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Chapter 49


Returning home, Yeon-woo found Seon-jae in a quiet sound enough to crawl in.

I couldn't say "oppa" because it was too embarrassing. I'd rather have a 'honey'.

I also liked that there was only one person in the world who could say "Honey" to him.

She decided to solidify herself as a honey.


But it still tickles as well.

I called him a couple more times hoping he would get used to it quickly, but he didn't show any popularity.

I heard the sound coming from the bathroom when I got to the bedroom. My husband was washing up.

Should I wash up, too?’

Yeonwoo went to the bathroom near the old bedroom. And also easily found the note in question.

The note was covered with a cover. It was covered by Seonjae.

"Oh, you're crazy! You have to take good care of yourself!"

Yeon-woo picked up her notebook in a fright. Then I tilted for a moment.

"But…… I think I put it in the drawer well?"

The remaining question reached an uneasy imagination.

"Did he see it?"

I hope that that is not the case.

As I was catching my breath with impatience, I heard a sign of popularity from far away outside the door.

Yeonwoo hurriedly hid his notebook deep in the drawer and went outside.

"I'm just here."

His greeting was as plain as usual.

Yeon-woo approached and asked similar questions as soon as he got closer.

"Did you wash up?"


"Did you wash up right after you got home?”


"You don't do anything else?"

"Yes. Why?"

"No, it's not. ……Did you check the lights?"


For the first time, Sunjae said yes to similar questions.

"I didn't touch you to change it with you when you came.”

"Okay. Shall we do it now?”

"Okay, let's do it. I'll take the tools.”


Yeonwoo answered and went to the room first with the light on the sofa in the living room.

He breathed a sigh of relief because he didn't seem to have come into the room and looked at the note.

Seonjae, who took out the toolbox, also followed Yeonwoo.

A well-organized room was the same as before. Except for one thing.

The note on the table disappeared.

Maybe it went into the drawer.

Seonjae didn't ask Yeonwoo a word about it.

Am I being punished?

Yeon-woo was angry because she didn't tell her about her meeting with Sarah.

I think I get to know how she feels when she doesn't ask me anything.

I feel afraid that when I learn the truth, something will fall apart.

With Yeon-woo's help, he was in darkness throughout the change of his back.

However, the back replacement work was done easily. The two joined forces to finish the work in a matter of minutes and the room quickly lit up.

"Wow, it's bright! "When my back was dark, I thought it was just that, but when I got brighter, I realized that I lived dark."

Yeon-woo, whose face became as bright as the brightened room after changing his back, said.

However, Seon-jae's mind has not improved.


On his way back to the living room after work, Seon-jae alluded to Yeon-woo.


"Don't you have anything to say to me?”

"What do you want to say?"

She just looked him in the face.

I couldn't even tell if she was pretending or if nothing really bothered her.

I felt far away from my wife, who I thought was close to all along.

Sunjae, who sighed quietly, first moved in search of the topic.

I thought I'd fold the notes and solve the easy ones first.

"This came to my office. Your name was written on the envelope."

He took the envelope out of his bag and handed it to Yeonwoo.

"I've never sent you anything like this."

With his head tilted, Yeon-woo took out what was in the envelope.

After a while, she had a hard crease in her forehead.

"What's this?”

"Well, I don't know."

Seon-jae's tone became a bit chilly.

I was about to hear the explanation of the picture, but I was also embarrassed because she asked me first.

"I'm showing you why you were crying.”

Yeon-woo carefully told the truth.

"On this day, it's...…it's the day after my senior hurt his arm. I cried while waiting for the driver's car on the school bench. But the person who passed by listened to me.”

"You were just passing by?”

I was somewhat relieved by her confession.

Childishly, I think I was a little jealous of the man in the picture.

But her ensuing response again tightened her reassurance.

"It's not necessarily the case by case. We're meant to be together. We meet often. I've seen you at a wedding before. You don't happen to know anyone?"

"There's no one I know who has yellow hair."

Seon-jae, who heard Yeon-woo's answer, was also wrinkled between his eyes.

