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Chapter 37

 Around mid-November last year.

Before going through another future.

Sarah once came to Yeonwoo's school.

It was about a week after Sarah burst into her newlywed house.

After Yeonwoo was sick for a long time, she just cleared up her mind.

How she got the number, Sarah called Yeonwoo's cell phone. And suddenly I told him to come out of the lab.

At the request, Yeon-woo thought about it for a long time and went outside.

"You're late. Come inside for now."

Sarah opened the door of the parked car and let Yeon-woo enter.

No one recognized Sarah wearing black sunglasses and a hat.

"I'm here to see Yeonwoo. I can't stay long."

Sarah was naturally sexy even though she was dressed comfortably.

Yeonwoo was somehow intimidated.

"Last time, I felt heavy because I thought I said too much. I'm sorry."

She was slightly under the illusion that she was sweet because of her soft tone, but she was even confident in saying sorry.

"I want Seonjae to be happy. That's why I said something. Yeon-woo doesn't seem to be able to make Sun-jae happy."

Sarah was a spokesman for Kang Sun-jae.

Yeon-woo felt like she was constantly being pushed to the cliff by Sarah's words.

Sarah said coldly, looking at Yeon-woo's face as it became desperately dark. It was a chill similar to that of Seonjae.

"Don't just think about Yeonwoo. It's hard enough for Seonjae."

"……Did my husband say he was having a hard time because of me?”

"Why don't you ask yourself?"

Sarah suggested.

Yeonwoo closed his mouth again. Everything was being read by Yousara.

"I'm sorry for Yeonwoo, too.


"I'll speak for you. It's going to be hard, but be nice to Yeonwoo."

"No, don't."

Lee Yeon-woo said strongly.

Because Sarah's words that she was going to tell you instead felt like a red line.


I held back my tears and said.

And in the end, he revealed a plan that was self-respecting

"I don't need it. It was supposed to be over. I'm going to finish it on my own...….”


"Sister, don't talk about me."

It was a place where I wasn't confident from the beginning.

Kang Seon-jae's wife's position was not suitable for the whole time.

I thought it back, but it felt like my heart was breaking down.


I shouldn't have considered it an illusion that there was a strange smile on the lips of Yousara.

I wasn't sure because it was blurry at the time.

"Are you going to Taejun's wedding this time?"”

Sarah asked as if she were changing the mood. Yeon-woo looked at her blankly.

"Oh, you don't know Taejun? It's Sunjae's wedding. Did you hear anything? "Seonjae will probably go."

This time again, it was a story that Yeon-woo did not know.

"See you then if you come with Sunjae. I'm going too. It's a house wedding and I heard the house is pretty.”


"I'm going to America right after the wedding and I won't be back until Christmas. If it goes according to Yeonwoo's plan, it will be the last time we'll see each other at the


Sarah said goodbye coolly.

It was very quick to face reality.

"Whatever you choose, I'll cheer for you."

No, I should have realized that I had arranged the conversation as if I had waited.

Everyone knows that you have to stay alert in front of a strong opponent.

But when it comes to it, people lose their brilliant wits.

Yeonwoo was also like that.

Emotions driven to the brink blocked rational thinking.


After checking the scandal article, Sunjae, who took Yeonwoo home, went to his parents' house without going to work.

Seon-jae's father, Un-ho, called Seon-jae's home.

"Why didn't you come with Sae-ah. It's the New Year's Day."

Mi-hyun, who found out that Seon-jae came alone, expressed her disappointment.

After hearing Unho talking to Seonjae on the phone, Mihyun told him to come home instead of going to work if he was planning to meet his son.

Unho didn't even know his wife's deep meaning, so he just told Sun-jae to come home, and Sun-jae ended up coming to his parents' house alone.

"I know. If I had known you'd come here, I should have come with you."

Seon-jae pretended to understand his mother's mind.

