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Chapter 75

 After work, Seon-jae got into a car parked in front of the company building. The whole body was a black van.

"Long time no see."

A chic voice greeted him.

She was Sarah, who briefly returned to Korea to shoot an advertisement while living in the U.S.

Since we don't have time to meet separately because our schedule is full, we made an appointment to see Sun-jae at work time.

"How have you been?"

Sunjae asked quite nicely.

Sarah, who was a little twisted, sarcastically.

"What are you doing. Ask me to see you first. Yeonwoo, don't you want to talk about meeting me?"

"I think Yeonwoo is you."


Said Sarah, who snorted.

"Go home like this. I'll take you home.”

Before leaving for the U.S., some harsh words came and went, but they were friends who could cover it up as if nothing had happened.

Twenty years of being friends is not just accumulated.

"Why did you want to see me?"


Sun-jae took a picture out of her bag and handed it to Sarah.

It was a picture from the album.

A photo of a sports day from 20 years ago. This is a picture of 10-year-old Sunjae and Saul together.

"I remembered I didn't show you."

Sarah's eyes quickly got wet after receiving the picture.

"Long time no see."

Sarah smoothed Saul's face with her fingertips.

"If you give me this, I won't have yours. You don't need this picture?”

"I have a copy, too.”

Sarah smiled softly when Seon-jae reassured her.

The feelings that had been upset were immediately relieved.

"Thank you."


"By the way, don't make a dark face."

Sarah, who said thank you, pointed out.

Seon-jae, who didn't know my expression, blinked.

"It's been 20 years. You're a victim of the incident, too. Don't be sick while feeling sorry for yourself as if you're the perpetrator."

Friend, said Sarah with concern.

Seonjae's attitude toward the dead Saul remained the same throughout.

Sarah knew that he thought Saul had lost his life because of him.

How barren would it be to live with the events of 20 years ago?

Sarah really wanted to comfort Seonjae.

Now I wanted to tell you to get out of the case.

"Seonjae, there's something I didn't tell you.”

Sarah, who sighed deeply, opened her mouth again.

"The day Saul died, the time he died. Saul came to my dream."

The eyes of Seonjae, who was turning his head to the other side, were fixed on Sarah.

"It was a dream, but I still remember that vivid feeling."


"Saul was crying at me and apologized for leaving me first. And live a brave life."


"It was silent, but it sounded like a ghost bean forgetting. And that's what Saul did that day."

Sarah's voice was soft but powerful.

Seon-jae blankly focused on her story.

"So I was a little confused at Saul's funeral. Saul wasn't dead, but I thought everyone was playing. It was only during the raid that I realized the reality."


"And I didn't realize until after the funeral. I realized that I had experienced miracles."

Sarah spoke resolutely, but at the end of her voice, she could feel the traces of a full cry.

"It sounds crazy, but I still think it was Saul. Saul went to me. Because you're worried about me. Because I'm not at ease."

Seonjae also became disheartened.

I also remembered when I went to another future 10 days ago.

He time-traveled again in 'Another Future' just before his death.

As I had lingering feelings, I went to Yeon-woo and said my last goodbye to her.

Was Saul the same?

Did Sarah show up and cry because she was full of lingering feelings for the blood she left behind in the world?

"So I wasn't actually very sick. Saul seemed to be protecting me in heaven, and you were there, and you took care of me as much as my real parents."

Sarah smiled forlornly after finishing the story that covered her tears.

"Oh, I should have told you this earlier, but I couldn't tell you because I was grumpy about your marriage. Sorry."


"……Hey, are you crying?”

Sarah asked Seonjae, who turned her head to the other side.

"No, it's not."

"I think you're crying."

"I told you it wasn't."

"Then look at me."

"Oh, no!"

When Sarah grabbed him by the arm, Seon-jae shook it off.

"Or no, why are you angry? Did she fight with Yeonwoo? It's a temper tantrum for a top star...….”

Rejected by Seonjae, Sarah complained to the fullest.

Indeed, Yeonwoo and Sunjae, who are in the Cold War, had a short tingling sensation in their noses.


After meeting Saul, Yeon-woo's mind became more complicated.

Saul's story was as shocking as the betrayal of Nam Ji-soon, who had been in charge of housekeeping for two years.

It might have been more comfortable if she had said she was another person who had nothing to do with her husband's old friend Yoo Si-ul.

"You're going to take your husband?"

The words were cold to the bone.

The one who believed to be a guardian angel was actually the Grim Reaper.

If the truth was like this, I couldn't even let him meet a man and Seonjae.

He is in a position to hide the fact that he met the man from Seonjae.

Besides, the man's words were like a labyrinth.

"I'm going to ask you a question. I really want you to solve that problem."

He said he'd come up with a question at a sudden.

You didn't even tell me what the problem was.

And he also said empty words that he hoped to solve the problem.

What am I supposed to do?

"And what the hell is this!"

Returning home, Yeon-woo shouted, throwing the bracelet between the flyers he was holding blankly onto the bed.

