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Chapter 36

 Yeon-woo happened without a surprise.

Sleek as a thief kiss, but leaving a good mark.

Seonjae's lips poked Yeonwoo's lips, washed them, and left. Like eating candy.

Her lips glittered with moisture.

Worried that the lips would freeze, Seon-jae pulled her scarf over her lips.

But expressionless. The same expressionless face before and after the kiss.

How am I supposed to take this this time?

Yeon-woo, who suddenly gave up his lips, looked blankly at Seon-jae.

Hey, Kang Sunjae?

Is this also a play?

Say something.

Fortunately, Seonjae spoke first before she asked.

"No, what."


"The sky is beautiful."

After that ridiculous explanation, Seon-jae turns his body around.

Yeonwoo was amazing. Her eyes flashed like the back of Seonjae's head.

This guy is fine with kissing, but his AS is a mess!

I don't show my feelings, so let alone I don't know when I'm doing keystiming.

If the sky is beautiful, kiss the sky! Don't do it to me!

'By any chance, it was just the time I wanted to kiss badly, but I was there just in time.’

Did I just get caught?

Just 'cause I can kiss you easily?

Kissing is as easy and fast as shopping?

The more I think about it, the more heat I get.

Angry Yeon-woo turned around and raised his head and opened his eyes, blocking Sun-jae's front.

"Don't kiss me as you please from now on."

Scary warning.

I'm angry, don't touch my lips like yours anymore.

As expected, Seon-jae crumpled his forehead in disapproval.

What kind of nonsense is that out of the blue?

"That's what we've been doing.”

"The wrong thing is to root it out."


"Not from now on. Get permission."


He let out a low sigh.

I didn't want to admit this shocking declaration.

Overuse of power with a kiss...….

Lee Yeonwoo. I always hold it in.

It's like collecting energy, collecting energy, and exploding. It's also tantalizingly short.

"Can I kiss you? Ask me like this."

But not knowing this mournful story of his, she pushes ahead with her point.

"I think it's better than not to let them do it. Isn't it?"

He feels wronged.

Yeon-woo finishes talking coolly and shakes his empty hands.

"I should have done this from the beginning, but I put the wrong first lap.”

"Buttons, not wheels."


"You're the smartest kid I've ever seen.”

He caught the wrong pod and threw up his anger.

Curiously, Yeonwoo is secretly approaching his school nickname.

"I'm hungry. Let's go eat breakfast."

Yeon-woo really changed his nickname to not to get caught.


The two people who left Namsan went to a hangover soup restaurant near Jongno and had a meal.

I heard it was a good restaurant, but there were also quite a few people in the morning. After a satisfying meal, the two decided to return home immediately.

Seon-jae waited for Yeon-woo, who was going to stop by the bathroom, in front of the restaurant door and snatched her hand as soon as she came out.

Holding hands is now a habit of Seonjae. Yeonwoo is also getting used to it little by little.

But Yeonwoo's hands were a little cold after going to the bathroom.

Seon-jae asked with a serious frown.

"Why are your hands so cold?"

"The hot water didn't come out in the bathroom.”

"No hot water? Is there a bathroom where hot water doesn't come out in this winter?”

"Have you ever been to a bathroom that doesn't have hot water?"

"No, the men's restroom, let alone the women's bathroom, of course. What do you know about the client?”

Well, it's good to worry about, but I think it's a little too much.

Yeon-woo sighed mixedly.

"Stop complaining and go home."

"Wait, I need to say something to the owner.”

Seon-jae turned to the counter to see if he really intended to argue with the owner.

Yeonwoo thought. It's not hard for a sane person to be the truth.

I'm so embarrassed.

On the other side, a man who looked like a boss was approaching the two.

"Just take out the whole hot water. I'm not going to eat with you again.”

Yeon-woo spoke to Seon-jae in ventriloquism.

Seonjae, who was advancing vigorously, stopped walking.

But a quick boss stood in front of the two.

"Sir, if you have anything to say...….”

"………the meal was delicious."

Seon-jae cleared up his excitement over Yeon-woo's threat.

"Oh, my God, it's an honor. If you come again, we'll make it more delicious."

The boss greeted me friendly and polite. His eyes look as if he knows Seonjae for some reason.

"You must have a lot of trouble because you're a celebrity.’

Thinking about Seonjae's hardships, Yeonwoo was fortunate on the other hand.

If a man with a well-known face takes a picture of him overusing his power due to a hot water problem in a restaurant...…oh……it's a good thing you stopped him, too.

