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Chapter 58

 Seonjae's persuasion worked.

After returning to the parking lot of the department store, Yeon-woo frankly confessed his past in the car.

As expected, Ok Seung-hye's atrocities were even more terrible than Seon-jae thought.

Yeon-woo couldn't put a number on the number of times she was hit by Ok Seung-hye.

It happened once or twice a month.

The number of months that didn't hit is one of the most, which is more than 100 times.

"But I didn't get hit in high school. My mom and dad came to meet me in front of the house.”

"Nearly hit?"


"Are you saying you were right?"

"Sometimes I got stuck, but the intensity of the assault was weak."

"But it's still assault. Why are you hitting someone else's precious daughter? You shouldn't even touch it."

Seon-jae leaned toward Yeon-woo sitting in the passenger seat and grabbed her hand.

He's a precious person to me, fingertips, toes, and hair. I am angry that someone treated such a person recklessly.

I could also understand Yeon-woo's saying that she could not talk more because her parents were afraid of causing great harm to Ok Seung-hye.

Seon-jae also wanted to kill Ok Seung-hye.

Yeon-woo glanced at Sun-jae, who touched his hands preciously, and said.

"I know. That I made my mother a bad mother.”

What she said in front of the elevator in the department store was what bothered her.

She also knew. How his long silence has made the people around him.

"That's why I couldn't say more. She's not a bad mother. She's not an indifferent mother. My mother is a good mother and a person I am proud of. It was my fault."

Seonjae felt sorry for blaming her.

His comments made Yeon-woo's heart heavy.

"So I couldn't talk to you after I got married. First of all, we weren't close, and I couldn't say anything because I was afraid my parents would be embarrassed.”

Yeon-woo, who couldn't tell anyone what she was thinking, had such worries.

Seon-jae reflected on the past when he could not keep an eye on her. He also had a big fault.

Yeon-woo sighed for a long time and continued.

"But there was nothing I could do really late. It's not going to be possible to punish him without proof now."

Seon-jae, who had been unable to speak out for a while, finally spoke out.

"There is."


"I have proof."

Yeon-woo looked at Seon-jae with his eyes wide open when he answered with confidence.

"Three years ago, in front of the elevator."


"It was on CCTV."

Ah me!

"Do you think I erased that record?”

Yeonwoo lamented briefly.

"I left it as it was because you told me not to spread it, but I have it. With that, your testimony, and Suzy's testimony, you can sue her for habitual assault.”

As expected, this man is a thorough and tough man.

So a few hours ago, I was able to say threatening things to Ok Seung-hye without hesitation.

I'd be scared if I was on someone else's side, but I'm a reliable person because I'm on my side.

"So don't worry about it alone, cry secretly, and tell me everything."

Yeon-woo was healed and prickly when he told her not to cry secretly.

"Oh, I don't cry this much. I'm not that kind of person. It just so happens that I keep crying in front of her."

"Only in front of me?"

"I know."

"You cried in front of that yellow hair.”

Oh, Yeonwoo was prickly again.

I like being on my side, but he's persistent and unexpectedly grumpy.

As Yeon-woo, who became embarrassed, rolled his eyes still, Seon-jae smiled affectionately.

"Don't cry secretly and cry in front of me.”

He encouraged her.

"I'll comfort you."

He is also changing to suit her.

After the time when she couldn't say anything in front of her tears, she became a comforting and comforting person.

"Honey, too."

Yeon-woo's mouth, which gained strength, is finally smiling.

"I cry when I want to. I'll comfort you with all my might."

By the way, his eyes glisten recklessly at her vigorous promise.

"Are you sure you're comforting me with all your might?"

I like being on my side, but an opportunist who is persistent, grudging, and lewd.

The seriousness in front of Ok Seung-hye's house after leaving the hotel, crying in the department store, and the painful confessions in the car...….

All of them mysteriously fade away as they burn into a stream of his wacky eyes.

Seonjae started the car. As she comforts me with all her might, I wonder about the power.

"Let's go home."

The car glided gently out of the department store parking lot.

Yeonwoo's heart was pounding with excitement again.

She was happy and amazed that the end of this long and painful day was a happy ending.

However, the ringtone of the cell phone rang loudly on the couple's exciting way home.

The word "father" appeared on the screen connected to the car's monitor.

Seonjae's father, Unho, called Seonjae.

"Yes, Father."

Seon-jae answered the phone hands-free without hesitation.

[Where are you?]

Unho's voice rang loudly through the speaker.

"I'm going home.”

You're coming here?]

"There? Why?"

[The new baby won't tell you?]

