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Must be a Happy Ending Manhwa Novel

Chapter 42

 I feel like I have a fever in my ears.

"My ears are red."

Her husband is busy making fun of Yeon-woo because he doesn't know that she is burning with shame and tension.

I want to raise my hand to cover my ears, but my arms are held by him and won't move.

"Relax your arms. You can't move."

"Sorry. I'm drunk and can't control my strength."

"Don't control it, relax!"

Yeon-woo, who was struggling, eventually raised his voice. Thanks to him, his arm fell off.

Frustrated by the yelling, Yeon-woo rolled up her lips and hid them. When I look back, my husband looks like a puppy who is hurt. I don't know why I'm doing this.

"It's on purpose. Don't try to look like that. I won't let it go."

Yeon-woo was shaking all the time even though she said so.

Ever since I heard his confession, I feel tempted.

A man who shows off his charm with his good looks even if he is doing nothing, but who can be sane?

Still, Yeonwoo held his heart together and gave strong strength to his eyes.

However, Seonjae is also not a person who disagrees with this.

"You know I carried you on my back when you were drunk, right? You want to take this opportunity to return the favor, don't you?

"Do you want me to give you a piggyback ride?"

"Are you the one who I am?"

"I'll give it a try."

"No, my back is broken."

He said he was drunk, while Sun-jae is concerned about his wife's injury.

"You don't look drunk at all."

As Yeon-woo repeatedly looks suspicious, Seon-jae goes straight to bed with his forehead.

"Oh, my head hurts. I have a headache."


"Yeonwoo, touch your hair."


You said I was young and you said I didn't learn for another 5 years.

He's doing all kinds of kid stuff right now.

Yeon-woo, who sat on the bed and held his forehead with his hands, said unevenly.

"I don't have a fever.”

And then I put my hand down right away, and this guy grabs her hand.


Ah, ah, ah.

"There's a rumor that you're pretty."

I asked him to say something pretty once a day, and he's saying this.

"That's a pretty thing to say. Write this down, too."

A pretty speech party with no context at all.

Should I say it's a relief that you recognized me without a sickle?

But as expected, how can I say no when it's pretty.

Yeonwoo grinned and shed his eyes.

"If you say pretty, is it pretty?”

He also coughed on whether it was awkward.

Worried about his dry cough, Yeon-woo got out of bed.

"Where are you going?"

"I need some water.”

"Don't go."

He snapped his hand he was holding.

I guess it's really hard to control because it's gotten a little rough.

No, it's not that I can't control my strength. Is this also his calculation?


Yeon-woo, who had been reeling, landed on the bed.

He made her a decent cushion so she could fall into her arms safely.

"Ugh. What's that?" You almost got hurt."

"Will I hurt you?”

"I almost hurt you, not me."

In response, Seon-jae hugged Yeon-woo even tighter.

His heart beats around her.

A heavy, soft, vivid, calm sound.

Yeonwoo's favorite sound.

Like all kinds of pretty words, his heart sounds weakens her mind.

Yeon-woo gave up the idea of more resistance and listened still to the sound from his chest.

How can he work so hard even when he stays still?

Kang Sunjae, just being alive is so touching to me.

When she hears the sound of a hard working heart, she also thinks she should live hard.

"Let's sleep like this."

When her movement subsided, he said quietly.

"Oh, no, I'll sleep on the floor.”

Yeon-woo, who was immersed in the sound of her heart, replied belatedly.

It was embarrassing to have kept his ears close to his chest for so long.

When she wriggled again, Seon-jae held on tight.

"I'll hold it in today, so don't go anywhere either.

Oh, today?

"What about tomorrow?"

"I don't know."

You've been such a child a while ago. He quickly became serious.

"I'm worried about today."

He dropped himself and gazed into her eyes.

He said he would put up with it first, but his eyes are not for some reason the one who put up with it.

"……don't look at me like I'm going to eat you."

"Don't say anything about what you look like."


"Do you think I'm going to eat you?”


"How can you eat such a pretty thing.”

Oh, my. I'm going crazy.

I can't tell you to stop saying nice things.

"Say something pretty. Hurry up and write it down in your notebook."

