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Chapter 38

 Seon-jae, who returned home immediately after his mother's advice, came inside wondering that the front door was not locked.

There were strange shoes on the porch.

I heard a sound from the kitchen. It was Yeonwoo's voice.

"That's why I wanted to break up. As my sister said, I benefited from this marriage, but my husband didn't want it."

Yeonwoo was talking to someone.

But the subject of the story was extraordinary. Seon-jae unknowingly killed the sound of footsteps.

"I thought you'd hurt yourself to save me and protect your sister from the scandal."

I could guess that Sarah came from the word "scandal," but I couldn't tell what Yeon-woo was talking about.

After that, Sarah's voice sounded rather harsh.

"But why don't you think about breaking up now?"

Only then did I have a little grasp of the situation.

It was hard to believe.

Sarah had never urged Sunjae to divorce her.

I asked a few times if marriage was fun, but I didn't think it was a question to get an answer.

However, it was a different person named Yoo Si-ra who faced Yeon-woo.

Rather than cheering for their marriage, they seemed to want them to break up.

That's amazing. How could a friend do this?

But Yeon-woo was standing up to such Sarah.

"Don't push for divorce anymore. I don't... I don't. Divorce."

Yeon-woo, who finally found Seon-jae over Sarah's shoulder, said in a wick voice.

Although she was in a situation where she was talking to Sarah, her eyes shone brightly from afar as if it was a story she wanted to tell Seon-jae.

Don't urge divorce. I won't get divorced...….

I could imagine that Yeon-woo had experienced many emotional storms before saying that.


"How did you know about Ok Seung-hye?"


"I never told you that.”

Sarah's eyes shook inexplicably at Seonjae's point.

Yeon-woo, who was watching from the side, sighed quietly.

Her husband didn't share secrets with Sarah, either.

How foolish I was to be.

My misunderstanding, that trifling misunderstanding, killed this man in another future.

What a terrible judgment I've made.

While Yeon-woo is holding back tears, Sun-jae's interrogation continues.

"Do you know Ok Seung-hye?”

Sarah couldn't say anything but hide her trembling chin.

Seonjae did not wait long.

"Okay, that's it. I'll hear about you later. We have something to talk about now, so go ahead."


"Go. I won't be mad, so go now. Go home and rest."

Sarah's eyes were filled with tears, but Seon-jae never changed his expression even after seeing the tears.

"I don't want to be mad at you. Get out of here right now."

"You, you can't talk to me like that."

Seon-jae turned his head away from Sarah.

Sarah, who quickly shed tears with the back of her hand, immediately turned her back on the two.

The back of a top star with a self-esteem injury was no different from his old friend.

After a while, there were only two people left in the house.

"Is this why you wanted to divorce?”

Seonjae opened his mouth first.

"Who do you believe. What did Yousara say?"

She looked at him with resentment and couldn't answer.

"Did you believe her?”

Seon-jae asked again before he heard the answer.

I wanted to do it quietly, but it just happened to be like questioning again.

"How can you be swayed by the words of Yousara?"

There were a lot of questions and I didn't know anything.

"Didn't you ever think of asking me that?”

It was giddy and terrible to think that I could have been divorced without knowing anything.

Also, his wife, who tried to solve the problem by herself, was frustrated.

Of course, anger has disappeared because I was told I wouldn't divorce her, but I was heartbroken that I didn't know any of her stories.

I was angry with myself.

"I'm your husband. You shouldn't listen to me, you should listen to me."

"How can I ask that?"

Yeon-woo, who had been listening to his bruised question quietly, opened his mouth for the first time.

"Just what I see is enough to confirm."

The voice is also full of resentment.

Yeon-woo, who suppressed her tears, poured out her long hidden heart.

"My senior, who doesn't even talk to me, was smiling kindly with Yousara. Always. Every time."

Always, every time, I felt left out when I saw my husband with Yousara.

Because you didn't show me that smile.

"It was the same distance for me, Mr. Yusara.”

Both were distant people to Yeonwoo.

So, it was considered the same as hearing from Yousara and hearing from her husband.

So, I was easily fooled by Yousara.

"I only laugh in front of you, go where you go, run out in the middle of the night when you answer the phone, and make a friendly expression in front of you every time."

I know I was such a fool back then.

But I couldn't reach out anywhere.

"I've seen enough of that with my own eyes, how can I ask you, sir.

Whenever I saw Yousara, I always felt shabby.

Yu said she asked Sunjae to stop the scandal because she feared it would hurt her career.

A character who contrasts perfectly with me.

Yeon-woo grabbed the rope that Seon-jae gave to get out of his situation.

I accepted the proposal to get out of Margin-tae's family.

I don't have the energy to live without relying on someone.

