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Chapter 57

 Yeon-woo and Seon-jae came out of the hotel around 9 p.m.

Seonjae was silent while driving the car.

"I'm tired."

Yeon-woo, whose silence became awkward, said a word. The answer came back in a long time.


But the voice didn't sound warm. Yeonwoo became anxious.

By any chance, what happened while you were away from me?

Did Ok Seung-hye approach this person and say something weird?

"Did Mrs. Ok Seung-hye say anything strange to you? Or CEO Ma Jin-tae...….”

"No, I didn't."

Seon-jae answered Yeon-woo's words clearly.

"I said something."


"If you bully my wife, I'll kill her."

Yeon-woo was surprised by Sun-jae's harsh expression.

"Ok Seung-hye is vicious, so you have to be careful."

He didn't seem to know the viciousness of Ok Seung-hye yet.

"Maybe he recorded a threat."

"I'm fine."

It was a categorical answer.

For some reason, Seonjae was quite calm. No, it was as cold as a chip off my shoulder.

Yeon-woo shut his mouth when he answered.

The car escaped the noise of the city and reached a quiet neighborhood.

It was a neighborhood that Yeonwoo knew well.

The place where Ma Jin-tae and Ok Seung-hye live. The place where Yeonwoo lived until she became an adult and graduated from college.

"……why are you here?”

"I thought you'd need some time to think."

Still, his voice was chilling.

Yeon-woo felt cold even in the warm car with the heater on.

The car stopped where Ok Seung-hye's house was clearly visible.

Yeon-woo stared at the large gate for a long time, not knowing what Seon-jae intended.

If you follow that wall to the side, you'll see a small door. It was a door only for employees.

People called this door a "staff door".

Yeon-woo went to and from the house through this staff door.

Yeon-woo always ran when she walked in the yard after opening the staff door. It was not to be seen by Ok Seung-hye.

Sometimes, when Ok Seung-hye found Yeon-woo's tail running away like that, she chased Yeon-woo's house and hit her head.

It was a good thing it ended like that.

There were days when one cheek was slapped so hard that it swollen, and there were days when the head was caught and swayed.

There was no particular reason why it should be right.

No, everything was a reason.

We didn't greet each other politely. The sound of opening and closing the staff door was too loud. I came home earlier than Sanghee. We won first place.

Yeon-woo's mother, Soon-jung, did not know this even though she was beaten countless times.

Seung-hye did not bother Yeon-woo in front of her pure love. Yeon-woo couldn't say anything to Soon-jung either.

At first, I didn't know because I was young, and when the assault became casual, I was too far away.

If all this went into her mother's ears, I was worried that Yeon-woo's mother, Soon-jung, would kill Seung-hye.

Or I thought pure love could be torn apart and collapsed.

Yeon-woo had no choice but to avoid Ok Seung-hye well.

A hard childhood.

But I was able to hold on.

Because even the small semi-basement house where she lives gets sunlight.

Study well, smile mom and dad, and meet good friends.

I can't forget that when I entered university after receiving a four-year scholarship, my mom cried saying thank you for growing up well even though she didn't do anything for me.

I can't forget my dad, who used to tell me that college is not everything in my life and that I should study harder and become a great person.

Full of happiness, she was not unhappy.

Just as the darkness was extinguished by the light, the bad luck of meeting Ok Seung-hye was nothing compared to the happiness surrounding Yeon-woo. It made me get through everything.

In addition, he chose to get married to get away from Ok Seung-hye and met a wonderful person named Kang Sun-jae, so everything went well.

"I had a face-to-face meeting with Ok Seung-hye today.”

Yeon-woo, who was thinking about the past, opened his mouth after silence.

It seemed that Seonjae wanted to say that.

"Ok Seung-hye said I was delusional.”

Since discussions on future countermeasures are needed, Yeon-woo told Ok Seung-hye exactly what she said.

"Ok Seung-hye said something strange to her father's mother. But Ok Seung-hye is still a good person. That's why I'm worried."

"What about your cheek?"

By the way, Seon-jae asked another question with a look of no concern about Ok Seung-hye's scheme. It was about a wound on the cheek.

"Oh, that's not what Ok Seung-hye did. I was trying to grab Mrs. Ok Seung-hye when this ring was made by slitting her cheeks.”


"You don't have to worry. It really doesn't hurt."

Seon-jae sighed as if he didn't like the answer.

Yeon-woo also glanced at him, wondering what he had done wrong.

