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Chapter 71

 There has been only one benefit for Seonjae, who has been through a "different future."

That I also knew the future of the company.

It's already been about 60 days out of 100 days in Another Future, so there's only a month left to look forward, but that alone has been a great help.

Of course, the company has changed since then.

It may be that the change between Yeon-woo and Yeon-woo has affected the company's work, even if it is small.

Also, it was unexpected that Ma Jin-tae left the company.

In other future, Mar Jin-tae did not quit the company.

'Is that because of the note?’

Yeon-woo had written down all the events in her notebook so that she wouldn't forget them.

I burned it a while ago, so I don't have it now.

Ok Seung-hye knows about the note.

So the content must have been delivered to Margin-tae.

As written in the note, Margin-tae would have predicted the company's work and it would have been easy to sell the company's secrets to competitors.

Even if there was such a problem, I felt completely open-eyed at work.

Seonjae was able to make bold decisions on important things.

Seonjae wrapped up the long-awaited joint venture with Heaven and reorganized the brands of department stores that will be renewed and reopened next month.

And I organized the contents that will be issued next month as soon as possible during the meeting.

Now I can realize why Yeon-woo wrote such a note.

I also found out how desperate she was.

While I was so busy that I felt dizzy, I thought a lot about Yeonwoo.

Sorry and thanks were always together.

"Father, I want to buy a stake in entertainment company Gaia Entertainment and overseas furniture company Pride. These companies have a bright future.”

Seonjae not only organized the company's work but also pushed for external investment.

"Really? I've never heard of Gaia, even though Pride does, is that okay?"

Sunjae's father Unho tilted his head and asked Sunjae's opinion again.

Sun-jae, who knows that the girl idol group that will debut at Gaia Entertainment in a week, will hit the YouTube jackpot, smiled confidently.

"You can count on it."

"But are you all right?"


"You don't look so good."

"That's fine."

Seonjae answered casually, but Unho reached out and grabbed Seonjae's forehead.

"Oh, my God. You have a fever! It's steaming from my head, what's okay?"

"Huh? That's pretty good. Father, first, let me buy some stocks.….”

"That's enough, you son of a bitch. Stop talking about it and go get some rest. Don't you think that's why young people are already like this? So I can't make a baby.….”

Unho, who had been nagging, hurriedly shut up. I became excited and showed my sincerity.


But Sunjae is a quick-witted man.

Father, you wanted a grandchild.

"Don't ever tell a new baby that I said this. If I say so, I'll break up with you."

Unho, embarrassed, spoke like a child. Seonjae laughed.

"Anyway, you go and rest."

Woon-ho said, looking at his son, who even has a worried face.

"You must have had a hard time because you had a lot of chores. I'll do everything you tell me to do, so don't worry about it. If you die before your father, you'll be a bad son."

Seon-jae's affectionate expression of 'dad' made him feel bad.

I couldn't hear what Unho said as a joke.

When I passed away, I quietly lamented how heartbroken my parents must have been.


Yeon-woo, who returned to the lab after facing Ok Seung-hye, pretended to be calm about his colleagues' concerns, but in fact, his heart kept pounding.

Ok Seung-hye's question of whether her husband will die soon gave me goosebumps.

I couldn't breathe properly because I pretended to be brave.

It was just a horse, but I came to imagine as if Ok Seung-hye would do anything nonsense to her husband.

In other words, Ok Seung-hye is the person who influenced her husband's death in other future.

Ok Seung-hye made fun of Sarah, so Yeon-woo decided to divorce her, and the accident happened to her husband.

"Whoa, you don't have to be afraid anymore. We're not divorced.’

Yeon-woo controlled the pounding heart.

Ok Seung-hye had such a scary thought. Even if you do, you don't have to be afraid of Ok Seung-hye, which is only speculation.

It's a world that reflects Yeonwoo's will.

"Chi, you might be serving a prison term soon, but you're not interested in other people's future. Just mind your own future.'

Yeon-woo, who was grumbling inside, shook his head.

"I'd rather worry about my husband at this hour!’

My husband hasn't been so energetic since yesterday, and I don't know what I was thinking.

Reflecting on himself for thinking unproductive thoughts, Yeon-woo sat in front of the desk and started working in charge.

