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Chapter 41

 "I met her for the first time while doing makeup in the salon. He told me he knew me.”

Sarah was straightforward without any measurement. About my first meeting with Ok Seung Hye.

"There are a lot of people who know me, so I just laughed it off at first. But he brought up Sunjae's story. And right away, Yeon-woo came up."

My fingertips trembled. Yeonwoo clenched his fist tightly.

"I knew that Lee Yeon-woo and I had rented a rich family before our wedding. I vaguely remembered the name Marjintae. That's when I found out that Ma Jin-tae's wife was Ok Seung-hye."


"At first, Seon-jae and Yeon-woo, I was tempted to say that they were weird. Then at one point, I said it as if I were sure. Their marriage is fake."

Yeon-woo let out a sigh in a small voice.

How did Ok Seung-hye notice that?

That's why I did it. Not long ago, when we met at the dress shop, she was so brazen that she knew her marriage was fake.

"Ok Seung-hye told me the password of Yeon-woo's front door, saying she would prove her claim to be true." There were a few numbers. Maybe it's one of them."

At that time, the front door password was the back seat of Yeonwoo's old phone number.

When I lived in the semi-basement of Ok Seung-hye's house, I used the password for a while, so Ok Seung-hye could have guessed.

"I pressed it because I was angry. I was angry that Sunjae had committed a terrible thing called a fake marriage."

Sarah's words went on and on.

"In fact, I didn't want the number I dialed at the time to match. By the way, the first number you took was correct. That's how I went inside. ……I'm so sorry."

Sarah said she was truly sorry.

She naturally apologized, saying that she would not do it if she did not intend to receive an apology.

"But if it weren't for Yeonwoo inside, I would have just left. But I ran into Yeonwoo, so I got into a play. I decided to be brazen."

Sarah also voiced heavily, regretting the day.

"I told Yeonwoo. I know that their marriage is fake. I meant to look at Yeonwoo's face. But Yeonwoo collapsed so easily that I was surprised. It was frustrating. Of course, I was angry."


"Is my friend Kang Sun-jae the only one who can do this?" I thought you didn't get a woman's heart and got married."

Yeon-woo decided to understand Sarah, although it was a bit too much intervention.

"Honestly, I wanted to divorce my friend. But, well, I know for sure this time about that, so there's nothing more to say."

Sarah admitted her fault and raised the perfect white flag.

He got a good grasp of Seonjae's mind.

"Even if Yeon-woo didn't have a heart, Sun-jae had his own plan because he was obsessed with Yeon-woo since the shooting of the ambassador three years before he got married." I think we could have gone ahead with the marriage on our own terms."

Yeon-woo slightly crumpled her forehead in Sarah's story.


A Korean dictionary was needed. What's the obsession?

He's obsessed with me? Three years before the wedding?

"I heard it's obsession with Seonjae's mouth. Didn't you feel it?"

Yeonwoo tilted his head.

Oh, come to think of it, I think he asked me a strange question during the ambassador shoot.

What was that? That was a really out of the blue question.

After breaking up with Sarah quite warmly, Yeon-woo returned to the lab and continued her work.

The professor in charge said he was going on a business trip next week, and asked to finish the work roughly before that.

Little by little it goes against the 'other future'.

Yeon-woo, who became efficient in his work because he had done it once, did many things properly, and the professor in charge relied more on Yeon-woo.

Around the afternoon, Yeon-woo, who is spending his time tight, called again. That was a welcome call this time.

The caller was her mother, Soonjung.


Yeonwoo answered the phone gladly.

[Daughter, we're going to Seoul today] I have work to do from tomorrow.]

Ugh. Come to think of it, I forgot the important thing.

Mom and dad said they were coming to Seoul. I was supposed to invite you home.

I didn't clean the house!

Yeonwoo is in a difficult situation.

As if to read the mind, Soonjung spoke straight out.

[So I thought you and the west of the river would be uncomfortable, so I'm just going to sleep on the burn today.]

"Oh, Mom, I'm sorry. I'm so busy today."

Yeon-woo apologized with regret.

[It's okay, it's okay] Who knows my daughter is busy? Don't worry about it and work. We can see each other tomorrow.]

"Sleep at my house tomorrow."

Okay, don't work too late and make sure you eat.]

"Yes, please come up carefully."

Ha, Yeon-woo, who hung up, sighed sadly.

I miss my mom, but I have a lot of work to do.

'Oh, I need to finish quickly and go clean up the house.’

Yeonwoo diligently organized the data.


I worked diligently without dinner, but the work was delayed.

It was after 8 p.m. that Yeon-woo returned home.

'It's okay, I can do everything from now on.’

Fortunately, I felt good thanks to spending a few days leisurely.

Yeonwoo opened the door with a chant in his body. However, as soon as I opened the door, the scene was a little different.

"Daughter, my daughter!"

"Oh, you're early."

Food filled with sitting tables, and mom, dad, younger brother sitting face to face to face.

And my husband.

Yeonwoo became blank.

"My son-in-law kept telling me to come here. I came to meet him at the toll gate, I don't know."

