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Chapter 47

 Yeon-woo was in deep sleep.

Yeon-woo slept soundly for two days because she was worried about her husband's injury, anxious about his fate, and unable to catch the timing of her confession yesterday.

And I finally fell asleep today.

After confessing to Seon-jae, he may have relaxed and his mind stabilized.

Then, very slowly, Kang Seon-jae, the genius of temptation, called her back.

The skin on the lips, cheeks, neck, ears, and waist was itchy.

Somewhere along the line between dreams and reality, Yeon-woo called her "Honey" several times. And yet he didn't seem to be satisfied.

Yeon-woo raised and lowered her eyelids repeatedly at her nagging remarks.

I was so sleepy that I might have been annoyed.

I'm sorry about that in my sleep. So I wanted to accept him as much as I could.

Yeah, I was gonna let it slide if it was just a kiss.

The tender tip of the tongue, which I didn't know if he was trying to wake me up or if I wanted to sleep deeper, was pleasant.

I was so immersed in the sweetness that I tried to indulge in happiness as if it were a dream.

But…… I didn't expect him to be so sexual at once.

The hand that went into the waist slipped all the way up and felt like touching the neck.

The breath, which was heated over the hotness, flowed from the lips to the neck to the clavicle.

...Oh, Kang Seonjae Kang.

How far is this man trying to run?


Contrary to her willingness to stop him, her breath seems to have burst quite curiously.

His hands moved more outspokenly. I can tell it's a bad hand while I'm closing my eyes and losing my mind. It's beyond a bad hand, it's a great hand.

I thought this guy would end today if I didn't put the brakes on him.

I was thinking that he was quick to act, but Yeon-woo really didn't know that he would be in danger of being eaten just a few hours after confessing.

You can't do this to someone who sleeps well. He's not an animal.

Yeon-woo couldn't help but be dragged out of her dream.

"Sigh, really...….”

With an unintentionally thick sigh, he managed to reach out and grasped the hem of his robe and raised himself. His faint outline became clearer.

"Are you awake?"

He asked deftly. You've been so squishy, and your tone is as pleasant as ever.

Yeon-woo sheds eyes in tears.

"You woke me up."

"Oh, honey, that's good, too."

"It's not like that."

Contrary to his intention, the grumpy voice also stimulated Seonjae.

He went straight to Yeonwoo's lips and stigmatized them.

She shook her head and got away from him, saying she would talk.

"When did you get here?"

"It hasn't been long."

"I'm sorry I fell asleep. But I was so sleepy. I'm still sleepy."

Yeon-woo decided to tell everyone honestly.

Even if it sounded grumpy, it was necessary to calm this lustful husband.

"I don't think I'll be able to sleep well tonight. I couldn't sleep well yesterday and the day before."

"Come on. I'll put you to sleep.”

"I don't think I can sleep because he's next to me.”

"Why are you a senior again?"

"Honey, you keep getting excited."

In the midst of a sleep coma, her health-sensing radar played its partying in her sleep.

I've finally figured out how hot the word "honey" makes him.

"Okay, I won't get carried away."

Seon-jae said obediently. He was also aware that he was a little mischievous.

However, Yeon-woo made other demands in addition to that.

"And don't touch your arm until it's healed. If you keep touching me, I'll go to the other room and sleep alone."


His eyes, glistening fondly at her, lost their balance and shook.

He couldn't speak for a moment in shock.

It's sad to get hurt, but don't even touch it.

And what's the threat of sleeping alone in the other room?

"I'm all better.”

He put a blanket around it. I really felt like my arm was all better at this moment.

I didn't think I should say I wasn't better.

However, Yeon-woo cannot accept this.

"If you bring me a written opinion that I'm all better, I'll admit it."


"Don't overdo it until you're all better. All right?"

It's not about my health, it's about torturing me.

"That's not too much."

"You're excited!"

"All right."

He made ten concessions and offered a compromise.

"I'm not going to get carried away and I'm going to touch it moderately.”

"You're not good enough.”

"Lee Yeon-woo."

Sunjae, who sang her softly, pulled her waist and held her between her legs.

As the distance neared, the wife recoiled without fail.

I suspect that the shy woman is protecting herself under the pretext of her husband's health.

While in love with each other, I didn't want to argue about this beautiful and lovely act of affection.

It was necessary to reassure her. It also seemed necessary to entice.

"If I don't overdo it, I don't overdo it. I know how to save my body."


"Touching you is more helpful to me. It makes me feel better."

As Yeon-woo persuaded her step by step with the pleasant voice that teased her as a "voice swindler," she lowered her head as if she were trying to think differently.

After a while, Yeonwoo said.

"……okay. You can hold my hand."

What's that?

Seonjae's eyes became sharp.

Yeon-woo continued to talk, slowly looking around.

"……you can kiss me."


He was outspoken.


"Tell me what you're allowed to do. How far can I kiss you?"

lHow much, how much do you need?

