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Chapter 44

 Seonjae was hospitalized for a day.

The burn was as wide as Yeonwoo's palm.

Seon-jae comforted Yeon-woo throughout the treatment. Yeonwoo seemed surprised too much.

"I'm not that hurt.”


"Look, the ring doesn't hurt at all."

The place with the ring was really clean.

However, such a thing could not have been considered fortunate for Yeon-woo.

Because the injury was the same as then.

In "Another Future," Sun-jae's bandages ranged from wrist to elbow.

"It hurts a lot...….”

Yeon-woo's voice was as small as crawling in anxiety and anxiety.

"It doesn't hurt much."

Seon-jae smiled and replied.

However, when treating the wound, I was forced to frown.

It was obvious. Just looking at the burn made me feel sick.

After all the treatment, Seon-jae's arm was bandaged. The doctor said the pain would be great for a few days.

Yeon-woo didn't cry anymore, but she was very weak.

I should have said I'd get the food then. It would have been better if I got hurt instead.

"I'm thinking wrong. I can read it all."

Seon-jae, who looked into Yeon-woo's eyes, scolded her.

Contrary to Yeon-woo, he thought he was lucky to be hurt.

It would have been terrible if my wife was hurt on the spot.

Shortly after the doctor left, I heard a knock again in the hospital room.


Yeon-woo's answer opened the door and a senior potato came in.

The potato trembled and tightened its head in horror.

It came out low-key, but it couldn't seem pleasant to Yeon-woo's eyes. Yeonwoo clenched his fist tightly.

"I'm so…… sorry……but I didn't run that fast, but how did it happen……. But I'm really sorry…….”

Potatoes stuttered on with a lame excuse. He seemed to be trying to say that he wasn't the only one to blame.

"It's all right. Don't worry about it."

Sun-jae, who found out that the person who committed the crime was Yeon-woo's senior, said it was okay in consideration of Yeon-woo.

Nevertheless, the potato could not move its body.

"Is there anything else you want to say? I'd like to take a break.”

"Oh, yes, I see. Then take a rest."

The potato scrambled back out of the hospital room.

I sighed after closing the door.

I was scared because I thought I might ask for huge compensation because I hurt the vice president of a large company.

"Hooo, that's a ten-year risk. You're not gonna ask for anything later, are you?’

But I thought I should ask Yeonwoo later and bring her a present.

If we get to know each other at least because it's meant to be, if we get to know each other, there's nothing more to ask for if we get to know each other.

Yeon-woo approached from behind as he was walking down the hallway with confidence.


"Oh, Yeonwoo's junior. Good for you."

Yeonwoo had no expression. Potato spoke relatively politely to Yeonwoo.

"Can I have your contact information? I just want to call you later and apologize."

"That's a big deal."

By the way, the words that came out of Yeonwoo's mouth were surprising. Potatoes doubted their ears.

Yeon-woo, who has maintained a close relationship with his seniors and juniors so far and had a true image of being soaked in water and drunk, did not know that he would say this.


The flinching potato raised his eyebrows and asked. What did you say?

Yeon-woo spoke clearly to the potato again with a face that held back her anger.

"I don't want you to be out of my league. How close were we to each other and you ran to me like that at the restaurant?”


"Don't pretend to know me from now on. Don't even think about asking someone to do you a favor."

The potato, surprised by Yeonwoo's warning, couldn't shut up.

"Don't look around and don't bother my husband. I don't want to accept people who make a fool of course.”

Yeon-woo spoke fiercely. The things I've endured have exploded.

Yeon-woo's attitude has changed again.

I wanted to keep a good relationship with others for my husband.

However, I find that there is no need to leave room for those who want to tackle it, thinking that it is a gap.

It didn't matter if I was criticized for this, or if I heard bitter things. She was a person who had something to protect.

Had to be a stronger, smarter person. A person who can't be ridiculed and attacked.

"Be careful with your behavior."

Yeonwoo told me coldly and passed by the potato.

Yeonwoo, who went to the restaurant on that way, asked the chef to bring food.

Seon-jae emptied the rice bowl and fell asleep, worrying that Yeon-woo might be worried.

It didn't take long for Seonjae to fall asleep because painkillers contain sleeping pills.

But he frowned from time to time, even as he fell into a deep sleep as if the wound had ached.

So Yeonwoo couldn't sleep for long.

"It would be great if I could be sick instead.’

Looking at him, tears seemed to fall again.

Don't cry. Crying won't solve it.

Yeonwoo pressed herself.

It was only then that he cried at the time of the accident that made him wonder how embarrassed he must have been.

This person is weak in my tears. What a selfish reaction I've had.

The thought that he had cried so hard that he couldn't have been honest about being sick created a new sense of self-blame.

'Don't cry. Let's just think about the cure for now.

Yeon-woo was determined to be weak.


The next day, Sun-jae was discharged immediately after receiving treatment in the morning.

I couldn't stay in the hospital for long because I had an important schedule in the afternoon.

The two had to stop by the house to wash up and change.

