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Chapter 70

 Time to go to work time.

Seon-jae is just looking at Yeon-woo who buttoned up her blouse.

Yeon-woo felt strange because the man who ran into her every time she looked at her flesh, or at least approached her and kissed her chest, was just staring quietly.

It also provides a different kind of tension in its own way.

It's like waiting for a moment to eat something to eat.

Wow. I'm suffocating. I'm going crazy just looking at you.

What should I do with that sexy moderation?

"……can I stay like that? Didn't you say you were busy today?"

Yeon-woo, who began to pound, pretended to be and asked.

"I thought I'd go out with you."

His answer was late.

I wasn't late thinking about anything else, I was just looking at her and answering late.

Like a man living alone in slow time, he became slow.

"I heard you have work in the morning."

"But we still have time to go down to the parking lot together."


"I'm sorry I couldn't take you to school."


Finally approaching, he lowered her lips to the back of her neck and kissed her lightly.

My lips were hot for a light one.

Yeon-woo tilted his head while looking at the back of Seon-jae leaving the room.

I think my husband has changed.

As of the dawn of the previous day before.

The day before dawn, the husband woke up and had a seizure and could not calm down for a long time.

After breathing hard, sneezing and wheezing, he hugged her and said he loved her several times.

He then replied that he had a short nightmare.

And I repeatedly told Yeon-woo, who was worried all through yesterday, that she was okay now and that she was fine.

Indeed, he was seemingly sound.

But something of a reticence seemed far different from the day before.

Yeonwoo was constantly worried.

Seon-jae, who confirmed that Yeon-woo, who had finished preparing, left the room, got up from the sofa.

"Are you ready?"


"Let's go down."

Seonjae put on his shoes and came out first. Yeon-woo also came out after Seon-jae.

Seonjae held her hand in front of the elevator. The warmth of the hands was as warm as ever.

As if it had been heated for a long time to hold her cold hand.


Yeon-woo, who was agonizing, called Seon-jae.


"Honey seems to have changed a bit since yesterday."

"Me? Where are you going?"

The husband asked as if he knew nothing.

This calm voice, calm eyes, and calm attitude. That's a little weird.

"By any chance, the nightmare I had yesterday...….”

Seeing his eyes staring at him, his words didn't fall off easily.

Yeonwoo swallowed dry saliva for a moment and opened his mouth again.

"……was that your dream of a fire 20 years ago?”

The elevator arrived when she asked a question.


I couldn't tell if the answer was late because I was in the elevator, or if he answered late because he was thinking alone.

His voice was as calm as it was all this morning.

"It was a dream of drowning. It was so vivid that I wandered for a while."

"Have you ever done this before?"


Seon-jae, who checked Yeon-woo's worried face, chose to lie.

I couldn't bear to say that I experienced dying.

After burning the note on the "other future" at the campsite, she barely got worried about the future, and now she can't bring it up again.

First of all, he didn't want to talk about it.

I'll tell you one day. After the day I died. I'll be glad to hear that.

"Why did I have such a dream?”

"Dreams, just imagination."

"It's unconscious."

"Well, I think I saw a beer commercial with a swimming pool. Maybe he wanted to drink beer?"

Seon-jae answered with a lie.

"Then shall we have a beer for dinner later?”

"Oh, I think I'll be late today. Sorry."

Due to the schedule, Seon-jae had to reject Yeon-woo's proposal.

"No, it's not."

Yeon-woo nodded as if she could understand.

"Tell me if you want a beer even if you're late at night. Because I can drink when I wake up."

"You're going to drink and sleep again.”

"I'll adjust the speed. I'll spoon it."

Seonjae smiled softly at Yeonwoo's answer.

"But let's not risk our lives too much. That's a disease, too. Don't think you're the only one who's good, don't work alone and share some work. You have to believe that there are many people in the world who are better than you."

She doesn't stop there, she nags her own way.

Nagging is full of affection.

Sunjae, who can guess what she will look like in her eyes, suddenly felt sorry for the past.

Two months ago, I remembered Lee Yeon-woo, who came back from experiencing a "different future"

When I told you to get divorced, you desperately insisted that you wouldn't get divorced.

