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Chapter 33

 "Call me sister. Comfortably."


It was the first thing she said to Yeonwoo.

Nevertheless, Yeon-woo couldn't look at her comfortably.

Tall, slim body, straight shoulders, and a confident smile.

And the naturalness of putting a hand on the husband's shoulder.

A husband who doesn't watch out for it and smiles softly.

It's a comfortable atmosphere that Yeonwoo has never imagined.

Yeonwoo looked at them as if he were looking at the world inside the TV.

I always thought.

Why did someone who had such a pretty actress as a friend marry me?

Are you and your husband really just friends?

And the question was solved two years later.

That day was the day Yeonwoo returned home early from school due to a cold.

I was going to take the porridge that the lady had set up, take the medicine from the pharmacy, and go to the bedroom to rest.

Ring, ring, ring.

I heard the number key press on the front door.

I thought the working lady had left something behind, or her husband might have stopped by the house.

Contrary to expectations, however, it was Yusura who entered the house with the front door opened.

And the first thing she said in front of embarrassed Yeonwoo.

"I thought there would be no one."

Sarah didn't seem a bit embarrassed.

On the contrary, a little smile around the mouth smeared with leeway.

Only Yeonwoo's expression was hardened.

"How did you get here?”

"You don't say hello? We haven't seen each other in a long time."

But Yeon-woo couldn't say hello.

"How do you know the password?”

"Yeonwoo, I know almost all about Seonjae."


"And that their marriage is fake.”

Sarah let it out lightly.

It was Yeonwoo and Seonjae's secret.

Yeon-woo has never told this to anyone.

I didn't tell my best friend Susie about this, not to mention my parents.

He did, but he told Sarah all the important secrets.

"But I don't want you to be too sensitive between us. I think that's part of your marriage.”

Sarah continued the story. As if to represent the Seonjae.

"After what happened with Ok Seung-hye, you were proposed by Seon-jae, right?”


"Before Sun-jae made that decision, my scandal with Sun-jae broke out. It was a case where I couldn't take it out because I had a picture.”

Yeon-woo vaguely remembered.

The photo captured the moment two people entered the restaurant.

It was a picture of Sun-jae's hand touching Sarah's waist, but he decided that he could not drive it into a scandal.

Although the relationship seemed strange to Yeon-woo's eyes, I didn't want to point something out based on the picture.

But Sarah told a different story in a serious voice.

"I was at an important time. I also value Seonjae, but I had no choice but to ask Seonjae for his understanding because my job was first. I had no choice but to make unreasonable demands to Seonjae. I asked him to stop it at all costs.”


"So I want you to know that Yeon-woo's marriage has some credit to me."

Yeonwoo was quietly dragged into the abyss.

Beyond miserable, it felt like I was dying.

"Still, I wanted you two to live well, but it didn't work out as I thought. I was hoping Sunjae would be happy, but I'm sorry."

Yeonwoo's eyes got wet.

It was similar to Kang Seon-jae, and I felt like I was used as a consumable in the lives of two people.

"I'll be there for now. There's an album I lent to Seonjae a long time ago and I came to take it. I thought Seonjae was too busy, so I was just going to go looking for things, but I didn't know we'd meet like this. I'm sorry."

Sarah turned around and said.

She was always confident and even arrogant to say sorry.

"Oh, please don't give Sunjae too much trouble with today's work. Anyway, Yeonwoo is the one who always has to thank Sunjae. I became a wife thanks to Seonjae."


"Thanks to Seonjae's sympathy."


"Hoot. What's that supposed to mean? The person who receives it will only become more pitiful."

Despite Sarah's harsh expression of scratching Yeon-woo's nerves, Yeon-woo couldn't even say a word.

Yeon-woo's inferiority complex in Sarah was revealed every moment.

But I didn't shed tears in front of Sarah.

It was the last bit of pride.

"I'll be there. See you later."

The tears that had been endured fell down only after Sarah left.

After that, Yeon-woo's eyes on her husband became colder.

However, her husband Sun-jae was never conscious of Yeon-woo's eyes. Just live each other's lives as always.

Then Yeon-woo found out that she didn't have to try to stay married.

Since then, I have quietly prepared for divorce.

Lee Yeon-woo was like that before she went through another future.


Time flew by and reached Christmas Eve.

For a week, Yeonwoo and Seonjae spent time focusing on each other's work.

First of all, Seonjae was too busy and Yeonwoo also spent a lot of time at school at the end of the semester.

Nevertheless, Sun-jae wanted to spend time with Yeon-woo from time to time.

Somehow, however, Yeon-woo seemed to avoid himself.

Not only avoiding, but also speaking less and expression seems to have gotten worse.

What's the problem?

Is it because you pushed me too hard to share a room with your father and mother?

"Is it like I'm scared?’

I didn't want her to be scared.

I have no intention of forcing my wife to do what she doesn't want.

I just try the possibility of cooking and cooking to the extent that she accepts.

I thought she also had that level of flexible thinking.

Once again, I wondered if I was in a hurry.

