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Must be a Happy Ending Manhwa Novel

Chapter 4

 after seonjae died.At the funeral, Seonjae's mother gave seonjae's wallet to Yeonwoo. When Yeonwoo opened the wallet, in the wallet there was a photo of Yeonwoo wearing a wedding dress.

after that seonjae's mother said to yeonwoo.

Seonjae'mother :

seonjae, until the end, he was holding his wedding ring.

actually I thought he didn't really want a divorce.

Actually, I had a promise with Seon-jae a long time ago.

He' ll be obedient to his parents for the rest of his life.

The only thing he asked us to do was not to disturb his marriage.

And the lady he brought in was you.

He rarely opens up. Sometimes we don't understand him either.

he cannot express what he likes or dislikes.

he have a lot of close friends, but he didn't seem to open his heart to them either.

He was like that.

He brought a pretty girl like you.

That's why I liked you, and thank you.

seonjae, he told me absolutely not to say harsh words to you. He was threatening me not to do it.

I couldn't contact you comfortably once.

I'm sure you're divorced because you're having a hard time living. I hope you don't hate him too much.

It would have been nice if it was still a good memory for you.

I'm sorry.

Happy birthday, aga(baby).

after that, seonjae's mother came home.

in Yeonwoo's thought

[ I've never heard of it before.]

[You wouldn't even show it.]

[Even on the day we started ···.]


Seonjae : Good idea.

Yeonwoo : I've already returned the handkerchief.

Seonjae : Let's shake hands.

Yeonwoo (Oh, you meant to shake hands.)

[If I had known you then, ]

(His eyes and facial expressions are so cold.)

(But your hands are warm.)

[Could we have been different?]

Yeonwoo : sunbae...

You have pretty hands.

[you will not die]

Seonjae : You're pretty, too.

Sfx: badump2x (yeonwoo)

[Why did you never tell me that ···]

End flashback

yeonwoo shed tears.

Yeonwoo : Thank you for coming all the way here.

You go now. You have to go back to work.

Yeonwoo' friend : I know, I'll see you come in.

Oh? What's that?

[···Scent of flowers.] ,Yeonwoo.

Yeonwoo' friend : It's a flower basket.

[I didn't cry throughout sunbae's funeral.]

Yeonwoo' friend : Yeonwoo, are you okay?

[I thought I shouldn't cry.]

[I don't think I deserve to cry.]

Yeonwoo read the greeting card, which said 'Happy Birthday, from Kang Seonjae'.

[Why didn't you tell me anything?]

[Why have you always been sharp with me?]

[Why did you make me give up on you?]


[I have so many questions for you.]

[If I could, I'd like to turn back time and ask a living senior.]

Yeonwoo : No, I didn't do it because I loved you.

[You're the one who divorced me without a word.]

Yeonwoo : It's not love.

[You didn't love me.]

(What was I really like to you?)

Yeonwoo : Don't think in vain. It's no feeling.

I don't mean anything.

[Why did he look at me at the last minute? Why did you come to me that day?]

[Why did you divorce me?]

[Why did you say sorry on the last day?]

[Why did you grab your wedding ring at the last minute?]




[1 minute. No, 10 seconds. What would have happened if I ran to you 10 seconds earlier?]

[Why couldn't I run faster and catch the senior?]

[Why did the senior back then ...]

[Why did you do that....]


and yeonwoo fell asleep. the next day....

(Did I fall asleep with the lights on?)

(What time is it now?)

(Ngg, it's six o'clock.)

(Strangely, my head feels refreshed. I don't feel puffy.)

(I cried like that!)


(I have to live again from today.)

[In a world where there are no senior ···.]

(By the way ···)

[Why am I in this room?]

Yeonwoo : And why are you wearing this?

I threw these clothes away.

(Is it a dream?)

[Is it because of guilt that makes you miss the senior because of the pain of losing him?]

Ouch, yeonwoo, pinching her own cheek.

Yeonwoo : I don't think it's a dream ···.

[Saturday, November 25th, 6:00 pm]

Yeonwoo :


What's this?

(I fell asleep on March 4th and it's been 9 months?)

yeonwoo came out of her room at seonjae's house.

(No way!)

(I used to live here with him!)

(Don't tell me...)

Yeonwoo opened the door of seonjae's bedroom.

Sfx : badump, badump

When Yeonwoo approached the bed, suddenly Yeonwoo's hand was pulled and lay on the bed,

and seonjae is on top of yeonwoo's body.

Seonjae : What are you doing?


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