"But Yeonwoo wasn't feeling well for a few days. It may be inconvenient to come here."

However, he soon returned to his original attitude after greeting.

It's not been a day or two since Seon-jae hid Yeon-woo and didn't show her Yeon-woo, but Mi-hyun asked in a worried manner.

"You didn't fight, did you?"

"Does your mother think that way?"

"I'm saying this because there's another scandal."

Mi-hyun also liked the article she saw this morning.

"It's bad to have articles with the same person twice.”

Mihyun said it stingingly.

"Who do you think will be the most affected by such scandals? Do you think it's you? Or Sarah?"


"No, it's your wife. Whatever the truth is, it's the most absurd and embarrassing. What does the new baby say?"

Seonjae could not answer.

"No matter what you don't say, you must have been very upset.”

Yeon-woo reacted calmly in front of Seon-jae.

I knew my wife used to say it was okay.

As expected, it was meant to be together.

I was worried late. I felt like I was getting nervous when I started to worry.

In the meantime, Mihyun talks more.

"Your dad was popular when he was young because he looked like Jang Dong-gun. But there was no rumor that people were talking about.”

Oh, in your mother's eyes, your father is Jang Dong-gun.

The wit of the moment eased Seonjae's tension a little.

"Look back at you. Are you giving Sarah any room?"

Mihyun continued to talk.

"You may think not, but Sarah may be different.”

Mihyun also knew Sarah well.

Sarah was polite and cute to Mihyun, too. It was much more friendly than Yeonwoo.

"She doesn't hate Sarah either. How pretty is it is. It's pretty that I've grown up well without my family."

Mi-hyun's expression of continuing her advice subsided.

"I know your guilt about Sarah. You want to protect him."

Mihyun's voice touches Sunjae's memory. A very old, sad and painful memory.

Seonjae gently lowered his eyelids.

Mi-hyun, who watched her son's expression darken, ended the story by briefly encouraging him.

"But it's time you let go of that responsibility. You have your own family, so you have to be faithful to your own family. And Sarah should stop relying on you and let me find my partner."

"Your mother is right."

Seon-jae, who took Mi-hyun's long advice, nodded.

Mihyun smiled fondly.

"And we'll be together in the New Year. It's nice to see a couple hanging out together.”


Yeon-woo led Sarah into the house for now. It was because I thought it would take a long time.

Last Christmas Eve.

Yeon-woo thought of something in front of a bouquet of pink roses brought by Seon-jae.

It's okay if your husband is closer to Yousara. It's okay if I'm pushed out.

If only my husband could be alive safely.

It's a luxury to be more greedy for your husband. I've already got 100 days of life.

I only have to focus on keeping my husband alive.

The bouquet presented by Seon-jae was like a warning to her to know her place well.

That's why I put my mind to it. I was determined to be a stronger man.

If my husband relied on Yousara, it was acceptable as well.

That's what happened.

There was a suspicion that he was acting as a similar character in front of him.

Sunjae pretends to be precious. Acting that he knows Kang Seonjae better.

Yeon-woo weighed the suspicion and took a step forward.

"Once there's been a scandal, and the agency has made a position, it would be helpful to stay quiet.”

"I don't really care about that anymore. You should have gone through a lot of scandals."

As expected, Sarah was easygoing.

"I care. No matter how close the two are, I don't think it's a good idea to visit the other person's house on the day of the scandal."

Yeonwoo fought back.

"Are you trying to throw another piece of cake at reporters? How do you get here? And you're still my husband's friend?"

"Hey, Yeonwoo."

"Or did you take this opportunity to make the scandal real?”

"Yeon-woo is very concerned about the scandal."

Sarah scratched Yeon-woo's nerves sharply this time without changing her expression.

"Seonjae is someone who can have a scandal big enough without me. How can you live with Seonjae when you're so timid?”

Yeon-woo now gradually recognizes that she is good at nerve warfare and poker face.

