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Chapter 7


I'm sure I heard.

Close to your ears, right next to you, holding back your laughter.

Sure enough, Sun-jae's side, who hurriedly covered his mouth, caught Yeon-woo's sight.

Covering his mouth, I somehow could see the corners of his mouth up.

Seon-jae did not restrain Yeon-woo, who uttered such extraordinary words.

My aunt and aunt are looking at her with round eyes.

And aunt Yoon Mi is shaking her chin like she's angry.

"Why didn't you tell me that important thing until now?”

Sun-jae, who stepped aside from his mouth, asked a question that further penetrated the problem.

As if to raise Yunmi's anger.

But it sounded as if it was empowering her, 'You can say a little more bluntly.

Yeon-woo vaguely remembered that he gave him a hard time.

"Can't you shoot them hard?”

In the future she experienced once, Sun-jae said that to Yeon-woo after today's event was over.

In front of my in-laws, I used to blame her for being a honeyed mute.

He may have been waiting for Yeon-woo to become a bold person.

Well, should I try harder?’

If that assumption is correct, perhaps it will live up to his expectations.

Yeon-woo answered Sun-jae's questions sincerely as if he were taking an interview.

Her voice was so clear that everyone could hear it.

"I think she's already paid the balance, and it's irreversible. Actually, after checking the celadon, I looked up the vendor separately. The dealer was not registered."

"Why come now, let's talk about it here.

Yunmi asked, raising her eyes.

Yeon-woo, who sat across from me, was also able to feel the end of the voice trembling.

"I'm worried."

However, Yeon-woo did not hesitate to answer.

"Auntie, I told you out of concern, just as you were concerned about our child's problems."

Watching Sun-jae say nothing, and he's living his life again.

These two things boosted her courage.

Well, actually.

I didn't stay still because I had nothing to say.

I've just kept my own peace.

"And I'm afraid you'll be embarrassed somewhere else, not just by your relatives."

I went a little overboard, but it was true that my aunt-in-law was worried that she would be embarrassed elsewhere.

While Yeon-woo continued to talk, the eyes of aunt-in-law Yoon-mi and aunt-in-law, who had been looking down on her, changed.

Yunmi hid her trembling wrist under the table and her aunt-in-law quietly swallowed dry saliva.

It's not a normal kid.

We were mistaken.

The silence that followed after Yeon-woo finished speaking was so loud.

"Oh, can you come over to my house sometime and check out our collection?"

My uncle, who was listening silently, was the first to speak out. It was about trusting her skills.

"Uncle. Yeonwoo is a busy man."

But Sunjae blocked the request first.

Seonjae uses his hands every time so that Yeonwoo does not get involved with his in-laws.

Although he was rejected by Seon-jae, his uncle still shone as if he were not in a bad mood.

"Look, my niece-in-law is the man we need the most. If I were you, I'd ask you to run an art museum. What do you say? Are you sure you don't have any thoughts?"

"I still have to study more."

This time, Yeon-woo answered his uncle's question.

"Yes, we need professional scholars in our family. You have to study humanities, not humanities.

Thanks to his uncle, who suddenly praised the humanities, the dining table quickly regained peace.

Seon-jae, who was quietly given the opportunity, once again asked his aunt and aunt.

"Aunt, aunt, we'll take care of the child's problems. You don't have to worry about that."

This soft yet determined voice was something Yeon-woo had never heard in a situation he had experienced once a long time ago.


After finishing the meal first, my aunt-in-law and aunt-in-law woke up to go to the bathroom side by side, and my uncle and uncle also left, saying they would greet people they knew.

It happened that only Yeon-woo and Seon-jae were left at the table.

"Wow, that's true, though. I'm amazing, too. Whoo-hoo!

Only then did Yeon-woo let out a long sigh.

It was good to say it out loud, but there was a aftereffect.

My heart still throbbed.

"What should we do now?’

As everyone was watching, she was embarrassed by her aunt-in-law, so it was obvious that there would be backbiting.

If that happens, it could have had a bad effect on himself as well as on Seon-jae.

Her eyes, which were so bright and confident in front of her aunt-in-law, sank darkly.

"Good job."

However, Yeon-woo, who bowed his head sullenly, heard an unexpected voice.

Surprisingly, it was a compliment from Seonjae.

Yeonwoo raised his head again.

"You can continue to do that.”


"That's how you can talk about your aunt and aunt. You don't have to be discouraged.”

Sunjae said with a casual look.

You don't have to be discouraged.

The heavy voice fell calmly on Yeon-woo's chest.

Before I knew it, my heart, which had been beating hard, calmed down and a new excitement arose.

As much as I change, this person can change.’

I have identified a very small change.