And a woman who flies farther and higher without resorting to anyone named Pseudo.

I envied her, and I always felt intimidated when I saw her.

"When I ask you if you like Yusara, and you say yes, what happens next?"


"You want me to deal with the next?"

So I wanted to say I'd abandon him first. I wanted to propose a divorce first.

I was trying to comfort you with that, not you, but myself.

That's the truth that's been hidden for a long time.

His eyes at her became sad.

He may also resent the past that he couldn't reach.

"That was a long time ago. When I can't just smile at you."

The word that she couldn't just laugh weighed down Yeon-woo's heart again.

As expected, you had to sit on the sidelines because you married me out of sympathy.

I understand that. But understanding doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.

"Now we're getting closer. You should have told me at any time."

"I can't believe me.”

In pain, Yeon-woo set the blade again.

"Do we get closer as the number of kisses increases?”

"You know it's not like that.”

He also raised his voice in frustration.

I could immediately see my wife frowning.

His voice soon calmed down again.

"I told you clearly.”

It is not something that is corrected by raising the volume.

"Let's be a real couple."

Only when the truth is delivered.

"It's a sexual desire or something, it's a misunderstanding and my heart has gone up in smoke, but I wanted to start over.”

The stain of misunderstanding will disappear little by little only when my heart reaches you.

I know that in my head, but I'm in a hurry.

"I promised I'd listen to anything you said."

Misunderstanding is not a mountain high enough to climb.

It's like a piece of clothing that goes into a closet with a fine stain on it.

The stain, which I thought was ridiculous because I thought it was hard to see, spends time in the closet, raising bugs and hurting the cloth.

So one day, when you take it out again, you'd better just throw it away and buy another one, rather than wash it again. Something that makes you think.

That is the end of a neglected misunderstanding.

"Let me clear my mind for a second. We have a lot to talk about."

Seon-jae sat on the sofa holding on to his throbbing hair.

In fact, I was confident to some extent.

I thought that if I was sweet to her, if I showed sincerity and enthusiasm, one day my wife would unblock me and accept me.

But this wasn't a problem that could be solved in just a few days.



How can I save clothes that have been damaged like this?

"Would you like to sit down?"

Much later he called her in a rather placid voice.

Yeon-woo sat in front of him with a ready look on his eyes were ready for everything.

I don't even know what he's going to say.

Maybe from a long time ago, from the day he proposed.

And I might even know how his sympathy for me has changed and the process.

It's going to be hard to accept, but I'm going to listen to it all.

I actually wanted to hear from you, not from Yousara.

Yeonwoo's heart throbbed.

Seon-jae, who checked Yeon-woo's face in his seat, carefully opened his mouth.

"20 years ago, Yousara had a twin brother. He was my best friend."

Yeon-woo was somewhat surprised at his first words.

The story was not about two people. Besides…….

It was 20 years ago. It was the past tense.

"Even though they're twins, they look very different from Sarah. He was a nice-looking guy. He's got a good personality."


"I go to academies and study, and he studied well even though he didn't do anything. So they did my academy homework and study papers instead."

Yeon-woo gradually penetrated into the story without knowing why Seon-jae brought it up.

"He grew up in an orphanage, and his house and mine were in the opposite direction, so I always felt sorry for the time we broke up. I missed a lot of academies because I wanted to hang out with him.”

His expression was not a nostalgic, happy look.

Like his heavy voice, Yeonwoo's heart sank.

"Then one day, he asked me to go to a mountain near his house. There's an abandoned house there and he wants to clean it up and make it his house."


"I thought it was ridiculous, but I was curious. There was a really abandoned house. We sneaked in there and played. But it wasn't an abandoned house. It was a house where a drunk lived. The drunkard heard us playing in the house and thought his wife and son were back. So I locked the door of the house from the outside and set it on fire."

Yeonwoo covered his mouth with his hands without realizing it.

It was a story about a dark box that Seon-jae locked and hid tightly.

"We shook the door and screamed, but it didn't work. I found a window near the ceiling of the bathroom while I was looking for a place to escape. She lifted me up. Get out of here."

There was little change in his expression. Like I've been practicing for a long time.

But Yeon-woo could hear him crying inside.

"I went out and tried to get him out, but the drunk swung a club at me. Then I lost my mind for a moment and opened my eyes...….”

The voice that had been talking quite calmly was cut off here.

Yeon-woo's hand, which stood up without any time to be aware of, moved toward him.


Don't say it.

You don't have to tell me.

Yeon-woo hugged Sun-jae's head.

He let out a sighed in her chest.

Yeon-woo's heart heated up several times along his breath.

Yeon-woo swept his back without saying anything.

I can't tell you, but I know that guilt.

How much I wanted to go back to that time. How much did he resent himself?

