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Chapter 51

 The blanket wrapped around the body was slithering down.

My body, remembering last night, was very nervous.

The husband's bare body blocked his eyes made Yeon-woo hesitate to breathe.

The muscles that had been hit by my body countless times yesterday were still intact today.

Her heart was pounding again.

His eyes were thickening again, looking straight at her round shoulders.

Yeon-woo clenched the slowly falling blanket and turned his eyes to the side pretending not to use any energy.

"Ah, I'm tired. I need to sleep more...….”

"Aren't you awake? You've been crying out for me."

Sunjae said it in a teasing way. Unlike yesterday, there was a smile around my mouth.

So Yeonwoo was a little relieved.

"I was talking in my sleep, talking in my sleep.”

She also replied with a smile.

"Do it one more time."

But the next word somehow made me more nervous.

I don't know what I'm asking you to do more, but Yeonwoo didn't ask me again because I thought I shouldn't ask.

He said it as if he were teasing first.

"There's a lot of "honey" running after that.”

"I'm sorry."

Yeonwoo smiled again. It was meant to save the day.

"Don't laugh too hard."


"When you smile, it's tempting.”

He was even more obnoxious, saying it seemed tempting.

There were stinging eyes all over her exposed body. He tried to take down more blankets.

There was a bit of a power struggle. Yeon-woo, who pretended not to be supportive, became more desperate.

Of course, the blanket was quickly lifted because it was no match for Seonjae's grip.


Yeon-woo quickly flipped his body with a small scream.

The lovely figure made Seonjae laugh.

Her exposed curves give her strength from the morning.

Sweeping down her spine, I felt her shivering.

I was greedy, but I had to give up.

I know that right after she woke up, she made a throbbing sound.

"I'm not saying it's wrong, it's because you're cute."

Seon-jae lowered Yeon-woo's shoulders and lips to avoid further harassment.

Her body has a subtle sweetness.

Even at that moment, Yeon-woo reacted and shrugged.

Oh, I'm shy.

I guess it wasn't me last night. How did you get that courage?

He pressed his face close to her cheeks when the flush came to mind and asked.

"Do you want me to wash you off?"

Shake your head.

"I don't like it either. I want to wash you up."

Yeonwoo shook his head even louder. I desperately wanted to avoid that.

"Come on, wash up...… I have to get ready for work.”

She said stutteringly.


After a while he woke up feeling sorry for himself.


Thanks to this, Yeonwoo got to appreciate good things.

I've seen enough of his bare body yesterday, but it's the first time I've seen him from behind.

The perfect reverse triangle body was solid without any flabbing due to the wide shoulders.

The hollowed-out contour in the center was giddy sexy, stretching all the way to the inside of the brief.

In the past, I would have swallowed dry saliva by saying, "That looks cool," but now I naturally imagine it.

Oh, I'm going to be a pervert.

Yeon-woo stomped his feet secretly, looking at his calm back.

Their real marital life was just beginning.

Sunjae, who came out of preparation for work, received a call from the headquarters that this morning's meeting had been postponed until this afternoon. The morning time has become more relaxed.

My wife, who had washed up in the bathroom, was dawdling.

He pretended to be fine in front of him, but last night's incident seemed to have left an aftereffect.

"By what time do you get to work?"

"By 10 o'clock."

"We've been pushed back. Shall we go out together? I'll take you there."


Yeonwoo's voice was clear.

"I'll be right back."

Yeon-woo jumped into the room.

While I was diligently grooming, I felt pain all over my body. I didn't hate the feeling though.

I also felt good that my husband became softer.

He had a stiff face yesterday. I was nervous because he rarely let go of his expression.

So I was happy to laugh several times this morning.

As it is, I hope our time will be filled with happiness.

When I was about to go out to the living room after getting ready, there was a catch in my eye on the table.

A black wallet.

Yeon-woo recognized at a glance that it belonged to Seon-jae.

My heart pounded as I remembered the memories I had forgotten.

On the day of the funeral in 'Another Future', Yeon-woo found a picture of herself in his wallet.

It shocked her.

I was confused as to whether he was fond of himself.

My heart fluttered at the thought of that time.

Yeonwoo opened his wallet with trembling heart.

There isn't.

Luckily, there was no picture of her on the front of the wallet. I think I put the picture afterwards.

Then when did they put it in?

I'm curious, but I can't ask now.

