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Chapter 54

 "What do you mean...did you?"

Yeon-woo stammered and groped at the seal of her lips that Seon-jae pressed on her skin.

"I've noticed you. Because I asked for it."

I put up with it.….

I don't know when or at what point I put up with it.

But there was no room for further thought.

My body and mind were itchy, so rational thoughts were being pushed out.

Oh, I have to memorize the notes. That way, I can throw away this notebook.

"……I'm ashamed that yesterday was my first time, so I still couldn't get over it.”

Yeonwoo made a lame excuse. I know he's always considerate of himself, even if he says so. I'm about to take advantage of his sex again.

"My heart is pounding.”

"Then don't you think we need to have a good time more often to overcome it.”

But her excuse didn't work. For once, he also seems unable to make concessions.

"It's my first time too, so I'm nervous, but I'm going to go beyond it. For the future."


But something was off about what he said.

Yeon-woo turned around and stared at him out of his arms.

Seonjae continued his words deftly.

"Both of us don't know anything, so we have to take this time often to get to know each other properly."

"……first time?”

I don't think so. You don't have to say that.

"I've heard something. I've been telling you. You're my first time.”


"Where's the girl before Lee Yeon-woo?"”

He also believed in a lot of things, so I think he should believe me too.

"I will."

There was no bird that had a shallow doubt. Her vision shifted.

Seonjae lifted her up and put her down on the bed. It was light work to move her.

He was able to capture the air above her in no time.

I'm going to sleep in this room today.

I hope she can relax a little as it is the room where she lived for two years.

I'll push it anyway, but that doesn't mean I don't care about her opinion.

The big eyes looking at him were shaking like a piece of heart. She sounded really frightened, so she said sweetly.

"If you don't like it, shake it off."

"How can I resist it? I can't even move.”

She chided him for his advice.


Seon-jae belatedly lifted his body that had stuck to her.

There was a space between the two quickly, but that didn't mean Yeon-woo could avoid him.

Yeon-woo was caught in a conflict.

I have to memorize my notes, but how do I turn this guy down?

A man who gives off this deadly pheromone to her even though he doesn't take any action.

His eyes glisten even more as he looked at her with eagerness as she did not move. The tail of the eyes slowly bends.


Yeon-woo's lips, which were rolled inside and came out, smeared with saliva.

It's a big deal for me to be completely weak in you.

Her bright red lips made it harder for Seonjae to endure.

He landed gently where his lips wanted to be.

Yeon-woo opened his lips and gulped over his lumpy heat.

Her eyelids glanced down.

Every time I accepted the stimulus, my thoughts continued. I said it was disconnected.

By any chance, what I've said has complicated his mind.

Maybe I can't sleep without spending this night.

Maybe I'm afraid of the future.

Then it is okay for this act of affection to continue through the night.

If I can comfort you. If that clears all your anxiety.

But contrary to her thoughts, his movements are delicate, precise and bold. There was no such thing as anxiety.

He was well looking for the moment when she was giddy.

Yesterday is my first time and today is my second time. Why am I so good at this?

No, it seemed to develop and evolve every moment. It's very different from yesterday.

Yeon-woo grabbed the hem of the sheet one after another at his bold and ticklish attack.

Then he couldn't hold his lips down to the navel, biting her skin and calling him urgently.

"Honey…… Wait…….”

Tears welled up. I felt a strange feeling.

"Huh... wait, wait, wait, wait.

But he stopped moving late, even more distracted by the low breath.

"Sigh. Thank you."

The greeting poured out with exclamation with tears in his eyes easily hit his heart.

The pleasure of confirming his wife's sexual appearance ignited him even more.

I wanted to lick her cheeks and ears, and everywhere her body temperature rose.

"Don't say thank you."


"It's really going to ring from now on."

He threw off his T-shirt at once and said.

It was a real newlywed.

I said it would ring, but he carried my aspiration away, soothing her not to suffer.

The air was warm.

By the time she was ready to accept him, he was also more intolerably close.

Not a drop of alcohol was in her mouth, and her pupils melted.

My heart was about to burst. I couldn't wait to engrave her traces.

He was always the first to be fascinated.

Seonjae grabbed her narrow waist and pulled her. The heat she embraced seemed to engulf her. It was the best.

Gasp, his sigh was added to the groaning. Her trembling hand went up in the air and pulled him away from his waist.

Notes and memories, and nothing was left in her head.

Whenever the flash passed in the dark space, Yeon-woo's hand caught him bent.

Yeon-woo didn't want to miss it, so she put strength in her hands again.

A few times after the downfall, when dense languages were flowing and overflowing, a new morning again.

Seon-jae, who woke up to Yeon-woo's dry cough, came back from the kitchen with a bottle of bottled water.

"I'm thirsty. Drink water."

It was a strange look that didn't go with the relaxed and sweet voice.

"How are you feeling?"

It's like when you say it's okay, you just cross over into another amazing world. That close look.

I hate you.

Why do I hate you so much?

Yeon-woo, who swallowed a few sips of bottled water, said, pouting his lips.

"It's a little unfair."

I think I'm the only one who's clumsy.

