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Chapter 43

 Every time Yeon-woo burst out of breath, the concentration of kisses grew thicker under his leadership.

It should stop somewhere, but she's starting to get scared.

But I didn't know if it was scary to continue or if it was scary to stop.

Sun-jae's hand, which swept down his spine straight, touched the pelvis clearly.

When he pushed down his buttocks, Yeon-woo's back plopped down on the bed sheet.

The wind knocked my lips off for a while. That would be a golden opportunity.


I ended up looking him in the eye.

Her narrowed eyes and her breath-like eyes kept touching the next impure imagination.

In my head, the alarm went off that something more dangerous would happen if I didn't stop him now.

Yeon-woo reached out to push him approaching.

But his body was like solid steel.

"A little more."

A low voice fell on the sheet. Like holding your breath, it's terribly attractive.

"Not yet…… Confession…"….”

At his fierce attack, it was hard to speak out.

"……you didn't accept it."

His eyes shook in response to his trembling voice.

Seonjae became conflicted.

Will I listen to my wife or taste heaven a little more?

I felt very good today.

I could imagine that she was accepting her, understanding her longing. Also, I got a kiss as a gift first.

If you push a little further here, maybe she'll take it as if she doesn't win.

The hope prevented him from resigning like a temptation.

"I have something to say."

"Let's do it later."

I said it greedily.

You don't know how much I put up with it. I'm not gonna ask you to understand it all.

Just at this moment.

His lips, filled with water and desire, were once again on hers.

"It's important.”

Yeon-woo spoke desperately as the distance between them gradually narrowed.

Eventually, he raised himself up.

The embers of stillness burst with a long sigh.

Lee Yeon-woo, really, someday, we'll see.

"Tell me."

He said in a voice that he would scold me if it wasn't really important, and raised Yeon-woo.

Yeon-woo, who sat on the bed led by his hand, also let out a long sigh.

The sense of freedom released from him is strangely mixed with relief and regret.

Yeon-woo said clearly, trying not to reveal her regret.

"Yusara once entered my house by typing the password on the front door."

His eyes, which were half regretful and half black, turned fierce for a moment.

Sunjae jumped up and immediately grabbed his cell phone.

I thought I knew what you were gonna do. Yeonwoo hurriedly dissuaded her.

"No, I'm fine now. It's all organized."

Yeon-woo's eyes were very cute and bright. He seemed to act cute, encouraging her not to get angry.

Seonjae had no choice but to calm his anger.

"Tell me about that important thing right away."

Yeonwoo nodded his head.

"Anyway, I thought you gave me the password for my house, so I misunderstood a little bit more. But it wasn't that. It was from Ok Seung Hye.”

"Ok Seung-hye?"

"Didn't you talk to Sarah?"

Seonjae hesitated when asked her question.

"Oh, back then...….”

It was embarrassing to say that I hung up after begging Yeon-woo to apologize.

Yeon-woo shrugged and continued.

"Anyway, Sarah came to my house suspiciously when she heard that. At that time, she said it with confidence. I know our marriage is a fake. That's where I got caught easily.”

Yeon-woo breathed a short sigh mixed with remorse. It was dizzying to recall that time again.

"Ok Seung-hye approached Sarah. Mrs. Ok Seung-hye even knew that our marriage was not normal.”


"You may know the front door password. It was the last digit of my old home phone number. That said, how did they know our marriage was fake?”

"It's not fake right now."

Seon-jae never forgets to take care of himself.

Yeon-woo's heart fluttered again.

Of course, the dense and thrilling kisses are good, but the sincerity she shows at this passing moment also resonates with her heart.

"Well, did he stalk the two of us?"

Sunjae has become serious again in the meantime.

"I think that's possible. I think Sarah might have been caught. While Mrs. Ok Seung-hye was suspicious of us, I think she persuaded Sarah to give her the front door password and get confirmation.”

