Surely a Happy Ending | Chapter 5

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Must be a Happy Ending Manhwa Novel

Chapter 5

 Yeonwoo : kyaaaa!

(No way.)

(This face.)

(This expression.)

(This voice.)

Yeonwoo's eyes filled with tears.

Seonjae : Why are you screaming? I was attacked.

Yeonwoo : a, why are you here?

Seonjae : does not make sense. It's my bed!

(Are you sure he's alive? Not a ghost?)

(Are you sure he's alive?)

Yeonwoo touched seonjae's bare chest, who was not wearing a shirt.

Seonjae : Where are you touching?

seonjae grabbed Yeonwoo's hand who was touching his chest.

Yeonwoo : ah.

Seonjae : I told you not to touch it in the morning.

seonjae came closer and whispered the words close to yeonwoo's ear.

Seonjae : and dare to come here wearing only pajamas.

[If it's not a dream.]

yeonwoo pressed her lips firmly.

[If it's real ···.]

Yeonwoo : You can hit me.

seonjae's silent. seonjae got up from Yeonwoo's body and sat on the edge of the bed and said.

Seonjae : What are you doing this morning?

[It's definitely him.]

Seonjae : Are you going to sit there all the time?

then seonjae stood up.

Yeonwoo : a.., I'm sorry.

[Did I go back in time?]

Yeonwoo : this was accidental ...

[Or did I have a long nightmare?]

Seonjae : If this is not intentional, do you usually lose your mind?

[he is Kang Seonjae.]

Yeonwoo : No, I had some bad dreams.

Yeonwoo : I unintentionally made a mistake because I had a vivid dream.

Seonjae : are you having a hard time?

Yeonwoo : Yes···?

Seonjae : Are you having a hard time with nightmares?

If you have a trauma, you'd better go to the hospital early.

You know there's a wedding this afternoon, right?

I'll send the car at four.

It's my cousin's wedding. We have to go because he's a relative who came to our wedding.

It's a house wedding, and lit's a nice place so you shouldn't feel too bored.

[It's not a dream.]

yeonwoo flashback


It's my cousin's wedding. We have to go because he's a relative who came to our wedding.

It's a house wedding, and lit's a nice place so you shouldn't feel too bored.

Flashback end.


[I'm back.]

[The last day of my stay in this house.]

[At that time.]

[After sunbae passed away, I thought I wanted to turn back time.]

[Did it really come true?]

(I can't believe I'm back in the past.)

(Let's check the school, too.)

(Oh, I was working on drawing drawings of relics history.)

suddenly appeared a man with glasses and leaning against the door frame.

Heejin sunbae : Did you appear today?

Yeonwoo : heejin sunbae.

Heejin sunbae :

What brings you here on Saturday?

Didn't you say you had a job?

Yeonwoo : Oh, yes. I have something to organize.

Heejin sunbae : You're going to get sick if you work too hard.

Take it easy.

(Heejin Sunbae has a knack for relaxing the minds of others.)

("His" personality is also different from Heejin sunbae!]

(Sunbae, this is a secret.)

(Actually, I'm from the future.)

Yeonwoo : sunbae, have you found a home for you?

(Around this time, it seems that sunbae were looking for a house where he lives.)

Heejin subae : Did I tell you that I was coming out of the house?

(I guess it's not the time yet.)

Yeonwo : That's what you said. Ha ha.

Heejin sunbae :

Really? I guess I didn't want to live there.

I'm going to look around the house today and tomorrow.

Seorim-dong seems to be good.


yeonwoo recalled the previous incident.

(He moved to a studio in Seorim-dong.)

(he sometimes complained that he was bothered by the noise next door.)

Yeonwoo : ...think about it again?

Heejin sunbae : Why? It's close to school and nice.

[I don't know if it's going to be like the future I know.]

[I can't be sure.]

Yeonwoo : Then make sure it's soundproof!

How much noise can you hear in the next room.

Heejin sunbas : Yeah, that's right.

Soundproofing is important.

Yeonwoo : Yes, that's right. It's important.

Heejin sunbae : Thank you. I'll make sure to check.

[This might change the future I experienced.]

[Maybe I'm back in the past for this?]

[ to change the future.]


yeonwoo is choosing clothes.

(I wore it and it was very cold.)

she is holding a dress that was worn in the past.

(The clothes were also dirty, so it was difficult.)

Yeonwoo : let's choose another.


at the wedding.

[Let's change what i wanted to change the future from here.]

Yeonwoo : sunbae.

Seonjae : you are here.

Yeonwoo : yes.

Seonjae's face flushed when he turned to Yeonwoo who was wearing a black dress.

seonjae turned around while saying.

Seonjae : ···Let's go that way.

We are sitting with my aunt and uncle.

(It's the place at that time.) Yeonwoo

[Just changing clothes, won't it change easily in the future...]


Seonjae' aunt :There's still no news of any kids, Seonjae?It's already been two years since you two married.

and yeonwoo remembered what had happened in the past.

[Everything is moving in the same way as it used to be.]

[If I break this order.]

Yeonwoo : ah.

[If I make a different choice.]

[What will the future look like?]

[Will it be different?]

[Can I change it?]

[The future of your death.]


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