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Chapter 40

 Yeon-woo became emotional when she saw her face floating in her husband's eyes.

Potted gifts with breeding power.

And the confession I received while looking at my husband's bare feet.

The message of confession was extraordinary.

You're pretty, I want to make you happy, and without such appreciation and promise, the husband only confessed his feelings.

It was not a confession to win her heart, but a confession to express his overflowing feelings.

So it was more lovely.

For letting me know this man is changing.

Yeon-woo had a hard time making a voice afterwards.


I couldn't speak up because I was hiding my trembling words.

"Of course I do."


"You still don't believe me?”

"Isn't it for sex?"


Seon-jae sighed lightly and replied.

"Of course, this feeling and sex drive go together."

"I think sex drive always came first."

"That's why I'm making it right.”

Yeon-woo's voice is soft enough to wrap it sweetly around her ears.

My mind was shaken, but there was something else to be corrected.

Yeon-woo asked a question, hiding his excitement.

"You didn't have anything else in the first place?”

"Yes, you're the first.”

"Say something that makes sense."

As expected, his words were hard to believe. In common sense, it would be hard for anyone to understand.

"Why doesn't that make sense?"

"At first, it's...….”

That kiss skill...….

No, not only the kiss skill, but also when it hit him in his sleep a few days ago.

It wasn't my first time doing it.

"Well, I see."

Yeon-woo ended the question at that point because she could not be more tempted and persuaded by him.

Anyway, I received what I wanted to receive, or what I thought was necessary for the relationship between the two.

He finally got the right answer.

Now it's time to respond.

"I knew how you felt. Thank you…"

Seon-jae's eyes shine again as he waits for her next word.

Oh, I'm sorry.

"However, you've said a lot of mean things, so please say something pretty once a day. Then I'll take it one day."

His face, which was full of expectations, shows the color fading away.

"What, what?"

One day?

"Say something pretty once a day."

"No, then."

"Then I'll take it one day.”

Seon-jae shook his head because he couldn't believe the shocking response.

The straight eyes that were staring at her moistly falter.

"I'm going to say something pretty. I'll do it ten times a day, not once a day."


"Yes, if you want to hear something pretty, take it."

I said firmly because my wife seemed to be ashamed.

"I don't like it."

But his wife is also quite determined.

"Why isn't it okay right now. Why?"

Sunjae, who became urgent, asked point blankly.

"It's the first and last choice of my life, can't I be cautious?"

No, there's something else to be cautious about.

"You're married anyway. It's not like I've been looking away."

I mean.

We're married.

Marriage shouldn't be like this.

"So please say a lot of pretty things. Like a confession today. I'm going to write a pretty horse notebook."

Lee Yeon-woo, a married woman in her third year of marriage who was fascinated by her confession, has just begun her last push and pull.

When will I ever do this kind of power trip against Kang Seonjae?

She smiles well, unaware of her husband's tight pace.

"You look like a real fox. He's doing a lot of work with that bright face.”

"Pretty words."

"You said you had a bright face. That's a pretty thing to say."

That's why. You need to tell me what pretty words are first.

Yeon-woo got up right away without further provoking him. I had to tidy up the living room.

"Let's leave a few pots and donate them somewhere."

"Are you venting your anger because you don't like the present?”

However, Sun-jae's regret has yet to be settled.

"No. I really liked all the gifts except cactus."

"So it's because of the cactus?"


"Shall we burn the cactus down?"

Yeon-woo, who refused to accept the result, was cute and affectionate.

Hey, Kang Sunjae.

You're not the only one who has a lot of heart.

I also want to let you know how I feel when you are pretty.

Can you wait a little bit until then? Just a little bit.

I need to be prepared, too.

Get ready to be a real couple.

Not 'senior', but in other words.

Yeon-woo hugged Seon-jae's neck and patted him.

"Don't hug me. Don't pretend to comfort me after you say no."

He was crooked.

"He said he didn't say no."

"Then accept the confession. Right now."

"How can a person be this or that."