"Anyway, it's amazing. We met at the wedding hall, at the dress shop, and even in Busan.”

Once again, a chill of anxiety came in. The problem was that my wife was vigilant.

"Your name is."


"What's his name?"

I urged an answer in a dark voice.

"Saul? That's the name when I heard it from afar."

Seonjae's eyes widened.

Incredibly, the name of a friend who passed away 20 years ago came from his wife's mouth.

I haven't met anyone by that name in 20 years.

That name is by no means a common name.

"And I've heard from Hong Kong. Don't you know him across the street?"

"Lee Yeon-woo."

The voice calling her name trembled. He cut off the sound more acrimonious to hide his feelings.

"I asked you to let me know if anyone could smell anything strange."

"Oh, you know what."

Yeon-woo, in a clear voice, revealed why she didn't tell Sun-jae earlier.

"He was a very healing man. Your eyes look nice. The dress shop helped me when I was almost a thief, and in Busan, thanks to him, I rode the BJ broadcast and my senior scandal calmed down. And the day this picture was taken, I cried and was comforted by him, and the next day...….”

"Stop it."

Seon-jae cut Yeon-woo's waist off.

Yeon-woo's expression hardened, unable to speak more.

"I don't want you to trust anyone but me."

Seon-jae expressed his desire and greed. It was a request that might be a little too much.

"And I want you to have some awareness of being a married woman. There are a lot of guys who are black inside. You have to be careful. Don't talk to other men if you can."

"I'm not in women's college, I'm in half of my school, and I don't know how to talk."

Yeon-woo pouted at the thought that his thinking was not flexible.

"You don't have to worry. The whole school knows I'm a married woman. I know which daughter-in-law she is. And I've been talking a lot too."

"Don't believe that being married will be a shield."

He once again spoke with a firm voice of determination.

However, when Yeon-woo turned sulky, her weak mind quickly lost its balance and shook.

He blocked her in front of him. I felt sorry when I saw my wife's face darkened with sadness.

"I'm sorry to be angry."

Seon-jae hugged Yeon-woo's head and patted her and said soothingly.

"But really, the man in the picture is a strange man. We have to be vigilant."


Yeonwoo replied in a sad voice.

You seemed like a good person.

He could be my guardian angel. It could be a gift from God instead of yellow.

But I couldn't help but hear my husband speak so harshly.


next day

Sun-jae, who was heartbroken by the previous day's incident, went to school in time for Yeon-woo to leave work.

It was a day of unexpected cold snap.

I took out my cell phone to call Yeon-woo, and the wind came into my clothes.

Ttururu. After a long waiting call, she answered the phone.


"I'm in front of the Humanities Center. You're going home now, aren't you?

[Yes, but now I'm at the school museum with my lab people]]

"Really? Then I'll go over there."

[My bag is in the lab anyway, so I have to go there] It's cold, so you can go inside the lab.]

Yeonwoo's voice was as sweet as usual.

It was fortunate that I forgot yesterday's disappointment.

Seonjae chose to run the research. I've never been inside her lab, so I wondered how she worked.

Sunjae, who went up to the fifth floor by elevator, was able to find Yeonwoo's lab soon.

In the hallway in front of the lab was Yeon-woo's lab colleague Hee-jin. I heard that he went to the museum with his colleagues, but Heejin didn't go.

Hee-jin was looking at the screen of my cell phone and didn't even notice Sun-jae coming close.

Hee-jin's cell phone was taken by Seon-jae.

Hee-jin, who belatedly recognized Seon-jae, pointed out with a perplexed look.

"What are you doing?”

"Did you take this picture with Yeonwoo's permission?"”

It was Yeon-woo's picture that Hee-jin was staring at.

Hee-jin's poison photo was stored on her cell phone. It was obvious that he took a picture.

"If you take a picture, I'll send it to Yeonwoo."

Hee-jin spoke in a bold voice.

"After you send it, you have to delete it from your photo album. Don't you have that much sense?"

Seonjae was sarcastic fiercely.

