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Chapter 67

 Seonjae is a person who doesn't think patience is a virtue.

Seon-jae's personality is to express what he wants to express, cool what he wants to say, and change what he wants to change.

It was even before the emotion began that Showwin was able to live as a couple for the past two years because he was able to nip his mind in the bud.

I don't even have a jaw now.

Showwindo couple life? Now I can't do it even if you tell me to.

Thus, on this happy day when there is no need to hide his mind, Seon-jae faces such a painful moment.


Seonjae controlled his mind once again.

I thought of a noble mountain temple with a clear sound of water and a murmur.

I wanted to be decent and dignified at my wife's house. I didn't want to summon Eo-hung here.


However, this daredevil wife is unaware of this husband's efforts and continues to laugh teasingly, hugging his waist tightly.

Every time I laughed, my back tickled.

Yeah, I'll bear with you. If you're that happy.

One, I'm trying to overcome it because I love him, but he rarely cooperates.



"You know I like it, right?”

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Wow. He's really.

Seon-jae stopped washing the dishes and raised his head to the ceiling and let out a long sigh.

Patience will pile up like a mountain to become a savings king.

"Oh, why are you sighing at my words?”

How I wish you'd say that in bed, no, no.

Before washing the dishes, my mind, which was as clean and clear as Sansa's dew, became very cloudy. The bedroom was grown-up.


Seon-jae called her quietly in a voice that remained calm.

"I thought I'd stay here until tomorrow, but I can't."


"I'll see you at home today."

"So what am I supposed to say?”

Despite his intimidation, this timid man is somehow not intimidated.

"Why do I tell my mom and dad I'm going today? Should I say my husband told me to go home and wait and see?"


"Tell me? Like that?"

"……No, don't."

You're playing with me.

Okay, have fun. Have fun.

After giving up, Sunjae focused only on dispersing the power gathered in the lower division.

Fortunately, when Seon-jae patiently held on to the string of reason, the Savior Soon-jung came in.

"Whew, it's snowing again."

Soon-jung said as she opened the front door.

Only then did the arm that was holding his waist come loose.

"Is it snowing again?"

"I ordered you to do the dishes, but why is the river west doing them.”

Shaking several snowflakes on her head, Soon-jung bruised Yeon-woo.

"I broke the glass."

However, the voice of pure love quickly changed anxiously.

"By any chance."

"It's just that I slipped in soapy water."

"Aren't you hurt?"

"Yes, it didn't break dangerously, it just cracked."

"But you have to be careful. Get away from me. Mom, look at the floor again.”

Soon-jung said, pushing Sun-jae away from the sink.

"No, I'm fine, Mother."

"Leave it. I'll do the rest."


"I wasn't going to let my son-in-law work. Kang Seo-seo had a hard time, too. Thank you."

Soon-jung greeted her son-in-law with satisfaction and put on the rubber gloves she had stolen from Seon-jae.

"Go outside and watch the snow fall. It's not windy and it's very pretty."

"Oh, shall we?"

Motivated by the proposal of pure love, Yeon-woo grinned at Sun-jae.

Seonjae glanced at Yeonwoo with his slender eyes. That's what's left of a few minutes ago.

But here's a fool who can't help but smile and drag his hand away.

The two came out of the house and sat side by side on chairs under the eaves.

Snow was falling in the white world again. It was a big snowflake like a cherry blossom leaf.

"The snow is so pretty."

It was my first time sitting still and watching snow fall.

The snow piled up on the low fence, on the jangdokdae in front of it, and on the large tree beyond the fence looked like a warm cotton blanket.

"If you stay still, you won't see the axe rot."

"A bag of axes."

But the husband cruelly breaks this still and holy atmosphere.

"Don't tell me if you don't know."

Sun-jae, who caught her weakness, teased her. Yeonwoo got angry.

"That's mean. That's mean. Do you have to reveal it like that since you've made a lot of mistakes in this romantic atmosphere? Let's break the ice."

"Be honest with me. You made mistakes only when you were nervous, but the timing is so weird. You're doing this on purpose to look cute, aren't you? I know you're writing it all down in a cute notebook."

"Do you think I'm cute?"

"I told you, it's cute and abominable."


Yeon-woo smirked because he held his hand with an answer.

It was good to look at the snowy world, but it was gloomy to think about going back to Seoul.

"How do we get home? I need to get the accuser investigated."

"Don't worry, I'll fly you a helicopter."

He expressed his will with nonsense.

When Yeon-woo smiled in vain, the front door opened and pure love came out.

"Department of the River, I got a call.

Sunjae's cell phone, which was left randomly in the living room, rang long.

"Yes, thank you."

Seon-jae received the cell phone handed over by Soon-jung and went into the house.

I took a sudden leave of absence, so I wouldn't be resting properly.