No, I don't mind if I can't ask forever.

The same thing should not happen in other futures.

If that happens, your frustration will remain the same forever.

Something caught me trying to close my wallet with a firm mind.

I saw a thick piece of paper sticking out of my wallet's pocket.

'No way…'

Yeon-woo pulled out the paper that was stuck at her fingertips.


A long sigh came out.

The picture on the front of the wallet in "Another Future" was in the wallet's inner pocket.

A picture of the wedding day.

A poisonous picture of herself smiling softly in a wedding dress.

I get a sharp pain in my stomach.

I felt like tears were coming out, but I quickly rubbed my eyes and took out the picture and put it in my pocket.

Sun-jae, who was hanging around in the living room waiting for Yeon-woo, found Yeon-woo's cell phone next to the TV.

Smiling Sunjae put his cell phone in his pocket. I got playful.

I watched Yeon-woo looking for her cell phone and thought I should hand it to her later.

After a while, Yeon-woo, who finished preparing for work, came out of his room. As soon as Yeonwoo came out, she handed the wallet to Seonjae.

"This one."

"Oh, thank you. I forgot to bring it while I was changing."

Seon-jae, who tried to prank his good wife who handed him the wallet he had left out, suddenly felt embarrassed.

"Have you forgotten anything?"

"I don't have one.”

However, Sun-jae's smile came as she was elated by Sun-jae's question.

"Okay. Let's go."

I thought I'd return the cell phone later.

Yeon-woo didn't even look for her cell phone until she arrived at school. It wasn't like we had another conversation.

She seemed absent-minded and lost in thought. Seonjae wondered what she was thinking.

"We're almost there. What are you thinking?"

"Oh, haha. No."

Yeon-woo smiled embarrassingly and grabbed the passenger's doorknob.

"I'll be back. See you in the evening."

I should have packed my cell phone, but I didn't think I'd find it until the end.

Finally, Seonjae brought it up first.

"Did you forget anything?”


"Forget it. Think about it."


Yeon-woo, who was rolling his eyes blankly, kissed his face.

It wasn't a cheek, it wasn't a lip, it was a dim spot.

But I felt good. Sun-jae leaned toward her and responded with a proper kiss.

With a moment of bewilderment, her voice crumbled into him, 'Uh……'.

My lips fell off quickly.

However, a kiss filled with affection for a short time showed Yeon-woo's deep happiness again.

Yeon-woo, who had relieved her anxiety, smiled shyly smiled.

"It's obvious, and you've forgotten something else, haven't you?”

But he asked another question. Yeon-woo tilted his head and opened his bag.

Only then did I realize I didn't pack my cell phone.

"Oh, I forgot my cell phone. We're both missing something today."

Seon-jae took the cell phone right out of his pocket and handed it to her.

"Come on."


Yeon-woo, who received the cell phone, curled his lips and cheered.

"Thank you."

Seon-jae teased Yeon-woo's cute response.

"What are you going to do without me?"

"I can't live."

Then, unexpectedly, her answer popped out like a spring.

An answer that I can't hesitate for a moment.

That was not a joke to Yeonwoo. It couldn't be a joke.

She looked at him with moist, wet eyes.

"I can't live without you, honey."

So stay with me forever.

Seon-jae, who checked his face filled with her eyes, also felt heartbroken.

I wouldn't be able to live without you.

"Now go. It's almost 10 o'clock."

Pressuring his desire to be more together, he said hello.

"Yes, see you later."

Smiling repeatedly with eyes shining as clear as glass eggs, Yeon-woo also greeted him.

A touching thing arose inside Seon-jae watching Yeon-woo leave at a measured pace.

Doubts about the notes she found in her old room were set aside.

The note, it won't be hers.

Maybe she's under a strange threat.

Just as suspicious photos have been delivered to her office, she may have been caught up in something unexpected.

I should also ask about that note.

Because if she's in danger, I'll save her.

I regretted not asking right away because I thought I might be in danger.

'Yes, I'll ask you this evening.’

Seon-jae has firmly established his mind.


Time passed slowly, and there was a group executive meeting in the afternoon. It was a place to sort out important issues within the group.

Seon-jae conducted the presentation himself and received favorable responses from executives.

The meeting ended smoothly, and Seonjae, who took a breather, stopped by the bathroom and came out.

Ma Jin-tae, who had just entered the bathroom, passed by him and said something that he couldn't understand.

