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Chapter 72

 Life has changed.

But fate couldn't change.

Sun-jae, who learned all about "the other future" through his dream, learned more about his body than Yeon-woo recorded in his notebook.

There were numerous bruises and burns to the arm.

And on February 1 in Another Future, on the way back from filing for divorce, she fell down a staircase and fractured her leg.

And I've been in a cast for four full weeks.

All that is happening now as it is.

Even if the situation changes, the wounds on the body remain unchanged.

Burn somehow, get hurt somehow.

This time, he fell down the stairs and even fractured himself.

"There's a crack in the bone."

The doctor who looked into the X-ray photo said.

Seonjae's face was tingling.

How worried Yeonwoo will be if she finds out about this. Will they be scared?

I remembered her shedding tears when she was burned.

It was next that my leg hurt.

"How long will it take to heal completely?”

"If you're completely cured, you should think about four weeks. There will be 1 or 2 weeks of individual difference.”

"Should I do a cast? Is there any way not to do it?”

"That's a given. A cast would be more convenient if you wanted to live your daily life without inpatient care."

"How long will Gibbs have to do it?”

I wanted to avoid a cast if I could. I was worried that Yeon-woo, who found the cast, would have a hard time.

"It's mandatory for two weeks. After that, we'll see how it goes."

The doctor was determined.

Seon-jae nodded with a confused look at the doctor's answer.

"Then I'd like a cast that's removable."

"Yes, sir. But take it out only when you wash up. It's better to do it normally."


Sun-jae agreed with his doctor and chose the lightest cast. I also had to buy crutches.

I'll leave my crutches in the car.’

I have something to hide from my wife as if I were hiding my emergency money.

I don't want Yeon-woo to know this somehow.

It was heartbreaking that I had never been aware of it before.

Time goes by while I'm doing this.

Today is January 30th, when I hurt my leg.

In "Another Future," he injured his leg on February 1, which is two days earlier.

So does the day I die pull?

Am I really going to die soon? Is it just fate?

Seonjae headed home with a complicated mind.


Seon-jae arrived home earlier than Yeon-woo, washed up, changed his clothes, and climbed onto the bed.

I slept so much yesterday that I couldn't sleep, but I had to lie down.

It was because he should not show his limp or expose his cast after moving hastily.

"Shall I take out the cast?’

I didn't think I'd have to wear a cast if I stayed still.

As I carefully took my hand to the bridge, I heard the sound of the sound of the front door.


Seonjae lied down on the bed in a hurry.

"Huh? You're early again today?”

Yeon-woo, who found his shoes on the porch, said as he entered the house.


Seonjae also answered in that state.

Yeon-woo, who quickly ran to the bedroom, became sullen to see Sun-jae.

"It's bed again today. You haven't recovered yet."

"I'm all better. Just, I've been lying down all the time, and I love my bed life."

"Chi. Lie."

Seonjae smiled at Yeonwoo and sat up.

"I'm sorry. I keep lying down."

"That's fine. I'm just worried because I'm sick."

Yeonwoo came up to the bed.

Sun-jae's body hardened, fearing that he might get caught in the cast.

Yeon-woo reached straight out and put his arm on his forehead.

"I'm getting a fever again.”

It's not a cold, it's a fever that occurs after a leg injury to your leg.

I was sorry to worry her, but Sun-jae was fortunate to have made an excuse not to leave the bed.

"Have you been to the hospital?"

"Yes, I've been there and I've taken medicine.”

"I hope tomorrow gets better."

Yeon-woo's eyes shone as if tears were about to fall.

"Have you eaten yet? Is there anything you want to eat?”

"No, I don't. I'm going to lie down, so I don't want anything else to eat."

"Yes, I'm lying down."

Yeon-woo watched Seon-jae lie down again and went into the bathroom.

While Yeon-woo was washing, Seon-jae took out a cast and hid it under the bed.

After a while, Yeon-woo, who washed up, saw Seon-jae staring at him and blinking, and jumped back onto the bed.

Then I slipped on his leg.


Sunjae flinched and made a noise.

Yeonwoo was more surprised by the sound.

"Oh, sorry!"

Yeon-woo hurriedly stepped back and apologized repeatedly.

"Sorry! Does it hurt so much if you touch it even a little?"

Yeon-woo looked shocked. Seonjae is sweating.

"No, it's okay. I was just surprised."

"Why are you surprised by this! You didn't. Does it hurt so much that your liver is the size of a bean? Or is your heart weakened?”

"No, no, no."

Seonjae made excuses to calm Yeonwoo's anxiety.

