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Chapter 56

 Same clothes, same hairstyle.

Yeonwoo and Sanghee looked even more alike because they were similar in height and size.

Sang-hee also checked Yeon-woo's outfit and blushed. He looked surprised.

Ok Seung-hye's forehead was wrinkled, but Yeon-woo could see that it was a made-up expression.

Yeon-woo was so busy that his fingertips trembled, but he boldly passed them and moved toward the podium with Seon-jae.

Sang-hee grabbed Seung-hye's arm and moved to a quiet place.

"You knew, didn't you?" You dressed me up on purpose, didn't you?”

Sang-hee argued to Seung-hye with tears in her eyes.

"How could you do this? It's the same outfit as Lee Yeonwoo! People are talking!"

"I'm not gossiping about you. You're talking to Lee Yeon-woo."

"How do you know that. I'm going home. I didn't want to come here either.”

"Stay still. Lee Yeon-woo will change her clothes on her own."

Sang-hee looked at Seung-hye resentfully, not believing her words.

Seung-hye smiled with confidence.

It was a day when the behind-the-scenes work became perfect.

"Yeonwoo relied on my daughter a lot. Later, she even copied my daughter's clothes."

"Clothes, friends, boyfriends. Sanghee envied everything.”

"I once asked you not to do that because I thought you were imitating Sang-hee to an extreme extent."

Seung-hye has been constantly gossiping about Yeon-woo to people she has become close to for a long time.

In other words, Yeon-woo has copied Sang-hee quite a bit since she was young.

It's not a big deal, but enough words to make fun of Lee Yeon-woo.

I planned to make it a pleasure today.

Yeon-woo contacted the dress shop in a hurry and asked for another dress. My pride was hurt but I thought it was best.

People's eyes were uncomfortable. It seemed as if glimpses were telling their stories.

"You don't have to worry.”

Seon-jae comforted Yeon-woo, who felt uncomfortable.

"Unexpectedly, I killed her chi."

As a matter of fact, that was correct.

Without Ok Seung-hye's groundwork, Sang-hee would of course have been the subject of criticism.

Yeon-woo pulled off her clothes much more gracefully and was far more beautiful.

In fact, Sang-hee's clothes were a copy of Yeon-woo's dress.

Without knowing the circumstances, Yeon-woo had no choice but to become anxious.

"Maybe it's not that simple.”

Yeon-woo had been beaten by Seung-hye so many times. Seung-hye has always conspired beyond expectations.

I had a hunch this time that this would not be all.

This displeasure seemed to be a piece of the big picture that Ok Seung-hye decorated.

Yeonwoo's intuition was right.

However, Yeon-woo acted according to Seung-hye's Because there was no other way.

"I'm going to change.”

"That's enough. You don't have to worry about this.”

"She'll care if she finds out, so that's the cleanest part. I already contacted them to send me another dress.”

"Whoo. Okay."

Seonjae patted Yeonwoo on the shoulder. I was afraid that she might have been hurt. Also, Seonjae was not in a good mood.

Yeonwoo looked smiling.

"It's a good day. Let's just skip most of it."

Yeon-woo also encouraged Seon-jae.

The dress I requested arrived shortly.

Seonjae took Yeonwoo to a small room used as a waiting room for the banquet hall and went to pick up clothes himself.

When I went to the lobby on the first floor, a dress shop employee was looking around with a bag.

"Is this Kim Eun-seo?"

"Yes, hello, vice president."

An employee who recognized Seonjae said hello.

"Are you holding the dress my wife asked for?"

"Yes, yes. Where is your wife?"

"I got a fitting room, and there it is."

Seonjae, who answered, reached out his hand to ask for a bag he was holding.

"It's delicate, so I need you to help me get dressed."

"It's okay."

Seon-jae grabbed a bag that was about to fall back.

"I'll do it."

It was something I didn't want to pass on to others. Even if the opponent is a woman.


After reading his honest eyes, the employee forgot his duty for a moment and became excited.

His way of speaking, attitude and eyes permeated with a gentle sexiness.

It made me imagine the scene where he changed his wife's clothes.

"Did you hear the self-inflicted bell? I think the design of your dress shop has been stolen. Check it out before you go."

Sun-jae gave only the recommendation without paying attention to the employee's response, but hurried to his wife.

Yeon-woo, who was waiting for a change of clothes in the waiting room, wondered that Seon-jae came in alone.

"Why are you alone? Wasn't the staff coming with you?”

Seonjae just shrugs his shoulders.

"I told you I'd dress you up.”

"I'll be on the staff."

Yeon-woo stared at his nonchalant reply.

"Did you just let him go?”



I know. Why would it be?

"I'm going to dress you up."

At the moment, I could see a sharp flash of lust.

Don't tell me, Yeon-woo gulped and asked.

"……what if your clothes rip while you're changing?"

"Then we have no choice but to spend more time here."


"That sounds good, too?"

The zipper on the back of her dress slid down with a tense voice.

