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Chapter 55

 Yeon-woo, who walked slowly, picked up a note that fell under Jisun's feet.

"Are you looking for a note that looks exactly like this?”

"Madam, I'm going to sort this out for a while and...….”

Jisun barely said, hiding her trembling voice.

Yeon-woo cut off Jisoon's waist.

"I told you to clean the living room and kitchen today."

I didn't know the lady I trusted would do this.

Yeon-woo had full confidence in Jisun.

He was willing to do housework neatly and sometimes asked for help in a hurry, so he believed and relied on Yeon-woo and Seon-jae because he knew how to keep the streets without showing interest in their personal lives.

That's why I was completely relieved.

I didn't have any doubts. She was foolish.

Yeon-woo's suspicion arose only after hearing the full story of the day he found the note from Seon-jae yesterday.

No matter how often Yeon-woo made mistakes, she couldn't have opened up a note as important as her life and went to work.

But the notes were spread out.

At first, I thought someone might have sneaked into this house.

But there were many gates to cross to do so.

So Yeonwoo came to think about Jisun.

Come to think of it, Ji-soon was a person who knew the password of the front door.

It makes sense if Ji-soon delivered it to Ok Seung-hye and Ok Seung-hye gave Sarah the front door password.

In addition, Ji-soon has never seen Seon-jae and Yeon-woo get along well, so it would not have been unreasonable to be sure of the two as a show window couple.

If Ji-soon was an information provider, everything could be explained.

It would be a pity if Ji-soon did not do anything wrong, but Yeon-woo had no choice but to suspect.

Yeonwoo pretended to be at work and hid inside the house.

I was nervous that Jisoon would be caught cleaning, but Jisoon did not step into the kitchen and living room as Yeonwoo requested.

And about an hour later.

Yeonwoo was able to catch the scene.

Jisun, who was searching for a note, was held tight.

"I trusted everything about the housework, but I'm disappointed."

Jisun was really an informant.

"What have you been looking for so desperately?"


"No, why did you look for it like that?"

Jisun was rolling her eyes with her head down. Probably trying to come up with a trick.

I've never seen Jisoon like this before. Yeonwoo was also devastated.

"To show Ok Seung-hye?"

Ji-soon flinched in response to the name Ok Seung-hye.

"Was it all ma'am? Did you tell Mrs. Ok Seung-hye the password for the front door, or did you make a wild guess about my husband and me and say weird things?"

Jisoon replied after a long time.

"I have no idea what you're talking about. It's just cleaning and organizing hard, is that a sin? How can you frame me like this?"

As expected, it was flippant feet.

Yeon-woo was so dumbfounded that he burst into a faint snort.

"You won't be able to back out. The phone conversation we had earlier, and everything you did in this room today, was recorded."

Yeon-woo pointed to the camera installed in the corner and said.

She told Seon-jae that Ji-soon was suspicious, and Seon-jae accepted this intention.

Seonjae installed a camera in this room before going to work.

All records of Ji-soon hiding in this room and searching the room were recorded.

"Ba, didn't your wife tell you to clean this room, too? I'm only guilty of tidying up this room, as your wife said."

Under Yeon-woo's pressure, Ji-soon made a more unreasonable move.

"I don't know how the call was recorded, but I was definitely told to clean my room and living room.”

"Is this my room? I've never introduced this place as my room.”


"If you keep making excuses like this, I have no choice but to call the police, ma'am."

Jisoon was furious.

"Madam, you're not doing that."

On the one hand, I couldn't hide my trembling fingertips.

"I've been working in this house for over two years. I know this house better than your wife. If you want to kick him out, say something nice, not this way."

In other words, he was cornered.

Yeon-woo turned into a moderate book without getting excited together.

"Madam, calm down and think. You'd better tell me who you got the order from.”


"Or are you going to take the price of every crime to yourself? It's only good for them behind the scenes. You know."

Jisun closed her lips tightly and looked angry.

"They never help you. There's nothing they can do to help you now."

Heavy tears fell from Jisun's eyes.

"He talked to me first...….”

Ji-soon revealed the truth with lamentation.

As expected, it was Ok Seung-hye's work.

