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Chapter 61

 Sun-jae, who made an appointment with a lawyer for dinner, turned on the computer to organize the data before that.

What Ok Seung-hye committed three years ago in front of the department store elevator was recorded on CCTV.

Seonjae had the video material.

The archives will be important evidence of Ok Seung-hye's habitual assault.

Seonjae opened the drawer and put his hand in the corner.

In the drawer, I put a USB in a box in the corner.

But I couldn't see the USB that was supposed to be in the box in the corner.

"I'm supposed to be here...….”

Seon-jae tilted his head and took out all the items in the drawer and searched thoroughly.

The USB wasn't in place, so I had to search the bottom drawer.

Am I remembering something wrong? Didn't you leave the USB here?

It was heartbreaking to leave the housework of this house to Nam Ji-soon.

I searched everywhere in the study for a USB. But there was no USB anywhere.

The cell phone I left on the desk was crying.

It was a friend-based contact. Seonjae answered the phone in a stiff voice.


[Seonjae, click on the link I texted you now] Check it out right after you hang up. Okay?]

The voice of the standard sounded rather hastily.

Seon-jae opened the text message box, frowning at the unknown content.

At this time, Dadada and Yeonwoo also heard the sound of jumping into the study.


He kept calling me "Honey" for days, and then used the term "senior" as a habit.

Her face, which held the phone in her hand, was also flushed with excitement.

Something embarrassing seemed to have come up.

No way, Sun-jae clicked on the link to the Internet address of the text message.

It was a post on the community bulletin board.

"I'm a housekeeper who has worked at the house of KangXX, vice president of Jay Department Store for three years.

Not long ago, I received an unexpected dismissal notice from Mrs. Lee OOO, the wife of Vice President KangXX.

……they're actually a show window couple.?

Seon-jae, who was reading a long article, was so ridiculous that he sighed.

"They say they're a parakeet couple outside, they're falling sesame seeds.

They've been playing for a long time in a crowded place.

The reality is different.

Two people use separate rooms at home and never meet each other.

We pretend that we don't have each other at all. It's almost desolate.

I saw a divorce application one day.

A few days later, the divorce application disappeared and there was no actual divorce, but the house was always as fierce as it was just before the divorce.

I was the only one in and out of there.

Since they don't get along well and each room is occupied, it's impossible to invite guests.

I have been cleaning and living in such a house for 2 years.

I couldn't take care of other households because they were often forced to work suddenly even when it wasn't working hours. They made me work until the day I couldn't work because of shingles.

There were many painful things, but I worked without a word for more than two years.

But one day he suddenly kicked me out. You're even falsely accused of stealing.

I found out after I was kicked out. That their false marriages are spreading from tip to tip. The wife of the house thought I had started the rumor.

Everyone who knows already knows.

Rather, I kept the secret as if it were my life.

When I work at a chaebol house, people usually ask me. What the rich people are like, as the media say, different.

I've never really spoken to a lot of those questions. Your wife is nice, kind and friendly, and you and the vice president have always said that we are on good terms.

That's why I feel so unfair.

Why did you even frame me for being such a thief, ma'am?

Or did you get scared because I know too much? I really want to know.

As I write this, I suddenly feel threatened with life.

I knew how awful people are with money.

Although my safety is not guaranteed, I am writing with a feeling of vomiting blood because I think it would be unfair that I couldn't do anything if I had an accident.

Also, I really want to get rid of the false accusation of being a thief.

And ma'am, if you realize anything from this post, please apologize to me.

If you're human, you shouldn't be.?

At the end of the article, there was a photo taken with an identification card that could prove his identity and a contract written at the time of the housekeeping contract.

The contract and identification cards were blurred and not fully revealed, but they could be clearly identified as to which apartment they lived.

Nam Ji-soon revealed her lies by exposing her personal information.

By scapegoating themselves, people seemed to believe it was more authentic information.

I was hit in the back of my head.

Below that, the increasing number of comments, one every 10 seconds, was even more stark.

You've been overusing your power. But it's shocking that Showwindow and his wife are also married.

- A few years ago, the son of the chairman of J-Group married a common woman. I think the story of the couple here is their story. Actually, I heard this is the big picture. I heard Chairman Kang Un-ho married his son to a common woman because he wanted to enter politics.

That's right. Originally, marriage between chaebol and ordinary people cannot be established.

A girl is good to be Cinderella. It's good to be able to take a lot of alimony even if you get divorced.

Kang Woon-ho is also doing a lot of charity work because he wants to be the president.

How do you think you're gonna sell your son? trash

- Vice President Kang Seon-jae is rumored to be a lot. The main character who caused a scandal with Yousara in the New Year. I was wondering if it was covering well, but it ended up popping up like this.

After checking all the writings, Sun-jae put his cell phone down on the desk.

The muddy water splashed over the border of Seonjae and Yeonwoo to Unho, Seonjae's father.

Until now, Unho had done a lot of charity work and had a good image, so there was a love call from politics.

But Unho has no meaning in politics.

The story of entering politics was just a false rumor created by people who liked to talk.

It was impossible to stop the spread of this article, even if it were now to be brought down.

