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Chapter 53

 Yeonwoo's family lived with her grandmother until she was eight years old.

Grandmother had been battling the disease for more than three years and was eventually sentenced to a time limit.

When the doctor said that she would not live more than a year, the grandmother became ill first.

Death is closer than life, but it was unbearable to be a burden to children.

Yeon-woo's grandmother passed away six months after she was sentenced to a time limit.

Yeon-woo's father has long blamed the doctor who declared the patient dead.

Yeon-woo, who had been watching her grandmother closely, was young, but he found out that there was a boundary of mind.

Because there was a lesson learned from experience, Yeon-woo didn't want to say it to Seon-jae anymore.

You could die.

Who would want to hear that. You'll think it's unlucky just to hear it.

If there was another way to fill the misunderstanding, Yeon-woo would have chosen another way without hesitation.

But there was no way.

Everything today has happened so quickly and so serious and the misunderstanding has already grown considerably.

So Yeon-woo poured out the truth as if she were expressing anger in her heart.

I'm glad to hear that.

Seon-jae was not angry at Yeon-woo's strange confession, saying that he just crumpled his forehead and talked nonsense.

In fact, it was because Yeon-woo cried so much that she couldn't afford to think about anything else, so Yeon-woo was able to start stuttering after crying.

"Let me tell you, the 'other future' is...….”

"Come here for now."

Seonjae beckoned after cutting off Yeonwoo's words, who barely stopped crying.

He leaned over to the couch on the sofa and tapped the sofa. I was going to hug you and talk to you.

Yeon-woo did what Seon-jae wanted because she looked stubborn not to listen if she didn't come here.

As Yeon-woo approached her, Sun-jae wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled it close.

The two were close enough to mix breaths.

Seon-jae was destined to feel at ease only when he touched her body.

Like a stray puppy, he becomes flustered asking for love.

How much trouble I've had all this time alone.

The current demand was an encouragement and reward given to him by Seonjae.

As her face approached, Seon-jae kissed her cheek as if for granted.

If you're close, you just kiss. Why? It's obvious.

Thanks to his gift-like excitement, Yeon-woo was able to erase her tears just before.

However, it is a problem in the future.

You have to live with the tremor of your heart while you're talking about this serious subject.

"I called the future I've been through 'other'. I mean, the future I've been through is a different future than it is now."

In a position that was assaulted by him and completely captured, Yeon-woo confessed everything like a white flag.

"In that future, we got divorced. We were separated before the divorce. I had no choice but to be interested in J-Group's work because I heard that I can get a safe divorce only when things go well at work. But it's all from the article, so what I wrote about J-Group in the notes won't be so accurate."

"No, it was pretty accurate. That's why I'm even more surprised."

"I'm sorry. I surprised you."

Yeon-woo was also heartbroken to think that he must have suffered alone.

But he seemed to have already shaken it off.

Just one more kiss to Yeon-woo's apology made my heart grow numb.

Yeon-woo carefully continued to talk while looking at his expression.

If he did it on purpose to hide his anxiety, I didn't want him to.

"As written in the note, I divorced on February 1 and was confirmed on March 2. And the accident happened that day. On March 4th...…there was a funeral."

Seonjae, who stroked her head, touched her shoulders and neck, pulled her closer and listened calmly, paused at the expression "funeral."

However, Seon-jae did not treat Yeon-woo as a crazy person.

He listened to these suspicious words silently. Without releasing her arms in her arms.

"And on March 4, I came back on November 25. That's the day I changed."

At Yeonwoo's words, Seonjae nodded while rolling his eyes.

You on November 25th. It was so strange and cute.

It was amazing that you knocked me down after building such a thick wall.

I see.

By this explanation all her suspicious actions at the time are convincing as well.


"……do you think I'm crazy?”

Yeon-woo, who read his mind, asked first.

Seonjae was prickly.

I didn't mean to think she was crazy.

However, it has not yet been fully acceptable. He was a man of common sense.

"There's no answer.

Yeon-woo didn't show any disappointment. It is possible to understand him.

She was well aware that without providing perfect evidence she was bound to be questioned.

"You don't doubt my feelings, do you? I don't want us to get divorced, never."

"Yes, I understood that.”

Yeonwoo stared straight at him. Seon-jae looked at her without smiling or frowning.

Yeon-woo couldn't know what kind of judgment Seon-jae made.

Will he be able to win his heart by telling him to believe in himself dozens of times?

"Wait a minute."

After thinking for a while, she got away from him and went to the room.

Yeon-woo, who brought a pen and paper from the room, wrote six numbers in front of him and handed them to him.

"What's this?"

"Lotto number, please.

