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Chapter 48

 After getting ready for school, Yeon-woo came out of the room and said hello to Jisoon, who made food in the kitchen.

"I'm going to work.”

"Have a nice day. I'll just make the soup. I made some side dishes, so it won't take long today.”

"Yes, please."

Ji-soon returned to the kitchen after seeing Yeon-woo, who greeted her with a clear smile, to the front door.

While boiling the soup, I took the old side dishes out of the refrigerator and filled them with the brought side dishes.

The refrigerator is well organized like Jisun's meticulous personality.

As a matter of fact, the whole kitchen is.

The utensils and cooking utensils arranged in line with the shelves were all shiny and new, and the counter was also clean enough to appear only in commercials.

The real owner of this kitchen was Jisoon.

Jisun made more food and spent longer in this kitchen than Yeonwoo did.

I don't know what the owners of this house think, but Jisun worked on everything he managed in the kitchen.

I didn't forget to coat my wooden spatula with oil every season.

With this perfection, the mindset to deviate a little.

With the ease, Jisun quietly drank a cup of tea and woke up. The appointment time was approaching.

Before leaving the house, Jisun looked around the well-organized house and smiled happily.

I didn't forget to smile at home CCTV.

There was a car waiting at the appointment place.

After checking the car number, Ji-soon ran around and quickly boarded the car.

"You're early.”

Ok Seung-hye was waiting in the car.

As soon as Ji-soon got into the car and closed the door, Seung-hye immediately said what she wanted.

"Did you take a picture?"

In fact, I was anxious because I was curious about the results that Ji-soon would bring.

Ji-soon smiled leisurely and took out her cell phone and showed her the saved photo.

"What changed back then was that it was checked in the arm burn."

Seung-hye's eyes glowed with joy after checking the picture.

Seung-hye compared the photo she had previously taken over from Jisun with the photo she has now. It was a picture of Yeonwoo's note.

At the top of the letter filled with letters in the note is titled "Another Future."

And underneath, the strange messages you see as you go down.

"Nov. 25th wedding in the sixth village." ?

Separation on November 26th. ×

Mid-January. Burn on my left arm. From wrist to elbow. ?

My father's 60th birthday party on January 20th. a bandage on one's arm

February 1st filing for divorce.

A broken leg after February 1st. (uncertain)

Divorce confirmed on March 2nd. Accident."

When I first took over the picture from Jisun, I thought Jisun was playing a joke because it was so ridiculous.

However, other messages that were written on the side of the wrong message quickly changed Seung-hye's suspicious mind.

There was a chronological record of the big events of the J-Group.

Some were described in long lines and some were written in short lumps

The record was from 25 November to 2 March, when the events were progressing as if they had been prophesitant.

There were times when the exact date was different, but it happened as it was anyway.

What has not yet happened has also been confirmed by her husband, Mar Jin-tae.

Not many of the recorded information have been disclosed to the outside world.

Thanks to this article, I was able to leak information to J-Group's competitors.

And today, we learned that Kang Sun-jae's injury is also true.

"You really burned yourself. From the left wrist to the bottom of the elbow."

Before coming here, Seung-hye confirmed that Seon-jae had recently been injured.

It's kind of like a life planner and the framework of a novel.

A novel record as if it were written looking ahead.

What in the world are these strange writings?

Around mid-November last year, Seung-hye received a photo of Yeon-woo's application for a consultative divorce from Ji-soon. Yeonwoo's letter was also with him.

The letter was written by Yeon-woo to Sun-jae, who contained what their marriage was like, how Yeon-woo felt, and how much she wanted to divorce.

Through it, Seung-hye became convinced that their marriage was fake.

A few days later, however, Seung-hye was told by Ji-soon that the divorce application form and the letter were torn into pieces and entered the trash can.

What appeared after that was this note.

Seung-hye was curious about Yeon-woo's head, who made this strange planner.

Obviously, based on this rough schedule, Lee Yeon-woo must be approaching a scenario.

As the scenario goes, divorce is finally reached...….

For what? To receive a great deal of alimony?

Is that why you decided to turn on your plan to divorce early and seduce Kang Sun-jae?

This is all I can guess for now.

Lee Yeonwoo. She's a creepy scary kid.’

Seung-hye didn't want to wait until February 1, when the divorce application was submitted.

If this fact was somehow known to Kang Sun-jae, the story would become more interesting.


After the day's work, Yeonwoo briefly went to meet her friend Suzy.

She remembered Suzy's work stress at this time in "Another Future."