"I refused at first. But my son wanted to go to the U.S. for language training.….”

Money constrains people.

Yeonwoo was sad. If you had a hard time, you'd rather tell me.

Ji-soon confessed that she had reported to Ok Seung-hye what she had watched at Yeon-woo's house.

"At first, I just asked you to say hello. Then gradually, I started to want more and more...….”

"But you can't even give me the front door password."


"Did you report everything from that drawer?”

Yeon-woo pointed to the drawer that contained the note and asked.

Jisun couldn't raise her head.

"Whoa, you know it's a crime, right?"

Yeon-woo couldn't help but blame Jisun.

Ji-soon said a few more words without raising her head.

"Ok Seung-hye's wife used a fake phone when she contacted me. I used a password messenger to send and receive calls and photos.”

Ok Seung-hye was careful not to leave any clues.

If you used a fake phone and an encrypted messenger, you would not be able to track the remaining communication records named Ok Seung-hye.

In many ways, he is a cunning man.

"Didn't you ever hear why you're doing this to me, why on earth are you interested in me?"

Yeonwoo asked in frustration.

Yeon-woo did nothing to damage Ok Seung-hye.

It's been a long time since we broke up, so it was a good relationship to forget about each other.

Now I have no idea why Ok Seung-hye is trying to bully her again.

Jisun shook her head.

"Do you just want to make it a habit?"

Yeon-woo's heart was bitter, not cool, after hearing the rough story from Ji-soon.

At the moment, there was only evidence to confirm Ok Seung-hye's crime, so Yeon-woo had no choice but to follow up.

Yeon-woo, who recorded Ji-soon's confession, later decided to receive testimony from Ji-soon once again when Yeon-woo filed a complaint against Ok Seung-hye.

Jisun was immediately fired.

Yeon-woo couldn't be disused because she had to be sensible just because she didn't report it to the police.


A few days later, it became Saturday.

It is the day of Kang Un-ho's 60th birthday, Seon-jae's father.

The event was a closed-door event, but there were also charity auctions along with the event, which would attract a lot of visitors.

Seonjae and Yeonwoo diligently prepared to leave the house.

Yeon-woo didn't have much time because she had to stop by the hair salon.

Yeon-woo was going to get groomed at a hair salon, so there was nothing else to do. Only Sunjae had to dress up.

Seon-jae, who was drying his hair after washing up, suddenly thought of Ji-soon and talked to Yeon-woo.

"Aunt Nam Ji-soon. Aren't you a little nervous about just firing him? I would have handed it over to the police on the spot."

"I wanted to, but I couldn't help it. We're in big trouble, but it's not a serious crime. Your father's 60th birthday party is coming up, and I shouldn't be making headlines about it."

"Yes, I'm sure your judgment is correct. I hope you understand the gratitude. You'll never see Ok Seung-hye again, will you?”

"I asked for all that, too."

"Yes, good job."

Seon-jae smiled as he looked at Yeon-woo standing next to me holding his suit.

"But why are you doing that?”

"To appreciate my husband's face...….”

Yeon-woo, who was looking at her husband with happy eyes, replied.

"Honey said she'd go to the hair salon with me, so I'm giving you a preview. Honey would be bored at the hair salon."

Now you are good at saying 'honey'. On the contrary, Seon-jae did not adapt.

Whenever the word "honey" came out of her mouth, her heart tickled.

"Don't worry about that. Because I'm brighter on the count."


"As bored as I was, I'll get it all back later in the night.”

For a moment his eyes glistened like a beast.

"Wear it alone."

"No, I don't want you to dress me."

She hangs her clothes on the hanger next to him and tries to leave, and he acts like an unexpected child.

"Come on, come on."

Yeon-woo smiled and returned to his seat pretending not to win.

This time I stood behind his back.

The wide shoulders, smooth curved muscles and slender waist make a wonderful picture.

You won't get tired of looking at his figure all day.

"Honey, do you know there's a mole here?"

Yeon-woo pressed the middle of his back and said. It's a small dot about 1mm in diameter.

His clean skin color, a black spot caught in a jade.

"I'm the only one who knows this, right?”

Yeon-woo looked up at him and smiled playfully.

