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Chapter 62

 Marjintae stayed out all night and came back home in the afternoon.

Now, Ok Seung-hye doesn't ask where she's staying out, who she's with.

The two are now business partners.

"Chairman Kang is being criticized a lot.”

Jin-tae said as he changed his clothes. There is a pleasant smile around the mouth.

"If the media keeps paying attention to Chairman Kang, it will be easier for me to get out of J-Group. The method was childish, but the results were good."

Jin-tae commented on what Seung-hye did.

The response of the post on a community under the guise of Nam Ji-soon was good.

"But if they sue me for defamation, I'm not getting my money's worth, you know? Be careful not to step on the tail. Where's the maid woman?"

"I sent it to my son in a foreign country. You don't even know what's going on in Korea.”

"Yes, good job."

I don't know how good it's been.

In front of Jin-tae, Seung-hye, who doesn't smile much, smirked even at the end of her lips.

"If I hadn't dressed Sang-hee in the same dress as Lee Yeon-woo, I would have given her 80 points."

But a smile slipped by her side.

"Just 50 points."

Jin-tae's merciless rating eroded Seung-hye's pride.

At some point, Jin-tae began to score Seung-hye's actions one by one.

What's that, Seung-hye didn't feel good all day on the day Jin-tae scored low.

Seung-hye knows that it was too much to dress Sang-hee in the same dress as Lee Yeon-woo.

But Seung-hye wanted to see Lee Yeon-woo change his clothes.

Still, I really wanted to see Lee Yeon-woo being embarrassed by himself.

She wanted to check her position by pressing Lee Yeon-woo.

" usually act and think. If you don't want to hear who Sang-hee looks so stupid."

Mar Jin-tae scored 50 points and also criticized him.

Seung-hye's facial muscles flinched when she said she was stupid.

I hated my husband, but I couldn't even touch him.

Why do I live with this kind of person.

Having been married to someone like this, why haven't I even thought about getting a divorce yet?

"But Sang-hee can't even get married to a good place. Do you understand?"

Since Seung-hye didn't answer, Jin-tae added more words.

"Don't spill it. Just listen to me, thinking about who you're enjoying yourself with."

Jin-tae, who changed his clothes, went out again without saying where he was going.

Seung-hye is alone again.

Marjintae. I tried to marry this man. The meeting place more than 20 years ago was like a test site.

I thought it would be comfortable to get married after a difficult test.

However, her husband's attitude changed after the first birth of a daughter, the second child of her son, and the death of her husband's

To make matters worse, my husband's company went bankrupt.

Seung-hye was in a position where she could not get rid of the idea that she had married wrong, but could not get divorced.

She spent a lot of money, and the property hidden by Jin-tae opened Seung-hye's breath.

Every time I got angry, I needed a child downstairs.

The thrill of hitting a child was addictive.

I didn't have to worry about the future because she wasn't my daughter.

Without Lee Yeon-woo, I would have gone crazy a long time ago.

It was amazing to hear that as time went by, the only playground was to find a good marriage place.

It was also painful to save myself because Kang Seon-jae told her not to appear in front of Lee Yeon-woo again.

I've had to live with my breath like that for the past two years.

Then, after hard work, Nam Ji-soon was attracted and Lee Yeon-woo's weakness was discovered.

If it's not now, I can't hold Lee Yeonwoo's throat.

Her husband, Ma Jin-tae, said she could confuse J-Group until she left for another rival company, but Ok Seung-hye was not satisfied with that alone.

It was her goal to divorce Lee Yeon-woo and humiliate her again.

I thought I could feel alive only when Lee Yeon-woo crawled.


His wife's breath, which was spouting dangerously between her thick lips, seemed to hold Seon-jae's heart tightly and not let go.

His moist eyes staring at himself kept him hanging on.

This is driving me crazy.

The wife who filled her desire was so lovely.

With the fallen lips firmly attached again, Seonjae lowered the driver's seat back down.

"Huh? Huh?"

As his back gradually went down, embarrassed Yeon-woo took off his lips and shouted.