When I was arguing fiercely, you said you wouldn't get divorced because you liked kisses.

I've been so hard on you, and you've been desperate to stop the divorce.

How grateful that contingency was.

No, how great it is for you to stand by me and protect me.

I'm so sorry that I just realized the weight of the tears you shed then.

"As expected, it's so weird."

Sun-jae was silently looking at her with affection, and Yeon-woo, who became frustrated, once again expressed her feeling of discomfort.

If you say, "There are many people in the world who are better than honey," it is the original Kang Seon-jae who argues, "Who is better than me?" Isn't it really too strange?


"Honey, if you put it mildly, if you put it bad, you don't seem to have the energy...….”

But her voice did not end.

Standing side by side, he turned to the side and lowered his head to match his lips.

It's not just a light touch, it's a real kiss that goes deeper and deeper through the tender flesh in her mouth.

It was to show energy by pointing out that there was no energy.

Oh, honey, there's a camera in the elevator...….

But her eyes closed without resistance.

I wanted to capture this moment more than I was ashamed. The tip of my tongue is sweet.

In this small space, I am amazed at myself for doing secret acts that I cannot tell if others will see or not.

I was pure and gentle before I met you.

Then I became such a bold man.

Fortunately, no one got on the elevator until somehow I went down to the parking lot.

The lips arrived at the parking lot and fell with a sticky sound only after the announcement sounded.

"Am I weak?"


"I didn't want to go to work because you were so pretty."

He said, smiling brightly with shiny lips.


If you kiss me like that and laugh like that, what else can I think of?

"Well, then come home early. Don't work too hard."

Still, Yeon-woo replied coyly because she thought she shouldn't let go of her mind too much.

"Okay, I'll be back as soon as I can."

Seon-jae met Yeon-woo's driver, greeted him, and got in the car.

Yeon-woo sighed belatedly as he watched Seon-jae's car leave far away first.

"Ah, are you too swayed?"

There's a little bit of a quirk that seems to have lost its core while being possessed by him.

Even if he wasn't weak, he was right to change.

"Or was it last night, not last night?"

Come to think of it, he tossed and turned a lot since last night.

Maybe he had a nightmare because he wasn't comfortable sleeping?

"Is there a health problem? Should I ask him to go get a checkup?’

Worry has sprung up. In the meantime, the phone rang.

It was my friend Suzy.


[Hey, hey, hey! Awesome!]

As soon as Yeon-woo answered the phone, a very high voice was heard from the other side of the phone.

[I won the lottery!]

Ah....... Yeonwoo sighed secretly.

Because of Ok Seung-hye's complaint, and because she was worried about her husband on the weekend, she completely forgot that it happened in "Another Future."

[Not first place, but second place!] But where is that? Awesome! Hey, you're such a genius. If you hadn't convinced me, I'd change the number without a hitch.]

Susie won second place just as she did in 'Another Future'.

"Wow, that's great!"

Yeon-woo celebrated with all his heart when he found out about this, but in fact, he was distracted.

[You're the best] I love you, my friend. Is there something you want to eat? Tell me anything. It's on me]

So, by any chance, is this why?

Yeon-woo remembered writing down the lotto number to Sun-jae not too long ago.

I told him it'd be second in the lotto. I don't even know if my husband cared about it.

Maybe that's why he felt heavy after the announcement of the winning number of the lottery.

'Why did I give you that number.’

Yeon-woo also felt heavy thinking about her husband.


During lunch time, while having lunch with colleagues at school and moving to the lab, Hee-jin talked to Yeon-woo, pointing across from the building of the Humanities Museum.

"Yeonwoo, that woman..."….”

Ok Seung-hye stood where Hee-jin pointed.

"Right? Him."

Yeon-woo couldn't answer and stared at Ok Seung-hye.

I'm busy thinking about my husband, and I don't know if she's this obsessed with me.

In the distance, Ok Seung-hye was seen smiling after finding Yeon-woo. It was creepy.

"Is he here to see you?"

Another colleague asked.


"Wow, you're so brazen. And he's a scary person. It's creepy."