Yeon-woo, who was listening to the two people's phone calls blankly, slapped his knees.

I just remembered the conversation I had with Unho at the hotel.

Unho told me to come home for my birthday and sleep over. Yeonwoo replied that he understood.

My father's drive was no less than my husband's

Without any excuse from Yeon-woo, Un-ho received a promise from Yeon-woo.

"Father, we're on our way! I'll be right there!"

Yeonwoo made a loud noise on her cell phone.

[OK. See you later]….]

Surprised, Seon-jae hung up the phone even before Un-ho's answer was over.

"What, where are you going? At this night."

"My father told me to come over for my birthday. I forgot because I was out of my mind."

"Oh, you don't have to go.”

"No, I want to go."

"Then, it's late today, so let's go tomorrow."

"It's your father's birthday today. I'll do what I can today."

Yeon-woo insisted firmly. Seon-jae looked at Yeon-woo with a worried look.

"Are you sure you're gonna be okay? You must be tired."

"It's okay. It's okay."


"It's really okay. I'm not lying anymore."

Yeon-woo's energetic answer touched Seon-jae's heart. Seonjae also came to accept Yeonwoo's wishes.

"Okay. Let's go."

Sunjae turned the wheel.

"But let me know whenever you feel uncomfortable.”


After 30 minutes of driving, Seonjae's car reached the mansion.

Yeonwoo and Seonjae stepped on a long stepping stone in a large yard and entered the house.

By the way, the sound from inside the house was unusual. It was not the voice of one or two people.

"I think you have a visitor?"

"I know."

"I can hear your aunt's voice.”

"You're right."

"Are you going to be okay with that?”

"No, you'll be fine.”

Still, Seon-jae was not relieved.

Seonjae grabbed Yeonwoo's arm to run away.

However, before turning back, a man came out of the parlor.

It was Sunjae's mother, Mihyun, and aunt, Yunmi.


"Our new baby is here!"

Mihyun welcomed me.

"Aunty's here, too.”


Aunt Yunmi accepted Yeonwoo's greeting awkwardly.

"Let's go inside."

Mi-hyun led Seon-jae and Yeon-woo into the drawing room.

When I entered the parlor, my aunt wasn't the only one invited.

I could see the uncle, aunt and uncle, Eun-hyuk's son, Eun-hyuk's wife, and Eun-hyuk's son all gathered together.

"Hoo. We're here."

Seon-jae greeted with a troubled sigh.


Woon-ho, who had fallen asleep on his knee pillow, greeted them with a pleased voice.

Sun-jae's cousin, Eun-hyuk, and his wife also greeted each other gladly.

"But, Sae-ah, what's wrong with your cheek?"

At that time, Mi-hyun, who was looking at Yeon-woo's face, found the wound and asked.

Yoon Mi, who was in the back, sneaked up on Yeon-woo's cheek and made a fuss.

"You're hurt! Where did you get hurt? Did you go to the hospital?”

"Oh, no. It'll just go away in time."

"But that's not it. It's a scar on your face. She needs to save her face. If you don't treat these things on time, you'll get old soon."

Mi-hyun's high-pitched voice hardened at her aunt's point.

"Madam, let's leave out the 'girl' who sticks to every word like a habit."

My aunt, who swallowed dry saliva, corrected her words when she noticed Mihyun.

"Oh, my God. I said the wrong thing. Anyway, it's better to heal your facial wounds quickly. Hey, where's the ointment?"

"I'm just stay. I'll come find you."

Mihyun left.

Yeonwoo came to understand the hierarchy through the dialogue in this short story.

The aunt, who had been rebuked by Yeon-woo at the wedding hall of the Yukchon brothers a long time ago, was, in fact, a person who was stuck with Mi-hyun.

"That must hurt…"

"No, it doesn't hurt that much."

Yoon Mi-yi and Yeon-woo, who looked at their cheeks again, were unfamiliar.

But the awkwardness somehow made me feel attached.

"Thank you for your concern."


Yunmi answered awkwardly.

Like magic, Yunmi's attitude was different.

Yeon-woo tilted his head at the gap.

Was aunt nervous because she was in front of her mother, or was something else happen?

As Yeon-woo was next to his aunt, Seon-jae gradually attracted Yeon-woo.

When Yeon-woo came near me, Seon-jae whispered secretly in his ear.

"Let's say goodbye and go home. It's dangerous here."

Yeon-woo laughed because his family thought it was dangerous.

"It's really okay. I'll sleep here."

Although she was grateful for worrying about her, Yeon-woo thought this might be an opportunity, not a crisis.

