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Chapter 39

 Yeon-woo seemed to be drawn into Sun-jae's eyes and voice, confused whether he was begging or seducing.

Still, he kept his head above water.



However, as soon as he opened his lips and uttered a syllable, he was swallowed. Hot air and water came in.

Not yet.

I didn't allow it.

But the heart has already started beating.

It is as persistent an indulgence as the desperately desired gaze. Yeon-woo's face, which felt hot, became even hotter.

It feels like her hair is reacting to her long fingers covering the back of her head after gently sweeping her neck.

A husband who has no more tongue than a seduction skill, who has no more kiss skill.

No, no, no, no....

Lee Yeon-woo, a straight woman of Zizo, struggled to push her away even though she was thrilled and excited enough to tear up.

"I want to stop."

Sunjae, who was pushed behind the shambles, burst his murky breath roughly. The disorganized look is also impenetrable.

If you want to live with this man, you should store your liver and heart separately like the rabbit in Byeoljubujeon.

If I had let go of my mind a little more, I would have said, "No, no, no, no."

Every moment is dizzying, very.

Yeon-woo, who swallowed his trembling heart, said ironically.

"You didn't allow it."

He responded with a sour smile.

"You said, 'Uh.' "

Wow, this guy listens as he pleases.

Did I say "uh" or "ah".

"I meant to say no.”

"Then you should have said it quickly. Don't let me be mistaken."

Huh. How can I speak faster than your swift and nimble actions?

"Why is there a permission process if this is the case?"

"Then get rid of it. Permission process."

He once again put forward measures quickly and swiftly.

"I don't want permission."

Seon-jae managed to get into the gap Yeon-woo opened.

"That's too much."

As his surprise attack tried to continue, Yeon-woo raised his voice.

I don't know how to deal with this man who acts before words and advances before agreement.

Funnily enough, the time when I heard his story a few minutes ago was about to turn on him.

"What's wrong with you, what's wrong?"

She pulled herself back a little to avoid him approaching.

He is confident.

"Because I want to kiss you.”

"Why do you want to do it?"

"You want to do it because you want to. Why do you want to do it?”


Kang Sunjae, out.

You called me a fool. You're a super-excellent idiot.

"No, I won't do it anymore. I'll never do it. Never, never."

There is no such thing as a permission process in the future. I'm just not gonna let you.

As expected, the man, who is in a hurry to kiss immediately, looks at her with wide eyes as if in shock.

Yeon-woo raised his head with a look that he wouldn't lose, and he said it was ridiculous.

"Why. Why not?"

Huh. I can't tell you.

She's tight-mouthed, so he asks a bitter question.

"Do you hate me that much?”

I know! Why don't you ask yourself that question?

Yeonwoo is also frustrated in his outfit.

In addition to that, his indifferent remarks.

"You're trying to stop me and kill me."

"Kill someone!"

She turned up the volume.

It was loud enough for him to flinch.

You're a man of no sense. It's about time you knew I didn't like that word.

"How dare you say that!"

But Yeon-woo quickly calmed down the fever himself.

He/she came to think that he/she had beaten too hard.

That's the problem, I keep feeling weak by the minute changes in his expressionless faces.

Damn it...

"You've never done that before."

She gave him a hint, crying and eating mustard.

C'mon, I didn't want you to poke me in the side.



However, he could not immediately understand Yeon-woo's hint and paused, but only after blinking his eyes a few times did he let out a sigh.

"Yes, it is."

After I figured it out, I laughed a little bit.


That's the most important thing since we're married.

It's not that I don't know, but I didn't know Yeonwoo would want it first.

I was going to do it slowly.

I think the order is very strange, but I won't think it's strange. I believe everything you say is right.

Maybe he's so stupid that he doesn't know the way kids think these days because he's old.

There's a real generation gap between the ages of five these days.

Yes, after that, you may be able to kiss comfortably.

"I'll do it.”

Of course…… I'm going to want more.