Yeonwoo became confused. I feel like common sense is being overturned.

Kisses are very cute and lovely. So there was a kiss. It was a healthy and lovely children's show.

What he's saying is somehow a degeneration of kisses.

"No, I don't think it's a kiss. Touching. Touching. With your hands."

Yeonwoo quickly changed his words.

"Okay, then tell me. I don't know where to touch or where not to touch. I'll do what you want."

I'll pour it on you.

Why do you talk to me like I have a stake in my body?

I feel like I'm getting pushed back somehow...….

She slightly felt like she was being pulled in by Seonjae, but she cooperated with the compromise.

Still, he had her in his arms.

His breath was well felt, and his cheeks tickled all the time. The gaze that I could feel just looking at myself also gave me a tremor.

I'm so nervous right now, what kind of standards do you want me to set?

Yeon-woo stuttered.

"Hand, face, head...….”

"Not where it's exposed."

He interrupted her mercilessly. I meant to speak like an adult.

The arm that was holding her came down and touched her again.

I couldn't even push my arm away because it was bandaged. If we didn't talk soon, he would set the standard.

"On the navel…"

"Okay, everything's fine on the navel, right?”

The forefather gave a definite answer. Yeonwoo grabbed him in a hurry.

"No, no!"


"……5cm above the navel."

Is it a belt?

His eyes are horribly beak.


"One bone up and down."

Seon-jae first presented it coolly, wondering if it would not work.

His eyes were unyielding.

"Your hands?"

Yeonwoo asked in a bewildered voice.

Suddenly his hands looked enormous. Two ships seemed to work.

"Then you can reach it!"

"I can reach everything."

"It's all in the radius."

"There's everything."

I was so embarrassed that I couldn't say more.

The tip of his lips, which had hardened his expression, crept in.

This is the smile of the winner who won what he wanted by mixing pressure, persuasion, and temptation properly.

I used to think it was scary only when he glared, but now it's even scarier when his eyes sparkle.

I feel like I'm going to be eaten and I feel like I'm going to fall for it.

"A decent piece."


"Do it in one piece by piece.

You're not going to do it properly.

Yeonwoo's lips twitched.

He soothing her with a voice con artist voice, nervous.

"I know what you're worried about. It doesn't surprise me all of a sudden."


"You have to trust me from this. Just trust me.”

His wife, who had been complacent about two years of formal marriage, became one of the most conservative people in the world.

I don't blame her because she was to blame.

"I'm not trying to force you. I'm trying to take you with me. I'm going to make you like it'

I hope she realizes that physical communication with her loved ones is a good thing as soon as possible.

"I'm sorry I woke you up."

He apologized, handing her hair neatly. Yeonwoo said in a pout.

"You're telling me that now?”

"But you said you'd wait first.”


"You put the air in first.”

"But I was so sleepy. I'm still sleepy.”

"Come on, I won't bother you."

Seon-jae laid his grumpy wife on the bed.

It could be another painful night, but I decided to cheer up again, looking forward to the day when the wound will heal.


The next morning, Yeonwoo packed breakfast after a long time.

It was just a mixture of vegetables and fruits that were not enough to be called a meal, but I thought that would be appropriate for Seonjae who skipped breakfast.

After Seonjae's accident, he cut back on his work, so he also had time in the morning.

Now I can give my husband this much food every morning.

By the time she poured the smoothie into the cup, Seonjae approached.

"What are you doing?"

"I made a health smoothie. Drink up."

He said, sticking out what Yeonwoo made.

"Thank you."

Seonjae immediately gulped down what Yeonwoo gave him.

"Don't drink too fast...….”

Her nagging slowed him down.

Yeon-woo watched his crybony rise and fall slowly.

"Oh, I think I'm already healthy."

Said Seon-jae, who emptied the glass clean.

His wet hair shone brightly. Maybe right after washing up, my skin seemed to sparkle transparently.

"Did you wash up?"


"What about your hair?"

"I just washed it by myself. I'll wind it up now."


"The pain's gone down a lot."


"With the power to concentrate elsewhere."


"If you're in the bathroom with me, you can have physical problems.”

Yeon-woo, who was blinking his eyes and listening to him, opened his lips and nodded a long time later.


Don't try to know any more,' said her inner self.


"What do you know?”

Seon-jae asked meanly. Yeonwoo quickly changed the subject.

"I'm sorry I annoyed you last night. I was so sleepy that I was so distracted."

"In the midst of all the fuss, you've got everything you need."


"Oh, my God.”

Yeon-woo had nothing to say at his point.

Seon-jae smiled with his lips lengthened and sat on the table chair.

As he sat on the chair, the two became closer to eye level.

Seonjae drew her hand and put it in front of me.

And then it was a bad hand. In fact, she sat down to comfortably touch as much as she allowed.

Last night, after pressure, persuasion and temptation, the authorised hand went into her T-shirt and settled in.

Yeonwoo held his breath without realizing it.