I felt like a new leaf sprouting in my dull and dry heart.

Is this how it feels for a mathematician to discover a new function?

It was vaguely fun to check the result value that depends on the input value.

It was also precious.

Let's do it one by one. Let's change the things we didn't like one by one.’

Having gained confidence, Yeon-woo rolled his eyes.

Fortunately, the memory of the day lingers in my mind to some extent.

Then, as I fumbled a little more, the yellowworm came back to mind.

Oh, right! I'm going to find yellow worms.’

A yellow worm tied to a dog's house in the backyard.

You have to step on a piece of broken glass and save a yellow worm that has hurt your foot.

Yeonwoo jumped up from his seat.

"Next time……."

Sun-jae, who was going to say something while it was quiet, looked away at Yeon-woo, who quickly rose up from his seat.

"What's wrong?"

"I'll go over there a little bit."

Without any more time for Seon-jae to talk, Yeon-woo left his seat in a hurry.

Sun-jae, who happened to be left alone at the table, looked at Yeon-woo's back for a long time with a blank look on his forehead.

Yeon-woo, who ran to the backyard in a month, looked around while catching a rough breath.

"Oh, where is it?’

There were only flowers and trees in the wide backyard, but there were no rags.

No, there wasn't even a trace of a dog house.

"I'm sure this is the right place."

It was definitely a backyard in her memory.

The scenery of the backyard has also changed nothing but a dog house.

I remember the place where the dog house was.

"What's going on…….”

Originally, there should have been a kennel here, and in front of the kennel, there should have been a kennel that stomped on broken glass.

"What are you looking for?”

"There should be an old dog house here and a dog tied up. The fur is yellow and the eyes are clear...….”

Yeon-woo turned back, answering like a machine to a friendly voice asking him something.


"Yellow worm?"

When I saw a man, I said nonsense, "Is he yellowish?"

No wonder there was a man in front of him with yellow bleached hair, perfect for explaining the color of yellowish fur.

The eyes that looked at her with a strange smile were also a clear man to feel a puppy.


"Oh, no."

Yeon-woo asked the man to cover up his mistake.

"Have you seen a dog around here?”

"Well, I heard there's a separate place for dogs.”

"That's weird. I need to be here."

"Are you sure you didn't see it wrong?"

"Then it doesn't make sense…….”

Yeon-woo dragged his words and looked around with worried eyes.

Where the hell did he go?

I was frustrated at the thought that a yellow worm would whine and complain of pain somewhere.

However, while looking around, a scar on the man's hand caught Yeonwoo's eye.

"Is your hand hurt?”

A two-fingered cut on the side of the man's palm was present progressive.

The wound was covered with dark red blood.

The man hid the wound with tissue as if it were no big deal.

"I was walking around and I touched a piece of glass.”

"Here you go!"

At that time, Yeon-woo raised his voice toward the wall.

Just in time, there was a caretaker passing by.

The janitor, who was trying to go toward the outdoor hall, turned around and approached.

The caretaker at that time.

A small exclamation sneaked out between Yeon-woo's lips looking at the caretaker.

"He's hurt. Can you make it simple?”

Yeon-woo asked, trying to hide his trembling voice.

"Are you hurt? Don't you have to go to the hospital?”

The caretaker's response was different from when dealing with yellow worms.

"Yes, it's just a slight cut. It'll stop bleeding if you leave it alone, but it's worrying me."

The man replied awkwardly.

"Hold on a second. I'll get the first aid kit.

The janitor moved quickly.

The time before the caretaker disinfected the wound on the man's hand and put on a band-aid was incomparably faster than when the yellowworm was injured.

It must be a very fortunate thing, but Yeon-woo somehow has a vague feeling left.

There is no yellowworm in the place where there should be a yellowworm.

Instead, he found a yellow-haired man injured his hand as if he were a yellow-bellied stand-in.

Now that I'm back in the past, it doesn't perfectly match what I've been through.

Still, someone gets hurt, and someone must come.

In what sense should I take this.

"I don't think you can get past someone who's hurt."

When I was trying to go back to the outdoor hall where I was quietly tidying up and talking to the man and the caretaker, I couldn't get involved in the conversation because my head was mixed up.

"Yes, I do.”

"Thank you. I didn't go to the hospital and treated you."

"No, you have to go to the hospital right away. Make sure you go."

The man smiled affectionately as if Yeon-woo were grateful.

But Yeon-woo couldn't laugh at the smile of a man.

"Can you at least give me your number? I'd like to thank you separately."

"No, thank you."

Timingly, at the moment Yeon-woo refused the man's request, Sun-jae was standing far away and was seen approaching.

"I have to go now. I hope you get well soon.”