But today is Christmas Eve. Sunjae headed toward Yeonwoo's bedroom hoping to do something together.

And I came across Yeonwoo before I even reached the bedroom. Yeon-woo left home early.

"……Oh, did you say you were going to volunteer?"


Yeon-woo answered Sun-jae's question dryly.

Sunjae, who checked the color of her face, came up with a different idea.

A woman has a few days a month when she's

Maybe it's not like that.

"Why don't you go?"

Sunjae caught her. I thought I should take a break.

"You don't look so good these days."

"You have to go."


"I'll take a few days off after Christmas, so it's okay. Mind your own business."

Again, there was a nonchalant response.

"Lee Yeon-woo."

His voice also subsided rationally.

"Are you upset with me?”

At this point, he has become frustrated, too.

"Then just say it. I don't know if I don't talk. Don't want me to realize for myself."

He had to tell her, even if it sounded rather cold to her.

Whatever it is, I didn't want her to keep it in her mind.

"If you want to talk, call me anytime. And don't push yourself too hard today."

"……I'll be there."

Yeon-woo left the house after saying hello without answering the request.

Depression came over me.

Today was the day of the VIP premiere of the movie starring actor Yousara.

And I know that a Christmas Eve dinner party will be held at a hotel near the building where the premiere was held.

My husband, let's go there. As a matter of fact, I was curious about it. but

Are you going to meet Mr. Yousara today?

I couldn't say the easy word.

I wasn't confident of hearing a yes answer.

Yeonwoo was still not mature.



Looking at where Yeon-woo left, Seon-jae sighed.

From her nightmares to this day, she's been awkward a few times, but there's still something to know why.

But this time there was no such thing.

I asked Yeon-woo and thought about her health condition, but I also couldn't find out.

I've never thought of women as easy or difficult, but Lee Yeon-woo was definitely a difficult woman.

"Do I have to prepare a Christmas present or something?"


My phone vibrated while I was tilting in thought.

It would be nice if Yeon-woo had the courage to contact me, but the caller was Yusura.

"Uh. Top star."

Seonjae answered the phone in a comfortable voice.

[What's the top star?]

"What's up? You must be busy."

[Will you come today?] Dinner party.]

Seon-jae only remembered what Sarah said on the phone a week ago.

After the VIP preview today, there was a dinner party.

Sarah had asked Seonjae to come.

I'll do Sarah's request as much as I can, but today couldn't be a special day only for Yousara.

Sun-jae said no in realistic terms before making excuses for Christmas Eve.

"Well, I don't think Yeonwoo is feeling well, so I can't go either."

Were you the one who moved with Yeonwoo?]

"As days go by."

But Sarah did not give up.

[Then you'll come to the VIP premiere, right?]]

"Um…… I don't know that either. Sorry."

[No, come here. I have something to say] It's important.]

"How important is that. Why don't you call me?"

[No, you can't come to the dinner party, but you can come to the premiere] Make sure you come.]

Sarah spoke as resolutely as an ultimatum and hung up.


It was a nursery in Gyeonggi-do Province that Yeon-woo decided to do volunteer work with school assistants.

For Christmas, it was to distribute gifts to nursery children, prepare meals, and spend the day playing with children in a special treat.

Still, the murky mind of the morning is much better.

Looking at children's pretty faces removes a lot of murky things.

Yeonwoo also thought it was good to participate in the event.

"What are you doing with the groom today?”

After lunch, on the way back to the auditorium after washing the dishes, a senior who came with Yeon-woo asked Yeon-


"It's Christmas Eve. You're supposed to do something with the groom."

"Oh…… the groom is busiest at Christmas."

"Well, I guess so. That's a bit of a shame. It's probably the happiest day for ordinary lovers."

Yeon-woo hid her bitter heart and smiled.

What I tried to forget came back to mind.

Should my husband go to meet Yousara or not?

She was hesitant and sent a text message to Seonjae.

Still, I've been encouraged a little bit.

Is there a dinner party at K Hotel?

I regretted a little after I sent it. However, the reply came before the regret was prolonged.

Yeah. Do you want to go?

It was a text that could not read his mind. Yeonwoo sent a cold message.

No, you should go alone.

Why am I going if you're not going?

Also, the answer came straight away. It also contained what she wanted.

Half a fortunate heart and half a heavy heart were seated together.

Also, one more question was inevitable.

What about the VIP premiere? Are you going?

I want to ask you that, but the second time I didn't have the courage.

I don't want to look like a clingy woman, a sensitive woman.

I was also eager.

I don't want my husband to go on his own, even if I don't tell him not to.

I don't know if I don't tell you, but I want you to know that much. please

But I quickly gave up my mind.

"But you can't do that. We'll have no choice but to meet for work.’

I understand that J-Group sponsored PPL for today's premiere. So Yeon-woo can't even say don't go.

As soon as I resigned, a text message arrived.

Do you want to go to the movie premiere? It's a movie about Sarah.


There's nothing we can do.

Yeon-woo put her cell phone in her pocket without sending a reply.


