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Chapter 46

 Sunjae, who was bombarded with confession from his wife, kept checking the time at work.

I was looking forward to lunch time when I could meet Yeonwoo.

Although he could not show much, Seon-jae was excited all the time.

It was fortunate that the work in charge went smoothly.

After a long wait, it was time to make a doctor's appointment. Sun-jae left the office and asked his secretary.

"My next schedule is at 2 o'clock, so I can't postpone it, can I?”

The secretary looked at Sunjae with a blank look on his face.

It was a long-standing schedule, so the secretary could not coordinate it.

The resigned Sun-jae appeared to nod briefly and said.

"I'll go to the hospital and eat and be back before two."



He took a card from his wallet and handed it to his secretary.

"Let's buy something delicious for lunch with our colleagues."

"Vice president, this isn't a corporate card."

"I don't care. Eat something expensive."

Today is Kang Seonjae's day.

"……What's the good news, vice president?"

The secretary, who found a faint smile hanging on the tip of his lips, alluded.


Is there any particular reason? I'm just in a good mood.

"Thank you for being nice to my wife."

Seon-jae left the office roughly surrounded by his secretary.


Seon-jae, who hurried to the hospital, found Yeon-woo waiting for him on the first floor of the hospital and ran straight to the hospital and held hands.

Yeonwoo, who was sitting in a chair, got up from his seat.

"Have you been waiting long?”

"No, I'm here now."

Yeonwoo's cheeks turned pink in an instant.

Seon-jae was funny and funny because he thought he was embarrassed until now.

"Hurry up, get some treatment."

Yeonwoo hurried her steps first.

Seon-jae moved with Yeon-woo and led her to the emergency stairs right next to the elevator.

"Aren't you on the elevator?"


It was not difficult to go up to the third floor, but it was curious that Seonjae chose the stairs with the elevator that was about to arrive.

But Yeon-woo was able to solve the question immediately after entering the emergency stairs.

Even before the door to the emergency exit was closed, Seon-jae pulled her waist in.

What happened only three hours ago was replayed to her, who was slightly startled and rushed in.

A smile and enthusiastic eyes on his face quickly absorbed Yeon-woo's eyes.

Wow. I can't get used to you at all.

He's my husband, but he's too deadly.

Her eyes slid shut as she wondered what was going on.

Unlike the dizzying feeling that I checked with my eyes, the lips felt warm.

Like rolling candy in your mouth, breathing becomes sweeter as you mix it.

Why have we made this good thing so sad so far?

The first sudden kiss and the numerous kisses that I've shared since then without feeling. It's a warm kiss like comforting the time and emotion of that time.

"I missed you.”

He said with a sad face that he couldn't keep this sense of happiness for long because he didn't have time.

"We haven't seen each other in three hours.”

"I mean, I missed you.”

Seon-jae kissed her again briefly with an answer and climbed the stairs holding her hand.

The two had no difficulty climbing the stairs.

The treatment was also facilitated. The doctor said it would be quite painful by today, but Seon-jae didn't show any signs of hardship.

Yeon-woo, who thought he was holding it in because he didn't want to show his pain, briefly escaped when he changed the bandage.

When she left, however, Seon-jae did not make a groan.

Strangely enough, my heart was full of happiness, so I felt like I was getting better.

However, it was regrettable that the time between the two of them decreased because the treatment took a long time.

"I didn't know it would take this long."

Sun-jae, who was able to leave the hospital well after 1 o'clock, said.

"I know. You didn't have lunch, did you?"

Kang Sun-jae's health manager, Yeon-woo, quickly scanned the surroundings.

It was necessary for Seonjae to quickly solve his meals and return to the company safely.

"Do you want to eat kimbap there? We won't have much time."

Yeon-woo said, pointing to a snack bar in front of the hospital. I was careful because Seonjae didn't seem to like gimbap at a snack bar.

"Yeah. Let's do it."