"Why are you lowering your chair!"

"So that you're more comfortable."

"No! I'm not comfortable!"

His insatiable greed again strained the loose string of reason.

Yeon-woo came back to his place breathing hard.

"Where are you going, where are you going?"

"I'm going to stop.”

"You're not good enough.

"You'll say half a day isn't enough."

Yeonwoo hit the nail on the head. My wife was right, so Seon-jae couldn't argue anything.

"No one's passing by, right?”

"There wasn't, and I don't care. I'm sure they're a good couple."

Yeon-woo belatedly regretted not being alert and stuck his head in the car window.

Seon-jae straightened her tilted shoulders, saying, "Don't blame yourself for good things."

"How was it in the lab? Wasn't the atmosphere awkward?”

"Yes, but no one asked about it.”

Yeon-woo sighed with a vain expression.

"I don't know if you can't ask me because you're afraid it'll bother me or if you don't even know it happened because you're not interested at all. I can't know that, so I can't talk to you first. That's why I worked. ……why can't I say that?"

It was heartbreaking to think that my wife couldn't say another word and struggled timidly alone.

His hand moved to stroke Yeon-woo's cheek.

"Oh, Heejin pretended to know.”

However, after Yeon-woo's continuous remarks, Seon-jae's hand changed its goal and pinched her cheek.

Her cheeks were held in her hands.


"Practice. There's nothing you can't do. Everything on the Internet is blackmail, I'm married because I love you, say this."

"You're sick, aren't you? Are you sure you love her? You didn't get married to pick on me?"

He smiled and grabbed the wheel as she glanced.


Soon after arriving at the lawyer's office, the two were informed of the proceedings after greeting the lawyer.

Seon-jae took the USB out of his arms, as he was told by his lawyer.

"This is the USB I found at my father's house this morning. There's the same video in here.”

Seon-jae said happily. Only then did Yeon-woo sigh with relief.

"I've got about ten more copies of these today. I'm afraid someone else will steal it."

Sunjae plugged a USB into his laptop and opened the folder. It contained two video files.

It was a video of the same situation from different angles.

I can't believe I'’

Yeon-woo was bitter but watched the video straight from beginning to end.

Ok Seung Hye left for the elevator. He's chasing his teeth.

A hand that flew roughly to her cheek as soon as she approached Ok Seung-hye.

I couldn't hear anything in the video, but Yeon-woo seemed to have eardrums ringing.

At the same time, my cheeks felt tingling.

The ugly past that always tried to run away but couldn't escape was revealed.

I was ashamed that the lawyer would watch it together.

Seeing Yeon-woo's lips drying up, Seon-jae attached himself and wrapped Yeon-woo's shoulders.

Afterwards, Ok Seung-hye took away Yeon-woo's book, threw it toward the wall, and poured it out.

"What did I say back then? Did he say he didn't even know his place?’

Now that I think about it, I couldn't refute it even after hearing it.

I didn't even think to refute it.

No, his future seemed to be as Ok Seung-hye said.

Ok Seung-hye was hypnotized in aura.

"You kept it well."

The lawyer said after the video.

"These videos are crucial material. The problem is that it's not easy to prove your habit because this is the only one. It's easy to say that there was only one assault on the defendant's

The lawyer told us the real problem as it was.

"You've been hiding the fact that you've been assaulted for 18 years, right? Of course, your family doesn't know, and do you have any close friends who have a rough idea?"

Seonjae added words to the lawyer's question.

"Suzy, you're quick to read the room, so you might have guessed.”

"You don't know about the assault, you know you've been persecuted."

The lawyer nodded.

"Well, let's include that. It's going to be easy to organize because you've made a good explanation."

The three immediately began filing the complaint.

By the time I was almost done organizing the complaint, I got a call from Seonjae. It was Kang Un-ho, Sunjae's father.

"Yes, Father."

[Where are you?]

Unho's voice was quite stinging.

Sun-jae answered, wondering, "It's a voice that suppresses anger in the heart."