Yeon-woo's reasoning was plausible. Seonjae nodded slowly.

"Sarah, talk to me. We can make up."

"What reconciliation. I never had a fight with him.”



Yeon-woo smiled happily when Seon-jae gave it to her request.

"Anyway, I'll find out. Be careful, too. Let me know right away if anyone smells anything strange.”


"I'll have to check the CCTVs in my apartment. I don't know if there's ever been an outsider.”


"Oh, I've been talking too much about the serious."

After finishing the conversation, Seon-jae plopped down on the bed.

As the mat moved, tension quickly came to the room again.

Yeonwoo breathed quietly.

"Where should I sleep. This room, or that room."

Begging, beguiling, seducing, persuading. His voice is sweetly wrapped around his ears.

Even though my parents left, I was thinking of continuing the merger.

I'm nervous just being together in one room.

If you fall asleep nervous, you'll feel stiff again.

Yeon-woo, who is afraid in many ways, asked, hiding his trembling heart.

"Why is that happening?”

"If we use separate rooms, your mother and father will be sad. You may not be a good son, but you must not be a bad son."

"Oh, it's not like my mom and dad are watching."

"No, I promised to be honest with my mother. But we can't say that we have separate rooms.”

"We don't have to talk at all."

"When you talk about living, you get to know everything. How can you leave it out? He said it this morning. If you snore, change your head."


"But on top of that, Mother, I didn't sleep with Yeon-woo, so I don't know if he snores or teeth. I can't do that.”

Chaam's excuse is good, too.

If he only talked about himself, I'd argue somehow, but I can't get away with it.

As her expression became sullen, Seon-jae says another word.

"The couple should sleep together."

Yeon-woo, who had been seriously thinking with his head down for a while, opened his mouth with a determined look.

"I promise."


"You can't fight like that again in the morning."

"That's not what happens when you're sane.”

"I can't do that either. For my own good."

That alone, Yeon-woo could not give way.

I also thought it was necessary to break if it was a habit of Seonjae.

"Okay, I'll do that."

Seonjae soon accepted her request. I wasn't in a position to cover this and that.

As such, the merger of the two was achieved after more than two years of marriage.

For now, their bedroom will be Sunjae's. It was because the bed in the Seonjae room was the largest.

There was the longest kiss in the history of the two, and the time after that passed peacefully because they agreed to be careful with each other.

The two washed up neatly and said good night to each other, and lay in bed side by side.

And after a while the lights went out and flowed into the quiet world of sleep.

……should be.

Here's a poor soul who can't sleep easily.

I couldn't sleep because my straight wife's lips seemed to sparkle.

My wife is asleep right next to me, and it's funny how she feels sorry about the kiss a few hours ago.

One more time. I think I'll be able to sleep well.

You shouldn't want more from here.

I kept having bad thoughts about whether there was a demon in my head.

If I fall asleep late, I might run out of my mind in the morning and do something terrible.

But... I told you not to go at it in the morning.

at morning

Eventually, Seon-jae compromised with the devil in his head and approached Yeon-woo carefully.


"I'm not sleeping."


In the same position.

Yeon-woo was also awake.

He has left a shameful history of failure.

"Go to bed."

"You, too."

"But you."


"You call Yusara sister, and I'm a senior?”

I was heartbroken and nitpicked.

"You're not an older brother, are you?"

"……I'm going to bed."

Yeon-woo raised the blanket under her eyes with a sleepy voice.


And the next morning.

Yeon-woo woke up feeling cozy and relaxed.

"Did you sleep well?"


But when she realized what she was sleeping on, she was astonished.

No wonder the pillow was so smooth.

It was not her pillow that she slept with, but her husband's arm.

Yeon-woo, the husband's health manager, jumped up from his seat and rubbed his arm after he had cut himself.

"Do you have a sense in your arm? What about blood? Are you okay?"

Sun-jae grinned and grabbed her hands with a joyful face.

