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Chapter 50

 The bedroom was quite warm, unlike the freezing outside.

Yeon-woo's face, which had been wandering around in the cold wind today, was refreshed by the fresh air.

Seon-jae moved his lips with his warm cheeks tucked in. Nervous, I wanted to move slowly so she wouldn't be surprised.

However, her breath, which was already growing, constantly tormented his nerves.

He said as if there were no more concessions, but if she refused, he would respect the doctor.

No, he knew he had to give up, even if he couldn't bear it.

Although my head is full of desire, I knew well that I had to pretend to be gentle once again, even if I was overflowing because I was not full of blackness about her.

When she asked for it first, she had a face that seemed like she was going to cry for a while, so I was confused about whether I should pick up the horse.

But soon, she kissed me first.

An expression of permission that you don't have to put up with it any more.

I was tearfully grateful and pleased.

Of course, with a nervous mind, I couldn't smile leisurely.

Even as soon as she was taken to the bedroom, I was nervous that she might suddenly change her mind.

So I quickly took him to bed like a kidnapper.

If Yeonwoo looked inside him, he said, 'It's okay. I'm not running away,' I would say.

He was heartbroken because he couldn't understand her mind.

He lost to himself anyway. I didn't have patience. Between consideration and desire, it quickly went to desire.

So I became a little cautious.

I didn't want her first time to be a bad memory.

I don't want my loved one to be hurt.

I want you to be happy with me.

I hope I'm not alone in wanting you.

He let go of the tie he was strangling and bent down at her.

Luckily she didn't shy away from him approaching.

Instead, he said something out of the blue.

"Are you, uh, making me do something weird?"

The funny question burst into laughter out of proportion to the atmosphere.

I put in a smile right away.

Oh, what the hell am I gonna do with this pretty woman.

There was another excitement.

"Someday, when you get used to it."

Hoping this relationship would continue, he replied greedily.

I was sorry that her eyes widened so simply.

I'm sorry. I'm unusually greedy.

He folded his lips around hers and dug into it.

His lips slowly widened with a willingness to accept his breathing. He became more desperate.

In the meantime, I heard a voice again.

"I couldn't wash up...….”

No, I can't wait until I get back from the shower.



"I'll wash you up."

It was ridiculous to think for myself that he had waited so long and couldn't wait for a few minutes to wash up, but he really couldn't afford it.

Maybe she's greedy to keep her from thinking otherwise.

Now was precious enough to want to stop time and hold on to the moment.

Her hands moved inside her flesh-raising lapel. It was by instinct.

But everything in the palm of my hand was soft and rather cautious.

Like the weak clay that forms on a hand wheel, she responded honestly to his fingertip movements.

There was nothing I could do about fear of the world I had never been to.

But I could be sure he was treating himself preciously.

He told Yeonwoo that he was pretending to be nice.

But Yeonwoo knows. That he's not pretending to be nice.

That he is a decent and honest man by nature.

He knows how to protect precious things, and he knows how to persevere.

Otherwise, the first night of the two would have already come true two years ago.

She rather thought she should be grateful.

The one who waited silently until now until she realized love.

She wanted to give him joy, too.

He's not the only one who has to make me feel better.

I want to give this person a good feeling, too. You want to be nice to me.

But Yeon-woo, almost ignorant of this world, didn't know what pleased him.

As expected, she moved her hands according to instinct.

Her hands in the air grasped his shirt, slid down and unbuttoned one by one.

He paused for a moment as if he were embarrassed.

With only yellow lights on, his pupils shook in a space that was neither bright nor dark.

His bewildered appearance gave her an unknown confidence, who had looked up to him like a skilled adult.

I was nervous and excited to think that I could give this person an unfamiliar response.

Just as no one matures on their own without change, our relationship is moving on a new path to maturation, right?

Yeon-woo, who found a new path, unbuttoned his shirt and stretched the collar on both sides.

But the mission has not been completed.

"Ha. Lee Yeon-woo."

He let out a rough sigh and pushed her back. The sheet was lightly pressed and greeted the owner.

His eyes changed again. It became thick and sleek like a fierce beast. An indescribable coloration enmeshed her eyes.

So Yeonwoo couldn't use his hands more. He finished in a blink of an eye.

His naked body looked as beautiful as a sculpture and as hard as a sculpture.

Lowering the solid upper body, he came back over the lips. The inside of my lips was hot as if I was holding a fire.

The collar he grabbed tickled, and every time he twisted, the buttons on his blouse came off one by one. There was a sense of empty emancipation. Feeling a sudden chill, the body instinctively moved in search of something to cover.

He held onto his stuttering hand.

Stony smooth, hard muscles pressed against her delicate body.

He moved his lips as if he were trying to occupy another place after he had dug through all the soft places inside his lips.

When his lips touched his earlobe, she clenched her fingers as hard as hard as she could.


When a voice that did not seem to belong to me flowed through my lips, Yeon-woo covered my mouth with an undetected hand. But it was only a prelude.

Every place where he put his lips down was as hot as a fine.

She shook her body. It got harder and harder to hold back the sound.

My head went blank and my eyes went blank.

Sometimes I felt like I was going to burst into tears. But sadness is not a united tear. It was considered dangerous because the ecstasy I experienced for the first time was unfamiliar.

How can I describe that feeling?

Yeon-woo, who was holding it in as much as he could, said.

"I feel so nauseous."

He stopped moving and asked, lifting his upper body, while carrying body temperature along her line.

"Are you tired?"

"No, that's not it."

She poured out her heart because she thought she wouldn't be able to hold out unless she confessed.

"……my heart beats so fast because it's so good."

Seon-jae also experienced the dizzying sensation of his head.

You're. you're.

How could you do this?

