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Chapter 66

 I don't blame my parents. not a bit

Yeonwoo was loved by her parents.

Yeon-woo is the best parents who will have nothing more than that. To the point where I want to be born again as your daughter.

The two worked without a day off, took care of their sick grandmother, and had a lot of debt, so they gave up everything they could eat in their lives.

It's not that the two couldn't take care of Yeon-woo, but Yeon-woo was scared. Because I was too young.

As her mother said, "It's pathetic enough to want to turn back time," Yeon-woo also felt sorry for the past time.

"Mom, I'm sorry. My mother might be criticized because of me.”

Yeon-woo apologized for her real worries. Soon-jung shook her head.

"Why bother with that."

Soon-jung treated Yeon-woo with determination not to weaken her mind.

It was also the case. The criticism from others was of no concern.

Considering the fact that the person who suffered was my daughter, it was nothing to blame myself.

"How painful it was...….”

I resent the fact that I couldn't be with you for that's all.

"How painful it must have been, you pretty...….”

How hard it must have been.

When I saw my daughter looking at her with clear eyes, I thought I would cry, but Soon-jung didn't cry.

I had to show my daughter that I couldn't break my heart.

That's all I could say to my daughter now.

"However, you should have told me."

Soon-jung, who was continuing the conversation, frankly confessed her feelings.

"You always asked me. Is everything all right?"

It's not resentment. I just want you to rely on my daughter when she gets lost. Don't think you're alone.

"No matter what painful secret it is, you should have told your mom. You were a guardian back then.”

"I'm sorry."

"No, I've said it now, that's enough. Good job."

Soonjung smiled softly at Yeonwoo's apology.

"I was worried about being married, but you've grown up since you got married."

Now the daughter will lean more on her husband than on her mother when she has a hard time.

It was a pity that there was nothing more that could help as a mother, but I felt relieved that my daughter had grown up more after meeting a decent and reliable husband.

"Ok Seung-hye once lost a child.”

Soonjung told a story that Yeonwoo didn't know.

"I had a younger brother below Sang-hee, but I wasn't born. That's why I felt sorry for him. That's why I wanted to be nice to you.”

I always told my daughter to be nice to Ok Seung-hye.

The lady is sensitive, but she seems to have also said that she has a good side.

To teach a child a good heart, he wrapped others up as good people.

That was a huge mistake.

I overlooked that even a man of little importance to me, he can be evil to others.

"If it weren't for that far-fetched mind...… I'm so sorry, Mom.”


"But thank you for growing up so well."

On Yeon-woo's eyes, transparent beads grew in size again.

Yeon-woo wiped away tears as if crying was embarrassing.

I didn't cry because I was sad.

Thank you for recognizing my situation, me back then.

I cried because I was grateful for sharing my heart.

"Mom, this is really the last time. I'm not crying anymore.”

"Oh, I don't care if you cry."

Soonjung patted on the whimpering Yeonwoo. It was late at night, deep at heart.

It's way past midnight. Yeonwoo slowly went to bed.

In fact, Yeon-woo was going to sleep with her mother, but Soon-jung gave Yeon-woo a separate room.

"Mom needs to sleep with your dad."

It was invisible to Yeon-woo, but there were tears in the heart of pure love.

It is impossible to show her tears to her daughter, and she will fall asleep while expressing her pain to her husband Myung-sik.

Soon-jung and Myeong-sik were also ordinary couples who relied on each other and comforted each other in the face of difficulties.

Yeon-woo, who felt better after meeting her mom and dad, quickly fell asleep.

It was like a turning point in life for Yeonwoo.

When Yeon-woo fell asleep deeply, Soon-jung quietly visited Yeon-woo's room and stroked Yeon-woo's face.

Yeonwoo's expression was relaxed comfortably.

"My baby...".”

As if hearing the voice of pure love in a dream, a faint smile came to Yeon-woo's mouth for a moment.

The daughter was so affectionate that even the smile made me cry.

Yeonwoo's dream was blurry but happy color.

After all the complaints in my mind were released, my mother and husband came out in my dream that day.


In a room filled with the energy of the blue dawn, her husband lay side by side with him and looked at her with eyes shining like a dawn star.

When she spoke, he stroked her cheek cherished her voice.

Yeon-woo grinned as she closed her sleepy eyes a few times because her fingertips felt good.

"I missed you.”

She said her true feelings slowly. Maybe it's because we met in a dream, but it feels like a few days have passed.

My husband spoke angrily.

"Did you miss me? I thought you only liked me again. You kept running away."

"No, it's not.

"Aren't you?"

