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Must be a Happy Ending Manhwa Novel

Chapter 32

 "Hey, hold on a second...….”

Yeon-woo, who barely spoke out, sadly called him.

Thanks to this, I protected the neck, but the eyes approaching me again are so sexy that I feel like I'm getting fluffy all over my body.

What are you going to do? What are you going to do?

Thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump.

The heart beats so loudly that the body doesn't move.

I know what this guy's gonna do.

Those eyes, those expressions that make you inevitable even though you know them. Ahhhhhhaha.

Seductively seductive and longingly mournful.

As I expected, my lips came back.

I can't.

Oh, I can't.

Holding on to her tightly, he dug in with a heavy breath and wrapped it sweetly.

There is a strong alcohol flavor in it.

I don't know if you want to push me out or grab it.

In a strange state of distress and excitement, Yeon-woo must fall into his irresistible spell.

Oh, my God..

Brain gongs, echoes, numbness to the scalp.

At that dizzying moment, one of his arms that was holding her fell.

Nevertheless, Yeon-woo was stuck. I felt short of breath and wanted to hide my tears.

Between the lips, there was a squishy sound.


A little more, that's what I thought.

One of his hands, which laid her wrist, roamed her slender waist.

The feeling of tickling to the navel made her mind even more distant.

But the next moment, a large hand that went down below the knee and slowly up came over the thigh.

She was wearing a layer of one-piece pajamas. Of course, there's only thin underwear in it.

The spirit that I almost let go of came back.

"Sigh, senior, this is a little...….”

He turned his head to the side, barely took off his lips, and burst his voice with his holding breath.

But it was soon eaten again.

His hands touching his thighs are gently invading the delicate skin inside his thighs.

The warning went off loudly in my head.

Barely pushed out his lips and screamed.



At that moment, real 'whoosh', he made a noise.

Surprised as if he had met a ghost, he took his hand off and raised himself up, and hesitated back.

His eyes, which had been loosened as if he were drunk, were tightly tightened.

Yeonwoo has never seen his eyes this big.


Ha ha ha ha.

The sound of their deep breath fills the air that had just been squishy.

While looking at each other as if they were seeing ghosts.

"……I thought it was a dream."

He said first.

Huh. This guy.

It's so colorful and absurd.

Tears that had been hanging from Yeon-woo's eyes fell into her eyes.

Meanwhile, Sunjae is as shocked as Yeonwoo.

Crazy. I had this adolescent dream.

That alone makes my face burning, but the sight in front of me now confirms that what I did was not a dream.

What a hungry wild dog.

At this critical time. What did I do?

He gulped and burst out.

"I told you not to touch me in the morning!"

"Did you just yell at me?”

The dew swelled around her eyes again.

The look on her brave face shows how tremendous this is.

And now the edge of her long one-piece pajamas is up to her thighs.


Shut up and apologize, I hear God's voice.

"……I need a loading time in the morning.”

Nevertheless, there is a spark of contempt in her eyes.

I feel like I'm gonna break something right now.

But I didn't actually remember exactly what my body did.

Everything evaporated with the shock of Yeon-woo screaming for herself.

"……did I do anything weird?”

"Don't you remember just now?"

"No…… I wouldn't have done anything more strange than kiss, would I?”

"Then isn't kissing strange?!?"

Yeon-woo shouted loudly with an angry face.

"You have to pray your hands are on fire.Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"



Ah, ah, ah.

In the midst of this serious situation, Lee Yeonwoo, you really...….

But you can't laugh...….

However, a relaxed mind is not tightened as it pleases.


Oh, I'm screwed..

In the end, Seon-jae let out a smile.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I don't want to do this, really."

Feeling embarrassed, Seon-jae wrapped his big hands around his face and covered his face.

"Yeonwoo, how much do I have to pray for my hands to be on fire.”

I can't touch it when I want to, so I have this dream.

This embarrassing situation arises because you can't laugh when you want to.

I'm embarrassed, but my smile won't fade.

Yeonwoo, don't you think I should solve the oppression?

You're driving me crazy.

"Huh. It's so painful...….”


His painfully hard-pressed laughter finally cut off.

Yeon-woo, who got even hotter out of shame, threw the pillow at him.

Sunjae, who barely lowered his hand from his face, smiled and looked at Yeonwoo with red eyes.

Yeonwoo's whole face was red.

"I'm sorry. I won't laugh."

"That's enough!"

Yeon-woo got out of bed and strode away. Huffling as if he didn't get rid of his anger.

Then after a while, I came back and screamed again.

"My father called! Just call me!"

I'm in trouble. She looked so cute even when she was angry.

I shouldn't keep making you angry.

Yesterday I met with Heaven's officials and had to go berserk to see what had happened.

I came back home at 2 a.m.

I remembered that Yeonwoo asked me to stop by her room, so I stopped by her room and came straight out.

She must have had a drink, because she thought she could go near her and do something crazy impulsively.