The premiere will be held at 5 o'clock. Dinner party is at 8.

I thought it would have been better to go together.

I thought I was going to come back to the past and live a new life, but in this situation, my timid personality comes out without meaning to return.

"You must be watching a movie by now.”

Returning home, Yeon-woo dropped a small talk to himself in a big house that seemed more empty today.

Chi. I hope the movie isn't fun.

However, if the movie was boring, J-Group, who invested in the movie, quickly put a bad heart into the thought of losing money.

"Santa, I'm sorry. I don't think it's a bad idea."

At the moment of reflection, I heard a sound from the front door.

I laughed because I thought it was Santa Claus. But maybe next door.

But unexpectedly, the front door of her house opened.

Yeon-woo turned his head toward the front door.

Surprisingly, it was Seonjae who opened the front door and showed up.

"Sigh, there you are. When did you get here?"

Sun-jae, who entered the door with both hands full, happily asked Yeon-woo when he found him.

"……Didn't you go to the premiere?"

"Did I tell you I was going there?”

Seon-jae tilted his head and asked back to Yeon-woo, who was puzzled and asked carefully.

Seon-jae never told Yeon-woo that he was going to the premiere.

"You asked me earlier if I was going."

"That's why I asked you if you were going."


"I should have come earlier. How are you feeling?"

His only interest is the state of her mood.

This person thinks I'm important.

The strange speculation makes my heart flutter.

Oddly enough, however, she couldn't let off her countenance because of the scent he dragged in.

Yeon-woo's eyes stretched behind his back.

He held out his back with a slight smile. There was a present.


"What is it?"

"It's a gift."


"I just bought it because it was pretty. I thought of you."

Her heart drops into the abyss looking down at it.

...a bouquet of flowers.

A bouquet of pink roses.

The smell of roses quickly dominates her miserable memory.

Seon-jae became anxious as her expression on the bouquet became dark.

"What's wrong with you…"


"Did something bad happen?”

"……Why is it pink?"

Her voice, followed by a friendly question, mixed with a deep cry.

"I hate pink roses."

Tears that had gathered as big as petals in her big eyes fell without waiting.

Seonjae became embarrassed.

It was unexpected.

My wife didn't seem to be feeling well, so I didn't think of meeting her outside because I thought she would be tired because she did volunteer work.

I was going to stay at home, or let her rest well if she was still not feeling well.

On my way home with that mind.

I bought a cake and flowers because it was too bad to go empty-handed.

I was also sorry if I spoke to her too coldly in the morning.

Just like when I smiled brightly at the tree orgel, I wanted it to be relaxing.

I went to a flower shop and asked for a pretty flower.

The design of the cake was Christmas atmosphere, so I wanted the flowers to have a different speciality.

To the florist, 'It's true that it's a Christmas gift, but I hope it doesn't look like a Christmas gift.' I gave a vague order.

This was the bouquet I received with such agony.

Florist added, "Who doesn't like pink roses?"

But we shouldn't think the world the same.

"I hate pink roses the most in the world!"

There may be people who don't like it.

Seon-jae was so embarrassed because he didn't know she hated pink roses so much.

He wasn't supposed to be unaware of it.

That my wife hates pink roses so much.

He didn't know a thing about her likes or dislikes.

Yeon-woo, who screamed, raised her hands and hid Je-woo's face.

Sun-jae, who had been in a state of bewilderment for a moment, quickly threw the bouquet back in front of her.

Then he took a step forward and hugged Yeonwoo and patted her.

In his arms, she cried out.


"Sorry. I didn't know."

There was nothing I could do about my mistake.

If I could turn back the time, I would spend billions of dollars to do so, but it was pathetic that I couldn't pay for it.

I couldn't think of a way to undo the mistake either.

"Let's throw it away. I'll throw it away. Don't cry."

"How can you throw it away? I paid for it. It'll be 100,000 won."

Yeon-woo buried in his arms complained.

"Then let's change it."

His sweet voice smears through her world.

"Let's go change. Right now."

Yeonwoo couldn't stop crying.

Pink roses are so pretty.

If you hold it in your hand, spring blooms as if you like it.

But I hate that flower the most in the world now. Because of you

I also want to hug the rose you gave me and say thank you and like it.

I can't do that anymore.

There's a tinnitus coming from a dark place.

Eventually, you will cry in front of the pink rose.

Eventually, you drift away from him and divorce him.

Eventually you'll send him away again.

"I didn't know. Let's change it to what you like."

Pressing the tinnitus from her abyss, Seon-jae whispers in a calm voice.

All the beautiful things hurt.

Back in the past.

Is it like a second painful dream?

Then I, who decided to divorce, had to make you a bad person for me to live.

I hated you. I blamed him a lot.

But now....

It's okay if you don't know anything about me.

Even if you're hiding a lot from me and relying on similarities. That's okay.

I can't hate you anymore.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I was greedy for you.

I'm so sorry for the weird moan.

Now it's just, there's only one wish.

Because you're affectionate and affectionate.

I just want to live. healthily

I just want to live in a world where you live.


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