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Chapter 64

 There is a man who cannot be erased in a pile of vague memories.

There was one person who comforted himself who was beaten by Ok Seung-hye.

The lady who was cleaning at Marjintae's house.

At first, she worked all day, but later, she was called in for a day only when there was a special incident at Ma Jin-tae's house.

Yeon-woo was not sure if the lady saw her right. Because I've never asked.

Curiously, however, I always got candy from my aunt the day or the day after I got beaten. I was comforted by the delicious candy.

At the same time, he overlooked the crisis himself.

This is not a big deal, I've come to think.

It's not a big deal. The pain from being hit disappears in an hour.

And she gave me candy without asking anything as if nothing had happened.

As time went by, I think I became numb to pain.

Only now did I regret not being able to say anything then.

I'm going to talk about it at least once.

I'm asking you to help me, please.

Then the lady would have helped me with the hand that handed me the candy.


News studio.

There is a scene that is broadcasted through a large screen.

This is a CCTV video of three years ago in front of an elevator in a department store.

In the scene where Ok Seung-hye hit Yeon-woo, the staff in front of her were seen flinching at the same time. The anchor also clenched his fist.

The video ended with Ok Seung-hye leaving alone after throwing Yeon-woo's book.

Anchor also could not speak for a while to see if Yeon-woo's story was regrettable, but continued to proceed.

"This was, like, three years ago. Before Lee Yeon-woo's wedding."

"Yes, that's right."

"It's a sad video, but I don't think it's enough to prove child abuse and habitual assault."

"There's not enough evidence, but I'm going to fight it out."

Yeon-woo spoke with determination.

I came out to say I'd fight. I came out to tell you not to touch me recklessly.

The anchor nodded briefly and asked again.

"The assault lasted a long time, so why didn't you ask your family for help?"

"When I was young, I was so young that I didn't know it was an assault, and I thought it was my fault."

"After that?"

"When I got older, the assault lasted so long that I couldn't say much more. My parents were the drivers and housekeepers of the owner's house, and my family barely lived. And I also owe the owner money. "The economic problems were intertwined, and I thought that if I broke this peace, my family would be on the streets."

"You were afraid."

"Yes, a lot of times.

"But really, didn't anyone notice? It's been 18 years.”

"The assault was severe until elementary school, and it's been reduced a little since then. Maybe other people who work in the house have noticed, but my family doesn't. I'm scared of something, so I'much more."

Yeon-woo tried to solve the long story as easily as possible.

I was nervous, but fortunately I didn't make a slip of the tongue.

"That's a terrible story."

The anchor commented briefly.

"It's been more than two years since I escaped the assault. Is there any reason for you to announce this so late?"

"I got away from the assault, but I got the impression that my hostess was still threatening my life."

"Is it mental, or is there really a physical threat?”

"I can't tell you everything here, but there were both mental and physical threats."

"Can't you tell me? May I ask why?"

"It's someone else's honor at stake."

"If it's someone else's honor, do you mean your husband?”

"Not a family member."

Yeon-woo did not directly talk about her work with Nam Ji-soon.

I still wanted to believe Nam Ji-soon. I couldn't help but think that Nam Ji-soon would also be a victim.

Yeon-woo had evidence of Nam Ji-soon's crime.

Nam can be reported at any time.

In such a precarious position, Nam Ji-soon seemed unable to slander Yeon-woo.

It would also be Ok Seung-hye's post that Nam Ji-soon posted.

Yeonwoo kept thinking like that.

"Yes, sir. I hope we can deal with the fact that you haven't revealed yet."

The anchor did not ask any further questions.


A young male staff member who was checking the screen in the secondary control room shone.

He was the first employee to answer Yeon-woo's phone call to the broadcasting station.

The young staff was proud of Yeon-woo's claim to conduct the interview live and talked to his senior.

"Wow, that's good. You're prettier than an anchor."

"You'll be in big trouble if you get your eyes on you. I'm out here interviewing her underdog, but she's a daughter-in-law of a chaebol family."

The senior tilted his head when the young staff smirked.

"But is that the daughter-in-law of a chaebol family? No matter how common he is, he must have the reputation of his father-in-law.”

"Well, I think I'm smart."

The young staff's position was different from that of his predecessor.

"How many wives can be the main character of social issues on a live news show. Even those who worked hard before marriage don't show up except for official events when they become daughters-in-law of a chaebol family."


"I can do that because the family supported me, and I can guess the distribution of the chairman of J Group. You're not that tight, are you?”

The tempting senior curled his lips and nodded loudly.


The interview is coming to an end before I know it.

The anchor brought up an issue that most people would be curious about.

"And I can't help but ask you this. Recently, an article was posted on the Internet. It was a complaint from an employee who was in charge of cleaning at Yeonwoo Lee's house. What's your position on that article?"