I've never really hung out with my in-laws.

"Yeonwoo, come here. I'll apply some medicine. I need to change my clothes.”

Before talking more with Seonjae, Mihyun called Yeonwoo from afar.


Yeonwoo went straight to Mihyun.

Mi-hyun, who took Yeon-woo to the next room in the drawing room, gave Yeon-woo a suit of clothes.

"This is new. I bought you one if you slept over."

"Yes, thank you."

"I guess I had a lot of regrets because I didn't have a daughter. These days, I keep wanting to buy pretty clothes that you can wear. I'll put the bandages on. Sit here."

Yeon-woo hugged Mi-hyun's clothes to her chest and sat on a chair.

"What's wrong with your pretty face.”

Mi-hyun, who bent her waist to match Yeon-woo's eye level, wiped the wound and cut the wet band into long pieces.

"I hope it heals without a scar."

Mi-hyun's eyes caught at Yeon-woo's eye level are wet.

Sincerely worried about her wounds made Yeon-woo's inner voice ring.

I'm really loved.

A relationship that comes together through one person. I only had a relationship with one person, and I gained these precious relationships.

The reassurance that there are people who value themselves unconditionally seems to make themselves a more lovely person.

"There you go. Now get changed. You can use a big room on the second floor. Sleep there with Sunjae today."

"Yes, thank you."

Yeonwoo greeted Mihyun and went up to the second floor.

I found a room with a large bed in the middle of several rooms.

The next room seemed to have been used by Eun-hyuk's family, given that there was a baby luggage.

Yeon-woo, who entered the room, unfolded the clothes Mi-hyun gave her. It was a yellow hoodie.

It looks very comfortable, but haha, it's very cute.

My mother thought I was cute like her daughter, so I'll repay her with cuteness.

Yeonwoo took off her dress and wore a T-shirt and pants.

Fortunately, it wasn't a yellow match to the pants.

Mi-hyun, who was in front of the stairs on the first floor, smiled satisfactorily when she came out after changing her clothes.

"You're so cute.

It was Mihyun's taste.

It's amazing that you can be a good son just by changing your clothes without doing much.

"Thank you. I'll wear it well.”

"Yes, I'll buy you a lot.”


After saying hello, I met Seonjae on my way back to the drawing room. Seonjae also changed into comfortable clothes.

"You changed your clothes."


"Your underwear remains the same."

It was a tremendous insight as if he had vision.

"……you don't have underwear to change."

Even with his clothes on, his eyes seemed to be rummaging through the inside of the T-shirt.

Yeon-woo asked implicitly because the appreciation seemed to be getting too long.

"You don't like these clothes?”

"No. You're like a chick. You're cute.”


"Very cute.”

The dense gaze made Yeon-woo's cheeks red.

Nevertheless, Seon-jae, who looked at her regardless, spoke out a long time later.

"Let's go into the room."

Huh? It's been a few minutes.

I haven't even said hello to the people here yet.

Yeonwoo was embarrassed.

"You're going in as soon as you get here?”

"Because the chick is so cute."

For him, everything is a reason.

Infinite things were hidden behind the word "beariot is cute.

When you enter the room, this chick will probably disappear in 10 seconds because it's so cute.

Gulp. I drooled a lot. Yeon-woo couldn't smile leisurely after him.

In a house with all the elders, what this man is planning.

Also, the baby will sleep in the next room!

"No, no, no, no. What are you going to do in there now?"

"What you're looking forward to.”


"Let's say goodbye and go in."

While Kang Sun-jae, the god of momentum, held Yeon-woo's hand and led her to the drawing room, her heart rang as hard as a mortar.

If you don't stop now, something scary will happen.

I won't be able to carry my head around tomorrow morning.

We must stop him from going wild.

I can't believe this, I can't believe this...….

Her uncle's back was caught in front of her as she rolled her eyes desperately seeking escape from difficulties.

Did the universe say that if you desperately ask for it, the universe will listen. A trick came to mind.

I once heard that my uncle likes to drink.


It's the first time I've ever called my uncle-in-law so gladly.

"Yeah, call me uncle."

Mother-in-law responded with a benevolent smile. She is desperate.

"Yes, uncle."

He continued to talk very socially.

Sunjae, who doesn't know what's wrong with her, tilted his head and stared at Yeonwoo. by the way

"Seonjae talked about his uncle a lot. I heard you like to drink.”

The sound of my trusted wife hitting the back of my head.

"Did Seon-jae tell you about me?”

His uncle answered Yeonwoo's story without knowing that he was being used.