"A piece of this right."

His hands were so big that even the "proper bit" felt close.

"That's amazing. If you touch it, it'll automatically go into your stomach."

He is busy making fun of. Yeonwoo sheds his eyes.

"Breathe. I won't curse."

At last he tickled her around the waist. Yeon-woo pulled back with a "argh" sound.

But it was caught again.


Seon-jae wanted to let his wife know the good feeling of 'touching'. Even if it takes a long time.

Yeon-woo was embarrassed because the static atmosphere was awkward, but he didn't get out of it again.

I wanted to read what his eyes wanted.

After a while, her nervous strength was relieved.

"It's, like, a pervert."

He spoke softly.

I didn't think I'd pull out of it, talking like I was kicking myself.

Yeon-woo was similarly caught in a strange mood.

The warmth of others, who are slightly different from themselves, gives strange excitement from the morning.

His eyes, looking up at himself closely, are also soft and bizarre.

He whispered with his lips in danger.

"You're turning your husband into a pervert.

It was a sweet voice that melted before reaching the ears, but the kernel is insidious.

Soon after, Yeon-woo's face turned red, and he grinned.

"Just kidding, it feels like I'm touching my skin...….”

While trying to say "kill me," Seon-jae shut his mouth.

It wasn't supposed to be used in front of my wife.

I love this feeling, but now I had to get ready and go to work.

"It feels like we're still in a relationship, but it's only until my arm is healed.”

Seon-jae stood up from his chair and said firmly.

"Not after that."

No answer was heard, but no denial was made, so Seon-jae decided to take it in a good sense.

"Doesn't your wife have a place to touch?”

Pleasant as he was, he alluded.

"No, I don't...….”

"It's easy for me. You can touch it wherever you want."

Now he is also welcome to touch her first.

Yeon-woo's face, which was blinking, was very serious. It seems that the word that she can touch anywhere stimulated her curiosity.

"Then I wouldn't mind...….”

Yeon-woo hugged him around the waist without losing any more weight.

His heart beat pleasantly as his ears clung tightly to his chest.

The sound of his heart becoming my whole world.

"I love this."

Her happy voice also stirred his emotions.

Seonjae hugged her shoulder and stroked her.

It's so pretty.

Sigh, it's so pretty...….

When I inhaled her breath, her fragrant body came in full.

My head was spinning for a moment as if I was drunk.

"I'm going to resign."

"What are you talking about? You have to earn money to get me to study."

Yeon-woo took his body off him and laughed back at the joke.

"Oh, my wife needs to study."

"It takes a lot of money to become a doctor. If I make money later, I'll resign."

"Okay. I'm suddenly motivated to work."

If you greet the morning like this every day, Jay Group will grow many times more.

Recharged with energy, Sun-jae promised Yeon-woo a fruitful day and diligently started preparing for work.


After sending Seonjae to work first, Yeonwoo also prepared to go to school.

While moving diligently, many of the words that Seon-jae kept saying came to mind.

His words and actions, which fully confirm that he is loved, make me excited and nervous no matter how many times I repeat them.

When I washed up thinking of only happy things, I heard the sound of the front door opening.

"Oh, my God, you scared me!"

The person who opened the door swept my chest in surprise.

"You're home today."

It was Nam Ji-soon, who was in charge of cleaning Yeonwoo's house and preparing food.

Ji-soon has been helping Yeon-woo live for more than two years since Yeon-woo started her marriage.

She goes to work three times a week, but when Yeon-woo or Seon-jae make a separate request, she is a kind lady who willingly accepts the request.

Yeonwoo is also good at cooking, so now she believes in Jisun's cooking and eats it deliciously.

"Yes, I'm going to work late from today. I'm going to get ready and go out.”

"I see. Get ready quickly."

"Yes, I think you can just clean up the kitchen and change the food for today."

"Yes, sir."

Ji-soon greeted politely and followed Yeon-woo's back with her eyes.

It was strange that Yeon-woo moved toward Seon-jae's bedroom.

"By the way…"


"Aren't you moving your clothes back to that room?”

Ji-soon talked about moving clothes to Seon-jae's room at once because Yeon-woo's parents visited.

Yeonwoo answered with a bright voice.

"We decided to share a dressing room."

"We're sharing...….”

"Yes, my husband's bedroom, no, right next to the big bedroom."


Jisun nodded slowly and repeatedly.

"I see."


Yeonwoo answered kindly and went straight into the bedroom.

Jisun put her luggage down on the sofa and looked around the house.

The air in the house has changed. a whole lot

In a space where newlyweds lived but were only cold, warmth suddenly sprang up.

Jisoon watched the home CCTV spinning from the corner of the living room. It is a CCTV that works when Yeonwoo and Seonjae are away from home.

Of course, it works even during the time Jisun stays inside the house.

But Jisun knew how to turn off the CCTV.

Ji-soon's walk to Yeon-woo's old bedroom was very leisurely.


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