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Chapter 76

 Sun-jae grabbed Yeon-woo's hand tightly and put it in his coat pocket and greeted the club staff with his eyes.

The club employee, who was guarding the entrance, also greeted lightly as if he understood the situation.

Twenty minutes ago, Sun-jae was able to enter the club only after pleading for only one person to be found.

He, who had never said a word of regret anywhere, had to cling mournfully to enter the club.

Still, I decided not to complain anymore because the results were good.

The two grabbed an approaching taxi and headed home.

Yeon-woo was sad to have to leave the club, but there was nothing he could do.

I couldn't let the Grim Reaper and her husband meet.

Protecting her husband from the Grim Reaper was the first thing.

Then, suddenly, there was a vague exclamation mark on my chest.

"What's this? I've got your help again!"

Mr. Nureung took the club bracelet and handed it back to him to talk about the "problem," so Yeonwoo wore it and went to the club.

That's why the desperate Seonjae followed me.

In the past few days, mountains, water, water, my husband growled after a long time.

I also learned the lesson of living now and today without regretting it.

"Mr. Nureung, how can I think you're the Grim Reaper when I keep seeing you like this.’

Yeon-woo is not sure who the man is again.

"Will we ever see each other again?" I hope to see you again.’

I sighed softly because I was a little disappointed that I didn't meet him at the club.

"What are you thinking?"

Sunjae asked in a sullen way.

He seemed to have pointed out that his wife still couldn't give up her lingering feelings for the club.

Yeon-woo asked another question to refresh his mind.

"Doesn't your leg hurt?"

"It's okay."

Seonjae spoke softly.

"I was in a bind to sneak up on Gibbs, but now I feel better faster because I don't have to hide it."

I sighed again at the thought that my husband had made futile efforts to hide his leg injury.

Yeon-woo rebuked Seon-jae.

"I'm stupid. I'm stupid. I'm stupid."

"Who do you think you are?”

He refuted the question in a sullen way and asked.

"Why did you go to the club?"

In front of the club, he asked me to live happily, and I thought today's work was not good, but I also ask why I went to the club.

"Why would he go to the club? I went to play."

"I told you I wasn't here to play. When that bastard caught me."

God, I thought I was buried in music, but I heard that voice.

"I've been there to be crooked. I'm sorry."

Yeon-woo covered it up in a bumpy way. Seonjae laughed his head off.

"It's hard to be crooked, isn't it?"

Along with the question, Seonjae gave her a close-up shot.

His approaching hand went through her hair and stroked her neck.

"Get away from me."

Yeonwoo whispered.


"It's embarrassing to see you."

At Yeon-woo's whisper, Seon-jae pulled his hand from her.

The taxi quickly reached the front of the house. Yeon-woo's shoulders drooped as he saw the house in front of him.

I got out of the car to chase Mr. Nureung, ran, wore clothes I didn't wear, went to the club, met Chihan, and got caught by my husband and came out of the club. I had a hectic day after a long time.

It must have been so hard for my husband who hurt his leg when I was so overwhelmed.

Although he said he was fine, Yeon-woo was worried about her husband's legs.

Opening the front door, she took off her shoes and said.

"I'm tired. I'll pour water in the bathtub, so I'll take it easy for the first time in a while...….”

"You want to wash up with me?"


She obviously only took off her shoes and in the meantime her jacket came off like a tear.

Seon-jae pulled off her coat from behind.

The nimble movement, along with the whispering voice around the ear, made the body feel drowsy.

On one side of her mind, however, there is a sincere reason for her husband's safety.

As soon as his lips were about to fall down on the back of his neck, Yeon-woo turned around in a hurry.

But it was a difficult one again.

Her thin eyes glistened blatantly and raunchily as she looked down.

I haven't seen it in a long time.

The latch, which had been forcibly closed, has been unlocked.

Yeonwoo's throat drooled loudly.

ah ah

I have to put up with it.

It's a moment I've been waiting all along before I knew his injury, and now I'm in a position where I have to stay alert and stop him.

"I'm home. No one's watching now.”

He seemed unhappy when she held her hand.

"When my leg is healed."

"I'm almost healed."


"Let's live happily now."

I didn't mean to use it at times like this. He magnetized the word 'happiness'.

You like me to be happy, don't you?

There was a friendly yet ambitious look in his eyes.