On my way home by car with a driver. Yeon-woo asked quietly because Sun-jae's expression was not better than yesterday.

"It hurts a lot. I'd like to take a day off from work today and be hospitalized."

"No, it's okay."

Seonjae looked smiling. The smile didn't seem powerful.

"You don't look so good either."

"I had a dream. It was a dream of a forest fire.”

Seon-jae told the truth to Yeon-woo who was worried.

"I heard a forest fire dream is a good dream, but somehow it's so vivid that I feel a little numb after waking up."

Yeonwoo became disheartened.

Seonjae suffered the pain of losing a friend in a fire 20 years ago. Maybe a forest fire or a burn could have been a trauma to him.

"It's okay. I think I had that dream because the burn was stinging. I don't even remember the dream anymore."

Seon-jae spoke to Yeon-woo, whose expression was getting darker, as if it were nothing special.

Yeon-woo, who became worried about his dream, continued to ask questions.

"……was it a dream that caught fire that you said you had a good dream yesterday?"”


Seonjae's voice popped up at the question.

"It was a dream to catch a carp this big."

Sun-jae said with his arms wide open from side.

As a result, Seon-jae's voice was lively again.

"If I told my mother, she would have said it was a conception dream.”

Unlike before, Seon-jae put strength in his eyes and spoke seriously.

Yeon-woo's face was burning as the driver listened to the whole story, but it was fortunate that Seon-jae's energy seemed to return for a while.

Two people who arrived home a little later.

Seonjae diligently went to the bathroom.

"I'm going to wash up."


Yeonwoo plucked up the courage to sing.

"Do you want me to wash your hair?”

Yeon-woo felt sorry that he had to move his sore arm and wash it.

It may not be a big deal to wash my hair, but I wanted to help myself.

Seonjae, who wrapped the wound with a waterproof cover, replied sullenly.

"I take it off and wash it.”

I take it off and wash up. What are you going to do?

I meant to be prepared.

"You just need to get dressed while I wash your hair."

"You have to take care of the patient."

"Chi. You were going to go in alone and wash up."

Yeonwoo's lips twitched. After a while, Sunjae smirked.

"I'll be wearing a towel, so hurry up and follow me. I'm busy, so hurry up.”

His permission was denied.

Yeonwoo nodded vigorously.

"I think it'll be easier to wind if you lean your head against the bathtub."

Seonjae listened to Yeonwoo and went into the bathroom. Yeon-woo also changed into a light shorts and a T-shirt and went straight into the bathroom.

As soon as he opened the bathroom door, Yeon-woo forgot his mission and paused.


His body, with a towel around his waist, was a perfect subject to forgetting to breathe.

All the muscles that make up the wide shoulders, a solid chest that catches the eye with a fine rise and fall, and a slim waist with a tight grip on the abs.

"I'm the only one naked today."

Sun-jae opened his mouth first because she couldn't bring it up because she was nervous.

"……I heard you're busy. I'll hurry up and wash it for you.

Yeonwoo said belatedly. Seonjae went into the tub of obedient.

His leaning in the bathtub reminded him of a scene from Greek mythology.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen much of him naked.

On the day he returned to the past from "Another Future," he faced his bare chest, but he was too busy to even think about his physical charm.

Then everything too much was engraved again as if it were imprinted in both eyes.

It catches the eye enough to wonder why it's gone too far too far.

'No! Think of a sense of duty.’

Yeon-woo moved in a hurry, blaming himself for that.

It was my first time washing someone's hair, so I was clumsy, but it wasn't hard.

But maybe he was uncomfortable, but he opened his eyes from time to time, and looked at her.

"Why? Are you uncomfortable?"”

Yeonwoo asked.

But his answer is a surprise.

"No. Good."

His low voice resonated calmly in the bathroom.

"I like having a wife."


"I'm glad you're nice."


"I thought I could be happy to be hurt."

Yeon-woo was emotional when she heard his innermost thoughts.

No! You can't like it! You're a sick man!

"What makes you happy? I'm getting sick inside!"

Yeon-woo swallowed her tears as she was about to go outside and made a loud noise.

Her hand washing the soap bubble became ragged.

Sunjae warned me urgently.

"Hey, hey. If you act so mean, the towel will come off."

"Huh. What's wrong, hideous!"

"Did you say you were hideous? You're saying my body is hideous?”

"Don't move! The real towel is coming off!"

Yeon-woo's provocation led to the provocation of Seon-jae.

Yeon-woo's shower shook and spilled under his chest, wetting the towel he was wearing.

Yeon-woo turned his head with his eyes closed tightly.

So the water keeps falling elsewhere.

"Did you ever see my body? Did you ever get a good look at least once. Look. Look. I'll tell you if it's ugly or not."

Seonjae grabbed Yeonwoo's wrist.

Yeon-woo might have been able to shake it off if he wanted to, but Yeon-woo couldn't.

In front of the injured person, the movement is also cautious.

At the end of the day, all you can do is write as you please.

"Ah. What's wrong with you?" Grossly!"

"What, is it gross now.

"Oh, it's all wet."