Yeon-woo bowed and moved away from the man and approached Seon-jae.

Seon-jae, who found Yeon-woo with a strange man, gave him a fierce look at the back of the man. Then he asked Yeonwoo.

"Who is it?"

"Just, you hurt your hand, so I helped you."

"There's a lot of eyes. I don't care what you do, but be careful where you have relatives."

"But you can't just walk away knowing you're hurt."

Let's do it together.

Yeon-woo spit out the words and put his lips firmly together.

Yeah, I said this back then, too.

"Unknowingly, is your body moving just like you've experienced before?’

I didn't want to think about it.

I know well what the end is if everything is played back as it is.

It's so terrible just to think of his accident again.

Sun-jae sighed lightly and spoke heartlessly again, not knowing her confused mind.

"There are a lot of people who can help even if it's not you."

"I don't think so."

Yeon-woo confronted Sun-jae with his smart eyes, just like when he talked back to his aunt-in-law.

"Only I can doable without me."

Somehow I felt like I had to say that.

I felt like I had to move with the conviction that I was the only one who could open the way.

I know the future.

Why it feels so distant and bleak.

You won't know why.

Perhaps the quiet resistance worked, Sun-jae soon gave a fierce look.

Then he turned back as if he were not going to discuss it any more.

"I'm going home late today. Go in first."

As soon as Sun-jae's words fell, some of his friends passed behind him.

One of them talked to Seon-jae while moving along with the group.

"Kang Sun-jae, come on."

"Let me talk to Yeonwoo for a second."

"Anyway, those arms are out. See you later, Je-su."

"I told you to call me your sister-in-law."

This conversation, this joke.

I remember everything.

And similar.

Even the scene of her passing by.

Many things have changed, but almost everything remains the same.

What has changed is fear as it has changed.

What hasn't changed brings insecurity.

What am I supposed to do now?

Yeon-woo asks himself several times.



"I'm watching you and your aunt."

In the meantime, his hand immediately wrapped around her waist.

He held her waist tightly with his big hand and pulled it toward me.

His breath mixed in the night air seems to pull her together.

Yeon-woo swallowed urgently as he was about to groan.

"There must be something you want to check."

Even though I've heard it once, my heart sinks as if it's my first time hearing it.

His eyes are as deep and serene as the deep sea.

It's as if it's completely locked up and nothing can be done.

Yeon-woo doesn't resist his words as he did then. However, it has faltered.

What I want to check.

Yeonwoo knows what it is.

The next moment is a long kiss in this dark space.

The way to change the future here is not to kiss.

It is a different experience to push him away to kiss.

But I can't help but act friendly here.

That can lead to unexpected risks.

If then,

If I have to make a different choice in this situation...….

Yeon-woo approached him before he could speak up.

He lifted his arm up and pulled it around his neck.

Though he was big enough that she couldn't reach her lips completely even though she raised her magpie feet.

Seonjae was dragged into Yeonwoo's arms and lowered his head.

His eyes get tangled up close.

Yeonwoo caught a glimpse of him frowning.

But without having to read the emotion that came to his eyes, he stuck his lips like a stamp.

In the past, he had the upper hand in kissing.

His lips had been dragged around as if they were tied up without hesitation.

This was the only way to defy the experience at the time.

Unfortunately, this is all I can do at this moment.

But somehow I won't let the time I was given flow the way it was.

Because I'm from the future.

I'm a person who flies in the face of time anyway.

He's the one who breaks the order.

With eagerness, he stuck his lips together and made his own efforts.

Although he did not kiss as skillfully as Seon-jae, he may have breathed breath like artificial respiration as much as he could.

Like that, he hurriedly put down his magpie feet after a kiss like a skillful time he had prepared.

And I looked him in the eye even though I was embarrassed.

It was a great thing for a timid woman.

There was a light earthquake in his eyes.

He must have been surprised, too.

"What, you."

His voice read signs of embarrassment.

"What Aunt and Auntie want to check."

If you live twice in your life, you may have two hearts and a liver.

"Go, now."

But this is all I can do now.

It's not a huge change in behavior from the past, but how much will it change just because you've led a kiss this much?

Yeon-woo resigned and pulled out of him.

I also regretted a little, thinking that just refusing to kiss would be a better way to get a better result.

But I can't bite a kiss already, so it's no use regretting it.

"Watch out for cars."

A sullen woman greeted first.

But Sunjae didn't turn around straight away.

Strangely, his eyes were tenaciously after her expression.

After a while, a sigh of unknown meaning vibrated the surrounding air.

"I can't do it."

A determined voice that flows without height.

"I'll be home early today, so wait."


"See you at home."

His reaction has changed.


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