"How are you preparing for your divorce?"

Seonjae's foot stopped when he was going outside. There are only two people in the bathroom.

"What a frivolous remark."

"Why, isn't that mentioned yet?"

Margin Tae also had no backing down.

"There must be signs of divorce.”

Seonjae, who caught a fishy laugh, grabbed Ma Jin-tae by the collar.

It happened so quickly that Ma Jin-tae, who couldn't avoid it, trembled.

"Ugh. Well, well...…hey."

"What are you talking about?"

Seonjae argued with a frosty voice.

Suddenly, I thought that the note that was lying in Yeon-woo's old bedroom was sent by Ma Jin-tae.

If your wife is being threatened by Margin-tae's family...….

"Did you threaten Yeon-woo?"

"What, what are you talking about?"

"If that's the case, I'll kill you.”

Lee Yeon-woo, who I know, is a person who can't get along with people deeply, so I said Lee Yeon-woo."

Ma Jin-tae was grabbed by the collar and said with a distorted face.

"Don't talk nonsense. I know you sent me a picture."

"Moo, what....”

Although he pretended not to be, it was well seen that Ma Jin-tae's eyes were shaking to avoid the truth.

The tip of my hair stood out.

"You're the one who sent the note to my wife. Or is it Ok Seung-hye?"

"What do you mean, Kirk, let's talk."

This time, Ma Jin-tae's eyes opened wide. The reaction was different from when he was questioned about the picture.

Then, was it Ok Seung-hye, not Ma Jin-tae, who sent the note to his wife?

Seonjae let go of the hand that grabbed him by the collar.

Margin-tae, whose face turned red, gasped.

"Hey! I don't know what you're talking about. What the hell is a note?"

Ma Jin-tae shouted with a look of complete ignorance about the note.

"What's a note. There's something in my notebook. What kind of threat was written!"

After hearing Ma Jin-tae shouting, an employee outside ran.

"Did you have my handwriting on that note that you don't even know what it is? What the hell is that?!

The comments about "writing" left Seon-jae blank for a moment.

I searched my memory.

The handwriting in the note was obviously Yeonwoo's.


Sun-jae, who heard a noise from his father about the disturbance in the bathroom, left work early. Things couldn't get into my head.

I reflected on myself for being slightly out of order. I was careless of myself.

It was a mistake to swing his hand at Ma Jin-tae first.

Marjintae is as evil as a snake. I don't know what weaknesses I'm going to use this as an excuse.

After returning home and changing clothes, Sun-jae took his wallet out of his suit jacket and dropped it.

Seon-jae, who bent over to pick up his wallet, paused.

The picture in the wallet was not in place.

I'm already nervous. I felt like I had lost a talisman.

Seon-jae called Yeon-woo to ask her when she would return home.


"Where are you? I'm home from work.”

[I'm going to go now. You left work early again today?]

I heard a friendly voice over the phone.

"Okay. I'll wait, come on. And by any chance."

Seonjae asked a straight question.

"Did you take out the picture from my wallet?”

[Oh, yes.]

Yeon-woo's voice sounded heavy, but Seon-jae was fortunate.

It wasn't someone touching it, it was my wife's discovery.


Seonjae asked kindly.

[I just want it] Can't I?

"Then I'll develop the same thing for you.”

Sun-jae asked as he walked into the bedroom.

"Where's the picture? Did you leave it at home?”


"It's like a charm to me. Hurry up and tell me.”

[No, actually.]

Unlike Seonjae's tone, his still dark voice stopped him from walking.

[I don't like that picture] It's a bit unnatural to laugh.

"Do you remember what that day was like?"


"That day, you laughed only once."

Seon-jae, who remembers Lee Yeon-woo on the wedding day, said kindly.

Now I can smile while remembering that time, but he also didn't smile happily that day.

[But I don't like it] I don't like it.]

Unlike him, who grew dim, her voice sounded blunt. Seonjae became curious.

Can't you just send me another picture? There's a senior who takes good pictures, so I have a lot of solo pictures.]

Shin Hee-jin was a senior who took good pictures.

Seonjae was very annoyed.

"No. I'll have to do it. Nothing else. I don't want to."

He was stubborn.

[I threw it away]]

An irresponsible voice has returned.

He thought he had misheard.

What do you mean you threw it away?

Why didn't you ask me for an opinion?

"……why did you throw away my stuff without asking for my opinion?"


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