"In fact, that's why I'm here. I thought I should sort out the wrong information. First of all, I've never framed you."

Yeon-woo spoke in a determined tone.

Yeon-woo did not lie because he had never been falsely accused.

"I can't check it because I haven't been able to contact you, but I don't think it was written by myself. But this is just a guess, so I'd like to talk to you about this separately. I hope we can get in touch as soon as possible.”

"Yes. Then I'll have two things you need to tell me later. I look forward to hearing from you later."

The anchor meticulously took care of the future.

"And now that you're here, let me ask you one more peripheral question. They talk a lot about marriage, too. What do you think of this as there was talk of "Showwindo couple, a consensual marriage."

"My husband and I are in a loving and caring relationship. It will be fully demonstrated over time."

Yeonwoo answered coolly.

I don't think I can know about life.

I've never said this before, but I can't believe I'm confessing my true feelings on a broadcast broadcast nationwide.

Lee Yeon-woo, a timid personally.

"What if it's proof?"

"It's a flow of time.”

"You're right."

Anchor showed a faint smile for the first time at Yeon-woo's smart answer.

"Okay, in conclusion, is there anything you want to say? What you want from the news or what you want to say to the viewers."

Yeon-woo lowered her eyelids and opened her mouth as if she were thinking for a moment.

Will the appeal of sincerity work? I don't know what the outcome will be yet.

This can be a catalyst to further confuse the world around you, or a happening that disappears into thin air.

"I wasn't courageous at the time and didn't quickly correct the injustice. I regret it so much right now."

But Yeon-woo decided to put a significance on his voice.

I'm afraid of the consequences, but I'm still a step forward.

And that I'm changing.

"I don't think there's a lot of people who are still suffering from habitual assault. I hope they can get help from people and protect their dignity as soon as possible."

"Yes. Thank you for your courage today."

This is how the interview ended.

Good job, Yeonwoo.

The smile she made was to send herself.


Sunjae left the meeting and headed to the station.

It was fortunate that we were having a meeting near the broadcasting station.

Sun-jae, who quickly confirmed the news announcement, asked the quick driver who visited the meeting place to ride a motorcycle to the station.

I felt like an agent performing Operation 007.

When I just arrived at the broadcasting station, Yeon-woo's face was appearing on the lobby's screen.

Wow. I don't know what to say now, but my wife is pretty even on TV.

It was already after the interview when I came to my senses and focused on the contents while thinking about the wrong thing.

The interview was quickly made into a video article, so Seon-jae was able to check Yeon-woo's interview properly through the video article.


When I checked until the end, sighs flowed out of the temple.

What is this? You don't need me.

He wanted to solve all his wife's problems, but she rushed alone like the horns of Muso.

The comments below the article were mostly positive.

Messages of support for her ran incessantly.

I was so thrilled that my head was numb.

Then I got a phone call from my cell phone.

Father, it was Unho's call.

"Yes, Father."

Sun-jae immediately answered the phone because he had to inform Un-ho that Yeon-woo had an interview.

[I saw the new baby again] That's a lot of momentum. I think I'll teach you how to do business.]

But Unho brought it up first. Unho also watched the show.

In response to his father's reaction, a smile came to his lips.

"It could be fun. She once said that she would have become a better manager than me if she were an heiress.”

Did the new baby say that? Unexpectedly ambitious.]

"Just kidding. Yeon-woo said that as a joke."

As much as I felt overwhelmed, I came to say pleasant things.

However, Unho's voice subsided in no time.

[You must have been heartbroken because of Sae-ah's story]]

"It's nothing compared to what Yeon-woo went through."

You've been through so much, you've grown up so straight. To be honest, I was surprised. You stand up to me alone without asking me for help.]

"He thinks he's getting a lot of help.”

[Still] Actually, we can fight for you. If you decide, you can get rid of it.]


"Father, I told Yeonwoo that he was a very righteous man. Don't tell me you can get rid of it!"

[What do you mean it's really going to get rid of it?] I'm saying I'm going to ruin it.]


Seon-jae sighed as he tried to throw away the good image his father had accumulated.

But still, the smile remains the same.

"I think Yeonwoo will choose a regular technique even if he knows we can help him. I don't want that kind of help. It prevents others from making evil choices because of themselves."

I was happy to brag about my wife.

"It's frustratingly pure, and that's the charm. There's no one like that in the world."

I'm bragging about my wife, and I'm falling for it again.

I realized that I was married to a great person.


After the interview, Yeon-woo said hello to the staff and tried to leave, but a young male staff chased him.


He was a young staff member who watched Yeonwoo's broadcast in the secondary control room.

"Oh, my God. What kind of wife is she? Call your name, just."

"Yes. Lee Yeon-woo, I'm the first person to answer your call today."