In the meantime, the position has changed. Her grip on his hand loosened, and he gently grabbed her hand.

No, I took it slowly, but it was as good as grabbing it.

Yeon-woo couldn't even bring himself to take his hand out of him.

"It's not like you're going to wear it again tomorrow.”

He spoke frankly.

A well-balanced dress, sexy black stockings, unusual makeup.

The unusual appearance of his wife trying to make a difference stirred his blood all the way home.

In fact, even if she smiles, she falls for it, but today's Lee Yeon-woo was too deadly for him, who had to live an insincere ascetic life.

"It's cute that you don't know how sexy you are."

"……Did you like this style?"”

"Anything you do is fine, so do it more."

His red tongue, which came out for a moment like a slap in the face, stiffened her body for a moment.

There was no stopping him.


Still, Yeonwoo stopped him once again.

"Go to the hospital with me tomorrow."

I thought I'd just say this before my mind completely fell.

"Leg, if you hear anything worse, it won't happen again. All right?"

"That's mean."

There was a smile around his mouth even though he expressed his dissatisfaction.

It was satisfying that she didn't reject this moment.

"Let's think about tomorrow."

Before I knew it, his coat sank to the floor with a wide spread out.

She was also laid on it beautifully.

It's not a bed. There has never been a time when it wasn't a bed.

The unfamiliar tension in the familiar living space has stimulated the heart even before his touch.

"Long time no see, ma'am."

The man who dominated the upper air gently called her.

"I thought I was going crazy."

His voice was as low as when he uttered abusive language in the club.

Yeon-woo reached out to him as if possessed. My heart went up and down like a hiccup.

She's also actually been waiting a long time.


The next day after a night of reconciliation and passion.

Around noon, Yeonwoo went to the hospital. Sitting in the lobby, Seonjae approached.

"Have you been waiting long?”

Yeon-woo couldn't answer quickly to her husband, who kindly bowed his head to Yeon-woo, who was sitting.

Facing his face reminded me of yesterday, and my cheeks were heated.

"What's wrong?"


Yesterday was. Oh, my.

I think I should have told him that patience would make him ill.

Yesterday, when I found out that there were not one or two eoheungs living in him, I was a little embarrassed.

The husband's face, which actually brought this shame, looks lively and refreshing.

"You're on crutches, aren't you?"”

Yeon-woo, who barely found anything to say, scolded me.

I was unhappy that he didn't seem to take care of himself.

"Uh. I was going to do that.”

His voice in response was quite serious.

"Weirdly, it didn't hurt that much."

"You don't have to be sick."

"No, crutches have become so clean that you don't really need them.”

Yeonwoo sheds his eyes.

You don't have to pretend to be strong in front of me, but I don't know what's wrong with this guy.

"It's time to see you. Let's go in."

Seon-jae took Yeon-woo's hand and put it in my coat pocket as usual.

It didn't seem to be just saying that there was a improvement in the injury.

A doctor who looked at Seonjae's condition for a long time ordered a CT scan.

The doctor looked into the footage for a long time in the revisited clinic after filming.

"How's it going?"

Yeon-woo, who was in a hurry because the doctor seemed to be procrastinating, asked first.

The doctor couldn't take his eyes off the monitor and pinpointed a spot in the picture.

"This is where the fracture was, and now I can hardly see any trace. It sounds like we're already in sync.….”

The doctor tilted his head after reviewing the previous record and the current record a few times.

"Recovery is so fast...…I think it's as fast as a growing up.….”

It's a good thing for the patient, so I'm proud of the doctor, but I've never seen anyone recover so quickly that I think I made a mistake.

Seon-jae looked at Yeon-woo and smiled.

Look, it really doesn't hurt.

Yeon-woo became as dazed as a doctor.

"But of course there's still some inconvenience, so be careful of the shock. Don't run, don't walk too long."

"May I untie the cast?”

Sunjae asked the doctor.

The doctor asked.

" to solve and activities, starting from tomorrow and stiff. If you want to wear. Anyway, don't overdo it."

It was a miracle of life.


Sun-jae, who took off his cast 10 days after the injury, returned to his energetic appearance.

He devoted himself to his work at work. Things that happened after going to "Another Future" were gradually returning to good results.

Unho called Seonjae every day, and he spent a couple of hours a day with his father despite his busy schedule.

A few days passed peacefully, and Seon-jae had a long meeting with his father, calling on his friend Gi-jun.