"I don't want to be clumsy.”

"So you're going to end up saying no?”

Yeonwoo, who released a hug, asked.

Seon-jae is a face that suppresses injustice.

"You're so mean."

"Just move the flowerpot."

Yeon-woo's face, which happened earlier, is brighter than ever.

Sunjae's eyes chasing after her look are sad.

One, I had no choice but to accept it.

My wife has changed like this.

Three years ago, the day we kissed for the first time.

A wife sitting like a doll in a dark corner of the hotel.

The wife who felt sorry for not being able to take care of my self-esteem.

Now, I have a heart that I think deserves to be loved.

I am grateful for that confident look.

But that's it.

We'll see, Lee Yeonwoo.

"You. Someday."

Someday, the day you let me.

The day when your heart is filled.

"Someday I'll pick on you a lot, maybe."

So smile a lot now.

He spoke softly to Yeon-woo, who was eager to move the pot.

My wife didn't understand the words at once.


"No, you're pretty."

That warning is to be kept under wraps just in case.


next day

Although it was vacation, Yeon-woo, who came to work without fail for an ongoing project, received an unexpected call while concentrating on his work.

It was similar.

This time, Sarah visited the school and contacted Yeonwoo.

Yeon-woo went out to meet Sarah with a rather generous heart.

I didn't hate Sarah very much because I heard all the stories with Sarah from Seonjae.

Sarah, wearing sunglasses and a fur coat, was dazzlingly beautiful and sexy today.

But Yeon-woo didn't look as discouraged as he did long ago.

Sarah's attitude was similar to that time.

Sarah, who led Yeon-woo into her car, did not immediately open her mouth.

I didn't know what kind of expression she was making because she didn't take off her sunglasses, but Yeon-woo noticed that Sarah was quite hesitant.

"Seonjae, are you angry?"

Yeon-woo was going to bring it up first, but Sarah opened her mouth first.

Her eyes looked a little red without sunglasses.


Yeonwoo answered in a voice that did not contain emotions.

"I didn't talk much about you."

"Ha. That's so funny."

Sarah shook off a despondent laugh. Tears seemed to gather in her eyes.

"Seonjae called me. They told me to apologize to Yeon-woo."

Sarah revealed why she came to Yeonwoo.

However, it was also hard to say that he came to apologize.

Yeon-woo coolly refused to accept such an apology.

"No, I'm fine. I was foolish to fall for it. I'm reflecting on myself."

Yeon-woo also did not want Sarah to apologize, hurting her pride.

Of course, it is heartbreaking to think about the accident that happened to Seon-jae because of her divorce, but there is no need to resent what happened in another future and accept an apology.

"Are you sure you don't have to apologize? I don't do it if you tell me not to."

Sarah said again because Yeon-woo didn't answer.

"I'm leaving again. I have a lot of overseas schedules. So if you want to hear an apology, tell me now."

Sarah's voice was arrogant.

I might have been offended by that attitude if I had known Sarah's past.

But not now.

Yeon-woo was looking at Sarah humanely and affectionately.

Yeonwoo also had one thing she couldn't tell Sarah.

Actually, I know another side of you.

You who cried like a child in front of his portrait when he died.

And the look that blamed me when he found out he was hit by a car in front of the family court.

That alone made me realize how much you liked Seonjae.

Maybe, then, you liked him more than I did for giving him up easily.

So I'm sorry.

By making the person you liked do that.

Yeon-woo also sent a message of her heart to Sarah of 'Another Future'.

And now sitting next to Sarah, she smiled a little.

"It's okay. I hope to see you with a comfortable face the next time I're here. I don't know where you're going, but I hope you have a safe trip."

However, Sarah's eyes shook after confirming the cool response.

" hear me? My story."

Sarah was a quick-witted person.

Looking at Yeon-woo's affectionate expression on her face, she read the fact that Sun-jae said something to Yeon-woo.

"What happened 20 years ago."

Yeonwoo silently lowered his head.

Well, Sarah cleared her throat as if to swallow the rising tears. And I asked hard.