But then I was absentminded again.

Amid mixed concerns over Ok Seung-hye and her husband, Yeon-woo inadvertently clicked on the shopping brand banner at the bottom right of the portal site.

Maybe 'My boyfriend likes this. A copy of the advertisement 'Husband prefers' seems to have caught the eye implicitly.

"Oh my gosh."

But soon after realizing what she clicked, Yeon-woo was surprised and closed the window that popped up on the screen.

All the eyes of the office colleagues gathered on Yeon-woo.

"What's wrong, are you okay?"

Heejin asked.

"Oh…… I thought you deleted the document without saving it, but here it is. That's a relief. That's a relief."

Yeon-woo hurriedly made up a lie and covered it up.

The colleagues who were paying attention turned their heads again.

Yeon-woo sighed secretly and opened the window that he closed once closed.

Here was the eye heater that warmed this cold winter.

The name of the shopping site is 'Sexy Queen'.

It was a clothing shopping mall specializing in women's pajamas, underwear and costumes.

Yeon-woo's eyes glowed as he was looking from place to place at the shopping mall.

There was no stronger stimulus to ventilate the mind.

One of them has caught the eye for a very long time.

There was also a name on the clothes. It's called Million Sexy Race Sleep.

A woman wearing a sleeper like a dragonfly wing stood in a sexy and elegant figure and hypnotized Yeon-woo.

You live.

You have to make the payment.

Look at the copy. How good it is.

My boyfriend likes this. My husband likes it more.

Yeon-woo shook his head as much as he could while swallowing the saliva in his mouth.

My husband is not like that!

……but in less than three seconds you can't be sure.

No, my husband might be like that...….

It's heartbreaking to admit it, but he might be the most revealing person among them...….

'……you're saying it's so popular?’

I've heard a lot from Suzy that she has a good proportion.

But I don't think this body will last forever. If you get pregnant and give birth, you may not be able to return to this body.

This is the only chance to wear it beautifully.

I'm sad to think about that. Shopping is the best thing when you're sad.

Before I know it, Yeonwoo is making a reason to buy the clothes. She was hypnotized as a pretty woman intended.

Yeon-woo imagined putting her face instead of the pretty woman on the screen.

As a woman, I'm so distracted...….

The expression of her husband smiling happily came to mind.

Then his eyes changed for a moment, and the idea of becoming a manly man continued.

I don't know.

Who made this amazing copy? Like this! You're making my fingers move your fingers!

Yeon-woo finds himself putting his address in the spell box correctly.

And before you know it, just press 'pay' and it's all over.

Should I press it or not?

A picture of a rocket glittered next to the phrase, "If you pay by 2 p.m., it will be delivered on the same day as quickly as a rocket."

Yeon-woo briefly returned to being a rational person and tried to think that it was a problem because it was irreversible when he pressed to pay. Then




I was surprised by the sound of my fellow senior calling me, so I pressed the payment button to pay.

Hey, you made the payment.

"Why are you so surprised? You're stressed out about what happened earlier, aren't you?”

A fellow senior asked with a worried face.

"Oh, no, it's not. It's okay. It's really okay."

"You don't look all right. You're gonna look pretty. Yeonwoo, if you keep holding back your anger, you'll get sick."

That's not why. I only have 'Million Sexy Lace Slip' in my head.

"Why don't you go home early today? We'll split up your work."

Even in this sorry and embarrassing situation, I am only thinking about 'rocket delivery'.

When will the rocket be delivered on the same day? Will he be back in a few hours?

Does the box say "sexy queen"?

It won't even say the brand name of Million Sexy Lace Slip, right?

Should I stand in front of the main entrance of the apartment and snatch the driver when he comes?

Do you want me to cancel it?

If you want to cancel, you have to press the Cancel button now. Before the staff ship it like a rocket.

But I didn't want to.

My heart was pounding for a different reason than before.

Let's check the product with our eyes for now. Let's praise me for opening my eyes to a new world.

Help... I.


Eventually, Yeon-woo returned home from work on time and wondered because Sun-jae's shoes were on the porch.

Her husband, who came in late, returned earlier than she did.

One, I couldn't hear any signs of life in the house.


Yeon-woo slowly moved and called Seon-jae.