However, after saying hello to the boss, I kept feeling something murky while walking to the entrance.

The cell phone vibrated in the pocket and took out the cell phone. It was a text message from my friend Susie.

You're all right, right? But just in case, watch out for people and reporters.

I sent a reply to Suzy, wondering what she was talking about.

What are you talking about?

You haven't checked yet? Go to the portal site.

Yeonwoo connected to a portal site by moving a mobile phone screen. My fingertips trembled for some reason.

"What's wrong?"

Seon-jae asked, looking at Yeon-woo's expression.

Yeon-woo told Seon-jae with a face that had lost its color.

"Senior, I'm talking about the search word...….”

The search word ranking of portal sites is similar.

And the second place was Kang Sun-jae.


Sunjae turned off his cell phone when he was going to the sunrise.

He didn't want to be disturbed by the important moment of watching the sunrise with Yeonwoo.

I belatedly turned on my cell phone and checked it. The number of missed calls was 19.

Sunjae searched the Internet first before checking the missed calls.

The main character of the first scandal on January 1 this year was Yusara.

In fact, there were other idol scandals, but people ranked Usara first.

The scandal involving top stars and second generation conglomerates. On top of that, the man is a married man.

It would have been more tempting.

"Who did this crap? What are you doing to a married man?”

It was a new online newspaper that published the article. It was the first time for Yeonwoo and Seonjae to hear their names.

The article was even more marvellous.

"Last Friday, December 15th. Kang Sun-jae, vice president of management strategy at J Department Store, was the one who went to meet actor Yousara at the airport. I met with Vice President Kang Sun-jae, who quietly arrived through Gimpo Airport via Japan, and spent the weekend with him.….?

At the end of the article, there were pictures of Sunjae leaving Gimpo Airport, Yuasara leaving the same place, and old pictures of Yuasara and Sunjae in a frame.

It's a crude edit, pure and simple.

Friday, December 15, was the day Yeonwoo attended the conference held in Busan.

Yeonwoo checked Sunjae's face at the Busan hotel that morning.

I also met Seonjae in the evening.

And then it was Yeonwoo who spent the weekend with him, not Usara.

"That's too much."

Yeon-woo, who is well aware of the facts, exploded in anger.

"You came from Seoul to Busan on Thursday night. And you worked on a business trip to Busan on Friday and played with me on Saturday. When did you write this picture?”

Oh, well...….

Seonjae was embarrassed. I didn't want to reveal the secret of the day like this.

"I'm actually back in Seoul. I have a lot of work to do in Seoul."

Seon-jae had no choice but to be honest.

Yeon-woo's expression of anger subsided heavily.

An uneasy imagination hung in her head.

"……so was your business trip to Busan a lie?”

Yeonwoo's voice has been shaking.

"I'm sorry."

"Why did you lie like that?”

"It's just...."


"Because you have to see me every morning."

As expected, Seon-jae spoke frankly.

I thought I should have said what would turn out like this at a better time.

I was careful to say it because she might misunderstand.

"I really wanted you to go to the conference.”

Yeon-woo's eyes were watery.

There was a fork in front of her. Scandal articles, and husband's words.

She was confused because the personality of the fork was completely different.

One would be despair and one would be gratitude.

Do I have to trust this guy? Or should I raise my hand to the article with the picture?

It was hard to believe Yeon-woo immediately because there was something Yoo Sa-ra said a long time ago, and it was an opportunity for Yeon-woo to prepare for a divorce.

Besides, you went back and forth from Seoul to Busan and Busan to Seoul.

Just to show your face in the morning and evening.

"So you pretended to be on a business trip to Busan, went back to Seoul, and came back to Busan again? You flew back and forth?"

In an incredible heart, Yeon-woo sounded like a pig.

"In fact, my flight was canceled on Friday evening, so I took a car."


She lamented at Sunjae's answer.

It's a situation to be grateful if it's really true, but it's frankly ridiculous.

Sunjae, who guessed her innermost thoughts, coaxed her.

"I don't think it's annoying. I closed my eyes when I got on the plane and flew from Busan to Seoul."

"I heard you came by car on Friday."

"It was good to get off work early."

Yeonwoo bit her lower lip.

I don't want to be excited because it's a situation.

His words and eyes were full of sincerity, and his heart fluttered again like when he saw the sunrise.

Yeon-woo returned to the crisis-fighting position.

"We'll talk about that later. I think we should start with this article."

"If my father had checked, he would have moved. My father doesn't like this kind of thing."