I was so careful.

I ended up committing a crime in the morning.

In fact, Seonjae is weak in the morning. Until he was wide awake, he was ferocious and vicious.

I don't usually swear, but only when I wake up.

I don't know why.

So I said that when I brought Yeonwoo to my newlywed house. Be careful in the morning.

When Yeon-woo ran to his room a few weeks ago, saying she had a nightmare, she was tossing and turning on the bed after waking up, so she was able to hide her fierce nature.

I was so careful, why did I do that?

Maybe it was because I suppressed my urge when I slept with her at the Busan hotel.

No, it doesn't matter why.

I'm not normal right now.


Lee Yeonwoo doesn't like it. They don't like it.

I screamed.

My heart is so dirty thinking that I wish I could face another situation like this...….

This is serious.

Meanwhile, Yeon-woo, who rushed to the bedroom, relieved her chest with a quick breath.

"I think I'm crazy!’

Without being crazy, you can't want to time out ten minutes ago!

No matter how much I sweep my chest, my heart won't stop pounding.

The moment his eyes sparkled with passion.

The idea that it didn't matter what he did or did dominated her head.

It is a vivid experience of how if you seduce with intentions, you will fall.

He said it was just a dream.

"What a disgrace."

I'll keep it a secret that I've accepted him, that I've become a slave to lust for an instant.

I'm taking it to the grave!

Yeon-woo controlled his mind by sniffing at the runny nose that didn't come out.

This must never happen again!


Heaven broke the agreement with J-Group because someone leaked the contents of Heaven and J-Group's agreement to their competitors.

Sun-jae, who met with officials yesterday to grasp the situation, told his father Un-ho about the incident in detail and discussed countermeasures.

Fortunately, there were many executives who were friendly to Seonjae in Heaven, so I was confident to change my mind.

Heaven is offended by this and that, but if you go about it without showing any sensitivity and comforting yourself, you can reach the desired result.

Perhaps because of his confidence, Sun-jae sometimes burst into laughter even during a serious conversation.


"Are you laughing while I'm talking?"

Woon-ho asked bitterly.

"I'm sorry."

I want to focus on my work, but I have to pray that Yeonwoo's hands are on fire.Ohhhhh!' is driving me crazy. He is mature to the level of a forbidden song for the college entrance exam.

Lee Yeonwoo. I really want to take her around and be with her all day.

"Whoa, I just can't wait to go home."

I miss Yeonwoo. I can't wait to go home. The idea has completely taken control of today's Gangseonjae.

"Did you let go of your work?"

"Hoo, I'm sorry. It's so funny. It's hard to work today."

Well, after clearing his throat, Sun-jae introduced his father to the international articles he received today.

"The country that successfully settled the joint venture with Heaven is France. In France, domestic companies...…Laughing."

However, he burst into laughter again.

"Did he get wind in his lungs?"

Unho scolded, but Seonjae couldn't stop laughing.

I had a hard time carrying out the work seriously until I came to see my father. I want to laugh but I can't.

After suffering like that, I ended up having a private conversation with my father. I felt liberated.

It was hard to re-tighten the lost heart.

"Father. Yeonwoo is so funny. It's the funniest thing in the world."

Instead of holding back his laughter, he told his father the truth about his current state of mind.

I wanted to ask you to make me smile.

"What the hell did Yeonwoo say..."….”

Unho, who was staring at his son's smiling face, also had a new idea.

A son who laughs out of the blue. A son who can't stop laughing because his wife is funny.

I wondered if work was important.

My son is smiling like this.

I didn't mean to raise him severely, but he grew up strictly by himself.

The son, who was so blunt and couldn't even talk to my mother, met his wife and laughed like this.

I thought it was a big deal.

Eventually, Unho laughed along with Seonjae.

"Don't be the only one who likes it so much and make your mom laugh. Bring him home more often. I won't bother you, I'll be nice to you."

Unho could guess that his son's world was gradually changing.


Evening to return home with a relieved heart.

I laughed a lot in front of my father, so my frustration subsided a lot.

Now, there won't be any mishaps in front of Yeon-woo who laughs tactlessly.

Seon-jae entered the house with a glad light on.

When I approached Yeon-woo washing the dishes in the kitchen, Yeon-woo sniffed with excitement.

"Did you eat alone?"”

Yeonwoo has no answer.

If I knew this would happen, I would have bought something that she would like like like the Triorgel, but I felt sorry.

Yeon-woo, who was looking at it with a pout, spoke a little later.

"There's food left. Do you want it?"

It was because he didn't seem to have eaten.

There are times when you have to care about your husband's health, so you have to talk casually.

Seon-jae quickly replies, "I like it."

"All right."

"Is kimchi fried rice okay?"

"Oh, my favorite."

Anything you give is the best.

Yeon-woo, who nodded, quickly prepared a meal.

It was already ready, so all I had to do was set the table.

I hated him for this morning's work, but it's the first food I've prepared just for my husband.