Contrary to Yeon-woo's worries, Seon-jae answered gladly.

Yeon-woo, who entered the snack bar with Seon-jae, diligently picked the menu and ordered it. Fortunately, the food came out quickly.

"The food comes out fast in the snack bar."

"I only ordered the quick ones.”

"Do you know that when you see it?”

"To some extent."

It was a feeling gained from experience.

It didn't feel like that to Seonjae, who hasn't been to a snack bar often.

Seon-jae thought Yeon-woo, who knew what he didn't know, was amazing.

The two confirmed their minds, but they haven't shared much experience yet.


Seonjae kindly called Yeonwoo.


Yeon-woo, who is still awkward with the title "Honey," replied with a startled look.

"Is there anything you want to do?”

"What? What?"

"I have to go on a date."

His answer was as easy as water. Yeonwoo became excited by the naturalness.

But Yeonwoo never forgets my mission.

"For now, my arm's better. You work so hard that you have to rest when you're not working."

After spitting out the words, Yeon-woo was irritated by the title 'senior'.

Now I know that I have to call you something else, but the word senior came out like a habit.

Seon-jae also looks disappointed in many ways.

"I'm going to cut down on my work.”

"Is it possible to shorten it?”

"I'll try my best."

However, Seon-jae continued to talk and eventually smiled.

"So think about it. I'll be busy doing what I haven't done in two years.”

At Seonjae's words, a transparent membrane appeared in Yeonwoo's eyes.

My heart aches.

Things I haven't done in two years.

And the things you left in the 'other future' without knowing for the rest of your life.

Before expectations for the future, the pain of the past is engraved first, but Yeon-woo swallowed the painful heart.

"Let's go see cherry blossoms in spring."

Walking hand in hand with you on the cherry blossom road. That is my wish now.

"We'll have to wait until April for the cherry blossoms to bloom."

"That's all I can think of right now."

I believe we can see the cherry blossoms together. I'll do that for you.

"Yes, let's. Cherry blossoms."

Seonjae, who blinked a few times, nodded.

"And take your time thinking about other things."

His eyes did not leave Yeonwoo for a moment.

The man in love was so lovely.


Seon-jae broke up with Yeon-woo and started working in the afternoon.

As I passed through the company hallway, several employees said they had a good lunch.

Seonjae responded to all the greetings pleasantly.

Sunjae's impression changed, and the employees' facial expressions were also brightening.

Such a happy afternoon, Sunjae called. It was a call from a friend of the prosecutor's.


"Yes. Long time no see."

Not long ago, Seon-jae reported to a friend about the corruption scandal involving Ok Seung-hye's daughter, Ma Sang-hee.

A friend of the prosecutor's office informed another prosecutor in charge of the corruption scandal, and the professor who was asked to do so was questioned by the prosecution.

Since it was investigated a long time ago, some progress should have been made by now. Seonjae asked right away.

"How's work going?”

However, contrary to Seonjae's expectations, the friend took a moment to speak.

I used the chief prosecutor upstairs to get out of here. I thought he was trying to pop it again when it's quiet.

It was a failure.

"It turns out it's cheating, and you let it slide?”

I heard CEO Ma is such a good host. Looks like he fell for entertainment up there.]

"Whoo. That's a mess."

Seonjae gritted his teeth quietly. I thought CEO Ma Jin-tae would get out like a loach, but I didn't know he would pass without a little struggle.

I've learned one thing to a certain extent.

Margin-tae won't wriggle unless he hits hard.

Seon-jae, who had been excited for hours, sank low.

After dinner, my father contacted me, so Seon-jae went to the office of the chairman.

It was to discuss the issue of joint ventures with Heaven, the separation of affiliates, and other important matters.

"I heard you had a son of a bitch coming up."

As soon as Seon-jae sat down, his father Un-ho asked.

"Yes, he had work to do in Seoul, so he slept overnight.”