"……how did Seonjae tell you about it? Did he feel sorry for me for losing my twin brother?"

Sarah hid her tears, but she couldn't hide her trembling words.

"No, I didn't say that."


"Seonjae only told the truth. How I got close to my sister."

Yeon-woo answered steadily so as not to offend Sarah.

"I thanked my sister. Thank you for being such a great actor."

"Thank you? Just thank you? For being such a great actor?"

But that's not how Sarah feels about accepting it.

Sarah burst into tears.

"Do you know how hard I tried? Not to be discouraged by Seonjae. To be on a par with Seonjae."

Soon the voice of confession was rather rousing.

"I really tried. I tried to die. I did my best to do what Sunjae likes and to like him. It was me who met Sunjae's friends and memorized their faces during the busy time. I've tried so hard to fit in with Seonjae."

That was Sarah's heart.

After 20 years of hard work to be on par with Seonjae, it became the current Yousara.

Seon-jae called her a "top star," and she liked how Sun-jae's friends were interested in her. I feel like I'm being recognized.

He tried not to lose his dignity as an actor by showing a simple figure to hang out with Sunjae's

I wanted Seonjae to be proud of himself.

So, I thought I became a best girlfriend.

However, my boyfriend, who I thought was my best friend, suddenly said he would get married one day without a word of warning.

He added that he had been dating for three years.

I can't forget the feeling of loss at that time.

"But what the hell did Yeonwoo do? You didn't even try to defend your position, you tried to throw it away."

Sarah spat out coolly.

"Why do I have to tighten my head to Yeon-woo?"

Before I knew it, Lee Yeon-woo became the most envious of Sarah.

So I had a heart to hate deeply.

"Yeonwoo has all the scenes. Angelic mom and dad, a horrible caring sister."

There was a crying voice.

"I've only had one forefather."

Yeon-woo handed Sarah her handkerchief when she showed tears.

Sarah turned her head insolently and eventually received a handkerchief, wiped the tears around her eyes and wore sunglasses straight away.

Yeon-woo remained silent until Sarah's mind was cleared.

You don't know, but that's why I was punished.

When he becomes fond, the accident of March 2nd appears and disappears like a flash.

That's the burden I'll carry for the rest of my life.

After a while, Yeon-woo said calmly.

"I'll try from now on, too. Sunjae, I'll do my best to protect you. I'm proud of what you've given up."

I was sorry to Seon-jae, but Sarah made me feel better that she was giving up.

But Sarah snorted. It was an unexpected response.

"Okay, you keep it.”

Said Sarah, who let out all her emotions and became lighter.

"I'm going to throw away Kang Seonjae."

She gritted her teeth as if she hated Seonjae.

"But we've known each other for 20 years, and he'll break up with my wife for one slip of the tongue. He's begging his wife to apologize."

Yeon-woo swallowed the laughter that was about to burst out.

It was as good as if it could be depicted in the eyes that Seonjae was screaming.

"I'm going to be greater than I am now, and I won't dare let you two talk to me. You'll see, I'll make you regret what you did to me."


"Always see how high I am and feel inferior."

She's a very nice woman to know. A woman I'd certainly envy if I'd met her in a different way.

I really wish this woman could be a more brilliant person. I wish I could meet good people.

Yeon-woo came to wish sincerely.

"I'll see you later. Don't get divorced and get along well with the chicken hair, where are you?"

"Yes. I don't know where you're going, but have a safe trip."

"Are you sure I don't have to apologize?”

"Oh, I have a question."

Yeon-woo asked another question to Sarah, who asked repeatedly. There was something that came to mind in a hurry.

"How did you know the password for my front door?”

Sarah nodded briefly and replied.

"Ok Seung-hye."

In Sarah's answer, Yeon-woo experienced the coldness of the outside of the car.

Ok Seung Hye.

Why am I hearing that name here again?

"They told me that their marriage was fake.”

My hair got mushy.

How does Ok Seung-hye know that fact?


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