And at the end of the story, the atmosphere was tightly set.

"Father, I have something to tell you."

"Huh? Well."

"I'm on my own."

His son's sudden declaration of independence made Unho sullen.

"You were independent eight years ago.”

"Not that independent.”


"I'd like to leave the company.”

Unho laughed in vain because he was so dumbfounded.

"Hahahaha, crazy guy. Ki-joon, what is she saying?"

"Hey, what's wrong with you...….”

Ki-joon also stopped Seon-jae in a quiet voice. Seon-jae continued his words firmly.

"It's been a dream for a long time. I'd like to start my own company with a small amount of capital and raise it properly."

"Then set up a subsidiary in J-Group."

Woon-ho said clearly. I couldn't allow my son to leave the company.

"No, not like that. I'm not good enough to inherit my father's company, and I think I'd better leave the group management to a professional manager."

"You're a professional manager. What's wrong?"

The standard was also amazing, so he poked Sunjae in the side and repeatedly noticed.

Seonjae didn't care.

"For example, Hyun Ki-joon, the head of the headquarters. I recommend the current head of the headquarters."

He looked blank as if he had been hit by a surprise remark by Sun-jae.

"Hoe, Chairman. This bird…… No, this guy, no, he's a little weird."

Woonho's eyes turned on the wick.

"What the hell are you talking about? You said you'd obey me if I let you marry you."

Seon-jae also flinched for a moment when the story before marriage came out.

Oh, I did that once.

Then I had to take a step back.

"In fact, it's neat to quit right now. Then the company will be confused, so why don't we take a short break? Just a month."

Woon-ho's anxiety deepened.

Not long ago, I suddenly remembered that my son seemed to be in bad.

"……are you sick?"

Unho asked with a worried face.

The forerunner who answers is sound.

"No. I just want to go on a honeymoon with Yeonwoo.”

"Honeymoon for a month?"

"Can we do that?"


"I thought I'd regret it if I couldn't go now. We're going on our honeymoon now. When there's no baby."

When there's no baby...….

The word was a rhyme that had no choice but to gulp.

Now that I don't have a baby, going on a honeymoon quickly is...….

"Dad, do you know what my favorite bread in the world is?"

When Unho was imagining sweet things for a while, Seon-jae asked a sudden question.

There are thick wrinkles on the forehead of Unho.

"What kind of bread are you talking about?"


Unho was speechless and standards were astounded.

It was not until a long time later that Unho stuttered.

"……you, you black man, don't act so cute…"….”


However, Seonjae did not give in and pushed once more.

The standard next to him was that he felt distraught. The shriveled hands didn't stretch out.


Woon-ho, who closed his eyes tightly once as if in pain, said.

"……get me a present."

Eventually, three 'Appang's' captured Woonho.

He was an easy and ordinary father who had no choice but to lose to his grown son's aegyo.


Only the standard of watching everything from the side murmured incredibly.

"Let's talk again after you leave the company. You son of a bitch."

Woon-ho made a harsh request.

"Thank you. I'll make sure to hand over."

Seon-jae, who got what he wanted, smiled with a cool face.


That evening.

Yeonwoo is waiting in front of the company.

Yeon-woo, who rushed to Seon-jae, who finished work early, asked.

"Good for you?

"I did what you told me to do."

In fact, Seon-jae's terrible aegyo was told by Yeon-woo yesterday.

Yeon-woo laughed when she heard Seon-jae's answer.

It was a joke, but I didn't think it would work.

"Did you really do that? Didn't you get hit by your father?"

"Why are you right? I melted it for you. I think I'm a cutie.”

Seon-jae shrugged with a confident look.

It was a belated honeymoon, but just thinking about it made me feel good.

"Have you decided where to travel?”

"Honey, where do you want to go?"

"Me? I'm an uninhabited island."

Seon-jae answered Yeon-woo's question without hesitation.


"I'd love to rent a deserted island and go naked. I tried to dress her in the bedroom in different colors."

"……does your mouth feel very low?"

"It's okay, your face is high quality.”

Sunjae, who has become four years older, grinned.

Let's stay strong, brave, and happy.

Now, inside Seonjae, there is what Yeonwoo said.

February 13th.

Already, the day in "Another Future" is just 17 days away.

Now I decided not to be afraid.

Still, I don't want our first trip to be the last.


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