"Are you not inviting us?"

"You've been here once."

"Is it over with one shot? What a pity."

Woon-ho was sulking as if he was sulking.

"Or show me your daughter-in-law. Aren't you going to bring Sae-ah?"

Unho was unhappy the whole time.

Why does my son hide his wife and not show her?

Yeonwoo is the funniest person in the world. Don't brag about it.

He's my son, but he's too cheap.

"Let me ask you."

"The new baby contacted me first at the New Year's Day. I said I'd come over with you, but don't you two talk about that?"

Seon-jae didn't even know Yeon-woo contacted his parents separately during the New Year's holiday.

On that day, there was a strange scandal article, Yousara came to the house, and it took half a day to resolve the misunderstanding with Yeon-woo.

It was a complicated day, so I couldn't pack anything else.

"I have a lot to talk about. I'll come to see you soon."

"Yeah. Come by tomorrow."

Unho hurriedly nailed the date to his son's answer. Seon-jae complained about his father's drive.

"I'll go if I have time. I don't have time to be with Yeonwoo, let alone to say hello. Aren't you overdoing your son?"

"What a load of nonsense. Whenever I ask for all the complicated and troublesome work."

Of course, I did. When I wasn't close to my wife, my specialty, my hobby was my job.

But things are different now.

The goal of each day was to finish the work as soon as possible and return to the house where my pretty wife was waiting.

The joy of life is not a dull company, but a cozy house.

"Why is there so much you can't handle? I was going to leave one more."

Phew. Sunjae sighed at his father's greed.

"Father, I wasn't going to say this.”

I really wasn't going to do this.

Seon-jae rolled up the sleeves of his shirt with a bitter look on his face. The bandage on my arm was revealed.

Unho's eyes, which had been glum, grew in surprise.

"I'm hurt. I'm burned.”

"No, no, no, no, no!"

"It's because I'm careless, but I'm in a bit of pain anyway. If I don't have a good rest because I have a lot of work to do, I think my recovery will be slow."

"Are you in a lot of pain?"

"A little."

"……yes…….health comes first. Try to cut down on your work."

Unho responded as Sunjae intended.

Seon-jae was a little guilty of causing his father to worry, but he thought it was fortunate that he didn't take on more work.

Seonjae flexibly moved on to the next agenda.

"And when will the executive appointment be announced?"

"Why, I don't want to take on the job, but do you want to get promoted quickly?”

Unho asked, glancing his eyes.

"Not really."

Seon-jae expressed his intention. Actually, this is what I wanted to say the most.

"Jay Natural's performance is down, and he's sitting firm."

"President Margin-tae?"


"Jay Natural, isn't it a small company?"

"I thought the little loach would cloud the water. You know that CEO Ma Jin-tae has been working dirty. If you don't let it go, you'll continue to undermine the group image. Cut it cool."

Unho looked troubled.

Unho was also aware of the problem of Ma Jin-tae's management style.

"If it's because of the old days, I think you've paid me enough."

Seonjae spoke in a categorical tone.

After talking to Unho in the Oval Office, Sunjae returned to his office.

It's already past nine o'clock.

I asked my father to relieve some of the burden in the future, but I also had a lot of work to deal with right now. I was in a position to work overtime again today.

My pretty wife, who would be waiting for me at home, was blinded. I wish I could go home soon.

I called because I wanted to see her, but I heard Yeon-woo's voice without waiting.


I want to run just by hearing your voice, but it's a pity that I can't go back straight.

"I think I'll be late today.”

Is it too late?]

"Well, I think it'll take another three hours."

[It must be hard...]

The voice of concern for oneself cannot be so lovely.

His voice became as soft as ever.

"Go to bed first."

[No, I'll wait] I have something to say.]

What do you want to say?

Her words made clear the cause for Seonjae to work hard.

"Okay, I'll be there as soon as I can."


And two hours later.