What do you mean by the band of Mobius to me, who is a liberal arts student to the bone?

"Isn't it? You want me to come to this club? Are you going to give me a problem if I come to the club?"

I still wanted to grab a straw.

I couldn't help but go because I was told to solve the problem before I took my husband.

"I have to go right now.”

But I don't know how to dress. How do clubbing people dress these days?

Yeonwoo started searching the Internet.

Miniskirts had the most bare legs caught in the search word "Winter Club Fashion."

It was all dressed up like winter.

"Oh, it's cold just by looking at it! How am I supposed to get out of here.

Yeon-woo was disappointed but worked hard to find a miniskirt.

Finally, I found a miniskirt dress in the corner of the closet.

Yeonwoo quickly changed his clothes.

It was tight all-black with beads on the chest, making it perfect for clubs.

"Oh, it's short. It's short.”

But the short skirt hem was also too much of a concern.

Yeon-woo wore black stockings to relax her mind.

I tried making my makeup darker than usual because I thought it would look too plain.

Roughly, a simple yet moderately club-like style has been completed.

"No one would recognize me at this rate.”

Yeon-woo gave himself a generous score and left home.

There were many cars because it was rush hour, but it was not easy to get a taxi.

"Sigh. It's cold. It's cold."

The stockings were also dangerous.

The cold wind penetrated into the fine hole of the stockings and chilled to the bone.

"Taxi, hurry up and come...….”

A celebrity van stood a few feet away while he was muttering and stamping his feet.

There were a couple of celebrities living in the same apartment, so I naturally looked at them with curiosity.

And Yeon-woo recognized the person who got out of the car and stopped moving his feet.

"Bye. Thank you for today."

A familiar voice was heard faintly from the inside of the car.

It was similar.

It's similar, similar.

Are these siblings hitting the back of their heads in pairs or what?

While acknowledging her husband's relationship with Usara, she was somewhat grumpy.

It was such a cold war today, and in the meantime, the wife struggles with clothes she didn't wear to prevent her husband's death, and the husband met an old friend and had a good time together.

Meanwhile, Sun-jae, who recognized Yeon-woo, also lost his eyes.

His wife's appearance was unusual. Makeup and facial expressions.

Seon-jae, who approached Yeon-woo diligently, first told the truth.

"I met Sarah for a moment because I wanted to give her something.”

"I didn't ask.”

Yeon-woo turned his head, answering with a sulky voice.

Seonjae became more and more anxious.

"Where are you going?"

"Club. I got a free ticket."


Club on Friday night that I have to spend with my family.

My wife is crooked...….

I didn't think I was just saying it. Her wrist, which was stretched out to catch a taxi, was seen with club bracelets fastened.

"Why are you going there?"

"I told you, I'm leaving because I have a free ticket."

In the meantime, the taxi stopped in front of her.

"You can't follow me today. Don't follow me."

Yeon-woo asked the absent-minded Seon-jae and quickly got into the car.

"What, no. Don't go."

Sunjae, who belatedly chased him, reached for a taxi, but it was not enough to chase him with an uncomfortable bridge.

My heart is pounding. Seon-jae's heart shook due to his wife's unexpected deviation.

There was no time to be absent-minded. Fortunately, a taxi came after that. Seonjae caught a taxi in a hurry.

"Please chase that taxi. Hurry up."

The charisma I had hidden shone after a long time.

Overwhelmed by Seonjae's threatening presence, the driver diligently stepped on the accelerator pedal.

The distance widened due to a single signal, but it did not miss Yeon-woo's taxi.

Thanks to meeting the best driver, Sun-jae was able to properly check which club she parked in front of.

But by the time she got out of the cab, she had already entered the club.

Seon-jae stuttered to the entrance of the club.

"Oh, uh, sir, sir."

But the staff standing at the entrance stopped him.

Seonjae was forced to take out his ID card.

"I'm in my early 30s. Can't you enter?”

"More than that, fashion...….”

"What's wrong with fashion?"

The staff looked on as if they were in trouble and answered.

"It doesn't seem to match the identity of our club."

Come to think of it, all the employees at the entrance were dressed in dark shirts.

I wasn't even wearing a tie.

Sun-jae, who quickly noticed, untied his tie and said.

"Can I untie my tie?"

"No, it's a little...….”

"Take off your jacket."

Sun-jae even took off his coat and suit jacket.

But what has since been revealed is a white shirt, the symbol of office workers.

"I'm sorry. Today is the opening day. I'll be sure to let you in later."

The staff politely blocked Seonjae's entrance.

The cold wind will fill up with the jacket taken off, but Seon-jae's insides are burning.

Oh, I'm so pissed off, I'm gonna blow up this club!

The unbearable Seonjae raised the volume.

"My wife is in there right now, who's gone now, is in there!"

I was losing my mind.

Loud music, flashing neon signs, crowds so packed that it's hard to move forward.

I don't know if I can find Mr. Nureung in here.

In the background, I felt a strange man holding his arms and waist.