Susie gossiped about her boss as soon as she met her expectations. Yeon-woo sometimes got angry with Su-ji and sometimes smiled and comforted Su-ji.

"I came just when I needed you. I don't know how frustrated I was to pour out this anger."

"It must have been really hard time. Cheer up."

"Hoo, if only I had the money. If I had saved 50 million won, I would have quit this job."

Susie sighed and fluttered the lottery ticket in her hand. It was a lotto that I bought right before I met Yeonwoo.

Susie was constantly purchasing lotto tickets under the Idol Star Athletics Championships (Idol Star Athletics Championships) number of the idols she loved a few years ago.

When I was in college, I used to buy 1,000 won worth of lotto a week, but now I am an office worker and buy 2,000 won worth of lotto every week.

The number is the same for two games.

If you win, your winnings will double, but if you lose, you will lose both.

Susie said she would quit her job if she had 50 million won, but she wouldn't be able to.

Soon after, Yeon-woo, who knew Su-ji would win the second prize in the lottery, smirked.

"You're only using one number, aren't you?"

"Yes, my favorite brothers' old numbers on Idol Star Athletics Championships."

As Yeon-woo nodded without saying anything, Su-ji looked at Yeon-woo and asked for her opinion.

"Should I change it or something else?"

"No. I'll take that."

Yeon-woo said firmly.

In fact, I wanted to tell you to make 20 more with the same number, but I couldn't.

I was afraid that I would rush into one small thing and get another result.

I wanted to change my fate by leaving things as good as possible and touching things that were bad.

Suzy was happy enough with 80 million won in the winning money and was perfect as she had the goal of saving more money to buy a house.

"Of course you like winning the lottery, but you want to be a successful fan of your brothers. If you don't win this combination, your efforts so far are meaningless. That's the number we have to do."

At Yeon-woo's overwhelming persuasion, Su-ji nodded with an expression of enlightenment.

"Sometimes you're like a two-time kid. It's very tempting."

Yeonwoo was prickly at Suzy's admiration. Of course, Susie turned on the horse without thinking because it was meant to be.

"Oh, you know what I'm talking about? This is what my grandmother told me a long time ago when she was alive, and if she lives a good life, God will pop up at the last minute of her life and give her a chance to turn back time. It means you're really going to live your life twice.”

This time, Yeon-woo's ears were tempting. My heart thumped.

A chance to turn back time and live a life twice.


Yeon-woo asked, hiding her trembling voice. Susie shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know about the last moment of my life, so I don't know about that."

The last moment of your life?

By the way, I didn't reach the end of my life and came back. Then what's this?

By any chance, am I so sad after his funeral that I'm on the verge of dying crying my heart out?

Is that why you're living your life again?

Yeon-woo asked again with a serious expression.

"How did Grandma know that?”

"You think that's real?”

Susie burst out laughing.

However, Yeon-woo's expression was quite serious, so Suzy also returned to her serious position and answered.

"Well, she thinks I did it out of intimidation because I was so mean and disobedient. Like Santa Claus threatening not to give presents to crying children."

"But she could have really lived her life twice.”

"Well, come to think of it, it's amazing that my grandmother bought Pangyo a long time ago. It's amazing what you did in the early stages of cancer discovery."

Suzy nodded, accepting Yeonwoo's innocence.

Before I knew it, it was time for Susie to go back to work.

"Oh, there's no time to rest. It's time for my brothers to come back to work.”

"Do you call me brother even in front of you?"

Suzy's words were funny, so Yeonwoo smirked and asked.

"No, it's totally official in front of you. But there's an employee who actually calls me brother. Younger than me. I'm just jealous of being young."

As Yeon-woo nodded, Su-ji sneaked her eyes.

"You still call the groom "senior," don't you?" When will you break that habit?"

Su-ji, who learned Yeon-woo's naming habit over a long time, pointed out.

"No……I don't…"….”

Yeon-woo, who was guilty of conscience, answered quietly.

"Call me oppa, too. It's going to melt, why don't you?"


"Isn't it? Is this what they call it when they're together?"

Susie teased me. Yeonwoo laughed it off again and again.


The brothers Yeon-woo called oppa were there about 20 years ago, except for a few cousins.

I can't even remember their faces now.

After the older brothers disappeared, Yeon-woo also moved away from the title brother.

I can't bring myself to call him back now.

The timid woman took a whole day to prepare this horse.

So the next morning.

Yeon-woo, who was looking far away at Seon-jae after washing up in the bathroom, came up with a syllable.



"No, it's not."