He also smiled, lengthening his lips, wondering if he was proud of his pretty words.

I want to enjoy the last push and pull of my life for a long time, but he keeps making her commitment weak.

What should I do when I'm glancing at such a pretty speech party?

It's hard to overcome my leaning toward him.

Unknowingly, his fingertips approach his chest.

The moment I approached him gradually.

knock, knock


Should I say it's a relief.

I heard a knock outside the door in the nick of time.

Yeon-woo curled up with his hands pulled back, and Seon-jae jumped up and opened the door.

"Yes, Mother."

It was his mother-in-law, pure love.

"Oh, I'm sorry I'm tired. I have a question."

"Yes, go ahead."

"That room, I don't know how to turn off the lights. I pressed the switch on the wall and the yellow light kept on."

"I'll let you off the hook."

Drunken, his attitude is more decent and polite in the face of purity.

"Yeonwoo, good night."

Soonjung greeted Yeonwoo lightly and left with Seonjae.

"Yeah, yeah, mom, too."

Yeon-woo, whose face turned red like a person caught stealing something, stuttered to greet.

Seon-jae, who went to the bedroom where Yeon-woo lived, taught Soon-jung how to turn off the lights.

After hearing the explanation, Soon-jung thanked him and added a word.

"I guess he's sleeping in this room. The room is as cozy as it has been for a long time."

As expected, it was not possible to quickly erase the traces of human life.

"Yeonwoo likes this room."

Seon-jae answered deftly, hiding his prickly heart.

"I'm sorry I called you to sleep. Go and sleep."

"Yes, I'll be on my way. Good night, mother."

Seonjae greeted and closed the door.

On the way back to the bedroom, I remembered what Yeon-woo said, so I stopped by the kitchen and packed a bottled water bottle.

I walked so diligently that I reached the bedroom.

"……don't pretend to be asleep."

Maybe his wife, who thought he would be waiting for him, is lying still and breathing. I felt like I was losing my energy.

It's a drinking habit.

Why, I drank and you fell asleep like you were drunk.

Yeon-woo only put wild ginseng liquor in his mouth. I didn't even drink beer.

"Lee Yeon-woo."

You're not sleeping, are you?


Are you sure you're sleeping?

But if you're really asleep, you shouldn't wake up, so your voice gets lower and lower.

But I can't help feeling sorry.

"Why do I have to look at you again.

Moreover, the wife lay on the other side of his seat and fell asleep with her back rolled like a shrimp.

I don't even have a pillow on me. I just have a blanket on.


Sun-jae, who turned off the fire with a sigh of anguish, pulled the pillow above Yeon-woo, supported her head, and hugged her tightly with a blanket and patted her. As if to visit her dream.

"Good night."

I couldn't say this.

Today is a historic day when we share a bedroom.


After the night of anguish, the morning dawned.

Yeon-woo, who opened his eyes wrapped in a blanket, moved his body slowly.

Last night, Yeonwoo actually couldn't sleep for a long time.

How can I sleep comfortably when my heart beats so fast?

Of course, Yeon-woo was awake when Seon-jae came back from the bedroom of Soon-jung and Myeong-sik and called her.

When he sings "Yeonwoo" and when he says "Pretty" and sweetly pretty words.

When he complained about why he was sleeping on the other side, he wanted to move his body and turn around.

However, I held it in because I felt like the magic of the night was going to happen, and something more heart-shaking was going to happen.

It was fortunate that he was surprisingly naive.

He quickly gave up everything like a bear in a fable who met a man pretending to be dead.

In addition, I even patted him warmly. Like a lullaby.

I asked him to say something pretty, and his behavior was getting prettier.

So it was a more sorry night.

I barely fell asleep with such a trembling heart and a heavy heart.

I tried quite hard not to bother him in his sleep, but when I woke up, my shoulders were stiff.

The merger in two years left some aftereffects.

Yeon-woo went out of the bedroom, kneading her shoulders.

My parents didn't seem to wake up yet and Sunjae was in the kitchen.

Yeon-woo, who went to Seon-jae, pretended to be innocent and greeted him casually.

"You woke up early?”

"Yes, did you sleep well?"”

"Yes. What about you? Are you feeling well?"