Seon-jae took a serious stance so that Yeon-woo wouldn't be too shy.

Yeon-woo nodded vigorously as his voice softened. by the way

"You can do it right now. I'm fine."


Something was off about what he said.

The seriously twinkling eyes are somehow suspicious.

"Where do you like it? My room, or yours."

Oh, my God!

"I'm fine anywhere."

But without time for her to express her surprise, he rose from his seat, chinning and holding her wrist.

"I'd like your room."

"No, no!"

Yeon-woo dragged his butt heavily not to be dragged away and shook off his hand vigorously.

It was amazing.

He also looks at her with a puzzled look on his face.

"What the hell are you thinking!"

"You said you had to do it."

"How can that be?"

Sigh. I'm in despair. I feel like crying.

Staff members of J-Group. You know what?

The vice president of management strategy at Jay Department Store is a fool named Kang Sun Jae.

"That's not it?"

Fool Seonjae was really completely forgetting.

What's really important is that you didn't do it.

"What's that?"

Having failed to realize the answer, Seonjae became confused.

"That's enough!"

Disappointed, Yeon-woo left a thumping footsteps.

Seon-jae is blank and just follows her back with his eyes.

Something's off.


A day passed while Seon-jae was agonizing, and Yeon-woo became colder.

What's that?

Seonjae is still thinking.

What the hell is that, is his wife so angry?

The short answer is too difficult. I have to think fast.

"Hey, celebrity."

After the New Year's executive opening ceremony of the group's headquarters, a friend, Ki-joon, who is the head of Jay's home shopping division, talked to Sun-jae.

I was teasing you about yesterday's scandal and the trend afterwards.

The scandal has managed to sort itself out.

The biggest contribution to quell the scandal was unexpectedly an Internet broadcast by a popular BJ.

On BJ's broadcast, which had been experiencing cable cars in Busan, Seonjae hugged Yeonwoo by accident.

An anonymous source posted a message proving that the sweet man and woman appearing on BJ's show were the vice president of J-Group and his wife.

Public opinion then jumped from witch-hunting of Seonjae and Yousara to criticizing the reporter.

Not to mention that Seon-jae became the lover of the century.

By the way, I think Yeon-woo's face is too well known. Do you read the comments on the Internet bulletin board? She's not going crazy about being pretty."

I'm worried. I wanted to protect my wife from the media, but it was a pity that her face became known in this way.

Seonjae grumbled complainingly.

"It's funny how all the fuss is now. Did you think it wouldn't be pretty? Whose wife is it?"

"Oh, now that you're known to the world, do you feel free to be a lover?”


I'm somewhat angry at the standard of teasing.

I want to be a lover, but I can't!

Hyun Ki-joon, a well-known couple of parakeets, understand?

"I'd like you."

Sun-jae, who became a discontent, uttered his words angrily.

"Huh? Why?"

"It's a bad luck."

All the things I love in peace are unlucky.

Yeon-woo was a crooked Seon-jae after her attitude changed.

Ki-joon laughed as if Seon-jae's words were funny.

At one time, the standard taught Seonjae about the use of the word 'unlucky'.

"Hey, I didn't teach you to use that word out of the blue."

"I didn't say that because I taught you. I said it out of my heart."

"Where are you taking it out on me? Did you get along with Yeonwoo? Did you fight about it yesterday?”

"I, why, fight over it.”

Suddenly, Seon-jae growled in a low-pitched voice.


The criteria burst into laughter at the response.

After the wedding of Kang Tae-joon, Sun-jae's sixth cousin and friend, it seemed that Sun-jae had become cute.

I feel like I've got feelings for a dull guy.

"Do you want me to listen to what you're worried about?”

Seon-jae was briefly tempted by the kindness of standards.

But I can't say I haven't been able to kiss my wife in my third year of marriage.

"That's enough."

Seon-jae refused, but Ki-joon advised with a heart of cherishing his friend.