Sun-jae's expression of holding six numbers in his hand became blank.

"You know my friend Susie? This is the lottery number that Suzy buys every week. It's Suzy's favorite idol band, "Idol Star Athletics Championship."


"Sooner or later, in January, this number will be No. 2 in Lotto. Then you'll understand me a little more.”

There was no other way but this.

It'll take some time but if the number really comes in second, he'll have a little faith in her.

But before that, there are concerns ahead.

It's heartbreaking to tell her not to believe what she says.

What about this man's mind that he has to accept that he could die?

I hope he doesn't weaken.

"But you don't have to believe what I said. Just think that I had a long-lasting dream.”

Yeon-woo, who was staring at Seon-jae, said.

"I don't care if you don't believe me. It's better not to believe me than to be nervous because you believe me."

However, we cannot leave out the request now that it has come to this is the case.

"However, please be a little more careful.”

Yeonwoo said everything she wanted to say. Now she has nothing more to hide.

"Back in the past, I thought I should never get divorced, and I think that's over. But strangely, there are accidents that happen like fate. Especially this burn...….”

As she asked, she caressed his burned arm.

Seon-jae, who confirmed that Yeon-woo's eyes were wet again, organized the atmosphere.

"Let's stop. I think I've heard everything worth listening to.”


"Okay, I'll be careful. So this is going to be the second place, right? Then can I buy 100,000 won worth of lotto with this number?”

Sunjae, who reassured her, flexibly changed his words.

He grinned and fluttered the paper paper Yeon-woo gave him.

"Huh, what's wrong with a rich man?"

I'm just kidding.

Yeon-woo, who took it innocently, burst out.

"If possible, just let it go. I'm out of luck."


"I don't want to waste our luck elsewhere."

If I had any luck, I'd like it all to be consumed for you. I hope it helps you save your life.

I don't want any other luck.

I thought her words were funny, but Seon-jae did not refute them.

She had a true eye of 100% purity the whole time.

"How do you feel?"

Yeon-woo, who kept looking at his condition, asked carefully.

"Are you okay?"

"There's no reason not to be okay.”

"Are you sure you're okay? Let me know if you're nervous."

Seon-jae smiled softly with a calm look on his face.

"It was hard before you said it."


"Sigh, it was hell."

It was really bleak. Hell was not on the other side of the world.

I don't want to experience that feeling again when I find a note.

Fear of being betrayed by someone I love.

The suspicion that her real face, smiling brightly in front of her, might be different, had eaten into his stomach.

I thought I'd live a little now that it's settled.

She spoke of death, but he felt closer to life.

"That's why you became my health care worker?”

I don't know if it's because it doesn't feel real, but I'm not really worried about death yet.

If there was a sore spot, it might have been a little restless.

But he didn't really care.

It's not that I don't believe her, but I know I should.….

It's a little strange.

"That's what I told you to take off your ring."

In the future you've been through, we're divorced.

Now I can't imagine you're not around me at all.

"I got divorced, so I took off my ring.”

"We're not going to do it."

Yeon-woo firmly said when he looked worried. Seon-jae smirked again.

"Yes, so don't worry."

I thought I could clear up all misunderstandings as it is now. It was quite a relief.

The smell of chicken, which had not been recognized before, strongly stimulated the sense of smell.

His body first accepted that the conflict was now over.

Seonjae, who got up with Yeonwoo well on the sofa, brought chicken with a nice scent alone in front of the front door.

I also brought coke from the refrigerator.

"A beer for chicken."

Yeon-woo, who was watching Seon-jae's movements, said.

"It's Coke today.”


Seonjae didn't answer and changed his words again.

"What happened to the picture? Why did you throw it away?”

"I found the picture in my honey's wallet after the accident. I wanted to avoid being the same as before.”

Sunjae nodded silently.

"Oh, I want to ask you something."

According to Seonjae's question, Yeonwoo was also flexibly incorporated into his topic.

A picture of yourself in your wallet. Yeon-woo wondered since when he had it.

"Where did you get that picture?”

"Well, it's easy to get. I was looking through the wedding photo file and I liked it and asked for it to be developed."


"It's been a while. I think it's been over a year."

Yeonwoo tilted his head.


"Huh? Why?”

"That's when we're not close."

His answer would be a bit of a clue to the question in the 'other future'.

What did he think of me in the first place?

However, Seon-jae does not answer readily.

Instead of answering, he stared at her still and tilted his head to cover her lips.

Her eyes slid shut in the sudden breath.

I still think the timing of his kiss is very incomprehensible, but Yeonwoo didn't hate it.

It was a great blessing of marriage to be able to meet such a fluttering moment at any time, even after crying so hard just an hour ago.