People who like to spread the word would have already spread this message from place to place.

"……I can't reach you."

Yeonwoo said in a trembling voice.

"I don't think I'll ever hear from you after writing this."

Said Seonjae. I laughed so hard that I couldn't believe it.

"Did you really finish it right with your wife?"

Yeon-woo looked at Seon-jae with a disappointed look on his face. I'm not blaming you.

"I'm just asking the truth.”

"That's what you've made in front of me. She said she wouldn't meet Ok Seung-hye. He also said he would cooperate when the investigation begins.”

"Then wouldn't there have been other temptations or threats after that?"

Yeon-woo's expression improved a little when Seon-jae supported him.

"I think it's Ok Seung-hye's duke. Ok Seung Hye is a person who controls others without getting her hands dirty.”

Seon-jae looked at Yeon-woo's face again after nodding in a positive way.

"Are you okay?"

She had a completely drained face.

It was a pity that only the things that hurt her kept happening.

"……I'm afraid your father will suffer all of a sudden."

"My father will take care of himself. I'm not the type of person who watches this. I'm worried about you."

Even if it's okay now, it'll be hard from now on.

Those who are outraged by Nam Ji-soon's writing will try to dig into Yeon-woo's personal information and bury her as if she did something she didn't do.

Yeon-woo's incident in high school could be revealed.

My wife really didn't do anything wrong.

"And, uh, the USB's gone.”

Seon-jae confessed a single thing he just learned.

"Which USB?"

"Record of a video clip in front of an elevator in a department store three years ago."

What I didn't know until now that USB was gone. It was his fault.

The last time I opened a box containing USB was a month ago.

I've forgotten for a very long time, so I don't even know who touched the USB when.

"I definitely remember putting it in a drawer. But when I looked it up now, it wasn't there.”

Yeon-woo's eyes were shocked, so Seon-jae quickly relieved her.

"Don't worry, I didn't keep it sloppy. You can restore your company computer, and I have a copy of it at your father's house.”

Her trembling eyes were stabilized by his words.

"Let's put off meeting our lawyers for a day now that this is what happened. I'm gonna have to get rid of this nonsense first.”

Yeonwoo also nodded straight.

Nam Ji-soon's post disappeared four hours after it was posted.

But the writing had already spread here and there.

Strangely, the arrow was directed not at Yeonwoo and Seonjae, but at her father-in-law, Unho.

Before he knew it, Unho had become a cold father who sacrificed his son for his ambition.

The next day, Chairman Kang Un-ho, who suffered from reporters, had to express his opinion himself.

Unho told reporters that he has no intention of becoming a politician even if he steps down as chairman in the future.

His upbringing was made of knights and only then did people seem to agree.

However, it was not entirely lulled. Some suspicious people continued to use malicious comments.

Yeon-woo, who came to school and confirmed Unho's interview with an Internet article, sighed loudly.


I shouldn't have trusted you. Was my judgment wrong?

"Nothing will happen."

My head ached.

In the afternoon, I decided to go to see Sunjae and his lawyer.

Yeon-woo, who came out of the lab early because Seon-jae was coming to pick him up from school, sat on a bench and kept looking for the knights and uttered a word into the air.

"You're not showing up today?”

I suddenly remembered Mr. Nureung. The last time I met was this bench.

"I showed up every time I had a hard time, so I have to show up today.”

I wanted Mr. Nureung to come out of the blue and say something nice. That would be helpful.

"I have a lot to say. Where the hell does this guy live?"

However, Mr. Nureung did not show up, and Yeonwoo had no choice but to shake off his complaints in the air.

Then a voice was heard from the other side of her head.


It was not Nureung, but Heejin, a colleague of the same lab.

"Huh? Senior."

We were busy greeting each other all day today, but when Hee-jin came and talked to me, I was glad for a moment.

"Are you going home?"

"Yes. Are you leaving work now?"

"No, I just came out to see you.”

However, it sounded meaningful to say that I came out to see myself.

"Do you have anything to say?"



"If you don't have a place to talk, you can talk to me."

Yeon-woo stared at Hee-jin with his eyes wide open and nodded when he realized it to himself.

"Oh, you heard me earlier."

I heard Mr. Nureung talking to himself just in case he came. Since he said loudly that he was having a hard time, meticulous Hee-jin deserved to pay attention.

"In fact, it's not that hard. I was just talking to myself because I was bored.”

Yeon-woo smiled, but to Hee-jin's eyes, even that seemed to be an excuse.

"Yeonwoo, I know it wasn't all true, but I know it was hard for you. For the past two years."

Yeon-woo couldn't laugh anymore at the sharpest words.

Hee-jin clearly talked about what she had been watching as if she had been waiting to talk about it.

"You used to laugh pretty well and be cheerful before you got married, but after you got married, it completely disappeared. It wasn't like a newlywed bride to concentrate on school work as if you were trying to prove your existence by studying.”


"It's only recently that your husband comes to school and shows interest, but in the last two years there hasn't been one.”

Hee-jin was noticing what she had managed to hide.

Yeonwoo sweated a lot.


You're all right.

But that's not the case so far. I'm on good terms with my husband now...….