Yeon-woo, who couldn't help but keep his mouth shut, bowed his head and left.

Seon-jae tilted to see what was going on.

After a while, Yeon-woo approached Seon-jae, who was drying his hair with a dryer.

But I'm just staring at it and not talking to it.

"When are you coming home today?"

Wondering, he spoke first.

"I'll be here early. I'm going to come as early as I can now.”

"Okay. I'll be back early, too.

After that, the conversation was cut off again. And a little later.




I thought she said something. But when I look at her, she turns her head as if she's looking away.

Sunjae kept the dryer away from his ears and focused his attention on her voice.

Boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo.


Without fail, her voice was heard again.

But the voice was also over. I wondered if you were going to practice vocalization.


Her voice was heard again.

As if he didn't hear it, Seon-jae swallowed a smile and pretended not to hear it and moved the dryer.

Oh. Bba.

The word that followed the broken syllable tickled his insides.

That's true, though. If you say "oh and "bba" with a minute's gap, who but me would think of connecting it?

What should I do with this cute thing?

I don't want to go to work because I always shake my mind right before work.

I think he's doing it on purpose not to go to work.

But I don't think I'll show it until I say yes or no.

Anyway, I had a hunch that today would be a very pleasant day.


But in the afternoon, a good hunch all falls apart.

"Vice president, quick is here.”

To Sunjae, who came back from outside work, the secretary handed him a paper bag.

On the outside of the envelope, it said 'Lee Yeon-woo'.

What did Yeonwoo suddenly send?

Seon-jae wondered because he had never heard from his wife that he would send anything to the company and had no other contact. But the move to open the envelope was pretty quick.

Then, Seonjae's expression hardened when he opened the envelope and checked the contents.

"What's this?"

What was in the envelope was some pictures.

It was a picture of Yeon-woo crying on a bench seen on the school campus, and next to it was a yellow-haired man.

But that's all.

The yellow-haired man was blurry without a picture taken head-on, and there was no picture of the man touching Yeon-woo's body somewhere.

"What kind of madman sent you?”

Yeonwoo couldn't have sent this. I was curious about his intention to secretly take and send such pictures.

Based on the circumstances so far, I think it's from Ok Seung Hye's family.

What am I supposed to do?

Sun-jae came out of the office and asked his secretary.

"Who gave this to you?”

"I got it from the quick driver."

"I need your address and contact number from where you."


Seon-jae quickly finished his work and left the office.

I arrived home early, but there was no ointment in the house.

Instead of Yeon-woo, there is only a light on the sofa.

Sun-jae called Yeon-woo straight away without waiting any longer.


"I came here early because I missed you, but why aren't there. Where are you?"

[I'm on my way] I'll be right there.

The answer he wants is back. Seon-jae smiled and asked questions.

"What's with the back in the living room?"

[Oh, she must have brought it] My old bedroom light went out and I asked to change it. I guess he just bought it.]

"Do you want me to change it for you?”

I wanted to be praised, so I threw it away.

But she refused to be kind.

[No, I'll do it]]

"You can go to the back? I don't think I can reach the ceiling.

[I've done it before] Have you ever changed it? Rather than an inexperienced senior...….]

Her voice was cut off for a moment as she was speaking.

It's better for me to do it than for you.]

My wife is getting better and better to strength. In the morning, I couldn't say anything with "oh" and came up the stairs in a few hours.

I thought it was quite fun to love like a couple.

"Hurry up and come on.

Seon-jae happily told and hung up the phone.

Although his wife was very worried, Seon-jae was very motivated to be praised.

He couldn't wait for Yeon-woo to come and went to Yeon-woo's old room with the light.

When I turned on the switch, my back was blurry. The current LED lights were not completely on fire, but one side was overheated and burned.

Seon-jae dragged a wooden chair next to the drawer table and approached the chair thinking of going up.

Then it was too easy for him to find an open note on the drawer table.

"What, were you studying?”

I picked up the note that was shaking paper and didn't think much at first.

There was some sort of vertical line, and there were small letters written in it, so I just thought it was what she was doing.

But it wasn't hard to get a handle on the Jay group.

The tables are not full of notes about her major, but about her, him, and J-Group.

He was horrified because most of the content about the Jay Group, which was written until about the date, had yet to be released to the media.

But what shocked him most was also the last message recorded in the first column.

"Submit a divorce application on February 1st."

A broken leg after February 1st. (uncertain)

Divorce confirmed on March 2nd. Accident."

Somewhere deep in there, I heard a heart drop.


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