"No, why haven't you finished it yet, when you've been acting like you're about to divorce?”

Nevertheless, the urgency of Yousara is revealed in words.

As expected, this woman wanted to get our divorce confirmed divorce.

"By any chance, are you waiting for my divorce?”

Sarah flinched at Yeonwoo's question.

Little by little, Yousara's real face is being revealed.

"Are you trying to keep your marriage emotionless?”

Sarah didn't answer the question and said herself.

Yeon-woo also didn't change his expression, although she was offended by the word "unfeeling."

I have an obligation to maintain this marriage.

"I've changed my mind since then. And I think there was a misunderstanding."

Yeon-woo spoke firmly.

"I believed you back then. And some speculation was added. I thought Sunjae might like you. So, how desperate he was to protect the person he liked, he even wanted to marry me. That's what I thought.”

Yeon-woo did not lie. I thought I'd say enough about what I thought then.

There was nothing to deceive because he knew it was an emotional marriage.

"That's why I wanted to break up. As my sister said, I benefited from this marriage, but my husband didn't want it."

Put everything down and be honest.

"I thought you'd hurt yourself to save me and protect your sister from the scandal."


In fact, Yeon-woo felt sorry for her husband.

I was upset that he was not happy.

"If he's been in pain the whole time, he needs to be treated quickly. That's why I decided."

He might have been crying the whole time behind a mask with no expression.

So, I put it down. I was sick and sorry.

Yeon-woo's heart sank thinking about that time.

If I hadn't put it down without confidence at the time, my husband wouldn't have had such an accident.

"But why don't you think about breaking up now?"

Sarah was not shaken by Yeon-woo's sincere confession. She argued again with a cold heart.

"Because I have an obligation to maintain this life."

Yeon-woo also put his heart into the emotions of a long time ago and spoke boldly.

"I can't tell you why, but now I want to stay here."


Sarah laughed fishyly.

"I don't know what will happen in a couple of years. But now...…no."

Yeon-woo, who talked about two or three years, shook his head immediately.

Two or three years. I didn't want to leave that room.

"Don't push for divorce anymore. I'm...

At the moment, Yeon-woo's voice shook for a moment when she saw Sarah over her shoulder.

But soon again, I spoke with great force.

"I won't. Divorce."

Yeonwoo's eyes sparkle when he is determined.

"And you, too. If you like my husband, you should cooperate with me.”

"Yeonwoo, you have a lot of guts. If I were you, this kind of life would hurt my pride...….”

Sarah's voice, which was about to speak ill of, was erased in an instant.

There was a shadow over her shoulder.

Without showing any popularity.

It was a forerunner approaching.

Sarah, who was sitting at the table and turning her back on the aisle, did not know that Seonjae was back.

Yeon-woo knew a little while ago, and Sarah only knows now.


Seon-jae had a strange look on his face that Sarah had never seen before.

"……when did you come?"

Sarah raised herself up in a cold look looking down at her with a wistful air.

"Let's talk to me first."

Sarah grabbed Seonjae's arm with her hands.

"No. You only have to answer what I ask."

Seonjae moved his arm and hit Sarah's hand.

"Did I tell you I married Yeonwoo to protect you?"”


"How long have you been mistaken?"

Seonjae suppressed his anger and said. I didn't want to yell at Sarah.

"Similar, listen up. I didn't marry Yeonwoo to protect you. You're not in the least bit involved. Not even a hair."

But he spoke relentlessly to get the facts right.

"This is a matter of me and Yeonwoo."

"But you got married out of compassion!”

Sarah insisted in a voice full of tears.

In front of Seonjae, Sarah quickly became a nagging sister. Yeonwoo is just looking at it.

"You decided to marry Ok Seung-hye after seeing her slap on the cheek. Just in time, compassion moved."



His eyes narrowed sharply.

"How did you know about Ok Seung-hye?"

The voice was even more terrifying.

"I never told you that."


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