I was grateful for his sincerity to be next to me despite his busy schedule, so Yeon-woo smiled at his back for a long time and was in love.

"Do you like it? Do you like it?”

Soon-jung sat in the seat where Seon-jae left and asked.

"Yeah, good."

Yeonwoo answered in a happy voice without hesitation.

"I love it. I don't hate it. I wonder how there's such a person.”

It was a boast. I can only be honest with my mother.

Soonjung burst into laughter.

"You must be too good to talk about. I asked him if he liked to see snow in his seat, and he's bragging about his wife.”

"Oh, really?”

"You've become a fool since you got married."

Soonjung made fun of Yeonwoo. Yeon-woo laughed out of spite.

I was just as happy to hear that I was a fool. Happiness continued to fall like snow.


The break was instantaneous. A day has passed and it is time for Yeonwoo and Seonjae to leave for Seoul.

"It must have been a tough vacation, but I couldn't do it comfortably."

Soon-jung expressed her sorry to Seon-jae.

"No, I really had a good rest."

Seonjae's voice was comfortable in a satisfying way. Yeon-woo also greeted Soon-jung.

"Mom, I'll be back."

"Yeah, take care of your investigation. Call me if you have anything to do for me, mom and Dad."

"Yes, Dad, I'm coming.”

"Yeah. Come again."

Yeon-woo's father Myeong-sik also waved with concern for his daughter.

The snow that fell until yesterday froze the country road, but when I went to the main road, the snow was all melted by the heat of the road.

On the way to Seoul, Yeonwoo and Seonjae talked about investigating the accuser.

"You think my opinion is more important to investigate the complainant than to investigate the accused?”

"That's the original procedure, but the case is quite well known, so the police will be more likely to listen to the accuser."

"Would it help if I was your wife, too?”

"Well…… it could have an impact, right?”

Yeon-woo nodded slowly as if thinking hard in his answer.

Seon-jae came to mind because Yeon-woo's expression seemed somewhat sullen.

"I was damaged by Mrs. Ok Seung-hye's power trip, and now what if she thinks I'm the power trip?”

"Who would think that.”

"No, people might think I'm in power...….”

My wife is the type to worry.

It is my wife's character to express her arrogance before things come to pass.

I don't know how this worryer decided to marry me. Is fate meant to be?

Yeon-woo's worries continued.

"If power is given to power, I don't think it'll feel good purely even if Ok Seung-hye gets punished."

"Once a lot of people are upset, the police will be able to cooperate. You don't have to misunderstand it as the power of power."

Seon-jae reassured Yeon-woo with calm words.

Yeonwoo quickly became quiet.

Seon-jae encouraged her by stretching out one arm and stroking her head.

The two arrived home shortly after the traffic was not backed up.

A spacious and empty space compared to the home of one's parents. Again, Yeon-woo is alone with her husband.

"I'm home, finally."

I didn't have to let my voice know that Sunjae came home.

"Yes, you are."

"Don't you remember what you've forgotten?"

"Oh, I didn't water my babies."

In his low and silent voice as if to fall to the floor, Yeon-woo answered in a plain manner as usual, followed him in front of the flowerpot and examined the succulent plants.

Confirming that the plants were growing fresh, she was busy leaving her husband, who was still standing tall, on the porch.

"I have to turn the laundry around. It's been a long time since she came, so I have to clean up."


"Honey, I'm glad you're on vacation. Let's clean up. If you two do it, I'll do it in an hour."

It's been a few minutes since I came back home, cleaning?

Although he was exhausted, Seon-jae decided to listen to what his wife wanted.

An hour. Okay. I'll clean it up.

A pleasant home is important to us.

Seonjae grabbed Yeonwoo's vacuum cleaner and started cleaning.

It's my first time cleaning at home, but I knew how to handle a vacuum cleaner. I cleaned up hard to hear compliments from my wife, pure and simple.

The house was spacious, so it took quite a long time to vacuum.

"This time, you have to clean the dust here and there."

Yeonwoo said while cleaning the window frame. Seon-jae said yes and grabbed the mop. It was my first mop since I was discharged.

Cleaning itself was not a pleasant thing, but I felt good because the house was glossy.

Now everywhere in sight is neat.

All I have left is praise from my wife.

"Honey, shall we tidy up the dressing room this time?"

But the wife was extraordinary.

"Honey used to ask me to make a dressing room next to the bedroom, but I couldn't do anything because I was busy. We have to vacate that room first, so should we move things?”


My wife is really strong.

Yeon-woo quickly changed his words as Seon-jae didn't answer and just looked at him with sharp eyes.

"Oh, I'm tired. I'm sorry to keep making you work. I even drove hard.”


"Now I'll do it alone."

Phew. No, it's not that, you idiot.