Yeonwoo piled up all the leftover rice in a large bowl. Greedy. Greedy.

A little vengeance for what happened in the morning. And I wanted to smile at him who was embarrassed.

Yeonwoo pointed to a bowl of kimchi fried rice on the table and said nicely.

"It looks like a lot, but it's because kimchi and rice are mixed together kimchi and rice. It won't be much if you eat it."


"Why? Is it too much? You can leave it."

"……No, I'm going to eat it all.”

Seonjae took a deep breath and sat in front of the table.

I thought that I could get a score if I ate it deliciously, so I put a big spoon of rice in my mouth with the mindset of an eating show BJ.

"Well, it's delicious."

"That's a relief."

……but there are so many.

I think I ate almost two servings by myself, but there's still half left.

Yeonwoo keeps sitting in front of him.

"If you can't eat it, you can leave it."

"No, I'm eating really well right now."


Only then does she give a feeble smile.

The must-eat justification has become more clear.

But I thought I should eat slowly, so Sunjae's behavior was a little slow.

"Why? What's wrong?”

Yeon-woo asked Seon-jae's behavior, who pretended to look at the design of the bowl for no reason.

"No, shall we buy the bowl again? It was because the bowl was too noticeable."

"That's what my mom bought for me."


"As a honeymoon gift."

"No, I didn't see it right. It's very Korean and luxurious. It's perfect for my house."

There is a growing sense of dexterity. Will she become married?

In the midst of difficulty, Yeon-woo's cell phone rang.

The screen shows the words 'mom'.

In a prickly mood, Seonjae coughed and drank water.

Yeon-woo smiled at the shape and answered the phone.

"Yes, Mom."

Yeon-woo answered the phone and left Sun-jae's side.

Sun-jae, who was alone, slowly moved the spoon with a sigh.

I heard Yeonwoo's voice from the other side.

"You're coming with me, aren't you?" I'm sure Taewoo would be comfortable, right? It's still quite spacious there. One day will be fine.”

When I heard the story, my father-in-law and mother-in-law seemed to be coming from the countryside.

"Please tell me again when it's accurate. Yes, Mom, say hello to Dad."

After finishing the call with a lovely voice like a fox daughter, she soon returned to Sunjae.

And took away his bowl of rice.

"Stop eating."

"No, I was enjoying it.”

"I'm going to have an upset stomach."

"That's fine."

Seon-jae said it was okay, but he didn't dissuade him much.

I decided to consider Yeon-woo, who is worried about his stomachache, as a benefactor.

"What's the matter?”

I asked Yeon-woo who was trying to sort it out.

"My mom and dad are coming to Seoul."


"In early January."

"So you told me to sleep in your brother-in-law's studio?”

"Yes, I'm just thinking about getting you a hotel."

"There's no need for that's not fair. You can let him sleep here. There are a lot of rooms."

"Then it's uncomfortable."

"Are you uncomfortable?"

"Aren't you uncomfortable?"

"I don't care.”

Yeon-woo tilted his head, wondering if it didn't matter.

It's only been three weeks since we removed the boundary. I haven't been able to get into that person's area for two years either.

Someone who cares so much about their area would invite my mom and dad? On what whim?

"Are you serious?"

"Then why would you lie about this?"

Seonjae smiled casually.

Yeonwoo is puzzled.

"I'll call your father. Come this way."

Without saying anything else, Seon-jae picked up his cell phone and dialed the master's phone number.



His hand stopped suddenly.

"I'll have to sleep with my mother and father when they visit home.”


"Don't get caught using each room."

His eyes that say so somehow shine.

I feel like I'm soaked in rain.

"Don't make your mother and father worry."

A combined broadcast.

Yeon-woo swallowed a big saliva as things came back to mind this morning.

I had to scream in displeasure, but somehow I couldn't.

"……I'd better just let you sleep in the hotel."

"Oh, what a bad son of a bitch."


"You stay still. I'll call you."

After a while, his world-class voice is heard.

"Yes, Father, how are you? I heard from Yeonwoo that he will come to Seoul in January."

This guy's drive is.

"Of course, if you're sleeping, you should sleep here. There are a lot of rooms, a lot of houses."

It's the best.

"You can stay a long time."

My heart beats fast just to hear his voice on the phone.

Seon-jae hung up the phone after greeting politely.

Things are piling up with him.

"Wait. I keep getting calls."

But before he could say a word in praise of his drive, his cell phone rang again.

"Uh. Top star."

Yeon-woo's heart stops beating fast. My stomach got stiff.

Top star.

There's only one top star who keeps in touch with him.

There is a shadow in Yeonwoo's eyes.

"Are you back in Korea?"

A husband who doesn't know that and moves away to continue the call.

Yeon-woo accessed the portal site with his mobile phone.

The real-time search term was already being filled with the name "Yusara."

She's back.

The real reason for my divorce, which I forgot because it was full of exciting moments.


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