"I'm seeing Yeonwoo and his lawyer."

[What's the matter.

"I'll tell you later."

[What?] You son of a bitch.]

Unho's fierce criticism left Seonjae blank.

Seon-jae's words that he will tell you later are the words that he has always said because he has a chic nature.

Unho, who is well aware of Seonjae's personality, has never said anything about it.

Even if I was disappointed, I tried not to do that's why I handed it over.

Get over here with your new baby right now!]

Unho screamed and hung up the phone.

Yeon-woo asked Seon-jae, who was staring blankly at the broken phone call.

"What's going on?"

"My father wants me to come home right away."

"Did you have a problem with your work?”

"No. He told me to come with him."

"With me?”

"Yes, that was a very excited voice.”

Seon-jae replied with a blank look in his eyes.

After filing the complaint, the two men, who came out of the lawyer's office, headed straight to Unho's.

I called Mi-hyun to at least know why her father was so angry, but Mi-hyun didn't answer either.

"Is there anything you can point to?”

Yeonwoo, who became serious, asked.

"Well, I talked about Nam Ji-soon's post with my father yesterday and today. I have fully understood that we are in an unfair position. We haven't talked about Ok Seung-hye yet."

"I'm a little nervous. Why did you ask me to come with you?”

"It's okay. You can't say anything to your daughter-in-law.”

Seonjae reassured Yeonwoo.

Yeon-woo also asked Seon-jae.

"You can't turn up the volume with your dad just because he's excited. Don't be rude. Just like you did with Sarah, don't get all worked up, stay calm, okay?

"All right."

"Honey, you have a scary side just by making an impression, so don't harden your face and be nice. Don't forget your kind face. All right?"


Seonjae nodded repeatedly.

There was a traffic jam because it was rush hour. When the two arrived at Unho's house, it was past seven o'clock.

It has been an hour since Unho called and asked me to come over immediately.

Unho and Mihyun sat upright in the drawing room with the expression of waiting for the two for a long time and woke up when the two came in.

"Father, mother, hello. We're here."

Yeonwoo said hello first.


Mihyun greeted with a sigh.

Mihyun's nose and eyes were red. It was a sign of crying just before.

What the hell is going on here?

Unho had a stern look on his face, completely taking off his caring image.

Yeon-woo gulped dry saliva because it seemed scarier than the news.

"What are you calling me for?”

To Seon-jae, who was about to approach and sit down, Un-ho strongly ordered.

"Seonjae, you kneel down there."

Seon-jae's eyes were shaking around when instructed to kneel out of nowhere and fixed on Yeon-woo.

Honey, do I have to kneel down?

Since I talked to Yeon-woo, it was right to do what my father told me to do, but I felt very unfair because I had to kneel down without knowing why.

Yeon-woo also stared at Un-ho and Mi-hyun with a stunned look.

Unho continued in a dignified voice.

"The two better stay apart for a while. Seonjae, please commute from this house and go back to Saeah's house.”

It was a bolt from the blue. Yeon-woo and Seon-jae's eyes looking at Unho opened more blankly than before.

What the hell is going on here?

However, Unho, who looked at Seonjae, looked very sad and heartbroken when facing Yeonwoo's face.

"……you'll need some time to think alone."

What? What should I think about alone?….

While bewildered Yeon-woo looked at Un-ho and Mi-hyun, Un-ho's eyes shifted to Sun-jae again.

"You're not my son. I did something I shouldn't have done as a human being."

What you shouldn't do as a human being? What the hell is that?

Yeon-woo was confused about what crime her husband was involved in.

Seonjae also did not seem to know why he came into this situation.

The strands were cool and the heart thumped.

At this time, Mihyun moved to the entrance of the parlor.

"Let's go this way. I want you to talk to me separately."

Why, why do we have to talk about this separately?

What kind of modern-day kyunwoo and jiknyeo?

Sunjae's eyes are red looking at her. It's a look that says, "Don't go."

There was anxiety that if I broke up with Seonjae now, I would never see him again.

What I had forgotten for a while was imprinted on my head again.

