesterday Sunjae must have had a hard time entertaining me late at night]]


[But I also have a quick question.] Sunjae didn't answer the phone. I'm sorry, but could you wake Seonjae up? I want you to wake me up and ask me to call you.]

"Yes, I will."

[Then please]

It seemed to be an urgent call to see how many times I called this way of this morning.

Yeon-woo rushed to Seon-jae's room with a sense of duty.

When I passed the half-open door and went inside, I saw Seonjae lying on the bed sleeping.

You must have suffered a lot from drinking last night. Seeing you fall asleep without changing your clothes.

I have to wake him up because of his father's call, but I feel sorry that I didn't sleep well.

Climbing onto the bed, he clung himself close to his back.

It's a good chance to check his heart.

First of all, since he's asleep, I'll do one thing I like secretly.

Carefully put his ear to his back.

Boom, boom, boom.

The sound of a heavy heart rang pleasantly.

Yeon-woo, who filled her desire, spoke quietly, not surprisingly.

"Sir, I'm sorry. My father wants me to wake him up...….”

As expected, he is not responsive.

"I'm your senior…"

At that moment.


Holding her arm tightly, he rose up, overtaking the view.

Yeon-woo's body rolled half a turn at once and was laid under Seon-jae.

"Sun, sun…"

This is.

It's the same situation as the day we returned to the past!

Oh, no, I'm glad he's not naked.


What makes you look more explicit than that when you're wearing a shirt?

He was staring at her calmly, squinting his half-waked eyes.

The heavy weight weighed on her.

There was nothing to move because both arms were held.


I tried to give her a voice, but her lips quickly got eaten by him.

The tingling smell of alcohol made her feel like she was about to get drunk, too.

My lips fell off quickly.

It seemed as if the energy was being sucked into the eyes facing him.

It's the color of the whole world!

Wild flames are popping from his eyes.

However, his hot breath, his shoulders flapping with that look, penetrated into the nape of her neck.

"Lee Yeon…"

Her name, with the tip of her neck crushed, touches her.

His name, which is pronounced in his voice, and his breathing are so strange that I can't get my mind together.


……me, are you being punished?

So far, I've been able to realize how plastic I've been in his fence without knowing I'm a one-day puppy.


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