"And what else was there?”

"He denies everything he's done. Well, of course I thought so."

"So how did you feel?”

Yeon-woo blinked at Sun-jae's question. That's not the point.

"It's ridiculous, but I wasn't surprised because I thought it would be."

But she answered with sincerity. And added again his own concerns.

"I'm more worried about harming your mother and father."

After hearing Yeon-woo's answer, Seon-jae stopped and started the car.

Next, it was not the two people's apartment where Seonjae pulled over.

J Department Store Gangnam branch parking lot.

Yeon-woo had no idea why Seon-jae was stopping at such a place.

Sunjae, who parked his car near the entrance, got out of the car and opened the passenger's door.

"Will you get off?"

Yeon-woo, who was silent, calmly got out of the car without knowing English.

Seon-jae told the manager of the department store that he would enter the building and moved holding Yeon-woo's hand tightly.

Although he was seriously reticent, Yeon-woo was relieved by the warmth handed down from his hands.

It's not like I'm angry to see you hold my hand so tightly and lead.

Why the hell did I come here?

Yeon-woo wondered and followed Sun-jae.

Seon-jae, who led Yeon-woo to the elevator, pressed the button on the second floor where luxury stores were located.

It was not long until the second floor, and Seonjae grabbed Yeonwoo's hand and got out of the elevator.

The doors of all the stores were closed. There was a light on the surrounding emergency lights, but it was dark everywhere.

Seonjae's hand, which came all the way here after holding her, finally fell off.

I don't think there's anything to see here.

Yeon-woo wondered and asked Seon-jae.

"Why are you here? Do you have anything to do you have anything to do?

"Do you remember?"

Seonjae also asked.

"Where am I?"

Deep wrinkles formed between Yeonwoo's eyebrows.

"Where you were right. To Ok Seung-hye."

His voice lay thick in the dark space.


This is where Seonjae caught the scene where she was hit by Ok Seung-hye.

I got a handkerchief because my lips burst after being hit by Ok Seung Hye.

That was the beginning of a relationship.

Yeon-woo fondly remembers that day, but it seems to be not a memory for Seon-jae.

"I've been shuddering ever since. It was like that all the time I worked here. Am I crazy like that?"

I can't say it's abnormal. The memory of that day will be hard to forget either Seonjae.

Yeonwoo could understand Seonjae.

"You used to be. Don't tell her you're hit because she'll be very upset if she hears you."

His voice became a little more intense.

"Do you know what you've done?"


"You made her a bad mother. I made her not even know what she had done to her landlord for over 10 years. Without knowing anything, my mother made them bow the whole time. Is that a good girl?”

Criticism ensued. Yeonwoo's eyes are watery.

She was embarrassed because she didn't expect to hear this from him.

"I'm not saying the way you've been living is completely wrong. That choice was your best bet at the moment. But now we're out of the way. You have to change."

He took a step closer and held her chin up with his big hand. Her head went up.

"Are you a man of steel?”

It's dark, so you can't see her wound well, but Sun-jae took her fingertip over the scratch on her cheek and swept it down.

Yeon-woo flinched her eyes in a little sting.

"This is normal when it hurts."


"Feel how sick you are."

In a quiet space, he was pressing her to concentrate on the pain.

Why should we focus on pain?

Pain is something that needs to be relieved. If you stay in pain, you will become a crybaby.

Yeon-woo shook his head without answering.

His hand wrapped around her chin fell off.

He sighed for a long time and continued.

"Everyone feels sick when they bleed. Do you know why? The body is giving a signal to heal the wound quickly.”


"Think about how ignorant you were of you."


"How the hell did you overdo you?"

Her eyes shook wildly at Seonjae. So was he looking at her.

Sunjae's inside was filled with anger that he wanted to put out.

The hotel an hour ago.

Sun-jae, who confirmed that Ok Seung-hye and Yeon-woo were facing each other in the middle, asked his friend Gi-jun to record the conversation between the two.

I left my cell phone on where the standard was not noticeable.

And Seonjae learned about Yeonwoo's past.

The truth came out of Ok Seung-hye's mouth.

Since I was six years old, I was beaten by Ok Seung-hye. It was my daily life...….

In a subtle way, Ok Seung-hye was driving Yeon-woo into delusion.

No way.

Ok Seung-hye has been assaulting since 20 years ago, when Yeon-woo was small and weak.

From the age of six?

No way.

He was angry with himself, too.