Yeonwoo nodded.

After Seon-jae had an accident in "Another Future," his father-in-law organized all the articles about Yeon-woo and Seon-jae's divorce.

It will be handled well this time as well.

"And I'm gonna sue this reporter right now. We should organize the rebuttal and let them go. I'll get it all sorted out. Don't worry."

Seonjae reassured Yeonwoo.

"Yousara has been like that for a while. I need to talk to you. And there was a phone call from the beginning of the new year. I ignored both of them. Now that I think about it, Sarah could have felt it.”

Yeon-woo became nervous for a while when Seon-jae talked about Sarah.

"Didn't you get in touch?"

"Wait. I'll try it now."

Seonjae tried to make a phone call.

However, there was a notice that the power was turned off.

"I must have turned off my cell phone."

It was worth it because I'd be calling from here and there.

"I wonder if I would have been able to deal with this scandal if I had met Sarah, but I'm glad I didn't. The meeting scene must have given someone another bait.”

"……so you two haven't met yet?"

"We never met. I also found out that I came to Korea a few days ago after receiving a phone call."

They say there's no bird to meet Yousara, and they say it's okay from Seoul to Busan to meet me.

Yeon-woo became ambiguous because she could not figure out what standard to set in this man's mind.

"Anyway, don't get me wrong. That's not a weird idea, is it?

"Why me?"

But as expected.

"You were with me at the time."

You better trust your husband.

Come to think of it, at the moment of conflict, I had never tried to trust him first and listen to him.

Now she is also taking a step forward.

"I'll give you a ride home. I think I need to go to work for a while.”

When Yeon-woo finally showed her faith, Seon-jae smiled softly.


Yeon-woo sent Seon-jae to work and came home alone.

After the front door opened, there was a sound of battery replacement.

"I need to change the batteries.”

Yeon-woo, who came into the house thinking about where he put the battery, took his notebook out of the desk drawer before the battery.

It was a chronological note of important events so as not to forget what happened in the 'other future' after the session.

"The new year... ..was gone without a hitch. There was no scandal...….”

In Other Future, there was no scandal, so Sun-jae's words were more reliable.

In other words, Yeon-woo is the one who provided the possibility of the scandal.

This is a happening that happened when Seonjae used the plane because of Yeonwoo's academic conference.

I thought so and now I just have to wait for Seonjae to solve it, but somehow something kept getting awkward.

Yeon-woo once again read the scandal article and looked at the comments below.

- There's someone else I can tell you about similarities. Don't mess with a married man.

You're having an affair with a married man. I feel sorry for my wife.

- She's getting divorced after suing for 100 billion won in alimony and living without any worries.

People who accepted information only in text and edited pictures talked nonsense.

It was easy to say divorce.

It is a deadly scandal for her husband, herself, and for Yusara.

Also, a reporter who writes these false stories without conscience will taste bitter.

Kang Sun-jae will not be a good person for a reporter to deal with.

"Why would he do that? You're a new newspaper reporter, aren't you aware of that?’

Yeon-woo kept tilting because she didn't understand.

"Oh, my. Battery. We need to change the batteries."

Yeon-woo belatedly recalled his mission and left the room with a new battery.

But before reaching the front door, the chime called her first.

Yeonwoo looked out on the monitor. And I thought for a moment if I should pretend I wasn't home.

I hesitated to pass the time and opened the door.

"Have you been home?”

The guest who rang the doorbell was Usara.

"Long time no see, Yeonwoo. Happy New Year."

She visited Yeon-woo's house herself, who thought she would be hiding from people who contacted her because she was curious about the scandal. Alone

"Seonjae went to work."

Yeon-woo failed to respond to Sarah's New Year's greetings and announced the truth. Because I couldn't welcome her.

"I've been busy since the beginning. I can't even turn on my phone because of the scandal."

She was quite calm and relaxed for the character who became the protagonist of the scandal.

Rather, Yeon-woo looked more uncomfortable.

"That's great, though. I wanted to say something to Yeonwoo.”


"Yeonwoo, what happened to what you told me?"

Sarah's sneering bitter smile filled Yeon-woo's dilated pupils.

Fast from head to toe, a chilling chill swept through Yeon-woo's body.

Now I know.

I'm enjoying waiting for my expression of similarity to collapse.

It's a pompous scratch.

Through it...….

"You said you'd divorce me. To me."

It was to urge divorce.

You'd think I'd fall for that trick again.

Now I'm not going to get beat up either.


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