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Chapter 34

 Yeon-woo cried so hard unexpectedly that Seon-jae was worried that she might fall down.

As if dehydration was coming, Yeon-woo stumbled a few times, but followed the way to change the bouquet.

"I'm sorry, but I think I need to change the bouquet. My wife hates pink roses."

Seon-jae, who visited the flower shop again, proudly demanded the florist.

I also hated the florist who reassured himself by saying, "Who doesn't like pink roses?"

"What, you're changing the bouquet? Haha……."

The florist also looked embarrassed because it was the first time a customer was changing a bouquet because he hated pink roses.

However, he was stuck in the fierce eyes of Seonjae's fierce eyes.

"Then would you like to take a look at something else...….”

"Honey, pick one you like.”

When he looked at him, the florist was horrified when a person who was breathing cold air like a person with a cooler spoke to his wife in a warm tone of the world.

But the wife was more unique than the husband.

I came to the flower shop on Christmas Eve and asked her to pick a flower and she was looking at a succulent plant.

"How do succulent plants grow?" I think I've heard that you breed well."

"Yes, they're all growing up well. This is the best breeding point.”

Having grasped Yeonwoo's taste, the florist quickly went to Yeonwoo's side and introduced succulent plants.

"It's a species named Pretty. I'm good at arranging leaves. Just putting the leaves in the soil makes it bigger. It's very vital."

"I'll take this."

The florist became even fiercer in his outspoken determination.

"I'm sorry I came to change. I think it's cheaper than a bouquet, should I give you more money?”

The bouquet was 120,000 won and the succulent plant with Yeonwoo was 15,000 won.

It was the size of the pot's price, but this woman said she would change the bouquet into a succulent plant pot.


From the perspective of the flower shop, there was nothing to lose, but the florist felt strange.

"No……it's all right, sir. I think I should give you the money...….”

"I'm fine, too. I'm sorry to say I'm changing what I already bought. But I really hate pink roses.”

"But there's still a big difference in price…….”

"It's really okay. There's no point in getting the bouquet back. It has to be changed."

Yeonwoo's strange argument made the florist confused.

But anyway, it was a good thing for the florist, so that's where the compromise.

Thus, the Christmas Eve night outing became a 'bundle change'.

Seon-jae, who sat Yeon-woo, who turned pink roses into succulent plants at a flower shop, asked.

"Are you feeling better now?"


However, his wife's mood seems to be not getting better.

"It's already wrong when you bought the pink rose."

"Okay. I'll ask you when I buy flowers from now on."

"As long as it's not pink roses."

"But why did you change it to a succulent plant that's nearly ten times the price difference. I'll change it to a prettier flower."

I don't answer this interrogation.

The wife seems to be only willing to choose a question and respond to what she likes.

After a brief interaction, she spoke cautiously.

"Didn't you go to the premiere today?"



"Why? I don't go there alone for fun."

"But it was filmed by your best friend."

His answer was a little late.

"It's not as important as you are.”

I don't know whether Yousara thought about whether she was a best friend or not, thought about which answer would be wise, or was it because she was focusing on driving.

Yeonwoo also doesn't know if it's sad, good, or exciting.

Yeon-woo stared at his side and turned his head to the other side.


"No, it's not."

Her voice became smaller again.


Yeonwoo has been really sick since then.

I had a cold and two days of volunteer work put more strain on my body.

But it was also pink roses that put the most strain on the body.

After receiving a pink rose from Seonjae, Yeonwoo became anxious and couldn't sleep well.

It made her sick even worse.

Yeon-woo, who woke up after four days of pain, was the first to find beer. Alcohol was like a sleeping pill for her.

However, I was discovered at the scene by Seonjae who returned home from work just in time.

He shouted as he saw Yeonwoo taking out a can of beer from the refrigerator.

"Hey, you!"

"Are you feeling well today?”

Yeon-woo took out a beer can and said hello. Her greeting is, as usual, a health check.

"Don't worry about me."