Sunjae, who left work an hour earlier than expected by the power of love, opened the front door and entered the house.

The house is lit up.

"I'm here."

Imagining the scene where his wife, who said she was waiting for him, rushed out, Seon-jae smiled.

But it was still in the house.


Seon-jae kindly called his wife's name and entered the hallway.

I can't hear anything until I reach the bedroom.

I didn't find my wife until I got to the bedroom. And Sunjae's eyes were blank.

A wife who is lying in bed and sleeping without knowing the world after making a heart flutter by saying that she will wait.


A grin quickly slipped through my lips.

Was it just a greeting to say wait?

Was it a ruse to get me off work early?




I call you, but you won't answer.

Not even pretending to be asleep by the look of the pose.

His wife's face, which occupies the center of a large bed, is at peace in the world, revealing the white skin of her waist by sneaking up on her pajama top.

Breathing sounds were heard relatively regularly.

Oh, I'm in trouble because I'm so nice and kind.

Sun-jae, a good husband who can't wake his sleeping wife up, dragged a blanket over him and quietly went to the bathroom to take a shower and came out.

Yes, thanks to you, I was able to cheer up and get off work an hour early.

It's my fault to work overtime. If he wanted to talk to his sleeping wife, he should have left work early.

Sun-jae, who decided that he would definitely leave work on time tomorrow, returned to the bedroom after turning off the lights in the whole house.

In the meantime, my wife threw the blanket halfway. It seems like I'm doing Taekwondo in my dream.

The desire to break into her dream arises.

I lifted the end of the blanket to cover it again.

But then he stopped. He stopped his hand.

Her white neck, back of hand, waist, navel.

The subtle skin irritation poked at his heart.

"Hold it in?"

Hang in there. Don't do that.

Reason tied him up for a while. But


Why would I hold it in?

"That's my wife."

My wife.

A real wife between a real couple.

A legitimate relationship. Someone I love and I like.

I want to love you with all my energy.

My companion.

He cast a shadow over her with his body instead of a blanket.

From her forehead to her forehead, from her body to her heart, from her eyes to her nose to her cheeks and lips, from lips to her chin to ears and neck, she continued to kiss like licking her skin.

Soon after, her eyelids flinched.

"Are you awake?"

Yeon-woo asked in a confused voice that never woke up.

"……when did you come?"


He squeezed through her lips without missing the gap.

Yeon-woo, who was asleep, shook his head and quickly got away from him.

He's in a dreamland where he can't concentrate no matter what he does.

"Hey, I'm here. I'm a little sleepy....”

"What do you mean senior?"

He pointed out sharply.

After that, it was so quiet.


Whisperingly itchy, she calls him by the new title.

After a long wait, a smile was young around his mouth, which achieved what he wanted.

But he pretended not to and asked again.

"What? I didn't hear you.”


His voice was distant as if he was answering in a dreamland, not in the real world.

"Huh? I can't hear you."


In his sleep, Yeon-woo answered several more times.

How can you answer me in your sleep like this? It's so gentle and lovely?

I should stop here, but I keep wanting to hear her voice more.

A large heated hand slides in, covering her exposed waist.

It's amazing that everywhere you touch your fingertips is sticky and soft. You'll get addicted soon.

"You said you had something to say. I'm curious."

She recoiled, itchingly.

"Are you going to do it tomorrow?”

Even though my eyes were still closed.

"You did it now...….”

Still, a good wife who answers me regularly.

"What? What do you mean?"

I guess the answer was in a dream. She was funny and encouraged Seonjae repeatedly.

I'll ask you one more time and put you to sleep.

"What are you saying to me?”

"Honey. Oh...….”

She whined distressedly at his persistent question.

Her eyes were half open when she was asleep.

But he could not confirm his desire to soak in his eyes.

"Honey, you did...….”

The cute voice shakes his heart wildly.

I don't think I can put you to sleep.


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