"Kang Seonjae, you can't do it to your wife like you do to me." You know that, right?

Seon-jae's expression continues to be sullen at the standard's words.

"And, for a senior who got married a year earlier than you, it's best to be honest. You have to be honest and say what you want to say.”

Who doesn't know?

You don't know how honest I am.

But I wanted to kiss you, so I told you honestly that I wanted to kiss you, and I ended up like this!

That's not what I'm curious about.

Why on earth isn't my wife telling me what she wants?

You can just tell me what it is.

What the hell is that?

Without knowing the frustration of Seonjae, Gi-joon is busy teasing Seon-jae, who has become cute.

"How did a guy like you date someone like Lee Yeon-woo?" It's a mystery of the century. You didn't steal Yeonwoo, did you? Did you confess right?

At the moment, Seonjae's footsteps stopped sharply.

The standard was also frightened and asked.

"……I've stolen…"…?”

Seonjae did not hear the lowered voice of the standard.

It was only then that my eyes seemed to open wide open.

Ah, ah, ah.

How did you forget that?

How could you not think of that?

I didn't even think it was so basic.

I could understand why my wife was sulky.

He had never spoken kindly when he brought up the idea of getting married two years ago.

Sunjae, who came to realize, became busy. I didn't have time to fool around with my friend anymore.

"Current standards."


"If I succeed, I will serve you as my brother from tomorrow."

"Success? Tomorrow? What? Brother?"

Seon-jae left the bewildered standard behind. My heart throbbed when I found hope.


Yeonwoo stopped by the school and was comforted by many people.

I thought she might have been hurt by a false article.

Colleagues who knew well that Seon-jae stayed in Busan with Yeon-woo were angry instead of her.

He also praised the footage captured on BJ's broadcast.

"And these crappy bastards are hurting even the righteous press."

"But I'm glad that such a warm video came up. You went to ride a cable car with the groom after the conference that day, right?

"You two look so good together. It was like a movie. I'm so jealous."

Actually, that hug was like finding a missing child.

Yeon-woo, who couldn't tell the truth at that time, smiled.

Still, the consolation of his colleagues was not bad.

No, actually, I felt good about comments like "The two look good together" and "The two are pretty."

But what if you're happy with what you hear outside? My husband is a fool who doesn't know anything.

I got emotional again when I thought of Seonjae.

'No, don't forget my calling.’

Yeonwoo changed his mind.

It's just greed to get a confession.

The heart is still the same.

Before love, let him live.

You have to live to love.

Yeon-woo went home reflecting on himself for resenting Seon-jae.

It has been cold outside the house since the new year.

She cringed and opened the front door, and the warm air greeted her.

There was also a prior talent.

"You're early—I thought you'd be later."

What she wanted to say came from Seonjae's mouth.

Yeon-woo, who didn't expect him to come this early, took off his shoes and went inside, but couldn't get close to him.

It was a strange view in the living room.

Other plants flocked to the living room where only Pretty people lived.

More than half of the large living room is full of flower pots.

"What's all this?”


He spoke with delight and guided her further in.

Yeon-woo didn't know what was wrong with Seon-jae, so he followed him.

He stopped walking in front of one of the plants.

"It's called a parkira, and it grows leaves well without much sunlight."

Unexpectedly, it's gardening time.

"This is muscari. It takes a long time to bloom purple like a grapefruit."

Seon-jae grabbed her hand and walked around the living room, pointing to the pots one by one.

"This is as good a national succulent Hongok as Pretty, this is Karasol, this is Debbie, this is Baekmodan, and this is a national cactus Bihwaok, and this is Ivy. You know Ivy, right? And it's forsythia, not a tree for use as a whip. If you plant it well, it'll bloom in spring."

……what a forsythia.

Even though her expression is getting blank, he seems to be absorbed in the explanation.

This time, she opens a black container next to Yeonwoo. There's a lot of bean sprouts in it.

"And this is bean sprouts."