I was happy that I was a man who knew every little thing about him.

For a moment, the light of stillness, which had briefly crossed his eyes a few minutes ago, gathered again.

He pushed Yeonwoo into the bed.

"I'm going to find a mole, too.

As soon as her husband, whose hand skills improved day by day, knocked her over to bed, she deftly unbuttoned her blouse.

His touch was itchy, so Yeon-woo turned his back and fell over.

"Oops, it's late, it's late."

"I'm not late—let's find three and go."

As a result, it turned out the way he wanted it turned out.

Sunjae, who was able to check Yeonwoo's white back, moved his fingertips in search of her mole.


At least one could be found quickly.

But it took time from the second time.

"Oh, it tickles."

Yeon-woo couldn't tell if he was deliberately dragging his time or because it was hard to find a real mole.

My fingertips, which slowly wander over my back, made me nervous.

He knocks, saying his heart is busy for nothing.


"Stop, stop."

She turned around and begged, holding his hand.

"I need one more mole.”

"I don't need it."

Yeonwoo shook his head.

His charm, which can be seduced anytime, anywhere, is sometimes despicable.

He always captures his heart.

"Let's get back and finish what we couldn't."

He also kissed her briefly with a wistful face and pulled himself out of bed.

Yeon-woo, who sighed for life support, also dressed up and went back to Seon-jae.

"In a different future."

Yeon-woo opened his mouth as he quickly dressed him in a shirt. It's a story of a different future.

"I saw Honey with a bandage on her arm at your father's 60th birthday party. After that, I heard it was a burn. That's why I wrote about the video in my notebook.”

Yeon-woo kept talking, buttoning up her shirt.

Today is a pleasant, pleasant day from the start.

"But I got to take off my bandage and go to the 60th Gapyeon. I feel good, and I'm recovering fast."

If this feeling continues like this.

"Do you know why recovery is so quick?”

He also asked with a pleasant face.


"It's because of Lee Yeon-woo.”

Because you're next to me.


Arriving at the hair salon, Yeon-woo changed his outfit and got makeup today.

Seonjae sat behind Yeonwoo.

It's funny that a person who wasn't next to me all along on the wedding day is following me like this now that it's been well over two years.

Yeon-woo smiled softly looking at Seon-jae.

"I think it would be pretty if you braided your hair long to one side, how about it?"

The stylist asked for Yeonwoo's opinion.

"Don't make it look too fancy. I don't like it because it's awkward. Finish your hair and makeup in half an hour."

"30... minutes?”

"Is it impossible? Then, I'm done with my hair and just put on makeup. I'll pin my hair on my own."

"Oh, no, it's not. I'll do it as fast as I can."

Yeonwoo's pressure made the stylist busy.

Seon-jae, who heard the conversation between the two, secretly sent a text message to Yeon-woo.

My wife's a little tough.

Hoot, Yeonwoo laughed again.

I can't wait to finish it because I'm embarrassed that you're watching.

Yeah, she's pretty no matter what, so get it over with. Play with me.

As expected, it seems boring to sit behind the scenes. His nagging was considered cute.

The grooming was finished soon.

Yeon-woo's braided hair to one side with an elegant white dress with slanted hem from the front to the knees and the back to the ankles was very beautiful.

"How are you, groom? My priest is like an angel!"

The stylist asked Sun-jae as if he were showing the grooming of the bride-to-be ahead of the wedding shoot.

Seonjae answered chicly.

"My wife is naturally as pretty as an angel."


I ended up embarrassing the stylist.

Yeon-woo poked Seon-jae in the arm and gave him a small voice.

"Just get over it."

"Isn't the word priest so funny?”

Seon-jae, who was deftly holding back his laughter, smirked.

Seon-jae is amazed by what he should have said before his wedding three years ago.

"That's what everyone calls it."

Yeon-woo hurriedly led Seon-jae outside so that he could no longer make a slip of the tongue.

Although he gave a chic answer to the stylist, Sun-jae couldn't take his eyes off his wife.

Yeon-woo, who finished greeting the stylist who helped the leader, asked Seon-jae.

"Do you have any idea what's changed about me.

