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Chapter 73

 Yeonwoo blinked.

Sun-jae's proposal must have been powerful enough to calm her down.

"Do you have time to travel?"

Yeon-woo's face, which had been sullen for a while, showed vitality again.

"You'll be finishing up your busy work soon. Then I'll take a long vacation. Do you have time?”

"Anytime is fine with me.”

Seonjae became able to smile. That's a relief, I sighed inwardly.

"Where shall we go? Where do you want to go?”

Her eyes moved at his question.

"Do I have to decide now? Why don't you think about it?"

"Yeah, feel free. Let's go where we want to go the most."

Yeon-woo nodded continuously to his friendly voice.

I became convinced that he didn't reject himself because he was cold-hearted.

It was because I had a terrible cold.

It is not to be disappointed, but to be grateful for his concern.

In addition, I can't believe you promised me a honeymoon.

Suddenly, I wonder if he's going to overdo it to make a itinerary, but inside her, she was clamoring, "Want it."

He stretched his lips as if he had read her mind, which had developed excitement.

"I'm going to go on a trip and watch as much as I can.”

And Yeon-woo touched her waist by reaching into the gown.

"Why don't you buy all the colors?"

His glowing eyes were seductive rather than playful.

It really made me look forward to the future of honeymoon.

Yeon-woo wondered if she should explore the sexy queen shopping mall more.

And that night.


As Yeon-woo slowly fell asleep, the Seon-jae lying next to her quietly called her.

"You said we filed for divorce on February 2nd, didn't you?"


"You said I died on March 2nd, and you went back to the past after the funeral?"

After talking to her repeatedly, Yeon-woo's sleep eventually ran away.

Yeonwoo answered without a lie.


"How was my funeral?”

Yeon-woo's heart ached at the detached voice.

I didn't want to answer about his funeral.

But he was forced to wonder.

"Can't you tell me? I'm just curious."


"Huh? My dear."

Yeon-woo finally opened his mouth after repeated clean oil. Meanwhile, her pillowcase slipped wet.

"There were a lot of people, there were a lot of reporters, they were all shocked."


"My father was silent the whole time, and my mother cried a lot. Oh, Yusara cried a lot too.”

"Did you cry a lot, too?”


I was wondering if I should talk about the flower basket, and Yeon-woo shook his head.

I felt like he couldn't sleep if I told him I cried too hard.

"I didn't cry much.”

Yeonwoo only talked about the funeral.

I didn't cry that much at the funeral, so I'm not lying.

"We'll be divorced then."

I see. He muttered a little. It sounded a little relieved.

"Did anyone swear at me?”

"Not a single one. Everyone was sick.”

"Do you have my grave or something?”

"I went to an arboretum. It rained that day, so everyone was following me with umbrellas.”

You've become a tree. He muttered once again.

Everyone answered honestly, but it was far from refreshing.

Yeonwoo felt heavy because he was going to be depressed.

"You don't have to worry. There's no way we're getting divorced. We changed our fate."


His plain voice sounded lonely.

He hasn't spoken to since. But from time to time, I heard his tossing and turning.


Thanks to Seonjae's desperate care, the days and nights that he gets over safely are piled up.

It's already been a while since Sunjae hurt his leg, and it's been over a week.

And the bedroom where dawn has come after a safe night.

Seon-jae flinched and opened his eyes in surprise.

Oh, my God.

This time, fortunately, I didn't wake Yeon-woo up.

While lying down, Seon-jae controlled the surprised heart.


I went to another 'different future' again.

The time passed quickly from the case of a leg injury to the confirmation of divorce from the judge.

This is actually the third time. I had a similar dream the day before yesterday.

At first, it certainly felt like his soul was going through a "different future," but the second and third times really arose like a dream and disappeared.

I didn't know whether trauma about "other future" had arisen or fate had warned me.

"You want me to prepare for fate?’

Still, the third nightmare repeatedly seems to have made me a little more resistant.

Seon-jae did not have a surprise or seizure like the first time.

Instead, I came up with a different idea.

I think there are a lot of people to meet and express their feelings to.

That afternoon, Seon-jae visited his mother alone.

Mi-hyun, who came to meet her son in the yard when she heard that he was coming, quickly noticed that Seon-jae's walk was strange.

"Did you hurt your leg?”

As soon as Seonjae approached, Mihyun asked.

Seonjae made a natural excuse.

"I stepped on a stone sticking out of the yard. It's kind of twisted. I'll be all right in a minute."

"A stone that sticks out? Where!"

"Oh, where was it...….”

When Sun-jae looked behind my back except for his neck, Mi-hyun no longer asked Sun-jae.

Then he retook the path that Seonjae had taken.

"This is it, this is it.”

Mi-hyun, who walked like that, hit the floor with her feet. There was a dull sound.

One of the stepping stones was really sticking out.

"Here, isn't?"

Seon-jae, who lied, did not answer hastily.