There were more pictures of Yeon-woo than I thought in Hee-jin's photo album, which I quickly checked.

Even though I looked through it, about half of it looked like Yeon-woo's poison picture.

It was unpleasant, and Hee-jin's feelings were suspicious.

The secretary said the person who sent the envelope to the office was Lee Yeon-woo, and the quick driver said he received the envelope from a young man.

I thought Seonjae might have been sent by Heejin.

After all, this and that are teeth grinding.

"Delete the pictures right now."

Actually, I'm holding back my desire to raise my fist.

"Don't be personal with Yeon-woo."

"You're going too far."

"If I go too far, you're a fool."


Then Yeonwoo ran from afar. It was felt from afar that the atmosphere of the two was unusual.

Frustrated, Yeon-woo made a sound before he even knew what was going on. It's called senior.

Realizing my mistake, Yeon-woo rolled up his lips and hid them.

I couldn't laugh because the atmosphere seemed serious, but it was difficult to make a mistake.

Seon-jae saw a smile spreading around Hee-jin's mouth.

Don't get me wrong. That's not what I called you. He called me.

Seon-jae approached Yeon-woo in a purple manner, wrapped his arm around her shoulder and kissed her cheek slightly as it touched her lips.

"Let's go home."

Yeonwoo's face has always been pink.


On my way home by car.

Yeon-woo quietly called Seon-jae, who was breathtakingly silent.

"I'm sorry, I called you senior."

"You know I'm wrong, right?”

Seonjae gave a cold answer.

"I'll get used to it soon."


It's very uncomfortable.

There were many things in Seonjae's chest that were not washed cleanly.

There was a lot of desire to step on the accelerator pedal. Where do I have to gallop to get a hole in my stomach?

"But what did you two talk about?”



"I'd rather not get too close to Shin Hee-jin.”

"With Heejin?"


"Yes, I will."

Yeonwoo readily said yes.

Yeon-woo asked when he got close to his house and arrived at the parking lot.

"Shall we get off first?”

It was common for Yeon-woo to get out of the car first, and Seon-jae to park and then go up to his house.

Seonjae answered sternly to Yeonwoo's question.

"No. Get off with me."


Perhaps she noticed that he was in a good mood, but she obediently complied with his demands.

Nevertheless, he was constantly frustrated.

Sun-jae parked his car with his mouth shut and got out of the car with Yeon-woo. He remained silent until he went to the elevator.

In fact, it's killing me to guess the source of the frustration.

The weight of time that will unfold when you get on the elevator, open the front door together. I didn't expect it to feel so cruel.

The door of the elevator opened. The elevator to the top floor is quite fast.

I don't want to be alone with you.

No, I want to be alone with you.

I want to keep you from going anywhere.

I wish I was the only one in your world.


He was silent and finally opened his mouth.


"My arm's all better.”

Yeon-woo opened her eyes wide to the expression that implied real meaning.


The tone of the question was too colourful.

Even though I omitted the important words, I thought I had heard a long explanation in that voice.

The muscles of the whole body were on high alert as the hair stood on end.

The elevator stopped, and the two got out of the elevator.

Yeon-woo's steps are lagging behind. Seonjae walked ahead and unlocked the front door.

Ring ring ring. Click. Click.

The familiar mechanical sound rang unfamiliarly to the inside of her ear.

Seon-jae took Yeon-woo's hand, which was greatly slowed down, and led him inside.

Today will be a new turning point in our relationship.

In fact, I have a lot of questions before that, but I decided to postpone it a little bit.

November 25th. The day my wife changed.

That day, her desperate refusal to divorce still lingers in his mind.

Our relationship has changed a lot since then.

So I'll ask you today without any strings attached.

I don't want to bring up the story in that note and throw the topic of divorce so you can grab me again desperately.

As if you were caught in a corner, 'I'm not getting divorced because I want to sleep with you.I don't want to be on the fly like that.

So you should also choose me for no reason.

I was pouring out all sorts of words inside, but I refrained from showing my feelings.

Her eyes were filled with emotion.