"It tickles. Stop it."

I thought she'd wake up in surprise and ask me to put my arms away, but she was also exceptional.

He was surprised that his arm would go wrong.

The reaction was so cute that I wanted to tease you more, but I couldn't do anything more because I thought I would cry.

"Did you have a good dream?"

Seonjae got out of bed after arranging Yeonwoo's hair.

"I had a good dream."

It was a very good morning.


Seonjae and Yeonwoo left the house early.

I always felt sorry for my younger brother, who was attending college and preparing for law school at the same time, but it was funny to see him sleeping with such a carefree face.

If my husband is sleeping like that, he will look sexy and drool, but I wonder why he's like that because his younger brother is sleeping.

"How long have you been playing during the day? Study at dawn. Get up! Get up!

"You old fool, how have you been sleeping? Get up!"

Yeon-woo, who was waiting for Tae-woo to wake up on his own, eventually touched Tae-woo and woke him up.

Yeonwoo filled the refrigerator with side dishes from home and prepared breakfast simply.

Tae-woo was sleeping without knowing that his sister came into the house.

Seonjae had a morning schedule and Yeonwoo was to stop by his brother Taewoo's house.

"Sister, I studied until 4 a.m."

"How long have you been playing during the day? Study at dawn. Get up! Get up!

Taewoo, who was complaining, eventually got up. It's a face where the soul escaped.

"You don't know this image, brother-in-law, do you? My sister has a double personality.”

"That's enough. Just eat."

The conversation between the two is just like this. Pick, tease, crave.

Maybe this is Yeonwoo's real self.

I wonder if I will be able to be comfortable with Sunjae someday.

"Empty side dishes in a week. Since my mom made it for me, eat it all with gratitude. Did you get it?"


Yeon-woo's voice after nagging was lowered. This time it was a serious time.

"Thank you for your time the day before yesterday.”

When my parents visited Seoul, I thanked my younger brother for coming to his house and spending time with me.

"I didn't go because of you. Mom and Dad went to see my brother-in-law."

"Yeah, thanks anyway. If you say thank you, it's sweet.”

Smiling, Taewoo put the rice in his mouth several times and spoke sourly.

"You really have to thank your mom and dad. Because I took all the pretty genes.”

"What are you talking about?"

It was out of the blue. Yeonwoo blinked.

"I got a husband like my brother-in-law just because I'm pretty, so I have to thank my real parents.”

"Is there a reason why you're pretty?"


"Hey, what's wrong with me."

"He's worse at studying than me, he's shorter than me, he's weaker than me, he's worse than me, he's less sociable than me."

"I'm not very sociable!"

"You're gullible.”

"I'm not!"

"That's how you show your lack of anger. My sister really doesn't have anything except her appearance. You live a life where you don't need to have anything else because of your face."

Yes, it might seem that way to your brother's eyes.

Taewoo was the person who knew Yeonwoo's vicious side.

But since I saw you as a pretty person, should I at least thank you for that?

Yeon-woo gave a chic review.

"You, compliment like a curse. He's talented."

"It's my gift to bare the truth. What do you say, I make a good lawyer?”

"I think I'm going to be a lawyer, but I don't think I'm going to be respected by anyone."

"Humph. How can you be angry?"

Taewoo continued to talk more after snorting.

"My brother-in-law once said, I asked her where she liked, and she asked me because she didn't know."

"You, compliment like a curse. He's talented."

"It's my gift to bare the truth. What do you say, I make a good lawyer?”

"I think I'm going to be a lawyer, but I don't think I'm going to be respected by anyone."

"Humph. How can you be angry?"

Taewoo continued to talk more after snorting.

"My brother-in-law once said, I asked her where she liked, and she asked me because she didn't know."


"Aren't you pretty?" It's so pretty."

You should just take it shyly and humbly to get a pretty picture, but your mouth is moving with joy.


"It's pretty good, maybe the end of last year?"