Yeon-woo's mother, Soon-jung, told how she came here.

"I couldn't tell you because I was afraid I'd disturb you at work."

Soon-jung rose from her seat and ran to Yeon-woo's hand.

There was a big smile on my mother's face.

"Mom and Dad, welcome...…no, you're already here."

Yeon-woo greeted vaguely and sat next to Soon-jung. Soon-jung touches Yeon-woo's hand fondly.

Yeonwoo's father Myeongsik also greets him.

"Yeonwoo has lost some weight."

Yeonwoo smiled awkwardly and asked Sunjae.

"Who set all this up?"

The food on the table looked delicious.

"I called your wife and asked for it."

Sunjae answered.

Soon-jung praised the lady who was not in her seat.

"Madam, you're good.”

"My mother's side dishes are more delicious."

"Oh, she speaks beautifully."

Seon-jae leaned over and whispered to Yeon-woo.

"Did you hear that? Write it down in a beautiful notebook."

In the meantime, he is meticulous in taking a pretty horse notebook. Yeonwoo is still dazed.

"By the way, has my daughter eaten yet?”

"Oh, no....”

"Hold on a second. I'll get you some food."

"Mother, I'll bring it. Have a seat."

When pure love was about to happen, Seon-jae moved skillfully.

Yeon-woo rarely adapted to her husband's clean appearance.

Yeon-woo quickly followed in case she was whispering alone in the kitchen.

Seonjae had a portion of Yeonwoo's rice in a bowl. It's awkward to do something he's never done before, but he doesn't seem to grumble.

"Are you okay?"

"My father brought me wild ginseng. Do you want a drink?"

"It's not a problem right now.”

Yeon-woo lowered his voice and said, "I'm worried about everything."

Nevertheless, Seon-jae was easygoing.

"Don't worry, I've cleaned up my room.”

In the meantime, the rooms are all organized.

"Father, your mother will let you sleep in your room."


"You sleep in my room."

His lips glistened at the instant. Yeon-woo seemed to stiffen his whole body with the smile.

Yeonwoo is out of his mind, but his mom, dad, and younger brother seem to be in a good mood, and his husband is relaxed.

Yeon-woo said as if she were looking for a way out in a friendly atmosphere that she couldn't get used to.

"Let me change my clothes."

Let's change our clothes and clear our minds. Let's regain our composure.

"Honey, where are you going?"

But Sunjae's question caught her by the ankle again.

Yeon-woo looked at Seon-jae tactfully.

Sunjae points toward my bedroom with a chin gesture. Before I knew it, I even moved her clothes.

"Oh…… the clothes are over there."

Kang Seonjae. The person who can't answer even one easy question is really agile and perfect.

Yeon-woo turned straight to the other side and ran to Seon-jae's bedroom.

Seon-jae smiled happily at Yeon-woo and told Soon-jung and Myung-sik.

"Yeonwoo is usually very smart and smart, but sometimes he's so cute when he's blank like that."

Oh, it's cute.

Soon-jung looked at Seon-jae happily as if she liked the expression.

"He's a genius."

Breaking the mood, Tae-woo quickly exposed Yeon-woo's school nickname.

Yeon-woo was afraid of being teased by her husband, so she kept it for a long time.

Sunjae asked with interest.

"Blank…… what?"

"Oh, you don't know? My sister's nickname when she was in high school was Meng Genius. I'm stupid, but my grades are good.”

"Hey, look at your sister.”

Myeongsik said a word to Taewoo.

"Oh, dad. My brother-in-law didn't know this was important. My sister lied to my brother-in-law. Like a fox."

Burning shows no sign of remorse.

Today is also a good day for Taewoo to drink with his brother-in-law.

"You got married without even knowing you were a genius."

"Pooh. Puppy genius..."….”

"It's funny, isn't it?"

Tae-woo giggled proudly.

Seonjae happily poured Taewoo a drink.

"Does your brother-in-law drink well?"

"Yes, my family drinks well. Except for my sister. She likes to drink. It's because I can't drink."

Tae-woo's answer reminded Seon-jae of his work in Busan and breathed an empty sigh.

"Yeah... Yeonwoo really can't drink..."….”

"Your brother-in-law must be having a hard time because of his drinking habits."

Tae-woo comforted me as if he knew how Seon-jae felt.

"Oh, I didn't have that kind of evil in college. When I called a child studying in the library, I said, "My sister, younger brother, Mon, is going to get drunk in 30 minutes. Hurry up and run. If you do that, you have to leave everything aside. It's really gonna blow over in half an hour.”

"I see. From then on...….”

"But when I was in the army, I stopped drinking. Even if I don't go to a meeting, I drink alone at home. It's very strong."

"Yes, I read. Yeon-woo is a reader."

"Did you talk about me?”

Yeon-woo, who had already changed his clothes, ran quickly, opened his eyes and asked.

"Look. Look at him running to keep an eye on him for fear of swearing at him."

Tae-woo gossiped with Yeon-woo next to him.

"You don't study? Hurry up and eat and go and study."

Looking at Yeon-woo, who looked different from when he was treated, Seon-jae smiled pleasantly.