"Hi. You'll be in trouble if you fall at night. I'll fix it right away."

No, you don't have to do that.

However, her heart warmed up as much as her mother's quick response.

Things that you don't usually feel are preciously imprinted.

"But what brings you here at this hour?”

"I'm just here to take the album."

"Your old album?"


"Hang on. Come on in. I'll get it for you.”

Mihyun went into the house alone and went to the study.

Seonjae walked slowly into the house.

When Sunjae arrived at home, Mihyun brought out the album.

As if Sunjae's legs were not working, Mihyun sighed once and handed the album to Sunjae.

"Here you go."

Sunjae, who received the album, sat down and handed over a couple of albums.

In the meantime, my eyes easily got teary.


The picture of a mother who looks younger than herself holding a baby that has just passed 100 days and smiling beautifully made my heart sink.


"How did your mother meet your father?"

I asked a question that I've never asked before.

Mi-hyun answered awkwardly but affectionately because her son's question was unfamiliar.

"We've met before. I didn't even know your dad liked me because he was so blunt. I didn't know this was a relationship even after we met a few times. So I was shocked when you asked me to marry you."

The expressions he uttered as if they were nothing special soaked Seon-jae's heart.

"I was worried that you looked a little like your dad, but I'm glad I met a good. It's good to be happy.

Mi-hyun's eyes are as warm as spring, which has always been after winter.

He was a Seon-jae who realized that his mother always watched him with that look.

"Your father and mother have achieved everything they can, and as long as you're happy, there's nothing more to ask for. Really."

Familiar warmth but precious to see for a long time.

"Even though we are apart, we seek our hearts twelve more times a day."

As always, however, Mi-hyun asks for her son's happiness first.

"How's the new baby? Yeonwoo must be having a hard time these days, so please cheer him up. Don't make an appointment, go home early and make a lot of fun."


Before I knew it, the story led to about Yeonwoo.

Mi-hyun is concerned about her daughter-in-law, who loves and cares about her son.

"I grew up just being loved, and I was surprised to learn that such a hard thing had happened. And yet, you grew up right in praise of himself. It's amazing how strong they can be."

Seonjae also nodded silently at Mihyun's story.

"But I only contacted Yeon-woo once because I was afraid it would be burdensome."

"Contact me. Yeonwoo will love it.”

Mihyun's eyes were wide open at Seonjae's words.

"What brings you here? The girl who didn't show me because she was afraid I'd bother Yeon-woo."

"I realized my mother wouldn't bother Yeon-woo. I know Yeon-woo will do well on her own."

"Yeah, did you finally know that?”

I really didn't know until now. Seonjae smiled softly.

On the one hand, I kept thinking about my wife.

My wife may be a lot stronger than I think.

Even if I hear about my fate, Lee Yeon-woo might be able to overcome everything and become stronger.

Then wouldn't I regret less if I ended up wandering and told you everything?


Yeonwoo's way home.

Yeon-woo, who came back in the driver's car, met a familiar person in front of the security office.

Seonjae's friend Gi-joon was standing with a large bottle like a honey pot.

"Excuse me, you're Hyun Ki-joon, aren't you?"”

Yeon-woo pretended to know carefully. He quickly found out the criteria and greeted them gladly.

"Oh, Yeonwoo. It's been a while since I saw you. How have you been?

"Yes, hello."

"I'm here to deliver this. I didn't contact Sunjae, so I was just going to leave it at the security office. It's good to see you after a long time."

"What's this?”

Yeon-woo asked, looking down at the honey jar handed over by Ki-joon.

"It's an enzyme that's good for bone attachment."

Yeon-woo's expression hardened at the unknown answer of the standard.

"You must be upset about Seonjae's leg. Oh, but it was really cool. You flew over to the baby in that urgent situation. It was the best."


"Don't worry too much, your bones will stick together soon because you're strong."

I noticed that Seonjae was hiding it.

Yeon-woo broke up with Ki-joon at the entrance of the apartment building and came home alone.

There was a forefather in the family. My husband left work earlier than he did today.

"Are you here? What are you holding?"

As soon as he saw Yeonwoo, he slowly got up from his seat.

The movement that was taking place was not quick. Like someone who's uncomfortable.

Yeon-woo, who watched his movements at the front door, put down the glass bottle and stuttered toward Seon-jae.

And walked on the trouser hem of his right leg.

Seon-jae pulled his foot back as if he was embarrassed.

But his cast was exposed as it was.

Yeonwoo lamented for a long time.

One reason was that he had shown slow behavior, continued to leave work early, and had refused to touch his body.

"When did this happen?"

"……a week ago."

Seonjae confessed this truth.

"Why did you hide this from me?”


"Why, why, when I told you to tell me everything that hurt, why?"

"I'm sorry."

Seonjae apologized immediately.

"I was afraid you'd feel weak."

"Someone's getting weak. What a strong man I am."

Yeon-woo replied with his eyes moistened.

Sun-jae smiled as if she was satisfied with her smart answer.