"It's because you came up, and you were pounding."

"I don't think so. That sounds like an excuse.

Yeonwoo didn't fall for it easily and shed his eyes.

"I told you it wasn't."

Yeonwoo's forehead is hardened.

Already in doubt, the pre-eminent, who had to offer such a wife another offer, became more distressed.

"And Yeonwoo, I'm sorry."

"Yes, go ahead."

"We should use separate blankets for the time being.”

It was also clear that her eyes were blurred with disappointment.

"I'm afraid you'll catch a cold."

But the eyes, which had become blurred for a while, became clear again.

"Then can I cover myself with a blanket after I catch a cold?”

It's a suggestion she's making first.

It is unacceptable to carry a cold, but it is so lovely to ask him to share a blanket that Seonjae lamented inside.

But he answers by hiding his mind.

"Why are you thinking about getting it?"

"Don't you even think about it?"

Yeon-woo, disappointed by his reaction, poked out his lips.

"But let's sleep with separate covers."

Then I spoke to her coldly again.

"I can't catch the cold you got again. And it's winter, so I want to wrap myself up in a blanket and sleep.”

"That's right……. Now the blanket is warmer than me…"….”

"No, that's not it, huh...….”

Yeon-woo, who noticed that Seon-jae was suffering from stomachache, cleared up his disappointment at that point.

I decided to think that the person who had been revealing it so much suggested using the blanket separately would feel uncomfortable.

Yeonwoo immediately changed his expression and smiled comfortably.

"Hmm. I was just kidding. It's okay. It's important that you get better soon. If I catch a cold, I can sleep in another room, so I'm relieved."

"I'm sorry."

"No, it's really okay."


"I hope I get better soon.”

Yesterday, I thought this person's weakness was cute and lovely, so let's accept this human sensitivity. Let's love each other.

This person accepted me when I came back from another future and did that crazy thing.

Yeon-woo shook it off.

Yeonwoo's understanding led to a safe night and the next morning.

Seonjae faced another difficulty.

As the time for work was approaching, I was at a loss how to prepare for work without Yeon-woo's notice.

"Honey, don't you wash up?"

Sunjae came to work first every time, so he was first to wash up.

Yeon-woo's routine was to start preparing after Seon-jae left home.


I hope you don't get caught. How do I get to wash up?

"Oh, honey. I want to eat the smoothie that honey makes for me. Can't we have that for breakfast this morning?”

"Yes! I'll make it quickly."

After Yeon-woo got up quickly, saying he would get his order, Seon-jae jumped up right away.

Then I went to the dressing room, took out my clothes, hung them on a hanger in front of the bathroom, took long pants for sleeping and went into the bathroom.

As expected, it was not easy to wash up because my legs were uncomfortable.

If I tell Yeonwoo, he won't even mind washing me.

Only then was he able to properly understand how Yeon-woo felt when she couldn't tell her family even though she was repeatedly assaulted by Ok Seung-hye.

Being able to understand it made me feel sorry that I've been blaming her so much.

After the repentance shower, Sun-jae came outside wearing pants.

Yeon-woo is also standing in front of the bathroom with a smoothie.


As soon as Yeon-woo saw Seon-jae, she exclaimed high.


"Because I'm wearing pants."

"Why is that?"

"I always come out with a towel on, and then I come out with pants on."

He's sharp, too.

"It's cold. It's cold."

Sunjae gave a light cover.

Yesterday's injury prevented her from showing her swollen ankles.

He smiled and received Yeon-woo's smoothie and emptied it quickly.

"I told you to drink slowly."

"I was really hungry. Thank you."

Seon-jae emptied a large glass and replied.

After that, Yeon-woo doesn't shy away from her seat.

I kept looking at him drying his hair and asked him.

"Do you want me to change your clothes?"

"No, I can wear it.”

"Don't you want me to do it for you?"

She tried to confirm her love today because she felt a little distant from her bed.

Seonjae belatedly corrected his answer.

"No, change it for me.”

Yeon-woo's smile quickly appeared on her face, making Seon-jae relieved.

"Oh, honey. I have medicine in the kitchen, but I forgot to take it. Can you get me some?"

"Yes, I understand. I'll be right back."

"You can take your time."

In this case, a big house is very helpful.

In the meantime, Seonjae quickly changed his pants and put on a cast.

As soon as the cast was fixed, Yeon-woo reappeared with medicine.

"Now dress me up."

Sun-jae, who had enough time after overcoming the crisis, said.