Sunjae, who ran with his eyes on, took a beer can from Yeonwoo.

"Why would a sick kid touch beer?"

"I can't sleep."

"But you can't."

Seonjae hurriedly put the can of beer back in the refrigerator. Yeonwoo felt unfair.

"And I stopped taking cold medicine.”


Seon-jae was determined without blood or tears.

Yeon-woo looked at Seon-jae with a look of resentment and left in a sulk.

And an hour later, Yeonwoo sneaked back into the kitchen.

"Huh. Let go of that."

But Seonjae also caught Yeonwoo like a ghost.

"I can't sleep.”

"Let's go to the bedroom. I'll put you to sleep."


Yeon-woo, who failed on his second attempt, went back to his room with drooping shoulders.

It was not until the last day of the year that the prohibition was lifted.

Now Yeon-woo is in the position he wants, not just to sleep, but because he misses beer.

"I will drink and dry today. I won't listen to you.’

Yeon-woo, who made a firm decision, was appalled when she made eye contact with Seon-jae as soon as she opened the refrigerator door.

Sun-jae, who approached, wrapped Yeon-woo's forehead with a big hand.

"I think you still have a fever?"

"The original temperature is a little high."

There may be a slight fever, but it's just beer withdrawal.

"Don't you think I'm a little bit more feverish?”

"But I'm going to drink."

No one can stop me now!

I opened my eyes and stretched out my hand toward the beer can.

But the taller Sunjae grabbed the beer can first.

Yeon-woo sniffed and moved again to grab the remaining can of beer.

But it was also taken away by Seonjae.

He grabbed two cans of beer and held them high. She reached a height that she could not reach.

And then the devil's smile.

Kang Seonjae, I hate it.

I go to the convenience store and buy and eat.

Yeonwoo turned around.

"Why don't you drink?"

"I'm going to buy it.”

Only then does he hand over one.

"Come on."

She took the can and glanced at him.

"People should be healthy."

I think this guy is trying to get even with what she's been doing in the meantime.

It's annoying that you're interfering with your health, too, right? It's annoying, isn't it? It's like laughing.

Twisted Yeon-woo calmly left him and went to the living room and turned on the TV.

"You weren't going to drink with me?”

"No, I'm drinking to sleep well."

In the world on TV, the year-end Song Festival is in full swing.

The powerful dance of male idols seemed to wash away my sulky heart.

Sun-jae became a little disappointed because she sipped beer alone and focused on TV.

Today is December 31st.

It's the end of the year. And it's the first time we're drinking beer together at home, and you're on TV before me.

"You said you were sleeping soundly."

"I'm going to celebrate the new year with you guys.”

What? Oppa?

Seonjae was amazing.

You don't say "oppa" to the real oppa in front of you, but you're like an oppa to the green younger ones.

Sunjae, who had a fever, took the remote control and turned the channel. It was the site of Bosingak, where a large crowd gathered.


Yeonwoo's eyes sparkled.

"It's New Year's Day soon, and I'll watch the Bosingak bell ring."

Just now, a cool idol who wants to treat you like an older brother showed me the back of bare skin.

This is theft. It took away my visual pleasure.

He quickly took the remote control and turned it to the original channel, but the good scene for his eyes has already passed.

"Do you know what you've done?"

Yeonwoo was even more annoyed by his nasal fart.

"And an old man! It's so stupid!"

"What? Once upon a time..." What?"

"Old man!"

"Why would I?"

"There's a lot of handsome guys here, who's watching the bell ring or watch it on TV?”

"Count how many brothers you have there."

Seon-jae was angry at the word "oppa" for a while, but he faced the reality with a cool voice.

"And you and I are only five years apart. If I'm an old man, you're the same.”

But Yeonwoo doesn't lose either.

"No way. Five years old is a long time ago. I heard they were in the same group for only one year throughout the 12 years of elementary, middle and high school. That's also when I was a kid in elementary school, and my senior was a sixth grader."

I can't say anything at times like this. I'm good at talking clearly. To my chagrin.