Yeon-woo replied that she was fine because she was stiff but not worried enough.

And then I checked his condition right away.

Sunjae sighed, whoosh.

Is it just the feeling that the sigh is considered longer than usual?

"It's fine. It's fine.”


"I don't know how healthy I was in the morning.”

It was somehow a significant answer. Yeonwoo coughed and asked a different question right away. It was new to see him looking at kitchen utensils.

"What are you doing?”

"Breakfast preparation."

"You've never done it. I don't think I should."

"I was educated by my aunt yesterday."

"I'll just do it. Why would you do something you didn't do? Get ready for work."

"I'm at work this afternoon."

Seon-jae adjusted his schedule on the news that his father-in-law and mother-in-law were coming.

This morning's schedule wasn't that important, so it wasn't too much to take out.

"Don't worry, get ready for school."

Yeonwoo became grateful and sorry for his kind words.

"It's easy if you just ask your mom."

"It's all right. I'll do it."

Seonjae, who sent Yeonwoo out, found a pot and frying pan and poured rice into the rice bowl.

Yesterday, the lady left after preparing breakfast, so all she had to do was cook rice and heat the food.

Turning to open the refrigerator door, I saw an apron hanging next to it.

Smiling Sunjae reached out to the apron.

Thinking of a romantic scene where my wife helps me wear an apron.

Sun-jae, who learned that Yeon-woo had washed up because of the sound of the bathroom door opening, made the sound at the right timing.

"Can you help me with the apron? I can't do it alone.”

I asked her to wear an apron in the air.

She quickly came up and grabbed the strap of the apron around his waist.

Sunjae, who waited for the gap, snapped and grabbed her hand.

But…… somehow, the feeling of hands is different from that of my wife.


Looking back in surprise, he took a step back.

Soon-jung, who was embarrassed and paused, burst into laughter late.

"I'm sorry. It's not Yeonwoo."

"No, it's not.

Seon-jae also smiled awkwardly.

"Did you have a good night?”

"Yes, thanks to you, I slept well. Thank you."

Soon-jung, who looked away and roughly noticed what he was trying to do, asked.

"What can I do for you?”

"That's fine. I'll let you know when I'm ready."

Seon-jae answered with a strong will.

But I couldn't get enough water for rice. After that, I didn't cook rice thinking about what the lady said, but I didn't know how to operate the electric rice cooker.

Eventually, I got the help of pure love who was watching me.

"Thank you."

"It would be easier for me to do."

Soon-jung replaced most of the things that Seon-jae didn't get the hang of.

Thanks to the busy movement of the two, the breakfast table was set quickly.

"As expected, time will take care of everything."

While waiting for the meal to finish, Soon-jung talked quietly.

"When I heard Yeonwoo hid her relationship for 3 years, I was so sad. But after that time, I realized how hard it must have been for Yeonwoo. Kids these days, who's dating secretly? It's the 100th day since it's the 200th day since we've been talking all over the town, so we can celebrate and brag about it."


"The reason you couldn't tell me was because you thought of the west of the river. Just in case it's going to be anyone on the river west side. Isn't it?"

"Yes, that's right."

The words of pure love were an illusion. There was no dating period between the two years.

Seon-jae was keen to say yes, but he couldn't help it.

Pure love smiled with delight.

"I felt sorry and proud that I kept my love that way."

Yeon-woo thought she looked much more like her father than her mother, but Yeon-woo was dimly seen in her innocent face.

Yeon-woo would have inherited the gentle nature of pure love.

"Oh, you've been talking too much to your son-in-law.”

"No, everything your mother says is interesting."

"Yeonwoo is so young that he probably doesn't know many things. Take care of me even if I make mistakes in front of adults."

Although I have been married for more than two years, I have not forgotten my daughter's request.


Yeonwoo's parents, who finished what they had to do in Seoul early, went down to the country early.

I almost left a feeling of regret.

Yeon-woo delayed inviting her parents for a day because she thought Soon-jung and Myung-sik would stay for two days.

Yeon-woo was fortunate to think how sorry Seon-jae would have been to his parents today if he hadn't taken them home yesterday.

As expected, I learn the lesson of taking care of precious things first.