"No, I love you the most in the world."

Yeon-woo, who clung to him, hugged his waist tightly with a happy confession of love.

A vivid dream made me feel good.

Yeah, there was a whinge in the world surrounding her.

After that, funny words such as 'I love you, too,' 'You make sleeping sound so clever,' and 'See you later,' were heard faintly, but Yeon-woo flowed into another dream.


And in the morning.


Yeon-woo is frightened when she finds her husband lying next to me as always.

I thought it was a dream, but it wasn't.

He also tossed and turned at Yeon-woo's surprised response.

"……why are you here?”

"You said you'd come.”

But he's a voice that doesn't wake up.

"When did you get here?"

"You welcomed me, but you don't remember?"

There's no way I can I? Yeon-woo stared blankly with a blank expression.

"Let's sleep more."

"Don't you have to go to work?"

"I took annual leave."

Seon-jae finally grabbed Yeon-woo's arm and laid him next to me.

I couldn't control my strength because I wasn't conscious.

Yeon-woo, who was dragged without hesitation, lay next to him and stared at Seon-jae's face.

"Did you come here without sleeping?”


"Did you miss me that much?"


"But you can't drive in the middle of the night like this. What if I work during the day and drive without sleeping?"

As expected, Yeon-woo's safety comes first rather than his welcome.

"So put me to sleep, Yeonwoo."

Seonjae also pampered comfortably as he was not conscious.

Yeon-woo hugged Seon-jae as hard as he could, but was released around 7 p.m. and came out.

There was no one in the house, so I went outside, and the whole world was white snow.

Snow fell while she was asleep.

The gladness of the snow briefly broke through the snow and lamented that my husband had come all the way here.

"Are you awake?"

Looking at the white world and breathing white, Soon-jung, who came out of the greenhouse in the yard, talked to him.

"Mom, there's a river west in the room.”

"They came at dawn. Did he arrive around 5 o'clock?

"Did he drive here?"

"Yes, he was going to pull over in front of the house and sleep. Your dad woke up early and went out and found a western car and told me to come in quickly."

Yeon-woo's lips opened blankly because it was so ridiculous.

"If I had a vacation, I could rest at home and come during the day. I think the saxis are pretty good. But tell him not to overdo it. I feel sorry for you."

I said I felt sorry for Soon-jung, but in fact, I was grateful and lovely for my son-in-law's love for his daughter so much.

"Let's let the west of the river sleep more and have a quiet breakfast together."

Soonjung took care of her daughter who woke up first.

It was around lunch that Seonjae woke up.

Sun-jae, embarrassed at the thought of sleeping too slow in his in-laws' house, jumped up and hurried out to greet Soon-jung and Myung-sik.

"I slept too long. I'm sorry."

"No, I didn't wake you up on purpose."

answered Soonjung.

Yeon-woo, who was setting up a lunch table up close, smiled as he looked at Sun-jae's magpie house's head.

Seonjae, who understood the meaning of laughter like a ghost, hurried in to wash up.

While Seonjae was washing up, the lunch table was all set.

"You're hungry, aren't you? Have lunch.”


Soonjung put a lot of rice in a bowl full of affection.

There is no way to express gratitude to my son-in-law, so the affection for scooping up rice in this way is growing.

"Eat a lot. Eat more.”

"Yes, thank you."

"Mom, there's too much rice. What if I get an upset stomach after eating a river."

Yeon-woo said, "There is a lot of rice." Soonjung answered back.

"If you can't eat while eating, you can leave it."

"Where do you think you're going to stay because it's hard to sit down”

"You can't be hard on your father-in-law. "Eat enough before you leave."


Seon-jae replied, but Yeon-woo persisted.

"I said no. Honey, tell me now. You can eat this, you can'

"You can eat it.”

Seon-jae smiled at Yeon-woo, saying, "Don't worry." However, Yeon-woo's interpretation was different.

"Look, a soulless smile. Your smile is empty."

Wow, you're talking too much about my wife's home ground. How can you make me a shell man.

If I come, I'll eat it all.

Seon-jae clenched his fist and put rice into his mouth.

Whenever Yeon-woo opened his spoon, he said, "You can't eat it, right? You don't think you'll have any left?" But Seon-jae sat firmly and emptied the bowl.

After finishing the meal safely, Soonjung and Myeongsik went back to the vinyl house.

When Seonjae came out of the bathroom, Yeonwoo was trying to wash the dishes with rubber gloves on.

"Did you read the article?"

Yeon-woo spoke loudly because he was afraid that Seon-jae would not hear the sound of the sink pouring water.