"Why don't you know.”


"My eyes got bigger, my lips got red, my ring."

Oh. I wanted to compliment you because I thought you recognized me.

"Did your chest grow?"

He added with a glaring look.


"Why. No? Am I the only one who looks like that?"

But his insight was accurate.

It was not that there was nothing missing, but the correctional underwear in the dress pulled up the chest.

"You're not answering?"

Seon-jae made fun of Yeon-woo.

"I can't wait to check."

His thin eyes were tinged.

His eyes stung to every corner of Yeonwoo's body.

Yeonwoo's face turned red.

But I don't hate his teasing. She also seemed to be pounding all night long.


Seonjae and Yeonwoo arrived at the hotel on time.

The event takes place in two places. A simple 60th birthday party will be held on the third floor of the hotel, and a charity auction party will be held in the hall on the second floor.

The two events will be held at the same time, and today's main character Unho will give an opening speech at the auction party after receiving birthday wishes.

Yeon-woo and Seon-jae can follow their father-in-law without taking charge of anything else. However, Yeon-woo, Un-ho's only daughter-in-law, was bound to be nervous.

In other future, Yeon-woo did not have any information about the auction party because she only attended the 60th birthday party and did not go to the auction party.

Yeon-woo took Sun-jae's hand and climbed to the third floor hall where the 60th Gap-yeon was held.

"My daughter-in-law is here."

Mi-hyun, who recognized Yeon-woo from afar, waved her hand first and greeted her gladly.

Yeon-woo also walked and greeted Mi-hyun.

"Good morning, Mother. You're so pretty today."

"Thank you. I'm always happy to hear that you're pretty. By the way, Yeonwoo is much prettier."

"It's because I'm wearing the clothes my mom picked for me.

Yeonwoo's dress was one of Mihyun's pick and order.

"No. Yeonwoo was always pretty."

Mihyun complimented again. Seonjae nods silently next to him.

"Are you here, Sae-ah?"

Unho also loitered to see if he wanted to join the two.

"Happy birthday, Father!"

"Happy birthday, Father."

Seon-jae, who was still behind Yeon-woo, also greeted him quickly.


Unho was greeted with satisfaction.

Mihyun gave such a scolding to Unho.

"They're saying happy birthday, but what's 'yeah' without sincerity. Say "thank you" and make it's nice.It's Yazy."

"Thank you."

Unho, who listens to Mihyun's words obediently, was amazing to Yeonwoo's eyes.

"Honey, I'm cold. Do you have any outerwear?”

"Can't you find a jacket without me?"”

"I know."

Mihyun went to find Unho's jacket. Unho followed along.

The father-in-law, who occasionally meets through news or newspaper articles, has charisma that overwhelms the audience, and his father-in-law is surprisingly too familiar.

Yeon-woo reflected on the past days when she felt uncomfortable with her father-in-law.

Around 20 people gathered at the feast.

Having a meal together, people moved to the hall on the second floor after the 60th birthday party.

There were already quite a few people in the banquet hall.

It was not just a party, but a charity event, so it was not just a friendly person who attended.

Nervous Yeon-woo went into the banquet hall breathing deeply.

Sunjae held her hand tightly, so the tension eased a little.

But it felt a bit chilly. A strange sense of anxiety sprang up from the eyes of those who were attracted to them.

"By the way, honey, it's a little weird.

"Huh? What?"

"Don't you think people are glancing at me too much?”

"Well. Is it because Lee Yeon-woo is so pretty?"

Seon-jae smiled lightly, but soon the smile hanging around his mouth was lifted.

In front of their eyes, who walked straight, Ma Sang-hee and Ok Seung-hye caught eyes in front of them who opened the road.

Yeonwoo also stopped walking and stared blankly at Sanghee.

Shining beads on the upper body, see-through patterns covering the shoulders and arms from the top of the chest, and unbalanced skirts stretched long behind.

Sang-hee's clothes were exactly the same as Yeon-woo's.

Besides…… the same hairstyle.

Standing next to Sang-hee, she would look like a bridesmaid dressed for a friend's wedding.

I was horrified to the point where my head was numb.

People's eyes felt more stinging.


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