How much more do you want me to lose?

A woman who takes him one step further, pressing down on the anxiety that recoiled in the abyss.

I can't let you go either.

Divorce, I won't.

I don't know what your plan is, but you never get divorced.

I won't let you leave me.

He repeatedly vowed in his mind.

He moved forward, licking the sweat off her forehead.

Yeon-woo frowned and released his impression, whined, and followed him with a faint exclamation, changing his expression repeatedly.

"Ha. Yeonwoo."

Looking down at that look, he also exclaimed several times.

I didn't expect her to be this perfect, perfect physically.

The long-running sense of pleasure captivated him like a hallucination. It was obvious he was leading and he was even more absent.

"Lee Yeon-woo."

Her body was tense every time she called her name.

The shudder was delivered directly to him every time.

"I love you."

As a matter of fact, it wasn't prepared.

However, many question marks are stamped with clear exclamation marks.

I still don't know much about you, but I'm so curious about you that I'm going crazy, but my heart for you is real. Just be aware of that.

That's where we start.

I love you no matter how you feel.

Tears formed round her eyes, which were overwhelmed by his confession.

His name, pronounced on his lips, sounded beautiful.

His body was firm and rough, but the sensation he embraced never drifted away from tenderness.

So her body was tense and relaxed repeatedly.

"You're killing me.”

He spoke in a low voice, as if to quell the hot air.

"Don't say that, don't say that."

Yeon-woo, who never forgets his duty under any circumstances, slapped his arm with a tearful voice.

Every syllable has run out of breath.

"Don't say you're going to die, say you're going to live."


"You're going to live for me, you should say so."

The hard arm that locked her up like a cage moves and grabs her hand again.

"You save me."


"Because you're the only one who can save it."

You're the only one I can save.

Tears that I had been holding back all along flowed down at the word.

Yeonwoo hugged him as hard as he could.

Hard as a wall and unlikely to collapse, he collapsed over her.


After the time of dawn that came to mind.

Seon-jae stared affectionately at Yeon-woo, who fell asleep without turning around the blanket.

I really tried to wash her, but my wife fell asleep with a lazy face.

I slept so hard that I couldn't wake up because my desire was filled again.

Does it hurt a lot?

Concerned about her body, he swept her disheveled hair back and carefully approached her and kissed her on the forehead.

The last time she cried was on my mind.

She confessed that it was because she was overwhelmed, but the tears were affectionately clear, so Seon-jae kept thinking of that moment. I thought she might have wanted to say something.

No, actually, every moment is imprinted on my heart.

I told you not to say "I'm going to die", but I'm going to die because it's really pretty.

Sometimes I put up with pain, sometimes I shed tears, and I fell more in love with her, who has confessed how I feel from time to time.

I don't think that note is really your heart.

The real heart will be here.

Sunjae, convinced by his communion with her, lay down next to her.

I looked at her preciously just before I went into my sleep.


Light came in dimly.

I fell asleep like falling apart. The morning soon came as if the night had flown away.

Yeon-woo, who opened her eyes to the body clock, recognized her husband's fine face, who fell asleep with her blanket, and remembered last night's incident again.

Last night's events were as distant as a dream, as if the night had really flown away.


However, his stiff body reminded me of his memory while carefully raising his upper body.

He was considerate of her, but she couldn't help but suffer the anguish she had to endure herself. But I didn't shed tears last night because I was tired.

"You save me. I can save you."

As if she knew she had been in the future, the expression she threw relying on her soaked her heart. I made him promise to love him more.

There's a little bit of a bummer.

I wanted to express myself so badly that I talked to him from time to time, but I wanted to make my husband laugh, but he rarely smiled.

You can talk to me a little softly.

Of course, I can't say this in the future because you are a manly man.

Recalling everything about him who was a very manly man, Yeon-woo twisted his body pleasantly and looked at him.

My husband, who is still sleeping, looked like a gentle sheep, unlike yesterday.


This is the time, so Yeon-woo whispered quietly.




He doesn't move a bit. So suddenly she felt like playing a prank.

"Whether or not."

A few days ago, you bothered me like that, didn't you?

He tickled me all over to wake me up.


I hate you, so I'm going to bother you.

She poked his cheek with her fingertips.

He is also unresponsive.

Smiling, she was more distressed.


But it's actually not that bad.

No, I love it.


I guess it got better overnight.


Sun-jae, who opened his eyes a little earlier than Yeon-woo, couldn't move with her next to him, who was asleep in his arms.

So I closed my eyes more and she wriggled first next to me.

Feeling that she was looking at herself without immediately raising herself up, he sat there deftly.

I wondered how he would wake himself up.


She called him in a ticklish voice.

It was so good to hear that he stayed still as if he hadn't woken up.

In the meantime, her 'Honey' was transformed into 'Yeobo' and became 'Oppa', 'Husband', and 'Namppyong'.

Eventually, his wife calls him by his name and touches his cheek. I'm sure I didn't wear anything to protect my body. What should I do?



"Kang Seonjae."

With his voice giggling alone, Seon-jae became harder and harder to hold on to the tip of his lips.

I close my eyes tightly, turning away from the light that touches my eyelids, but I don't think I can turn away from this woman.

My voice was cut off for a while. I'm thinking of opening my eyes now.

"Did I look similar to your imagination?”

She asked in a low voice. It was a question but a monologue.

However, Sun-jae, who had a good time, opened his eyes with an answer.

Hand cuffed to the hand that was bothering her cheek, then leapt onto her.


Much more than I imagined.

Seon-jae answered in that sense, but Yeon-woo, who came to accept it differently, swallowed his breath with surprise.

My heart was pounding again.

His words that he told me not to touch in the morning suddenly came to mind.


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