Seon-jae grabbed Yeon-woo's hand and pulled him away.

Yeon-woo, who didn't expect this situation, was dragged into his arms.

"Let's stop cleaning. Huh?"

A gentle voice came into my ear. The voice sounds like persuasion and pleading.

Yeon-woo frankly confessed his feelings.

"No, actually. I'm nervous about tomorrow's work. I thought I'd have to do something to get rid of the clutter."


Sunjae hit my head on her forehead. But it didn't really hurt.

"If you felt that way, I would have told you earlier."


"My wife always tries to solve the problem by herself. The person next to you is a pain in the ass."

"No, it needed cleaning...….”

"So, are you going to clean up more?”

He asked as if he were threatening.

My eyes sting. The answer was a fixed question.

"No…… now that you're tired, too.”

"I'm not tired."

Sunjae said firmly. He was sure of what he wanted. You can tell just by looking into the eyes.

Yeonwoo's heart sent a signal from inside.

"What shall we do now?"

I want to hear an answer from your mouth.

It's not the mischievous word that your wife used to shake me.

Now here in your space and my own, that you want me.

He urged an answer with a blatant desire-expressing eye.

I can't stand his temptation.

"What about me?"

Yeon-woo, who fell for it, spoke calmly.

But it took courage to bring up something that had never been said before.


His eyes staring at him had the power to make her speak spontaneously.

"……I want you to hug me.”


Finally said. It's a remarkable achievement for her part.


Dudung, he's not satisfied there and asks again.

"And? And...….”

Her bewildered eyes wobbled around.

The tail of his eyes, though feeble, was gradually bending downward.

Whooah, concerns about tomorrow's investigation of the accuser have been wiped out and other tensions have taken over the post.

Such a genius.

"……I want to go to bed and sleep."

Yeon-woo offered a happy alternative to everyone, even with his crawling voice.

Hearing what he wanted, he smiled satisfactorily and asked mischievously.

"Do you want to snore?"


When Yeon-woo sheds his eyes, Sun-jae burst into a big smile, cleared it up, and hugged her.

"Good job."

It was nice to tell you in person.

"You've been trying to seduce me like that in your wife's house.”

My feet moved as fast as I waited for a long time. I quickly reached the bedroom.

Sunjae, who had put her down so that her feet could touch the floor, hydrated her lips.

Her lips were dry while he gave the answer he wanted.

She closed her eyes as his wet breath sweetened her tongue.

While the eyes were closed, the clothes fell down one by one.

When I finally lay in bed, there was nothing left.

Yeon-woo, who became burdened by his eyes that were glancing from head to toe, tried to cover his eyes. But her hands were firmly knitted together.

"My wife is the prettiest now."


"I'm the only one who knows this.”

You're the same. You're the most sexy and cool right now.

But there was no bird to answer.

Her lips, which were soaking wet, were eaten back by Eo-hung.

Each of the senses I knew sent a dizzying signal. He ate up every single burst of elasticity.


The next day, after the night of joy indulging in each other.

I wasn't looking forward to it, but the day came when I had to come. It is the day of Yeonwoo's investigation into the accuser investigation.

"The lawyer is supposed to meet in front of the police station."

Sun-jae, who is ready for work, said.

Yeon-woo, who was dressed in neat clothes, also took a deep breath and nodded.

"There's nothing to be nervous about. Everything's gonna be fine."

He kissed her on the forehead. His lips were as hot as the heat of last night still lingered.

The two left the house together.

When I reached the parking lot with a close hand, I heard a familiar voice.

"Lee Yeon-woo."

It was Ok Seung-hye's daughter, Ma Sang-hee. I came all the way here to meet Yeonwoo.

Sang-hee strode toward the two.

Seon-jae hurriedly wrapped Yeon-woo's shoulder and pulled it toward him to stop Sang-hee.

"What's wrong with you on a big day?"

Sunjae asked me a sharp question.

"I have something to say to Yeonwoo."

It was a tearful voice. It was Sang-hee's personality to whine.

Yeon-woo, who sighed at Sang-hee's voice, told Seon-jae.

"I'll talk to you before I go.”

Respecting Yeon-woo's will, Seon-jae avoided his seat.

"I'll drive the car.”

After Seon-jae left, Yeon-woo took out his cell phone, showed the screen, and told Sang-hee.

"I'm going to record. It's better not to threaten.”

Sang-hee's voice became small due to Yeon-woo's strong response.

"What are you going to say when you go to the inquest today?”

"You have to tell the truth."


"Don't ask me when I was in my second year of high school. I'm going to tell you everything about

"Hey, how could you do that!"

But Sang-hee soon got excited again.

"Your family has been living off of us for nearly 20 years. If it weren't for us, you'd be on the street. But how could you do this to my mother!"


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