If she witnessed Yeon-woo being hit at a department store, and then found out that the assault incident in her second year of high school was the work of the Ok Seung-hye family, she had to think about other things.

The despicable bunch wouldn't have caused just two incidents, but he didn't see the forest.

It was heartbreaking to think of my wife who would have been beaten until she left the house.

It was hard to suppress my emotions.

I stumbled on the shock of learning the truth and found Yeonwoo. Yeonwoo came out of the bathroom.

A line of wounds carved on her cheek cut through his heart.

And yet she laughed.

I'm sure he's crying in your heart.

Why are you so easily shedding tears for me, and not a drop for you?

"You're the one I need to take care of now. It's not my health, damn it.….”

I got emotional and the words popped out roughly. He paused and gritted his teeth.

But I couldn't find a good expression.

"It's not my future, it's my future that hasn't come, it's you who's sick."

I'm so sick and resentful of you for coming all the way here with your broken heart.

"It's you who brought that heart from the past to this place."

You pressed your self-esteem. You just kept trying to darken yourself.

"I'm not sick even if I get hit. It is not sad to be insulted. It doesn't hurt. That's how you hypnotized yourself and came all the way here."

After pressing several times, a round bead was made over her eyes, which had been shaken by the turbulence.

Her head turned down as if not to show tears.

She dropped tears without raising her head and slowly wiped it away with her sleeve.

After that, she couldn't raise her head.

That's not what I want.

You need to be a little more confident. I need to know what you're like you are.

"Lee Yeon-woo."

His voice went down. I put my hand on her shoulder and she pulled her foot back.

Seon-jae approached further and hugged her shoulder.

Her sniffles are ticklish in there, which is explosive.

"I really like you. You don't know this unless you tell it.”

He whispered in a soft voice, reflecting on his ever-present reproach.

"If you don't tell me, no one will know. If you swallow it alone, you're the only one who gets sick.”

It will not be easy to change a person who has endured and endured for 20 years.

But I trust you.

Because you're the one who tried to change his personality for me, to prevent me from dying.

"I love you so much. ……I love you."

Even if introverted and timid are your sexuality, you still have to say it.


"But you don't know. You don't know how pretty and nice you are.”

You're the one who deserves more precious treatment.

"How much you deserve to be loved...….”

You who are so lovely in the world, you don't even know how to care for yourself. You can't do that.

"You have to care more about yourself.”

Her shoulder is shaking hard.

He hugged her tighter and took a step back, releasing his arm.

Yeon-woo raised his hands to cover his face and cried silently.

"You can tell me everything.”

I want to touch the inside of a person's heart.

"How much I got hit. How sick it was."

Your body gets scarred and erased, and it gets erased.

How many times it has happened.

I'm afraid it's an immeasurable pain.

But I'll accept it, so tell me everything.

"I'll protect you."


When Seon-jae just finished what he wanted to say, Yeon-woo's tears intensified.

It was the first time she showed tears for herself.

Even though she thought it was a public nuisance, Yeon-woo could not stop her from shedding tears again.

The body has known for a long time.

The house. The semi-basement. Living in a house where there was a lot of sunshine.

I saved myself not to get hit. I was always careful with my behavior and didn't move much.

I never made a loud noise enough to go over the house, and I always hypnotized myself so that I wouldn't cry.

I lived trying not to collapse.

I lived with bated breath desperately not to get any sicker.

Fooling me. Believing I'm happy.

Believing the sun is warm in that semi-basement little house.

I actually knew it was a fake.

My senses were not dead.

It's just, I couldn't complain anywhere.

"I was sick, too...….”

It hurt so much. I cried because it hurt. on the quiet

"I'm sick, too. It hurts if I get hit, too. I'm a normal person, too."


"It's just, I couldn't tell anyone."

I'm afraid other people will get hurt because of me.

"How can I say that? There are sick people because of me.”

"It's okay."

He came back to her rebuttal and wrapped himself around her.

The inside was as cozy as a blanket and as hard as an armor.

Like the phrase "it's okay," he seemed to protect himself against anything.

I came back in the past.

Maybe I'm not trying to save this guy.

For me to be saved from this man.

I came back to this man to live.

The fog of the many days when I secretly cried under the covers at night clears up.


He spoke with all his heart.

"Whoever loves you."

He also distorted the end of the voice.

"I will overcome it and continue to love you."

I believe in the power of love. I'm sure.

I can't break my heart.

You're the one who taught me that.


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