"And I'm still in my 20s and my senior is in his 30s, where aging progresses.”

"You don't think you're getting old? Your twenties are all in one time."

"But you're five years younger than me. Forever."

"Are you bragging about being young?”

"Of course I'm proud."

At the start of the new year in five minutes, the two are busy arguing over each other's ages.

"That's why you haven't learned five years more than I have. I learned the xy equation when you went to elementary school and learned about Ghana."

"I didn't learn anything from elementary school. I took off Hangul when I was five years old."

"But you're younger than me."

"What's worse than you, except for the little one? I think I'm more emotional, empathetic, good at using what I learned, and the only thing that's worse than you is having no money. If I were an heiress like you, I'd be a better manager."

"You're saying too much if."

"I'm serious. If you lay it on me, I can't do it."

Now, no matter how hard you put on your eyes, your wife won't be discouraged.

"You've grown so much, haven't you?" You couldn't even laugh in front of me in the old days."

"I can't even laugh now!"

After Yeon-woo's axiom, the two people, who were offended, briefly went into a truce.

Before I knew it, idols stopped dancing.

Without having to fight over the channel, the scenery of Bosingak is broadcast live during the KBS Song Festival.

And the people of Bosingak and the people of KBS Song Festival. Countdown together.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, oh!"

The eyes of the two sneak toward the TV.

"Sa! Sam! Yi! Work!"


There's a lot of shouting out of the TV.


The bell of Bosingak sounded as heavy as shuddering all over the body, signaling the beginning of the new year.

And the two of them were embarrassed. I have to say good-bye for the new year, but it's awkward.

After such a hard few seconds.

"Happy New Year...….”

The same words came out of the mouths of the two who were wary at the same time.


It also burst into laughter at the same time.

"Happy New Year.”

"You too. Happy New Year."

This childish argument that lasted just five minutes ago is quickly forgotten.

Seon-jae held out his arm coolly first.

"Come here. I'll give you a hug you.”

But Yeon-woo proudly refuses.

"Come here, senior. I'll give you a hug."

Yeah, if you come out like that, I'll hold you tight.

Seonjae went straight without waiting and held Yeonwoo tightly in his arms.

Boom boom.

Yeon-woo, buried in the sound of Seon-jae's heart, also smiled satisfactorily.

This year's mission is to protect this heart sound.

When the heart is full, there is a cell phone vibrating as far away as the sound of a heart.

I think it's Yeonwoo's cell phone text, but Yeonwoo didn't want to go check right away.

But I still have to take my body off him and check my cell phone because of course.

"Don't go—you can see me later."

Fortunately, Sun-jae gave her more strength to her arms. Don't let me get out of here.

Seon-jae didn't want to let go of her either.

Besides, the text was obvious. They're probably saying happy new year.

Also, I can predict that Shin Hee-jin would have said something.

I don't want to be pushed by him.

"At least. I'd like the closest guy to me."

Seon-jae, who came to think there, confessed his honest wish.

"You too. Let's go with the best girl."

Yeon-woo also said the same thing as Seon-jae.

It actually took courage for her to say this.

I was nervous at the end of my words.

But he, who takes her word for it, has no emotional agitation.

"I was like that from the beginning."


"I'm not lying."

He was very determined.

At the moment, Sunjae also called. It wasn't a text message, it was a phone call.

Still, the two are still in limbo without a hug.

Yeonwoo asked carefully.

"Aren't you picking up the phone?"

"I'm not picking up. I'm not picking up."


"I'm sure it's similar. It's obvious."

Seon-jae said as if he was bothered.

"He's just so tactless.”

His complaining tone was like a man gossiping about his annoying sister.

Yeon-woo thought of a similar character in her memory that still lingers clearly.

It is a similar story that he confidently said that he knows Kang Seon-jae better than Yeon-woo.

It was only then that I thought, was it real?

The time I stepped down because I didn't have confidence in myself.

Maybe he used my mind of similarity?

Didn't I, who was cornered, believe Usara too easily?


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