"Last night, Ok Seung-hye was thrown out of the airport while trying to flee the country. I guess they're banned from leaving the country."

"Pooh. Ok Seung-hye, you must have done a sitcom at the airport."

Seon-jae, the author of the big picture, smiled sheepishly when he heard the news and accepted Yeon-woo's words.

He pretends to respond to his wife, who is happy to share the news.

"And in the morning...….”

Yeon-woo, who had a lot to talk about due to what happened during the night, turned to Sun-jae this time.

Then the cup of water she was holding fell down with soapy water.

It's a river.


"Don't move. Stay still.”

Seon-jae, who was standing in the back, hurried after him and said firmly.

"Are you okay? Are you okay?”

"It's okay."

Seonjae had Yeonwoo move sideways and cleared the debris from the water cup that fell to the floor.

The glass fell from close quarters without impact. It did not break into pieces dangerously.

"Sit down—I'll do the rest."

Seonjae took over Yeonwoo's rubber gloves. The rest of the dishes were left to Seonjae.


Yeon-woo looked embarrassed and smiled awkwardly.

"My mom told me to treat you like my hon."

"I'm still being treated like a baby.”

Seonjae pulled a chair from the table and put it close to the sink.

"Sit here and tell me what you were going to say.”

In fact, I was relieved because my wife, who was nervous about dropping and breaking something, just smiled awkwardly.

Yeonwoo nodded and sat down.

"I got a text message this morning. We've got a schedule for a complaint."

Seonjae lowered the sound of the water to hear Yeonwoo's voice properly.

Washing the dishes may take a long time, but I am happy with this ease.

"When is it?"

"10 the day after tomorrow.”

"Not long."

"Yes, Mrs. Ok Seung-hye will be investigated.”

Thanks to Yeon-woo's voice on the show, the investigation was quickly carried out.

"Ok Seung-hye could be under arrest and investigation. If the elevator video USB is found in Ok Seung-hye, it can be seen as an attempt to destroy evidence, and yesterday, she tried to escape."

Yeon-woo nodded as hard as she could at Seon-jae's story.

"And Nam Ji-soon wrote. I posted it on the news viewer's bulletin board. That's great."

"Oh, that's great."

Seon-jae replied in a welcoming voice again this time.

Long before Yeon-woo checked it, Nam Ji-soon immediately posted it, but Seon-jae responded to Yeon-woo, who delivered the news.

"I'll show you what I posted later."


"I'm so proud."

Seon-jae asked her who stretched out comfortably after telling everything she wanted to say.

"Are you worried now?”

"I'm nervous because it's my first time investigating a complaint, but I just have to be honest about it."

"Yes, you'll do well.”

Yeonwoo nodded.

"Happiness doesn't matter. Right?

When asked by Seonjae, Yeonwoo suddenly recalled the past.

When she decided to divorce him, Yeon-woo wrote in a letter to him, 'I want to be happy now, too.'

I thought I could never be happy with him.

I thought I could find happiness only if I got away from him.

I've been looking for happiness so close, like a bluebird for a long time.

Standing up from his seat, Yeon-woo went to the back of Seon-jae, who was absorbed in washing the dishes, and hugged him tightly.


The embarrassed Seonjae stumbled in place for a moment.

The thin fabric T-shirt adhered to his back, allowing Yeon-woo to enjoy solid back muscles with her cheeks.

And I also found out that I could hear his heart even if I put my ear to his back.

She was so happy, but he is in a position that he cannot take at ease.

I'm tempted enough by this little provocation.

"Don't do it. You're washing the dishes.”

"It's good to match because I can't use my arms because I'm washing the dishes."

My arrogant wife who came to the home ground. The kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

"Do I look normal now? I'm holding it in.”

If I run up to you here, I'll hear the beast.

"I don't want to lose my reason to my wife's house. This place is sacred. Cooperate."

"Kkkkk. It's hilarious."

Yeon-woo, who laughed at him for being so serious, went beyond sticking to his back and groped his abs.

"Hey, what are you doing. Go away, go away."

Eventually, he stopped doing the dishes.


Following a deep breath, his chest muscles swell up significantly and then sink.

In fact, Yeon-woo tried to stop at this point, but in the meantime, his deep breathing sound was so sexy that Yeon-woo enjoyed this feeling more.

It was nice to have happiness near.

But it's just Yeonwoo's mind.

"I'm suddenly not happy."

"I'm happy.”


Seon-jae gently called her, who teased her to the end. His voice was sweet, but his eyes were terrifying.

"You're so cute and a little abominable."


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