Before we talk about the pretty speech notebook.

His mind has long been a pretty thing.

"If you want to laugh, smile. What are you trying to hide between us? He farts really well."

Yeon-woo hit Tae-woo on the forehead when he said fart.

And then he laughs.

"Oh, you should have told me that in person, why would I tell my brother-in-law?"

"Oh, prude. Totally prude."

Taewoo rubbed his forehead and put rice into his mouth.


After that, Yeonwoo went to school and had a fruitful day.

I was quite hungry in the evening because I wanted to finish my work quickly.

Yeonwoo went to the academy thinking that he should eat alone.

The dinner menu was soft tofu stew. Steam rose deliciously from the stew.

Yeon-woo was about to scoop a spoonful of stew when the phone rang.

It was a forerunner.


[Did you have dinner?]]

His voice sounded friendly.

I think it's more because I remembered what Tae-woo told me in the morning.

"I'm going to eat now.”

[At the academy?]


[With whom?]


[Eating alone?] Go out and eat something else with me.]

"I've already taken my seat."

There was a sigh of regret from the other side.

[Let's eat together. I'm near the academy]

"You're going to have a school meal?”

[Why not?]

"No, you don't like Hakgwanbap.”

[Today's menu is...]… It's a clear soft tofu stew. I like this.]

The phone's off.

While Yeon-woo was staring blankly at her cell phone, Seon-jae approached from over there.

I think I ran pretty fast, but I was out of breath.

It's amazing that even the breathtaking look good.

"Why are you running? What if I fall while running?"

He took off his coat and suit jacket that he was wearing without replying to Yeonwoo's bruising.

Yeon-woo didn't have to know that she ran around the campus looking for her wife who didn't answer the phone.

"I'll get you some rice.”

"Sit down. I'll get it."

"That's enough."

Seon-jae pressed Yeon-woo's shoulder, which was about to stand up, to sit down again.

"No, I don't think I'll be able to get your food."

"Me, too."

To be honest, I haven't eaten at the academy a few times.

Seon-jae recalled his memories and paid for the meal and headed to Bae's house.

There was a person who was given food earlier, so I followed him and put the side dishes on the tray. Everything was smooth.

And lastly. Boiling in a small earthen pot, soft tofu stew came down on his tray. The tray suddenly became heavy.

"Thank you."

An employee who saw Seon-jae's handsome appearance smiled brightly and warned him.

"It's hot. Be careful."


I was a little nervous, but the whole process was a success.

Seon-jae did his job naturally and deftly as he always did.

Yeon-woo, who was watching from afar with his chin on his back, also smiled.

But it wasn't over yet.

"Huh? Yeonwoo's junior. Are you eating alone?”

Potato senior made a loud noise and rushed from the other side to Yeonwoo and slammed Seonjae's tray.

All over the place!

The tray was overturned and side dishes and rice were poured out.

The whole academy was quiet for an instant. All eyes were on the two.

"Oh, my God, I'm sorry!"

Potato senior, who belatedly recognized Seonjae's face, apologized because his face turned white.

A nearby employee approached to deal with the mess.

But that was not the problem.

The stew in the hot pot spilled over Seonjae's arm.

Yeon-woo, who became confused, ran to run.

Seonjae was breathing in his gums. I was putting up with the pain.

Yeon-woo dragged him to the drinking fountain, as seen, and quickly turned on the cold water to take emergency measures.

I had to check the wound properly, but tears kept blurring my eyes.

I remember you wearing a bandage on your arm during your father-in-law's 60th birthday in Another Future.

You said it was a burn on the day of the divorce.

……then the spot. Burn in the same spot.


Seonjae called her in a calm voice.

She wasn't breathing properly. It was necessary to calm her down.

"I'm fine."

Despite his repeated reassurance, tears fell from Yeon-woo's eyes.

"It's okay. It's really okay."

No. You're not all right.

It can't be okay.


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