"Yeah, I'll take my medicine first. But the medicine... Painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics?"

Yeon-woo said after checking the explanation written on the medicine bag.

"Yes, cold medicine is painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics."

Seonjae answered without difficulty.

How long can I continue this life? I'm sorry to keep taking medicine while pretending it's cold medicine.

Seonjae felt heavy-hearted.


My husband is still strange.

Yeon-woo seemed to have only seen her husband get out of bed and walk around for a few days.

It was just a little bit of hustle and bustle on the way to work.

The husband said he had recovered from the cold, but he did not move as if he were a person who was united with the bed.

Yeon-woo was worried on the other hand, even though she thought it was good to be comfortable like this because she had been very busy.

My husband seems to have lost interest in everything.

Time has passed and Friday evening.

Again today, my husband is a couple with a bed and is reading quietly.

Yeonwoo, who couldn't see it, moved.

It burned like a fire until a few days ago, but it cooled surprisingly quickly.

But I have a great item.

The magical item that the boyfriend likes and the husband likes more. Million sexy lace slip.

I never thought I'd wear it until he begged, but I couldn't help it.

A thirsty man digs a well. I'm impatient, so I have to move.

It's okay to be a scary man, so I hope you can recover from your lack of energy.

Yeon-woo entered the bathroom, changed his clothes, and stood in front of the mirror.

"Oh, my God.

Yeon-woo covered his eyes and turned his head.

I can't let it slide.

I'm embarrassed because it's too obvious.

It's said to be clothes, but it's more of a mesh, so I don't think I'm wearing anything.

I can't believe you're wearing more racy than naked.

However, Yeon-woo shook his head and looked in the mirror again.

Let's overcome it, Yeonwoo.

This is the first time it's hard. You know it too.

But you know that once you have courage, your future will change.

Yeon-woo went out of the bathroom dreaming of a change between the cold married couple.


As Yeon-woo, wearing a bathrobe, approached with a gentle smile like a fairy, Seon-jae, who was leaning against the bed and reading Monk Beopjeong's "No Possession," covered the book.


I tried to smile after Yeonwoo. As soon as her robe was untied, so did his expression.


A sigh came out.

I thought I could guess how anxious my wife was about her lackluster appearance.

Seonjae stood up from his seat.

My legs hurt every time I moved, but I had to be able to do that for her.

And tugged her on the shoulder.


I can feel a slight tremor in my arms. I could tell she was nervous.

"Please understand."

She was so lovely that my heart ached, but I couldn't help it.

"After a few more days, I'll hug you a lot.”

Yeon-woo was once again discouraged by his words.

It was a friendly word, but it was a no. However, it is not Yeonwoo who will give up at once.

"I can hug you."

Yeonwoo gained courage again.

If you're tired and can't move, I'll go first.

"Honey, you can just stay still. I'll take care of it.”

I'll wake up your sex drive on my own, so just stay still today, where are you?

What can I be more ashamed of when I'm dressed up?

Yeon-woo lowered his hand toward his waist with sparkling eyes.

"No, it's not.

But her hand, trying to pull up his top, was quickly stopped by his determined voice.

With a serious look on his face, he calmly grabbed Yeon-woo's hand, which was frozen in embarrassment.

"I want to hug you so much, but I'm still not over my cold, so I'm afraid I'll catch it.”

I really don't mind getting it.

And I guess it's not easy to catch a cold since you haven't caught one yet. I think you have a good immune system.

And it's a little embarrassing, too.

But I didn't want to complain to him that I was embarrassed.

He'll be as hard as I am. There must be a lot of conflict. I understand. I can understand it dozens of times.

Oh, I shouldn't cry in front of this guy. It's embarrassing.

Yeonwoo barely swallowed her tears.

Seon-jae's heart ached when he saw Yeon-woo's eyes, which seemed like tears would soon fall heavily.

What I'm doing to this good wife right now.

And yet she gritted her teeth because she wanted to avoid learning about her legs.

Her sinking eyes are heartbreaking.

He was about to cry, too.

Today is February 2nd.

Is there a month left before I die in another future?

Even that is not guaranteed. Accidents happen before every other future.


I called her with an empty heart.


Yeon-woo, who wiped tears from her eyes, answered innocently as usual.

"It's a little late."

I don't want to leave you behind. I will never die.

But if you're ever going to leave.

I want to give you all the rest of my time.

"Shall we go on our honeymoon?”

It's just heartbreaking that the rest of my life doesn't seem to be much.

"Let's go. If you get a cold, let's go."

There are so many places I want to go with you.


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