And I found him lying in the bedroom.

Seonjae, who woke up to the sound of Yeonwoo approaching after falling asleep, looked at her.

"Are you here?"

Yeon-woo, who found out that Seon-jae didn't look good, asked.

"Are you sick?"

"No. It doesn't hurt."

Seonjae also denied the fact. That doesn't mean Yeon-woo doesn't recognize it.

"If you're sick, you should say you're sick. You taught me to be sick."

She scolded Sunjae for a moment, but she quickly returned with a worried look.

"Are you sick? Did you take your medicine? I'm going to go get some medicine."

"I took medicine. I'll feel better soon if I rest."

Seonjae reassured her and lay back down.

"Yeonwoo, I'm going to sleep. I guess the medicine works well. I'm sleepy."

After Seonjae lay down, Yeonwoo arranged the blanket and touched Seonjae's face. My forehead was hot.

It was the first time he had such a fever.

If I knew this would happen, I would have just come home when my seniors told me to go in.

I was disappointed by my husband who didn't tell me that he wasn't feeling well.

But lowering the fever was a priority.

Yeonwoo wiped his face while wetting the towel.

Seonjae coughed a lot in his sleep.

It was a cold that came with a body ache. My throat was hoarse after a subsequent cough.

Yeonwoo wiped off his sweat all night and changed his clothes twice.

He left his body to Yeon-woo as if he was lazy to use it.

Yeon-woo was worried about him, but somehow he was cute and lovely, so he started to laugh little by little.

His ever-determined weakness makes me want to keep going.

As expected, people have weaknesses and that makes them more humane.

His affection builds up in spite of his illness.

Yeon-woo felt precious when she could check her mind on her own.

It wasn't until dawn that his fever gradually went down. Yeon-woo, who was nursing, fell asleep only then.

The next morning.

Sun-jae, who opened his eyes to the heavy feeling on his hands, found out that Yeon-woo fell asleep with his hands folded.

It's okay to sleep with your hand cut, but I was worried that the ring would leave a ring mark on her cheek.

Seon-jae, who decided to pull out his hand after much consideration, gently pulled his hand, and Yeon-woo's eyelids moved slowly.


"I'm trying to get my hands out."

"Oh, sorry! I'm sorry!"

Yeon-woo woke up in a fuss as soon as she realized I was sleeping with his hand on my head.

The cheek was also clearly studded with ring marks.

"I slept with my hand cut to check my temperature. Are you asleep or not bleeding?"

Her words and actions were funny, so Seon-jae decided to exaggerate.


"Are you in a lot of pain?"

"Yes, ayaaaaaaaayah.”

"Ah, what do I do...….”

You're so cute to see me worried.

No, you can't say you're going to die.

After visiting "Another Future," I also understood why she was so fed up with the words about death.

The moment we greet each other is so precious that we cry.

"I got a ring mark on my cheek."

Seon-jae blocked the feeling of a runny nose by making fun of it. Yeonwoo rubbed my cheek and asked.

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling a lot better."

"How are you feeling?"

"Always good."

Yeonwoo took his hand back to his face. Her fever went down and her worries went down.

My worries reminded me of what I should have said yesterday.

"I met Ok Seung-hye yesterday."


His face, which had been loosened mildly, became stiff.

"He came to school."

"So you met him?”

"I just wanted to see how it came out. I was wondering if I could fit him right."

"Then did you get the right match?”

Yeon-woo sighed softly.

"I did face it, but it wasn't enough to take me down. And...... Ok Seung-hye talked about another future. He must have guessed what would happen in the other future, but it was a little creepy because it was roughly right.”

Seon-jae also stopped because Yeon-woo told the story of "another future."

"I was afraid that Ok Seung-hye might threaten my honey."


"I'm sorry to keep saying things that might make you nervous. But you have to be careful from now on. I didn't want to tell you, but I'm telling you to be careful, honey."


Seonjae responded calmly.

But I couldn't let Yeon-woo worry anymore.

"But what's that hanging over there?"

So I changed the subject. Seonjae pointed to a piece of white cloth hanging on a hanger near the wall and asked.


Yeonwoo's face quickly turned red.

The one I ordered from the lab yesterday arrived last night.