Below the sexy-looking scapula, a bustier with a smooth waist and backline appeared.

"This is the secret of the size up."


Seonjae moved in front of her eyes.

Yeon-woo wrapped her arms around her chest, unable to take her dress off her shoulder.

The eyes went down as if to sweep the skin inside the underwear.

It is the eyes of a beast waiting for its prey to move in silence.

His lips sparkled as if to devour her right away.

A crisis as an opportunity.

This man fills his dark heart with full force even at this moment of complicated conflict.

Yeon-woo's heart pounded as if she were doing something wrong.

"I want to get dressed quickly."

"You have to take it off.”

Seon-jae complained in a whispering voice, saying that you can't take off your clothes because you're holding on to them like that.

"I'm all dressed up and I'm shy."

Yeon-woo slapped him on the shoulder and turned around. I couldn't stand the blatant look in my eyes.

Seonjae stopped teasing her and pulled the dress out of her bag.

It was a pink mini-dress that was knee-length.

"We'll just have to dress it down, right?"

Seonjae put the dress down in the shape of a doughnut under her feet. A hole was made to fit the middle body.

"Get in here."

It's similar to the way I wore a wedding dress for a wedding.

Yeon-woo was amazed and followed his words.

As Yeon-woo dropped her original dress covering her body from her shoulder down, a sigh came from her mouth.

"Show me again like this later.”

Sunjae, who realized the charm of the bustier, who tightly wraps her smooth body, asked.

The voice was so weird that Yeon-woo nodded as if possessed.

Sun-jae carefully lifted the new dress and hung it over Yeon-woo's shoulder.

His movements were laid back like a man of integrity, but his forehead was a little wet.

He seemed nervous in his own way because it was his job.

After a while, the zipper was zipped from behind, and Seon-jae, who completed the mission to dress his wife, sighed long into the back of her neck.

"Thank you. You're really good at a lot of things from the beginning."

"Now do you recognize my abilities?"

Her neck was exposed more than her previous dress, so her lips naturally went to the neckline.

Seon-jae dropped his lips tightly on her exposed skin.

A dizzying curve after the dress was removed from his shoulder lingered in his head.

I wanted to enjoy the lingering feeling a little more.

"It's a little sexy."


"Your clothes are similar to Lee Yeon-woo's skin color."

"Where are you? My skin is pink?”

"Though the skin is close to white."


"I can change to pink."

He said, picking on the back of her neck.

Indeed, her delicate skin quickly turned pink.

Oops, her groan-tolerant voice rumbled arousingly through his ears.

I don't want to go outside.

"I have to get out of here."

It's hard for her to resist temptation, too. A painful voice flowed through Yeon-woo's lips.

"Do you really want to go out or stay longer?"


Sunjae hugged her from behind whining and kissed her cheek.

Her pink cheeks were like ripe peaches.

Although sexual desire is ahead of appetite.


The subsequent charity auction was successfully completed.

The auction entry was sold out. All proceeds are donated to the Welfare Foundation.

Seon-jae and Yeon-woo watched the auction event far from the stage.

After the event was over, Unho and Mihyun also left, and the people gathered at the party gathered in groups and had a friendly time.

Yeon-woo also briefly fell away from Seon-jae and greeted people.

The changed clothes were not as fancy as the previous ones, but people praised Yeonwoo's dress quite a bit.

I meant she was aware that she had changed her dress.

Sang-hee went from place to place with Seung-hye, just like the clothes.

In fact, Sang-hee wanted to go home quickly because she was ashamed of what happened earlier, but she couldn't.

Sang-hee, who briefly fell from Seung-hye, watched Yeon-woo's direction and quickly followed her.

"Lee Yeon-woo."

Sang-hee, who called Yeon-woo, confirmed that there was no one around, and said strongly.

"I didn't copy you. You know that, right?

"Maybe your mother did.”

"Oh, I don't know, I don't know. I'll go first. If you meet my mom, tell her that I went home first.”

Sang-hee left only that word and left before Yeon-woo could catch her.

I'm only old, what Sang-hee is doing was just like a teenager.

Reliance on Yeonwoo, leave it to Yeonwoo, and use Yeonwoo as a shield.

Yeon-woo, who shook his head in the direction where still immature Sang-hee left, turned around with a bitter heart.

In front of her like that, Ok Seung-hye stood.

Yeon-woo's expression, who was looking at Sang-hee with compassionate eyes, turned cold.

"I know you planned it."

The tip of one of Seung-hye's lips sounded tingling.

"But don't you think it's too childish? Putting the same clothes on my daughter."

"That's too much self-love. Why do you think Sang-hee imitates you?”

As expected, Seung-hye spoke shamelessly without showing any shame.

"No matter what you wear, you'll be exposed to your humble origins. No matter how much you use a dragon, you can't hide it. But why would we copy you, offensive?"


"Have you ever heard a sea squabble when you walked by?"

In addition, Seung-hye sharply scratched Yeon-woo's stomach.