"If this wasn't what you wanted, if you were forced to get married...… I'll help you make it right, Yeon-woo."


"I really want you to be free and happy."

I've seen that expression from Seonjae.

The expression of hesitation. There's something I don't like. An anxious look.

"No, sir, I think there's a misunderstanding...….”

I had to correct Heejin's thoughts quickly.


At that time, Sun-jae was seen on the other side of the road at a good timing.

As soon as Seon-jae recognized that it was Hee-jin who was with Yeon-woo, he ran quickly and dragged Yeon-woo's shoulder.

"What are you talking about?"

Yeon-woo's voice was soft and friendly, but the look at Hee-jin was like a sharp blade.

"Don't bother Yeon-woo. Don't you see Yeon-woo getting in trouble?"

"Oh, honey, that was a misunderstanding."

Yeonwoo hurriedly dissuaded me because I thought there would be an argument. Seonjae asked Yeonwoo.

"What misunderstanding?"

"I told them that they seemed to have been forced to marry.”

Heejin answered Sunjae's question. Again, Sun-jae's eyes became sharp toward Hee-jin.

"That's what it used to look like.”

"What kind of rude interest is that?"

Seon-jae gave Hee-jin no room for other thoughts.

"You have a dark heart for Yeon-woo, so you just want to believe that. But I'm sorry, but we were so in love that we got married."

"Black mind. Isn't that rude of you?"

"Then, isn't it? I can see everything.”

Hee-jin shut up when Seon-jae pushed Hee-jin without a break.

"I understand Yeon-woo looks so pretty in your eyes, but please fold your mind like an adult. "Don't get in trouble at Yeonwoo's job."

Seon-jae uttered cold words and held Yeon-woo's hand.

"Let's go."

"Oh, senior, I'm going to go now.”

Yeon-woo hurriedly greeted Hee-jin, following Seon-jae's hands.

Seon-jae stared at Yeon-woo for a moment as if not to say hello.

Seonjae didn't say anything while he was heading to the parking lot.

Yeon-woo, who was looking at the scene, came into the car and asked.

"Are you angry?"


After a pout of answers, he closed his lips straight again.

"……So jealous?"

She carefully asked one more question. A sharp look directed at her.


He answered with his teeth clenched. It was more terrifying than the word 'yes'.

"I'm more handsome, I have a good body, I have a good voice, I have a good head, I have a lot of money, I'm mature, and Lee Yeon-woo's husband is me. Why would I be jealous when I'm far superior in many ways. Childishly."

Calculated in my head, I should never be jealous.

So Seon-jae was wary of the mind.

But I don't know why I feel so bloated.


"I won't."


I shed my eyes on Yeonwoo who answered obediently.

Somehow she seemed to hold back her laughter by putting pressure on her lips.

"Why are you laughing? Am I funny?"

"No…… Poof."

Eventually, Yeon-woo, who was answering, laughed out.

I couldn't help laughing because my jealous husband was so cute.

"This is not jealousy. I'm just being wary."

He retorted again because his feet were numb.

"I was about to confess. Do you know?"

As a matter of fact, I didn't like it.

If I had said a few more words with her, I would have said, "I liked you earlier than your husband."

It was very disappointing that he was his wife's lab colleague.

Nevertheless, it was lamentable that he had to wait and see.

If I could show her the size of love in person, she would know I'm much better than that guy.

My wife, who is smiling brightly in front of me, is so pretty, mean and resentful.

So pretty and petulant, he grabbed her waist in the passenger seat, lifted her up and pulled her into the driver's seat.

"Oh, why, why."

Yeon-woo, who sat on his legs, looked at him with frightened eyes of a rabbit. I laughed so hard.

Only then did a smile bloom around his mouth, as if it had eaten her laugh.

Sunjae adjusted the button to widen the driver's seat. There is more room for Yeon-woo's occupied space.

Although that didn't mean she could avoid him.

"No, vice president, this is a school. What's wrong with you?"

"There's no one."

Sunjae hugged her closely at the waist.

Yeon-woo clung to The Sun-jae and grabbed him by the shoulder.

He raised his head and said, staring at her.

"Kiss me."

It was a request, but it looked close to demand. If you don't do it, you'll be in trouble.

"You can do that.”

He was cute, cool, and sexy, pampering with his thin, long eyes. Even the nagging voice is tempting.

Oh, my heart is racing, there's a guy with all this.

I beat this man by all means.

Yeon-woo stared at him as if possessed and lowered his head slowly.

When his lips touched, his hot breath entered first.

Inhale her breath with a breath as if to steal her soul.

It quickly got hot in the car that didn't start.

Not enough to satisfy his craving at once, she took her breath off her lips.

As soon as his lips dropped, his voice caught her again.


Let's do more.

He begs again.

There's only one thing he needs right now.

After taking off his lips for a moment, he has a dense look that makes his head numb.

The expression, some completely untied and some tight, mesmerizes her once again.

His lips were lowered again to meet his expectations.

Heart tremors are a long shiver. I think there are only two people in the world.

After a while, his lips fell again, but he wouldn't release her arm.


The voice of wanting to be confirmed for love repeatedly tickled her lips.


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