It may be a natural phenomenon in this concentration, but it was too blatant.

Yeonwoo managed to shake it off and move on.

At least, Mr. Nureung's hair is yellow, so I think you can see it if you open your eyes wide, but the yellow-haired man was nowhere to be seen.

Frustrated, Yeon-woo climbed to the podium in every corner of the club to see better.

"Oh, my."

The man who had once been left out chased him again and climbed up to the podium and attached himself.

"Hey, I'm not here to play, I'm here to find someone...….”

But the man who attached himself casually ran down her body.

I felt like my big hand was touching the stockings and lifting the hem of my skirt.

A red warning light went on in my head.

"Hey, I'm not here to play! Get your hands off me!"

But her voice was completely buried in the radiant music. I wanted to cry.


"Get out, it's XXX."

The foul language that doubted her ears rang in her arms. It was a forerunner.

Shaking up to the podium, pushing Chihan away, he held her in his arms and hurled another abuse.

"Touch someone. X, you crazy XX."

His eyes glistened with flashing lights.

At times like this, it was quite reliable to be a man who looked like that.

The man with his charismatic eyes stepped down after being cursed at.

Yeonwoo breathed a sigh of relief inside.

"Are you okay?"

He asked, but the way she looked at her wasn't so sweet.

She seemed upset that she came to the club alone.

"Let's go home."

Seonjae grabbed her hand and pulled it toward the entrance.

Yeonwoo's adventure ended there.

Thanks to Seonjae's strong lead, the two were able to escape from the club quickly, unlike when they came in.

"Don't be crooked. My heart is pounding."

"Is this going to be crooked?”

Yeon-woo responded to his cold voice.

I couldn't say that there were some circumstances.

"It's up to me to go to the club."

"Just tell me if you want to relieve your stress. I'll let you dance comfortably even if you rent a club for a day by day.


"I'm just worried. I'm afraid the same thing just happened."

"Lie, you think I'm deviating, so you're following me here to crack down. "This is what it's like to be brave, why don't you understand?"

Last night, Seonjae begged her to live bravely.

She must be sarcastic about the word now.

Seon-jae got smirky and smirky.

"Can't you be a little detached and determined?”

"How much more aloof and determined do we have to be here."

Yeon-woo is in an impossible position to make concessions.

I was grateful to have stopped him, but I was bitter because I had to give up looking for Mr. Nureung.

Mr. Nureung told me not to follow you to the club because he didn't want to catch you, but why are you following me?

"You're still very detached and determined. I'm not Lee Yeon-woo these days. I'm Cho Yeon-woo, Eui Yeon-woo!"

"Do you know how irascible the aloof and determined he is?"

Yeonwoo turned up the volume. But

"Honey, you touched your sleeping nose first.Oh!"


Ah... why am I like this...….

I don't have anything to say because it's my second time in my life, but if I have a desire, I want to be born again.

In this situation, I want to be reborn as a smart person who doesn't make mistakes!


Yeon-woo belatedly picked up my mistake.

"Sleeping nose hair lion!"

But the second time wasn't the right word either.

Oh, I'm tearing up...….

Why there's no such thing as weight in my life.

It's all too obvious that he's squeezing his mouth to hold it back.

"No, the sleeping lion's nose hair! Oh, my God, it's so nerve-wracking!

Eventually, the sleeping lion roared against the murky night sky, acknowledging his temperament.


His face exploded red as he held back his laughter with all his might.

It was a cough instead of a smile, but it was no different from a smile.

"Cough, cough, huh, cough, cough.

Yeonwoo has never heard such a sound before.

The murky night sky was filled with cool coughing sounds.

How come this guy hasn't changed a bit.

Don't make fun of me like that. Don't make me laugh! I feel bad!

There are times when you meet a handsome husband like this.

Even after a couple's fight, the smiling face slowly relieves their feelings.


I was hungry for your smile. I wanted to live in a world where you smile.

Her eyes are wet.

We're not preparing to part ways.

It's about overcoming your destiny.

After his cough or laughter calmed down, Yeon-woo spoke to him vigorously.

"One in a billion, honey, even if she dies, she'll live a brave life, right?”

Sorry for what I said yesterday, but he didn't answer.

Yeon-woo nodded coolly first.

"Okay, one in a billion, and I'll live as you ask. I'll try to live. So do me a favor, too.”


"First of all, let's live our lives strong and brave."

Because we're together, we have so many things to laugh about all of the blue.

So don't collapse before an accident hits. Don't worry too much.

"So happily, happily. Enjoying all the happiness you can now."

Don't think about death, think about life.

"Don't be too afraid, let's live like that."

She spoke with aloof vigor.

His eyes, which were still facing her, became transparently wet.

The stars that hid in the murky sky seemed to be all there.

"That's right."

Seonjae nodded with a long sigh.

"You're right, ma'am. Let's live like that."

Now he smiled satisfactorily with the look she wanted.

As expected, Lee Yeonwoo. My wife.

That's why I respect you.

He's such a straightforward and cool person.


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