"Let's go to the side door. I'll have to report it if it keeps doing that over there.”

Another colleague grabbed Yeon-woo's arm to enter another entrance.

However, Yeon-woo decided to face Ok Seung-hye.

"No, I'll meet you."

"Oh, no, no. He's such a weird guy. What if he had a weapon?"

Ok Seung-hye is vicious, but she is not a fool.

In a position where trials have become inevitable, there will be no harm in these places.

"It's okay, I won't be able to do anything in an open place. I'll be back."

"I'll be secretly filming a video just in case."

"Yes, me too. Let's shoot from various angles."

My colleagues stepped up to help. Yeon-woo can cheer up just by caring about them.

"Thank you."

"No, you turn on the tape recorder, too. I'll be all set before I go."

Another colleague said. Yeon-woo also turned on the recording function of her cell phone.

While we were still facing each other, I hoped that Ok Seung-hye would make a lot of slip of the tongue like Sang-hee.

Yeon-woo approached Ok Seung-hye with a brave step and said,

"How did he know I was here? You must have done a lot of background research."

Seung-hye's relaxed smile remained the same all the time as she got closer.

"I'm here to say something I forgot."

It was not an answer to Yeonwoo's question. Yeonwoo also has a chance to come.

"Why do you hate me so much? What did you hate about me so much?”

Yeon-woo also said what she wanted to say without paying attention to what Ok Seung-hye said.

This time, Ok Seung-hye was just staring at Yeon-woo. Of course I did not answer.

"I've been wanting to know why for a long time ago. As expected, did you relieve your stress by just hitting me?”

There was no change in Ok Seung-hye's expression.

After a while, the silent Ok Seung-hye opened her mouth.

"I've been wondering one thing for a long time."


"What's another future?"

Ok Seung-hye suddenly brought up the story of "Another Future."

Yeon-woo was awkward for a while, but he didn't reveal it.

While Yeon-woo was quiet, Ok Seung-hye continued to talk.

"Why did you write such weird words on that note when a dull kid like you can't even calculate the future."

It was Ok Seung-hye's strange curiosity.

The curiosity was worrisome, but Yeon-woo let Ok Seung-hye keep talking.

I should have been able to read my mind a little if there was a ruse.

"At first, I thought it was a planner. But it's very strange. If it says so, you should be preparing for a divorce, but why wouldn't there be any sign of it?"

Ok continued to make inferences.

"There were some things that went according to that note, but some things didn't. I've distinguish. What is and is not what is. What's the difference between these two?"

I seemed to think quite deeply about the notes in my own way.

"There's only one thing."


"Your will."


"Things that reflect your will never happen. It changed."

Ok Seung-hye's reasoning focused on 'will'.

That's right. That was right. The future Yeon-woo experienced is bound to change according to her will.

"You're looking for a twisted future, aren't you?"

I got goosebumps, but Yeon-woo didn't show off.

Now that I've come all the way here, I thought I'd find out more about Ok Seung-hye's intentions.

Ok Seung-hye and Yeon-woo are looking out for each other.

Seung-hye is one step closer. Yeon-woo never stepped down.

"Or maybe you've experienced the future, or maybe you've gone over time.”

By the way, Yeon-woo flinched at Seung-hye's next inference.

It would be common to be able to predict the future under the influence of God or to dream of foresight, but Ok Seung-hye said it as if she had seen through her. Over time.

"I don't know why you're nervous when it's a dog barking.”

Ok Seung-hye, who observed Yeon-woo's slight reaction, sarcastically criticized.

"I'm just listening to your nonsense because it's so funny. You have time to fantasize and you have time."

Yeon-woo immediately changed his attitude and responded quickly.

Ok Seung-hye continued to recite her interpretation of the note.

"The note says there was an accident on March 2nd, when it was cut off. So you've come from the future to the past to prevent the accident?"


"What the hell is an accident? Do you think you're going to die?”

Yeonwoo's mouth dried up. The body was immobile, but the heart kept pounding.

"Or your husband?"

It was quite accurate. Yeon-woo seemed to see a witch whenever Ok Seung-hye's lips got longer.


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