Growing up quietly as his only son, he was a delightful tumult he had never experienced.


A couple of hours later, Sansamju also exposed the floor and Myeongsik, who was drunk, entered the bedroom first.

Yeon-woo and Soon-jung, who were left in the living room, greeted each other after a long time.

"Did you lose weight? My face was thin as my dad said."

"I didn't lose much weight. I usually go back and forth about 2kg.”

"Why did I lose weight? You're not pregnant?"

"Wow. Pregnancy is nothing."

Innocent Yeon-woo shook his head with a shake.

"I lost weight before I got pregnant because I couldn't eat when you had it. I'm always sorry about that."

"Why are you sorry about that.”

The front door opened when the two were talking a long time ago.

Sun-jae, who came home after sending Tae-woo by taxi, told Soon-jung.

"Mother, you must be tired, so go in and rest."

"Yes, yes, yes."

Soonjung rose from her seat.

"Didn't we drink too much from the river? I have to go to work tomorrow."

"No, I've had enough."

"Yes, my son-in-law looks good.”

Soon-jung, who became comfortable dealing with her son-in-law, praised Seon-jae.

"Oh, you must be tired. Hurry up and get some rest. Yeonwoo, good night."

"Yes, I'm going to go now. Good night."

Good night seems to be shaking Yeon-woo's heart.

I'm glad to meet my parents.

The time of concern has come.

Yeon-woo carefully asks Soon-jung.

"……mom, should I sleep with you tonight?"

"Honey, what are you talking about, like a child. You two are tired.”

However, Seon-jae was very serious and scolded Yeon-woo.

I'll help you with a word of purity.

"Yeah, why would I sleep with you. You should sleep with your husband."

"Mother, Yeon-woo is such a clown."

"Yeah, but let the west of the river be generous."

"Of course."

Oh, you two have become a match.

"Then take a rest."

"Okay, good night. Good night, my daughter."

Without knowing Yeon-woo's speed, Soon-jung greeted her with pride and turned around.

"Mom... good night...….”

"Let's go, honey."

Before Yeon-woo finished her sad greeting, Seon-jae held her hand tightly and led her to my room.

Is it just an illusion that the walk feels busy?

In an instant, the two reached the bedroom.

Clap clack.

The sound of the door closing rang Yeon-woo's ears exceptionally loudly.

In his bedroom, he stepped in. To spend the night.

Nervous Yeon-woo carefully brought it up.

"Well, I don't like to be on the floor.….”

However, even before he finished, Seon-jae suddenly leaned his head on Yeon-woo's shoulder.

Like relying on her. Like a sigh.

Oh, that'sure.

I've been thinking about myself too much about myself.

Only then did Yeon-woo think about how hard her husband must have been dealing with his family.

You must be nervous, too.

I was sorry and grateful.

"Thank you for today."

Yeon-woo raised his hand and stroked Sun-jae's head.


Then he called her name. It was as sweet as it was so sweet.

"He's here for me, too."


Yeon-woo's hand, which was stroking his head with gratitude, stopped.

Are you saying that you are drunk out of the blue? The guy who greeted his mom a minute ago.

"You're gonna have to take care of him, aren't you?"

Yeon-woo asked back nervously because his question was meaningful.

"……I'm already in my bedroom, what else can I take care of for you?"



"You haven't washed yet."

Gulp. Dry saliva goes away for no reason.

Yeonwoo put his nose next to Seonjae and took a breath.

"You're not drunk, are you? It doesn't even smell like alcohol."

"You have a stuffy nose."

He stared languidly and smirked.

Shortly thereafter, it was so quick that he kissed.

Before my heart beats fast and fast.

The breath that squeezed through her lips without permission or resistance gave her the scent of alcohol I had.

Her lips fell off quickly, but she blanked out as if she were drunk at the moment. The heart pounded belatedly.

I realized that I entered the enemy camp.

"Drunk. It tastes like alcohol, doesn't it?"

A sexy voice, which is full of loose voices, rings a warning bell on the head.

I can't pinch you because you're smiling. I can't turn up the volume because my parents are here.

He digs into the quagmire of the quagmire.

What happens to me today.

"……I don't have to wash up. Just go to sleep."

He was scrambling to get over the situation somehow, but this time he grabbed him from behind.

"Lee Yeon-woo."

And they call their names sweetly enough to melt away.


Strangely, his arms seemed to be gaining strength.

He wasn't blown up, he was hard as if he was tied up.

I'm turning my body to escape, but I can't even move.


Your voice is so soft.


Why is your body as hard as ironclad?

Yeon-woo, who was captured in a ridiculous way, made a crying face.

"Lee Yeon-woo is here."

My heart shook whenever my voice touched my skin.

Indeed, this man is a genius at seduction.

When he was full of tremors, he slopped his lips.

"I feel good."

The last word bloomed near her ears and disappeared. And


Around the turn of the ear, the sound of the lips touching rang dizzyingly.

The stimulation he gave led to a shudder of his whole body.

But the body caught by him won't budge.

Are you drunk, pretending to be drunk, being childish, seducing.

My judgment was fading.

He is a scary man.


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