"Yes, I know. Now I know."

In a serene voice that did not blend in with her mood, he said soothingly to her.

"That's why I wanted to tell you. I was just about to tell you, but you found out first. I'm sorry."


"I'm telling me.

But Yeon-woo couldn't soothe her stomach. A tearful voice came out.

"……so you've been drooping because you've been hurt like this?”

There were times when she refused to be hugged, other than being drooping.

But Yeon-woo did not argue about it.

I just asked why he hasn't had the energy yet.

"I'm sick and I can't talk because I'm afraid I'm nervous?"

What I heard from Ki-joon was that the bone was cracked.

How painful it must have been. Yeon-woo was upset that she couldn't talk even though she was so sick, so she raised her voice.

"There was a reason.”

He answered.

"I saw 'The Other Future' in my dreams."

Yeonwoo's eyes were blanked by his answer.

"That 'other future' you were talking about. The future in which we get divorced, and I die."


She staggered, holding her forehead for a moment.

"……I'm sorry. I said that wrong."

She quickly changed her attitude and apologized.

He brought up the "different future" story, so he decided he was showing signs of anxiety.

If he had a vague nightmare about the 'other future', it was his fault.

"I don't know how much I regretted talking about it. Just in case you feel weak."

"It's not like that. Yeonwoo."

Yeon-woo seemed to misunderstand, so Seon-jae explained again.

"It was a real 'different future'. You've experienced it and I've experienced the whole world."


"The future in which I transferred 10 billion won to you."

Yeon-woo's movement stopped for a moment when she brought up a story that she had never written anywhere in her notebook.

Only her eyes moved as if they were alive.

I've learned the truth properly.

After a while she snapped at his hand, hanging from her eyes thickened with tears.

We share the same experience.

But you can't clap your hands and be happy about it.

I had to tell him, I can protect you, relax.

"Don't be nervous. There's no such thing as an accident."

I wanted to put on a brave face to shake off his anxiety.

But she became unable to control her expression.

"I won't let you die. That's the only goal in my life. I don't need anything else. I don't need anything.”

It felt like squeezing my chest. Seon-jae hid his tears from coming out.

Before I knew it, it became the top priority in her life.

With the thought of infinite glory, fear arises.

If you don't have me in your life, how would you live with me?

"You don't need anything else."

Afraid, he spoke quite coldly.

"Why not—I really do!"


Tears flared and held her arms up her throat.

Yeonwoo waved her arms.

Her breathing became rough as she resisted.


He calmed her down, as if to calm her down.

"I know your good heart, honey."


"If someone else, not me, had an accident in front of you, and you'd come back to the past, you'd have desperately protected him, not me. I would have lived my life for him.”

Yeonwoo shook his head continuously.

No, it's not. It was because you were the one.

"Somehow I'm lucky to be protected by you. I'm already a blessed man.”

No, I don't want to hear that.

Don't shake me up with strange words. I don't want to be persuaded by you who've weakened.

You're everything in my life. I really don't need anything else.



"Not many people know their last day."

Yeon-woo's heart seemed to sink.

My head was filled with 'other future'.

Her husband's last appearance in front of her was also full.

Please don't give up your life with those eyes, with the expression that you can accept anything.

"Why do you keep saying such disturbing things?”

Don't try to conciliate me.

"I'm going to save you! Don't be weak!"

"I trust you!"

He also raised his voice as she roared.

"I'll do whatever you say! I'll do whatever you tell me to do!"


"I'll try desperately to live!"


"I'm going to live. I'm not going to die. I'll never die."

I'm going to live, I'm not going to die.

I want you to finish talking there.

"So promise me one thing."

Why you're offering to put a condition on me.

Yeon-woo looked at him with eyes that became disconsolate.

His eyes are shining with earnest hope.

He was calmer, more serious and more desperate than ever.

"One in a million. No, one in 100,000 hearts. No, one in a billion."

One in a billion, if I leave you.

"If there's a single shock to the billion, let's not collapse."

I don't know if I'm leaving you on March 2nd, in the distant future, or tomorrow.

Because you'd be so sad if I left you without saying anything.

I'm going to be so sad, too.

That's why I'm talking.

We've been going through the future once in a while, but we still don't know the future.

"Living a life of determination. Lee Yeon-woo is strong."

One in a million. If I had died suddenly, you would have been brave. please

"I promise you, just do one thing."

Promise me.


Voices piled up calmly as if he were an elderly crying child.


Yeon-woo hid her hands with tears flowing down and her face collapsing and shook her head.

"No." Yeon-woo's continuous voice was faint.

Then he stretched out his arms and hugged her.

Her world is full of clear confessions.


Seon-jae called her name several times fondly as if there were no next time.



"I love you, Yeonwoo."


When the memories are piled up.

I remain as clear as a ring of age to you.

That's when you'll be your age.

I'll be your strong stem and be your strength to live firmly.

Even if I leave.


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