There was no one around, so it was a perfect environment for Seung-hye to talk about.

"You've never heard of it. If you hear that, you can't come out of it."

Yeonwoo clenched his fist tightly.

"People who used to flatter me in front of me have no choice but to talk behind my back. Would it be if the clothes you're wearing don't look good on you?”

Knowing that you don't have to react to making things up on purpose to provoke anger, I couldn't help feeling bad.

Yeon-woo calmly argued, trying not to be swept away by Seung-hye's words.

"You told Mr. Yusara about me and my husband. They give us the password for our front door."

"I don't know what you're talking about. Do you think I know Yousara personally? Why? I don't even like Yousara."

"Where are you hiding that? Even people who don't like it use it well.”

Seung-hye smirked.

"And Nam Ji-soon also used it."

"Who is he again?"

This time, Yeon-woo snorted at Seung-hye's withdrawal.

"You're talking all sorts of weird nonsense. I haven't fixed my paranoia yet. Don't you think you should get some treatment?”

There was a series of petulant taunts. Yeonwoo didn't stay still either.

"You won't be able to pull out long. I'm going to ask Yousara to be a witness. All the bad things will be revealed. It's not a serious crime, but it's embarrassing to see people."

He fought back calmly but aggressively.

"I'll turn a blind eye to what happened before marriage. But we can't just skip the rest."

"You don't see anything coming from you, do you?”

Seung-hye's lips are twisted.

"Why don't you tell me everything. I was beaten by Ok Seung-hye since I was six years old. It was my daily life. When I was in high school, Ok Seung-hye told me not to ask. I was assaulted. Why don't you talk to everyone in the neighborhood?"

Seung-hye took a step toward Yeon-woo.

The move was threatening and Yeon-woo flinched without realizing it. It's a habit from the past.

"Your delusions.”

Yeonwoo's eyes grew for a moment. The hair all over his body became as if he were standing close.

Seung-hye already had all the plans in her head.

Seung-hye intended to cover everything up with Yeon-woo's delusion.

"I wonder how your mother would react to that. Should I believe you're right, or should I believe you're crazy?"

It was not always the case for Ok Seung-hye to craft facts and lies into plausible novels.

"You're writing a weird diary, aren't you?" Like a delusional diary.”

Seung-hye also cleverly pulled out the note's story.

All the clues that Ok Seung-hye got are used to attack Yeon-woo.

The harsh past begins to play in front of her again under the name of fear.

The snake in front of it has the power to hold its opponent's neck even before it approaches.

"Your parents-in-law should see it. Shouldn't you know how crazy you are?”

The words that flowed through the air sounded like a warning.

Look forward to what horrible things I'm gonna do.

It seemed as if words that I hadn't heard yet were clearly heard. I got goosebumps again and again.

No family.

Don't ever touch the family.

"Touch someone."

Yeon-woo strode along as she turned around and grabbed Ok Seung-hye's arm.

Ok Seung-hye shook off the arm roughly.


The back of Yeon-woo's hand, swayed by Ok Seung-hye's hand, touched my cheek.

The wedding ring I wore after a long time scratched Yeon-woo's cheek sharply.

Seung-hye, who confirmed the long scar on her cheek, once again smiled twistedly.

"I didn't hit you. You hit you."

Like it always was. Always like you abused yourself, not me.

Seung-hye left Yeon-woo after turning him into a delusional person.


Yeon-woo let out a rough sigh.

I felt stuffy inside. She sank, clutching her solar plexus, barely got up and went to the bathroom.

A single line of scar on his cheek seemed to be engraved on his chest, not on his face.

While I was catching my breath, I was breath.

Yeon-woo leaned against the bathroom wall for a long time and came out.

As soon as I came out of the bathroom, I ran into Seonjae. Seonjae looked like he had been wandering for a long time.

"You found it."

"Oh, I went to the bathroom."

"What happened to you?”

I thought I'd erased my expression, but my husband quickly read the scent.


Yeonwoo replied as if it were nothing.

One step closer, Sunjae looked her in the face.

He raised his hand close to her cheek with a serious look.

"Do you know there's a scar here?"

"Oh…… I scratched my ring while raising my hand. I haven't worn it in a while."

"Aren't you sick?"

"It's okay. It doesn't hurt at all."

"You're gonna be sick, aren't you?"

"It's really okay."

Yeonwoo smiled because he didn't seem to believe it.

He's not young enough to make such a big deal out of scratch. No, it really didn't hurt a bit.

"Why are you laughing?"

By the way, his questions that followed were cold.

He wasn't friendly at all. I said sarcastically about her response.

"Don't laugh. I don't want to.”

It was as if she knew everything that had happened in the meantime, and she couldn't understand her smiling after going through it.

A few hours ago in the waiting room, the eyes that were burning with aspiration were cold.

Something is going wrong.

"Why do we live so far beyond the mountains?"

He spoke in a dry voice with no affection.


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