"Are you having a hard time?”

"No, it's not like that."

He smiled at the cute grunt and asked.

"Then what do you resent?"

"Didn't you say I was the first?"

"Don't you like it? Because I don't have any experience?"

Unable to grasp her intentions, he asked again.

"Do you prefer someone who's experienced and skillful in leading?”


She turned up the volume. I was embarrassed.

No, what more are you going to lead here?

"……like a skilled man. Very proficient…….”

Oh, it's rude to say it myself.

She tried to say more, but she shut her mouth in the middle.

He didn't spend a time of satisfaction alone.

He, still ashamed and awkward about the act of love, took her to a world of joy and excitement as soon as she sensed the dizzying danger.

It gave me a taste of new joy and fullness.

It was the night when Lee Yeon-woo, who has lived as a quiet woman for 25 years, discovered a new side of her.

Yeon-woo's cheeks quickly heated up again when I recalled history.

"You know what, ma'am."

He replied in a still sweet voice.

"It's because I don't know you're really good."

She had a pouty look on her face, so he told her a piece of the story with the intention of making her laugh.

"It's hard for me to say, but I happen to be in a position to connect the family business. I'm a man who will succeed no matter what I do."

Huh........ Yeonwoo only smiled.

"I've been a natural in many ways since I was a kid. If I teach you one thing, you'll know twenty, just, the kids come to study me."

Teach me one thing and I'll know twenty...… who the hell said that?

When I confess to a reproductive plant, I think you know only one thing if you teach you one thing. No, I don't know if it's about 0.9.

"There's nothing I can't do."

Oh, yes. Would you like to...…. Yeon-woo nodded nervously.

Seon-jae, who was looking at her with lovely eyes, added his affection.

"And it's a bit sadistic."


"How can I bother you, I've been thinking about it every day.

Yeonwoo glanced at him and slapped him in the chest.

My chest was as hard as the wall, so I felt like I hit the wall.

Yeonwoo got angry again because only her hands seemed to hurt.


"Did that bother you?"

I have nothing to say when he asks like that.

"Tell me if there's anything bothering you. We have to keep up with each other."

He laid his hand on her exposed shoulder and smoothed it still.

He took all the forms with a relaxed voice, but the waves still fluttered in his heart.

I'd like to spend more time in bed, but I had something to do this morning.

"Let's go throw away our notes."


It was at a camping site in Seoul that Seonjae led the car to arrive.

"Comeing here...….”

"It's the best place to burn your notes."

Seon-jae spoke solemnly.

The large camping ground was empty without a car.

"There are no people."

"Maybe it's because it's too cold. It's also a weekday."

"I know."

"Let's really come camping when it's better."

Yeonwoo smirked. I couldn't imagine my husband, who had lived as a noble man, setting up a tent at a crowded camping site, eating and spending the night.

"Can you play tent?"

"Of course, I'm a soldier.”

Seonjae answered calmly.

"Hold on a second. I'll call you after the fire."

He first got out of the car with charcoal and torch from the entrance of the camping site.

It was cold outside. It wasn't windy, but it wasn't very empty.

Seonjae poured dry branches and charcoal into a nearby brazier.

Then put the end of the torch deep under the charcoal and pressed the switch. Charcoal was heated red and the fire came up.

Charcoal quickly burned all at once and spread the fire. Seon-jae stepped back for a moment and sighed quietly.

After one strong flower fire, the charcoal was cleared and the fire spread evenly.

"You can come out now."

Seonjae called Yeonwoo. Yeon-woo came out with a bunch of notes.

Seonjae brought a liver chair on one side of the camping site so that Yeonwoo could sit down.

Yeon-woo, who settled down, hung a blanket on her shoulder. Yeon-woo was not cold at all thanks to the fire in front of her knees and a blanket wrapped around her back.

"Now can I put my notes in here?”

"We're all set. Do you need time to say goodbye?”

"Phew. No."

Yeon-woo stirred his hands once and threw the front of the note at the fire.

The paper swelled and burned easily.

Yeon-woo tore a few more sheets and threw it again.

The words "divorce" and "accident" caught Yeon-woo's eye. The letters disappeared quickly.

Eventually, no time was given to revisit the notes.

But now I can throw it away comfortably.

Because I am familiar with some of the content, and above all, I can rely on him.

The days I carried those letters hurt a lot.

It's gonna hurt a little less now.

"If it disappears, do you think you'll lose your memory?”

Seeing her eyes getting wet, Seon-jae asked quietly.

"As much as you've emptied your memory, better things will be filled.”

He added strength, and I felt as if I was filling my heart with things as hot as my heart was empty.

He brought up the old story with a more soothing mind.

"There's someone I can't remember either. I miss it all of a sudden, but I can't think of a face anymore."

"Is this your first love?”

Yeonwoo asked jokingly.

"My first love is Lee Yeon-woo."


"You really don't believe me?”

"Oh, don't do that, it's burdensome."

"It's a lot of pressure. Why do you feel pressured, that's a good thing."

"My first love is when I go to kindergarten, I finish it fresh with my neighbor.”

Yeonwoo answered cheerfully.