Again, Yeonwoo's house became a cozy space for only two people.

"Don't take your clothes."

Yeon-woo, who returned to his daily life, tried to take back his clothes, but Seon-jae approached and dissuaded him.

"Someday you'll share a bedroom."

Yeon-woo's cheeks were heated up when he said he would share the bedroom.

"It's better to have a separate dressing room.”

"Let's put the big room next to the bedroom in the dress room, and organize your clothes and mine together."

"You want to share?”


"I'd like that.”

If I share a dressing room, what do I do when I change?

Do we go in one by one like we use a fitting room?

However, it is strange to see Yeon-woo changing clothes together, not one by one in the scene of Yeon-woo's head.

Whoa, lewd devil, get away!

Yeon-woo said coyly, kicking the bitter thoughts out of her head.

"I'll think about it more."

Then he quickly turned the subject around in the face of persuading him.

"Thanks to you, I finished my visit to my parents' house well. Thank you very much."

Fortunately, Sunjae smiled as he cooperated with Yeonwoo's conversation flow.

He unraveled the story he heard today.

"My mother told me."


"Yeonwoo is so young that he looks like a baby. A baby is married."

"So what did you say?”

"I'm only old, too, baby. I want you to like me."

In his story, Yeon-woo relaxed his face and smirked.

"It's gross."

"Yes, I understand that you're a baby, but why am I a baby?"

Funny to think of as a baby, but he's lovely enough.

Thanks to the close relationship between the two, my parents now seemed to be able to think of Seonjae pretty.

I was able to be so happy and proud, but why haven't I tried so far?

If I am more greedy, I want to go back to the time when I was asked to marry him.

No, I don't want anything more because it was something to be thankful for just returning to the living world, but if she really had the authority to travel in time, I think she would go back to that time.

How good we would have been if we could get close to each other wholeheartedly and without misunderstanding.

"What about you, senior, if you could go back to the past, would you like to go back?"

I asked him a question with regret.

I'm suddenly tempted to know more about him.

"Uh, there is."

Surprisingly, his answer is very quick. As if I had thought for a long time.


"November 25th."

Yeon-woo's heart sank at Seon-jae's answer.

November 25th.

That's the day Yeon-woo actually remembered as the past.

Does this guy happen to know my secret?

Did he notice something and bring it up to talk about me?

If everyone knows, I'll have to get everything out of the bag.

I asked the question with a throbbing heart.

"Why…… is it that day?"

But his answer is.

"When you asked me to kiss you because you liked it." Why didn't I do it?”

It's a zodiac sign.

"That's the ultimate grudge."

Oh, my God.

"I should have just made it a fait accompli instead of asking you nicely again that you like kissing."

My nervous body slowly loosens.

That's right.

"But there's a way.”

The expression of Seonjae, who was expressing resentment while talking about his resentment, quickly melted.

"We're going back to that time at least now.


This time, it was Yeonwoo's surprise.

She lifted her heels and kissed him first.

It was a very sad moment to kiss, but it was enough to provoke Kang Sun-jae.

"It's a bitter grudge."

Seonjae's eyes changed when she answered smartly.

He wanted to seize the moment again.

"Let's get it right.”

It was also a momentary moment to lift Yeon-woo.

And in a blink of an eye, she moved to bed in the bedroom.

The movement of putting her down on the bed was quick, but there was no stumbling.

She simply sank gently down like a feather.

It wasn't his permission, but Yeon-woo seemed to have been treated precious.

Without being able to control the excitement, Seon-jae tilted his head at an angle.

My eyelashes trembled.

As soon as her lips touched, he gently grabbed her hand, which rose into the air and faltered inexplicably.

His fingers settled in between her fingers.

Like a tight hand, their breaths were intertwined into one.

Even though it was a comfortable posture, I became nervous as if my whole body was tight.

He patted her on the head as if to soothe her.

That's not going to calm me down.

Your wet breath squeezes through my heart.

His hands went down, little by little, past her head and back neck, shoulder to shoulder, and back to the back.

Her pining breath burst repeatedly inside him.

That's so mean.

My heart is about to break.

That's why. That's why.

It's dangerous to think that he'll feel good wherever he touches.


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