My heart was all the more tight because I could guess the mind.

You passed away on March 2nd, your funeral on March 4th.

I was going crazy for those three days.

How did you feel about enduring that long time?

A long time later, Yeon-woo took off to check his expression.

He didn't cry.

He must have practiced alone for many days to resist the tears seen.

After a long time, he wiped the water off his voice and opened his mouth again.

"Since then, I've been stuck with Sarah. My brother and sister were in a situation where they relied on each other at the nursery, but my twin brother must have blamed me a lot because he passed away in vain. So not only me but also my father and mother took care of Sarah.”

Now Yeon-woo has solved all the questions.

Seonjae wanted to be an older brother to Sarah. On behalf of Sarah's own brother.

"Sara was willing to live up to her brother's share, so she became a great actress. So I am grateful to Sarah.”

He said so, but Sun-jae corrected his words as if he were wary of Yeon-woo.

"Of course, that doesn't mean I'm asking you to forgive me for what Sarah did to you."

Yeon-woo smirked and laughed.

The desire to hate Sarah disappeared.

I felt sorry for her because she was considered like a younger sister who lost her brother to her step sister.

Seon-jae added again as if there should be no misunderstanding left in Yeon-woo's mind.

"I never said anything to Sarah. Talk about Ok Seung Hye and what our marriage was like. You have to believe that."

Yeonwoo nodded his head.

But Seonjae doesn't stop there.

"There's one more thing. This is about you."

Yeon-woo's expression changed as the topic changed.

She looked at him with round eyes.

"I know what happened to you when you were a sophomore. How Ok Seung-hye took advantage of it."

Yeonwoo's face turned red at his confession.

No, my God, you know that.

"I'm sorry to bring it up."

Seonjae also apologized first for being embarrassed.

"Before I found out that Ok Seung-hye did, I thought you were being assaulted on a date like everyone else. That's why I thought you were afraid of men."

"I'm afraid of men?”

"Man, you scared me.”

Yeon-woo crumpled his face in response to Seon-jae'

What a fresh metaphor this is. Do you think you speak for the whole man?

"That's what I was afraid of."

Yeon-woo said in a sullen voice.

"Yeah, why were you afraid of me.”

He is very serious and serious.

"I really don't understand. Why are you scared of me? Why me?"

Why don't you know?

"That's what I said. She can't look at me for physical reasons."

Yeon-woo's frustrated voice stood out. But

"That's because I don't want to look at pretty men!"


This mouth. I want to sell it somewhere...….

Of course, no one hates being pretty.

I can see a smile creeping around his mouth.

"Am I pretty?"

Yeon-woo ignored this and argued.

"You think I'm afraid of you, afraid of every man?”

"As you admit, I'm pretty."

Ah, ah, ah.

"I've never heard of being persona non grata anywhere."

Oh, yeah...

"If you don't like me, I just thought how much men would be reluctant."

"……in a word, you've fallen ill. Prince soldier."

Yeon-woo's booing must have been too much, so his eyes narrowed.

It seems that the joke hasn't been working yet.

Yeon-woo, who was wary, quickly lowered his tail.

"……I'm sorry. I said too much in a serious situation."

That's not why I do that.

Seonjae laughed secretly.

Emotions are already bumping into each other, and the times that flutter melt sweetly.

After returning far away, the mixed feelings are now on the same line.

Thank you for listening to my story and embracing me.

Thank you for saying I'm pretty.

I won't be able to keep up with the wit of accepting stains on clothes and coloring them in your own color.

He brought up one more thing he had in mind.

"Can I kiss you?”


Yeon-woo flinched and pulled her butt back.

As expected, the timing is out of the blue again this time.

Already, his eyes are in the clouds.

Where in the world did you learn to change the atmosphere?

Yeon-woo said with a stiff neck.

"No, I can't."

"I want to.”

But he has the will to kiss without fail. Why

Why is this happening?

Come on, come on. Wasn't it time?

"……I don't think it's time for a kiss?"

"There's no such thing as a timing. I just want to do it."

Even though I refused coyly, I didn't back down.

It comes quietly with a firm argument.

The distance between the two lips is already in a state of contact with movement.

The air filled the gap is warming up.

The man, who can change his facial expression like turning his hands upside down, seems to have already forgotten the time when he confessed his painful past calmly.

The look down on her is blatant, alluring and persistent.

Digs into her gaze with the determination to make eye contact first before lip contact.

Once the eyes are tangled, he smiles tantalizingly with his eyes.


It's not about getting permission, it's about getting seduced again.

My heart is pounding. Her heart reacted first.

"Say yes."

And yet, she doesn't answer, so he's pressing.

"Hurry up."

Grown her up in an unusually low, soft voice.

His breath touched his lips first and whispered.


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