Gradually the sad energy escaped her eyes. Seonjae also felt better.


He smiles benevolently in a soft voice and calls her name, which is odd.

Yeonwoo opened his eyes and looked at him.


"What's the name of the guy who was fresh with you?"

He's smiling, but he's not smiling.

"Haha…… I don't remember either."

What if I'm jealous of the memories of my first love that I can't think of?

But dodging an answer, he didn't question further.


Instead, the story was briefly cut off again.

"Suddenly, the memory of the person I missed was erased, so I could come to a place like this. With his wife like this."

Ah....... A small sigh came out of Yeonwoo's mouth.

"I'm saying I'm able to start a fire.”

A fire incident 20 years ago.

The incident in which he lost a friend and Yousara lost her twin brother.

He was telling the story.

In other words, the person he misses is Yousara's twin brother.

Yeon-woo came to reflect on not being able to understand his mind early.

It hurt me late to think how painful he must have been while making a fire.

But he really has a relieved face.

"And I could be excited thinking about camping.”

It even smiles with delight.

"Lee Yeon-woo and Kang Seon-jae should overcome the past and grow a little bit more." We're going to live for a long time.”

I learn a lot from him.

You have to take one off to take another.

It makes me realize that I can keep walking only when I leave behind my feet.

Yeon-woo was grateful that he was her husband.

The note burned red and became a handful of ashes, and the fire became dull.

"Can I come to work late?”

"Yes, I'm fine."

"Shall we eat ramen?”

"Where do you sell ramen?"

"I brought it from home."

He brought a bag from the car and showed it to me.

There was really ramen, pot, tableware, and spoon.

I took care of my house because I felt like I was taking care of something at home.

I think it's quite surprising, but...….

"If it's cold, stay in the car. I'll call you when it's done."

"No, I'll boil it."

Yeon-woo somehow felt uneasy and tried to take the pot away from him.

"It's okay."

But Seonjae didn't hand over the pot.

Yeon-woo is in a position to watch Seon-jae.

I was nervous as if I had put a child in a well.

With a trauma to the fire, I was worried if he could cook ramen with cooking utensils.

Conscious of her concerns, Seonjae carefully cooked.

He learned the recipe written on the ramen bag and made ramen by measuring the time. The smell that captivated the sense of smell spread.

Ramen cooked quickly.

"Let's eat."

Seonjae put ramen in Yeonwoo's bowl. The ramen that was tailored to the recipe was chewy and firm.

I was so moved that my stomach got hot.

"Is it good?"


"This is my first time doing this, too.”

He spoke with pride.

"I'm good at a lot of things from the beginning, right?

Yeon-woo smiled with a flush filled with the energy of a calm fire.


After returning home from a morning outing, Seonjae and Yeonwoo diligently prepared for work and left home. It's late for work.

And the empty house is Jisun's again.

Yeon-woo asked Ji-soon over the phone.

[Madam] Please. The rooms are fine, just sweep the kitchen and the living room and wipe them.]

"Yes, I will."

Ji-soon filled the refrigerator with the side dishes and went into the living room and kitchen cleaning as Yeon-woo asked on the phone.

Thanks to her meticulous personality, the living room and kitchen soon became dust-free.

Ji-soon smiled gloatingly as she looked back into the perfect house without flaws.

After cleaning, Jisoon turned off the CC camera in the house. A cautious time has come again.

She went into Yeonwoo's old room.

"Well done with the lighting.’

On the day Jisun bought the lights, she opened a 'different future' note in the room. I hope Sunjae finds the note first.

The reason why such a bold operation was carried out was because Yeon-woo had a gap in his personality.

Yeon-woo was not meticulous in housework and trusted people very well.

If the operation failed and he was suspected of it, Jisun was going to take it easy.

It was calculated that Yeon-woo and Seon-jae would then distrust each other.

But I couldn't have done more of this.

Ok Seung-hye's monthly salary gradually decreased, and I didn't like her tail getting longer.

I couldn't miss my original good job in pursuit of a little bit of practicality.

Ji-soon opened Yeon-woo's drawer door, thinking today was the last day.

The sky blue notes were arranged where they were originally.

However, Jisun's face crumpled when she picked up her note.

Notes are just the same cover color, not the feeling they used to be.

Jisun tilted her head and turned the page. There was no writing on the inside of the note.

'……where did it go? Did you clean it up somewhere else?

By any chance, after Seonjae found the note, did he already get mad?

Jisun looked at the picture of her cell phone to see if there were any other changes inside the drawer.

Jisun's cell phone had pictures of the inside of Yeonwoo's drawer.

I searched the inside of the drawer with reference to the picture. I looked to the bottom of every drawer, but there was no original note.

Just in case, I searched the bed, the bed floor, and other storage spaces.

The note seems to have been thrown away. If so...

"Somewhere, there must be something to replace the note...….”

Jisun muttered lowly and scrutinized the pages of the blank notes. He thought there might be a message he overlooked.

When you're so absorbed.

"What are you looking for?”

Jisun's head turned back at the sound of the open door.

Jisun dropped the note in her hand.

Yeon-woo was looking at herself coldly.


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