February 1st of 'Another Future'. She filed a divorce application.

That is what happens ten days from now.

No way. No way. I can't do that.

Yeon-woo looked at Seon-jae with anxious eyes for a while and left after Mi-hyun.

"Don't you ever think about being treated like a human being."

While Seon-jae was dazed following Yeon-woo's back, Un-ho said coldly.

Unho clenched his fist as if he were going to punch Seonjae.

"A new baby...."

The fist shook and Unho said.

"You're the new baby...….”

Sun-jae looked up at Un-ho in a daze and gulped.

I couldn't even guess what my father would say.

Unho spoke in a squeezing, painful voice.

"……I never thought I'd steal and get married.”


Unho's ridiculous words made Seonjae's lips cringe up.

"You son of a bitch."


"Kijun confessed everything. I heard you got married stealing a new baby."

My father is so serious. Seonjae was amazing.

"I talked to Sarah. I heard you're so obsessed with the new baby. You leech."



Mi-hyun, who led Yeon-woo to a room slightly away from the drawing room, sat on a comfortable bed and sat next to her.

Mi-hyun stared at Yeon-woo for a long time, and then cautiously opened her mouth.

"At first, I thought lightly. It was easy to think that you were so awkward with us, that you seemed scared, just because you were introverted."

Yeon-woo's mother-in-law's expression of looking at her sadly was somehow heartbreaking even though she didn't know why.

What does my mother want to say?

"I often felt like Sunjae was blocking between you and us, but I misunderstood that he was protecting you. Because he's our son, I suddenly believed he wouldn't have gone too far."

Out of line?

What the hell is that?

Yeon-woo, who became confused, tilted his head sideways.

"Sae-ah, no, Yeon-woo. We will do as you wish. No matter what kind of compulsion he may make."

Mother, I have no idea what you're talking about...….

However, Mi-hyun is serious without a gram of laughter.

"I don't listen to him anymore. So feel free to talk to me, too."


"What kind of stubbornness did Seon-jae make to get married.”


Yeon-woo's expression froze because she couldn't understand English, but Mi-hyun seemed to be getting hotter.

"What did he do to you? What kind of nasty thing did you do?"

With a trembling voice, Mihyun will face the truth properly. I was talking.

Do you think my son went ahead with his marriage by using some kind of violence, such as scaring me?

Don't tell me...

"It's okay. I took Cheongsimhwan. Don't worry, you can talk.”

It's not possible to catch people. Mihyun's expression already showed some certainty.

Relieving his frightened daughter-in-law.

"You don't have to be afraid of him. I won't let him touch you anymore. I'm gonna throw you in jail. I'll dig him out of his family register and kick him out naked."

Mihyun has been asking with integrity and perseverance. I've been asking for the truth.

"Don't even think about it. A bully who ruined other people's lives and brainwashed them as if they were happy. If I hadn't given birth to him and had pumpkin, I would have made soup.”

Mi-hyun never stops gossiping about her son while wiping away tears around her eyes. It is to try to win Yeonwoo's trust.

A ridiculously ridiculous situation.

Also, the situation is too serious to laugh.

"It's okay."


"You can tell me everything. Yeonwoo."


"We'll protect you, so you can tell us everything.”

Tears came before laughter.

It's okay, you can tell me everything, I'll protect you...….

Just a few days ago, it was the same as what Seonjae said.

Mother and son. The two show her the same mind, the same expression in different situations.

It's okay, you can tell me everything, I'll protect you...….

How could this be?

I'm just a daughter-in-law. I'm nothing without your two sons.

How can you speak so warmly...….

Yeonwoo shook his head whiningly. Tears shook and fell to the floor.

"Mother, that's not it...…it's really not…….”

Tears came out, but I was actually overwhelmingly happy.

"I like it, Mother. We both really like each other.”

Everyone respects me this much. You care about me. You protect me.

Treasures are hidden all over this ridiculous situation.

"I love you, Sunjae. You two love each other...….”

In the end, I was so happy that my heart burst out.


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