The eyes of the astonished Seonjae grew bigger.

"Seonjae likes to drink with his uncle.”

……when did I ever like it?

Seonjae gave Yeonwoo a sharp shot.

Yeon-woo crept away from Sun-jae's eyes.

"Oh, really?"

"Oh, Father. Seonjae is a good drinker. You know that, right?

Seon-jae's cousin Eun-hyuk walks over and adds words.

"Yes, Sunjae. We haven't seen each other in a long time, so let's have a nice drink. I happen to have some liquor I brought."


Sun-jae's empty smile spread sadly in the hallway.

"Honey, have fun."

Yeonwoo pushed Seonjae's back.

My uncle called Yeonwoo with a good smile.

"Why don't you have a drink of jilbu.”

"No. Yeonwoo can't drink well."

Meanwhile, Seonjae takes care of Yeonwoo.

"Yes, I can't drink. Sunjae will drink it for me.”

Yeon-woo, however, only takes care of his own way without mutual consent.

I've never seen such a demure wife.

Look, I take care of my wife, and she does this to me.

Seon-jae's eyes glowed, but Yeon-woo ran away regardless.

While running away, he asked how Woon-ho was carrying a sleeping baby.

"Dad, is your back okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm good."

This has become a world where Lee Yeon-woo casts his hands.

The drawing room where Yeonwoo left.

Already, the game grew, and Eun-hyuk and his uncle, as well as his aunt and uncle, joined the position.

Thanks to this, the number of glasses that come to Seonjae has decreased.

Nevertheless, Seon-jae was nervous because Yeon-woo was invisible.

I don't know if I'm drinking beer alone and hiding somewhere in this big house so I can't even find it all night.

Seon-jae stood up 30 minutes after falling from Yeon-woo.

"I'll get up first."

"Why not drink more."

My uncle asked.

"I don't drink much today. It's my father's birthday party, so I'm a little nervous."

"No way. You must have had a hard time. Get in there and rest."

"Yes. Good night."

Seonjae, who stormed out of his seat as soon as permission was given, went up to the second floor and examined the room where the two were staying overnight.

Yeonwoo was not in the room on the second floor. Yeon-woo was not seen anywhere on the second floor.

"Where the hell is he?"

Wow. Lee Yeonwoo.

This girl is hard to get.

I met Mihyun on my way around. Mihyun's eyes were also wide open late at night.

"Mother, where's Yeonwoo?"

"Well, isn't it on the second floor?”


"Oh, they asked if the garden door was open."

"Hoo... I'll come visit Yeonwoo."

Seonjae hurried down the stairs.

The night of the garden with yellow lights creates a cozy and romantic atmosphere different from the day.

What is unique about this flower garden is that it has a sign with the name of the plant written along with the flower language.

The delicate and emotional aspects of Mihyun, the owner of the garden, can be seen.

Yeon-woo, who was walking by checking the flower horses on the name tag, found a pink mini rose at the end of the garden.

"Wow. It's pretty...….”

I started to hate pink roses the most, but it didn't mean that they weren't pretty.

"I'm sorry I hated you. I'll like you again someday. "If you're out of the 'other future'."

Yeonwoo talked to the roses.

Under the name tag, which reads pink rose, the words "A pledge of love" were seen.

It was the first time I knew that the pink rose's flower word was an oath of love.

Today, Yeon-woo recalled Sun-jae's voice in front of the elevator in the department store, saying 'I love you' to her several times.

"Was I too much today? Hehe."

Suddenly, I was guilty of pushing him to my uncle.

"You have to be nice to me from tomorrow.

There was a terrifying voice behind her back, which gave her an indulgence.

"Lee Yeon-woo."


Yeon-woo hurriedly hid herself in her husband's voice.

Why are you here? Are you done with your seats?

I saw the yellow thing moving suddenly. Soon after, the yellow hoodie disappeared.

"Lee Yeon-woo. I know you're there."

I hurried to where Yeon-woo's head was seen, but Yeon-woo had already disappeared.

You should do it, too.

Dress like a chick and run away like a rabbit?

The large garden has never been so stuffy and resentful to live in a rich family.

Seonjae was unintentionally destined to play hide-and-seek.

"Pretty, come on out."

You're selling your husband to find a way to live?

I decided to conciliate myself with pretty words.

"I won't be mad if you come out now, come out."

I heard a rustling sound from a long distance away.

"……you're not going to be angry, are you?”

The innocent wife asked in a fairy-like voice.

"Guys, let's get in there."

So I responded kindly.

I'm not angry.

It's pretty, pretty, pretty all night long.


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