It was obvious that she was afraid.

"Are you still bandaged?"

"I'm just wearing a bandage.”


"The wound is completely subdued. Of course, there's no pain. You drove today as well.”

"But for the sake of good health, after it's cured more...….”

"Don't beat around the bush."

In the end, Seonjae became a little more determined.

"Tell me exactly what you want to avoid and what you want to protect. Is it me or you?"


"If you don't like it, tell me you don't like it."

Don't say no.

Shouting like that inside, I gave her a choice.

She said, thinking for a second.

"What about one day? Can't you do it tomorrow?"

He showed no mercy to her, who was trying to sneak a moratorium.

If you don't hate it, take it with your eyes first."

"I don't want to wait any longer.”


"I hate to be patient."


"There's a limit to pretending to be nice."

Her expression darkened as if she were disappointed by the word "pretending to be nice".

"……Pretending to be nice…"….”

"I didn't do what I wanted."


"In my head, you've never been dressed much."

Her heart was beating as hard as it would pop out.

"There was a lot of pretense."

He shook it off without hesitation.

In my imagination you were stripped off and cried a few times, and I didn't let it slide even if you resisted.

There were a lot of twists and turns inside the gentleman.

You're lucky you can't take it out and show it. If you could confirm it yourself, you would have run away in disgust.

Yeon-woo was already ashamed as if he had taken off his clothes by his clothes off.

What he said just a few days ago, fluttering in his heart like a butterfly flapping its wings.

The lips that said they wouldn't force me to drag me, that they'd take me with them, seem a little strange today.

But she had solid faith in him.

Strong trust built up step by step.

If you don't like it, you have to tell me now.

If I tell you now, he'll be in pain, but he'll listen to me again.

They'll wait a little longer.

However, her hesitant lips never moved.

She also likes him.

I loved him and wanted to follow his will.

The moment of destiny does not always come as foretold.

Sometimes sooner, sometimes later.

So, you can't understand it at all, so you hold on to a person's heart and become fate.

If you want to live for yourself and share everything with someone you love and love every moment, not from time to time.

Always, always if love is the best.

If so, one should be able to understand the aspirations that have long been in the other's minds.

To you who have endured quite a long time for me who's had a much tougher temper but has always been afraid.

I have to show you that I can approach.

Sincerely, I hope this man's life will be happy.

I hope you are happy and happy because of me.

She lifted her heel and kissed him first.

It was the prettiest OK sign she could ever do.

She couldn't confirm his eyes were wide open for a moment.

He approached with his head down. Yeon-woo no longer needs to lift her heels.

After her coat and cardigan, which had been wearing, disappeared in a flash, she folded her hand around his neck and he lifted her up.

While on high alert, the stage moved to his bedroom.

When I faced him who threw his tie in a blink of an eye, my heart beat so fast that it hurt.

The rise and fall of her bare chest, which appears to be a gap in her shirt, has already pressed her. I was short of breath, but my mouth drooled inside.

The world I've never been to is always half-fear and half-excitement.

Yeon-woo decided to look forward to her excitement.

However, his words about "in the head" were a bit on my mind.

I told you I wasn't often dressed.

What kind of person was I in his imagination.

I hope he's not a pervert far beyond expectations.

"Are you, uh, making me do something weird?"

Smirk. He laughed silently. It was the first laugh I checked today.

I was a little relieved by that tantalizing smile, to my heart's but

"Someday, when you get used to it."

What, what, familiar? What are you used to?

His lips overlapped while her eyes dangled without knowing the English language.

As the thoughts began, another shameful fact came to mind.

His conciliatory efforts to open her lips to go deep kept me from thinking.

Still, I had to say just this.

Yeon-woo quickly took the opportunity to speak while breathing air.

"I couldn't wash up...….”

However, the request did not work.



"I'll wash you up."

His voice, narrowly swallowed between her lips, was both soft and pungent.

Yeon-woo became numb to the end of her head.

His hands slipped into her skin and slowly stretched out beyond the "proper bone" into the unknown territory of both.


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