You said rocket delivery, but it was delivered like a rocket.

Late at night, Yeon-woo, who was contacted while nursing her husband, rushed out and received the delivery box.

The package that came to Yeonwoo's house was supposed to be collected by the janitor and picked up all at once, but Yeonwoo received it first in the middle.

There was no chance that the guard and the guard would blush each other after receiving it directly from the driver without going through the hands of the guard. It would have been embarrassing if I had gone any later.

It would be better if it was written "Sexy Queen" in the shipping place, and it felt like something more dangerous was in it.

Yeon-woo, who opened the package and checked the contents of the package, tried to put on the clothes and squeezed out a clever idea to hang it on a hanger and leave it in the bedroom.

That's the clothes on the hanger over there.

He, too, was quick to respond when he found out.

"What's that cute thing?"

"I thought it might cheer me up."

Yeon-woo blushed and smiled.

In fact, I was a little embarrassed even after drawing up the plan, so I thought about hanging it, but I was proud that he said he was cute.

Sunjae squinted and asked.

"You want me to imagine?"

"Well, I'm going to try it on when I get better.”

"You've become desperate."

My wife has changed a lot.

Before she knew it, she was able to hold herself tight and shake her.

"I'm all better. Let's go now.”

"I'm serious.”

When she made a face at his joke, Seon-jae sighed as if he couldn't get it.

"Just kidding."


"I can't even touch it. I'm afraid I'll catch a cold."

Her eyes glowed brightly.

"You can move it to me, so I hope it doesn't hurt."

"Don't say that."

Seon-jae responded tingly to her affectionate expression.

He was sick if he was sick, but I don't want my wife to be sick instead. I'd like to say no to that too.

Nothing in the world is more important than you.

"Don't try to protect me at the expense of your life. I don't want to live happily, you have to live happily."

"It's sad to say that."

Yeon-woo, who was disappointed by his serious look, twitched his lips.

"Will you be able to separate my life from her? It's our destiny to go together. I'm trying to protect my honey to be happy. I want my honey to stay with me."


"So, if you don't want to move on to me and get better, you can get well soon."

Sun-jae, who had been dazed by Yeon-woo's response, gradually lengthened his lips.

Oh, I don't need to worry about this now.

Before I knew it, my wife became a person who made her own decisions and pioneered her own life.

"Okay. I'm already better, but I'll be healthier."

Seonjae hugged Yeonwoo's shoulder.

Actually, it was nice to just hug.

"And I'll stay with you.”

Seon-jae, who recovered a lot thanks to Yeon-woo, went to work after noon that day.

It was important to move a lot now to make good use of what you have experienced in the "different future."

Based on the ideas he organized from time to time yesterday, Seonjae went to meet people, obtained consent, and pushed ahead with the project.

Among them were friends who are currently working as the head of Jay Home Shopping.

"But you don't mind walking around like this? The president said he sent you home yesterday because you didn't look well."

After visiting the home shopping headquarters in person and meeting with executives, Ki-joon saw me off on my way.

Seon-jae came out of the building, waited for a car, and talked more with Ki-joon.

"I was better, but I think you're closer to my father than I am."

"Your father likes me. You're cold and boring, and I'm friendly and funny."

Sun-jae laughs at the face of the standard.

"Be careful there. It's slippery because the icy road hasn't melted."

Ki-joon grabbed Seon-jae's arm, which was about to go down the stairs.

Indeed, the direction in which Seonjae tried to move his feet was all icy.

"Anyway, be nice to your father. We usually talk about other things besides work."

"Okay. Thank you for taking care of my father."

Seonjae greeted Ki-joon.

Sun-jae, who said thank you in a gentle way, was amazed and Ki-joon burst into laughter.


"Baby, no. Come here."

On the other side, a baby about three years old ran toward the icy road and caught Seonjae's sight.

The child's mother dragged the stroller and followed him/her, leaving the stroller to see if it wouldn't work.

The road ahead is icy. And in front of it was the stairs.

Just before the baby fell and slipped, Seon-jae ran to the baby and hugged the baby.

It was good to keep the baby safe on the icy road, but he lost his balance.

Seonjae, who was struggling to hold the balance, fell down the stairs.

I couldn't stop it. Fate.


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