"Oh, I see. Thank you for continuing the interview, which must have been embarrassing.

"I pushed it live because it deserved to be an issue. Thank you for the interview. I'm happy to hear that."

"Did you get a good response?”

"Have you seen the news bulletin board yet?”

"There must be a lot of positive comments on the bulletin board."

Yeon-woo didn't seem to know yet, so the staff took out their cell phones and opened the news viewer's bulletin board to show Yeon-woo.

"If you look down, you'll see a witness to the assault.”

According to the staff, Yeon-woo opened a few comments.

It was an article titled 'Yeonwoo is a high school friend'.

"I'm a friend of Yeonwoo's from high school.

Yeonwoo was the best student and the prettiest student in school.

The owner's daughter was also at our school. Unlike Yeonwoo, she was in a lot of trouble, so she must have been called to school a lot.

I saw her scolding Yeonwoo for calling him out.

I didn't say anything because I thought the woman who hit Yeonwoo was Yeonwoo's mom, but now I'm searching for her.

Yeonwoo, if you're investigated, I'll testify as a witness.

Our class president, genius Meng, cheer up!?

Thank you very much for the witness statement, my friend.

What if I tell the news bulletin that I'm a genius?


Yeon-woo, who burst into a funny laugh, tried to hand over his cell phone to the staff again and found more comments.

It was titled, "I worked at Ok Seung-hye's house in the past."

'No way.'

Yeon-woo's eyes, which found the title, shook unlike before.

Yeonwoo opened the article with trembling heart.

"I worked at Ok Seung-hye's house, the perpetrator of Lee Yeon-woo's habitual assault that I interviewed today."

Mrs. Ok called me "Cleaning."

Even though I knew that Mrs. Ok was giving Yeon-woo a thumbs-up, I couldn't come forward because I was living with my mouth full.

I'm relieved to be able to reveal this now.

I'm uploading the video material I have.

The student wearing a school uniform is Lee Yeon Woo and the woman holding onto her hair is Ok Seung Hye. This is a video I took with my phone 12 years ago.?

Uncovering her trembling fingertips, Yeon-woo clicked on the attached video.

It was a video clip of herself wearing a middle school uniform being held by Ok Seung-hye in the yard and grabbed by her hair.

When Yeon-woo tried to relax, Ok Seung-hye chased him and grabbed his hair again.

The video seemed to have been taken secretly, but the distance was quite close.

There was noise around, but Yeonwoo on the screen didn't make any noise.

Unlike when I checked the video in front of the elevator in the department store, Yeon-woo shed tears.

I wanted to say sorry to Lee Yeon-woo when I was young.

Why I didn't spare myself.

The last line of the article was a message sent directly by the cleaning lady to Yeon-woo.

"Yeonwoo, back in the day, I couldn't help you because I was in a difficult situation. I apologize on my knees. I want you to be happy.?

Yeon-woo, who wiped away tears at the aunt's message, stamped her feet on the spot this time. I was truly pleased.

The staff who were with me looked blankly at Yeon-woo's behavior and laughed ridiculously.

I was surprised that there was someone who was excited after watching the video of the scene where he was hit.

"The interview went through!"

Plus, what she's saying.

"It's the way I wanted it to be!"

As you wanted?

So all this was her big picture?

The staff felt like they had been hit in the back of the head.

This whole thing was planned? This woman used the news?

With this mild-looking face, he's a scary man.

But with the dazed staff in front of her, she offers another twist.

"I thought if I stepped up, one would help!"

Oh, that's what you're saying.

I was amazed at the positive energy of a woman who looked so fragile that I felt like I should protect her at all costs.

"I hope it goes well. Lee Yeon-woo."

I envy her husband for some reason.

The staff smiled with satisfaction.



A man was seen stuttering toward Yeonwoo outside the restricted area.

I'm approaching, but he's so handsome that I'm blinded.

He was a man who created a halo with his own power.

"Come on, I've been waiting so long.”

Yeonwoo's face became brighter as he approached.

Yeon-woo returned his cell phone to the staff and greeted them quickly before leaving the restricted area and going to Seon-jae.

The staff was thrown out of the way.

"When did you get here?"

Yeon-woo, who is in a good mood, asked Seon-jae brightly.

"I've been waiting so long.”

Sun-jae, who seemed to be grumpy, tried to hold Yeon-woo's hand and hugged him a little more.

"Good job."

I pretended to be grumpy, but I actually wanted to compliment you.

There are more days when you can't hide your mind.

"It was the best."

Surprised by his unexpected behavior, Yeon-woo relaxed his nervous body for a while. The compliment was pleasant.

She also hugged him tightly around the waist.

"But I didn't tell you until 15 minutes before the show.”

One, praise is not the only thing.

"I'm going to have to eat you up.”

Eo-heung, who reappeared, was both sweet and meaningful.


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