They weren't bean sprouts, they were real bean sprouts.

Bean sprouts, you should be in the kitchen. Why are you there?

I just don't understand this situation.

"What do they have in common? It's a short answer."


"I'll tell you. It's all your favorite.”

You think I like them?

Seon-jae does not rush an answer because she was fierce.

"Breeding plants. Vital kids."

That was it.

"I'll buy you more if you think about it.”

Her choice of a pretty instead of a pink rose is what just happened.

A man who only knows one thing if you teach him one thing.

A man who would rip off the ears of dolls from all over the world if he said they were pretty.

"Hahaha, thank you. The living room is much warmer."

Yeon-woo responded with an empty smile.

Sunjae's eyes shook. It was soon discovered that her reaction was not cool.

Fortunately, it was not very stupid.

"Don't you like it?"

"No, thank you and that's great. I don't know how to take care of all this."

Yeonwoo also said honestly.

"These reproductive kids are going to take all of our living rooms. Are you okay?"

"I hope you don't mind...…Ah!"

I tried to say it didn't matter if she didn't mind, but it happened.

He stepped on the cactus while trying to make room for his wife to move.


The cactus's thorns were embedded in the soles of his feet, and Yeon-woo collapsed in surprise.

"Look, look, look, look! I knew this would happen. Why did you bring a cactus with you? It's not like this because you're doing something you haven't done before!"

Excited by Seon-jae's injury, Yeon-woo poured out words like a rapid fireball, bruising Seon-jae and examining the soles of his feet.

A series of actions, pulling out visible thorns, taking off his socks and looking at the soles of his feet again, are nimble and sensitive.

"Does it hurt?"


"What's the name of these cactuses? The idiot king?"

Yeon-woo asked in a watery voice as if he was dying of decomposition.


"Whether it's a dummy or a sirloin, it looks like a pineapple, and it's full of thorns. They're like two years ago. I hate it."

I didn't think you'd be told you didn't like it after the pink rose, but you did.

Nevertheless, Seon-jae laughed.

"It's all right now. Thank you."

"It could make you feel sick."

She's so funny, nice and lovely, looking at the soles of his feet after her head down to the floor as if she's constantly worried.

I know the situation is very strange.

I'm nervous, but.

Though she might fail to make a poor confession that would not impress her with a gift attack.

After giving up everything.

He no longer has the talent to lock up his overwhelming heart, so he speaks out.

"What happened 20 years ago. About what we talked about yesterday.”

Listen to me. Yeonwoo.

Yeon-woo also raised his head to his quiet voice.

"In fact, I've been reluctant to make friends ever since. I used to control my emotions."

A transparent membrane is already forming in her eyes.

It's nothing special anymore.

I don't mean to say anything sad.

"When I think I feel weird, I organize my thoughts once again. The feeling of a wound hurting comes from the head. If you get hurt, your brain signals you're sick.”


"When I think of it like that, my emotions become dull."

He calmly confessed to my weakness.

"I may be a little less articulate than others.”

To ask you to accept me like this.

"But it's changing a lot. It'll change more in the future. Because."


"Because you fix me.”

You made my heart ache from the beginning.

The head couldn't withstand the speed at which the heart reacted.

To try to suppress it with reason, but it doesn't work out.

I followed the heart and came here.

"When I think of you, it hurts, it's seething, it's funny, it's scary, it's overwhelming, it's happy."

You came into my mind that I closed because I didn't want to get hurt anymore.

It sprouted and blossomed.

That flower is so precious that I will prepare water, cultivate soil, and attract sunlight.

Butterflies and bees will find you.

I'll be just as happy again if it all goes through my mind.

"If this is what you like.”


"I've liked you for a long time.”

Only then do I speak the truth properly.

"This is the only heart I have."

I've always been there.

"There's nothing else. It wasn't there from the beginning.”

Like a rainbow appearing in front of a fountain on a sunny day, his eyes sparkled in fine colors.


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