After a long kiss, the answer returned.

"I don't know why."

It's a vague answer, but it's actually the most honest one.

"From the very beginning. Because I thought you were pretty enough even when we weren't close.”

His answer to the heart-throbbing kiss touched Yeonwoo's heart repeatedly.

"Now that this beautiful woman has become my wife, of course I want to carry a picture with me. Actually, that smiling face cheered me up.”

Yeonwoo's lips shyly draw a line.

"It's not enough to say pretty right now."

It's not enough to say I love you.

Maybe it didn't matter what she answered to the note from the beginning.

He would have kept his marriage no matter what terrible the facts revealed.

So she would have tried to change her mind.

His mind about her couldn't change.

This time, Yeon-woo hugged his neck first. The sound of the lips tickled to the cheek.

Seonjae turned his head straight away and licked her lips deliciously.

"Honey, I have a favor to ask.”

At the height of her mood, she spoke in a happy voice.

"Yes, just name it."

Kang Seon-jae, an easy man who is always ready to give his heart to her temptation, replied with a sweet kiss. but

"Let's drink beer."

"……it doesn't work. Drink Coke."

He, who acted as if he would pick a star at her request, suddenly shook his head as if it were not enough.

"Why? Do you feel sick?" Then don't drink coke either. Drink water, drink water."

She reacted in a fuss, thinking there was something wrong with him when he refused to drink beer.

"No, it's not like that."

"Don't you just feel like eating?"

"Yeah. I'm not in the mood to eat."

"But I'm in the mood to eat."


"Then I'll be the only one drinking.”

"No, you drink coke, too."

Seon-jae gave Yeon-woo a can of coke with a serious look.

"Are you still angry?”

Yeonwoo, who became anxious, asked.


"Are you mad at me enough to stop you from drinking beer with your chicken in front of you?”

"Who. No...….”

Seonjae sighed and cleared up the misunderstanding.

"I'll give you a drumstick. Eat all four."

Yeonwoo blinked. There is no longer any doubt.

I'm disappointed that he can't drink beer, but it doesn't mean he's mad at himself.

Giving up all the chicken legs means I love you so much.


After a satisfying dinner except for skipping beer.

After washing up, Yeonwoo fixed the torn note.

Spread the crumpled paper and match the torn pieces with transparent tape.

I cherish it, but I also have great love and hatred. I knew this could lead to misunderstanding.

I can't wait for the day to tear this note apart.

"Are you not going to throw away your notes?"

Seonjae approached and asked. His arm naturally wrapped around her shoulder.


"How does it feel to be hugged by me?”

Shameful Yeon-woo stopped, but his bad hands touched her clothes narrowly with a slick question.

"Do I look like the Grim Reaper? Is it cold? Does it complicate your mind other than that it feels good when I touch it.”

"No, I don't."

I could see what he was worried about.

She was worried that she would find herself cringe-worthy, dying in another future. It was an idea he shouldn't have.

"I really don't."

"You're not sleeping with me for pity, are you?"

"What do you mean...….”

"That's enough."

He was plain.

"Let's get rid of the notes."

His mind is as good as before and after learning the truth. I think I can overcome my fate without notes.

I think it's already beyond that framework.

We fell in love.

My life is already far from that note. I've been saved.

So I hope you get out of the pain now.

Now stop, erase the anxiety that I'm going to die.

"I promise I'll never die."

Seonjae encouraged Yeonwoo.

"I'll remember and I'll be careful, so stop worrying.”

The hand that was holding the torn piece of paper lost its strength.



He let out a long sigh of relief.

Yeon-woo resigned that the only way to reassure him was to throw away his notes.

Then I'll engrave all the notes on my head like a picture tonight.

And I'll throw it away.

Then, as if to stop the thought, a bad hand casually broke into her clothes.

Buried in his nose near her clavicle, he inhaled and absorbed her fragrant body odor.

"Now you know what I'm going to say, right?”

Somehow the voice is terrifying. My heart ached.

I gulped down like an instinct.

Suddenly I remembered why he wouldn't let me drink beer.

"You know that, right?

How can you not know what to say when you are full of energy alone on this dark night?

But I don't think I should know. Yeonwoo answered coyly.

"……No, I don't know.”

"I'll let you know."

With his lips glued to the spot where his hands passed, he gently sucked in her delicate skin and bit it well.

Humph. Moisturizing elasticity flowed out weakly.

Peripheral nerves responded sharply to the stimuli he presented. My heart was pounding already.

Whether you know or not, the result was the same.

"Yesterday, actually."


"I've had it up to much."

I meant it was real from now on.


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