"Hurry up and see if it's gross. Hurry up and see!"

"Argh! If you're going to do this, wash it alone!"


She turned up the volume, but eventually he loosened the towel on his waist and threw it away.

"Oh, no, no!"

Yeon-woo threw away the shower, bowed his head, and rolled his back like a shrimp.

The shower sprayed water everywhere. Yeonwoo's clothes got wet, too. It's a mess.

But after a while, I heard him pickling.

Slowly, slowly Yeonwoo raised his head.

Oh, my.

You're wearing it.

……with all the pants on.

Yeonwoo complained with a cold voice.

"Are you kidding me?"

"Are you serious now? You actually want to see my body?"

"No, not at all. I don't miss you at all."

"But what's wrong with your tone. I think you're disappointed.

"I'm not!"

Yeon-woo screamed again and picked up the shower.

You pretended to be busy and now you have time to joke around, and you're so relaxed. I hated him.

But thanks to the disturbance, Yeon-woo was able to forget her upset feelings for a while.


Yeon-woo, who brought Seon-jae to work safely, went to school and organized his work.

She decided to relieve herself of her duties. After Seonjae's accident, he reflected on his behavior for nothing.

It was my second life, so I got more work done than before because of my efficiency, so I seemed to pay less attention to my husband.

After hearing about yesterday's accident, my colleagues decided to share Yeonwoo's luggage.

It was supposed to be what they were supposed to do, so it's done.

Yeon-woo, who saved her trouble, left work early after a long time.

It's been a while since I've been relaxed when the sun is up at school.

She sat on a campus bench. There's time left until the driver comes.

Sitting still, shaking his legs peacefully, thinking about when the driver would come, tears suddenly dropped.

"Oh, come on."

She was also embarrassed.

You shouldn't cry in front of your husband like this.

Yeonwoo wiped his tears with his sleeve in a hurry.

But the tears didn't think to stop. Eventually, Yeon-woo gave up crying and hid her face and cried.

Today, my husband said he had a dream about a mountain on fire.

The burn area was bitter, bringing back the same kind of memories.

I should have been more careful of burns than anything, but I couldn't. In Other Future, he was also said he was burned.

"Because of me.”

I couldn't help feeling guilty.

Just because he's nice, just because he's comfortable, you shouldn't have forgotten your duty.

I should have protected him.

I was distressed when his face crossed my mind, worrying about his wife even though he was so sick and smiling that he was okay. Tears don't seem to stop very soon.

Then, someone stuck a tissue out in front of her.

"Wouldn't your face freeze if you cried like that?”

Yeonwoo raised his head. The opponent who gave the tissue laughed with soft eyes.

Yeon-woo, who was crying, hardened his face.

The man with yellow hair. It was him again.

"See you again?"

He talked to Yeonwoo and sat next to him.

Many thoughts crossed Yeonwoo's mind. Among them, I remembered what Seonjae said.

"Are you a stalker, by any chance, a stalker?”

Ok Seung-hye may be stalking herself by having someone stalk her. The thought of it made my back bone ache.

The man frowned at Yeonwoo's question.

"Do I look like a stalker?”

"You know, we keep seeing each other weirdly. Why are you here today?”

Yeon-woo asked like a dog. Before I knew it, tears fell in my eyes.

"What's your name? What the hell are you doing? Why did you come to Busan then? Can I see your ID?"

The man grinned at the pouring question.

"Are you investigating the pitfall?”

Yeonwoo was serious.

"Don't you know Ok Seung-hye?"

"Who else is that?”

The man asked again as if he had never heard of the name Ok Seung-hye. Yeonwoo didn't stop arguing.

"What's your name, what's your name."

"I don't want to tell you.”

"Then I'll call you Mr. Nureung.”

Yeonwoo insisted. But the man is just snorting again.

"What do you mean, Mr. Is my hair yellow?"

"Can you say this is a coincidence?"

Yeon-woo didn't answer the man's question, but asked as if she was pushing. I was full of questions about men.

You were weird from the start. Why did you show up in front of me instead of yellow?

The man spoke in a calm voice to her, looking at her with a suspicious look.

"Every present was created by accident. Among them, a person's favorite event becomes fate. Man weaves cases together to create destiny."

This time, Yeonwoo snorted. His words were just like a dog philosophy.

"What, are you a philosopher of fate?"

"I'd say it's similar."

"I heard you're importing dresses."

"Who says that?"

"At the dress shop...….”

Yeon-woo tried to say what she heard at the dress shop, but she closed her mouth.

The more I mix my words, the more mysteries I feel.

"It's really weird. The timing of meeting you is always strange. So did the dress shop.….”

It was chilling to think of our relationship so far.

"Come to think of it, it's weird what happened in Busan. Then you let me chase you there, so I ended up on BJ's camera."

At that time, if I hadn't chased you, my husband and I wouldn't be on BJ's camera!

"That's a crucial contribution to my husband's scandal story being misleading.”

In the end, you've helped me again.

This whole thing is just a coincidence?

I got goose bumps all over my spine.

"Who the hell are you?"


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