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Chapter 77

 A few days later, on the day of the trip.

After preparing first, Seon-jae went to Yeon-woo and found a club bracelet on his luggage.

"Why is this still here?”

It was this morning's jade of excitement, excitement, and a fresh heart.

"Are you going to the club again?"


Yeon-woo couldn't answer Sun-jae's question for a while, but later asked back.

"Honey, what do you think of when you see it?”

"I wonder if my wife hasn't given up on the club."

"If you want to go, come with me. Don't go alone, all right?"

Seonjae replied with a sullen voice.

Yeonwoo shook his head.

"Not that."


"Don't you think it's the Year of Möbius?”

Seon-jae once again answered coyly.

"I don't know. The image of you wearing this bracelet is so intense that I can't think of anything else."

But I couldn't help but listen to my wife. He looked intently at the bracelet.

The club bracelet was twisted once and the front and back were interlocked.

The Year of Mobius.

"Come to think of it...….”

Seonjae spoke softly.

"When I was a kid, I had a friend who made a band just like this.”

"Who is it?"

"I've told you before. It's similar."

Yeon-woo, who was diligently packing his luggage, stopped at Seon-jae's answer.

I couldn't think of this as a coincidence.

"……Isn't it hard to think of him?"

Yeon-woo had to hide her trembling voice.

"Did I say it was hard?”

The look of Seonjae asking back is no different than always.

"You used to do that, at the campsite. There's a person who can't remember his face, and that's how I can make a fire."

Yeon-woo stuttered as he recalled what Seon-jae said at the camping site.

He nodded and replied as if he remembered Seon-jae, who was rolling his eyes for a while.

"That's not Saul."


"How can I forget Saul. I can't forget. Don't forget."

Yeon-woo's heart throbbed.

My husband didn't mean to erase Saul from his memory. I have cherished Saul's memory all this whole time.

That Saul, he was near you. You know what?

The fact that Saul couldn't tell her husband because she acted like a grim reaper made Yeon-woo's heart ache.

"What did a friend named Saul say about the band of Mobius?”

Yeonwoo asked, hiding his heart.

Seonjae looked down at the bracelet again.

"……I went to Saul with a soccer ball at lunchtime, and Saul tore the paper long and twisted it together to show me."

The memory was blurry, as if it were foggy.

"What are you doing?"

"This is the band of Mobius. I made it after reading it in a book. That's amazing."

The memory of 20 years ago was only one piece.

"Saul taught me what the band of Möbius was. Did you say you've seen it in the book? ……that's all I can think of."

"Think about it more."

"Is that important? Why?"

Yeon-woo, who was shining his eyes, coughed briefly and replied.

"Honey's past is important and precious."


"Anyway, let me know when you think of it. Make sure."

Yeonwoo packed his luggage again as if nothing had happened.

Throughout packing, I kept reflecting on what Seonjae had said.

I was convinced that Sun-jae's memory would be the clue to the problem caused by Mr. Nureong.

We are approaching the problem unexpectedly.

If my husband's memory recovers more, will he be able to reach the problem?

Then, will I be able to save my husband's fate?

Yeon-woo's heart was filled with hope.

Their honeymoon destination was Spain.

Knowing that Seon-jae had never been to Barcelona, Yeon-woo easily chose a honeymoon destination.

"Honey, this is my first overseas trip.”

Just before getting on the plane, Yeon-woo said in an excited voice.

"You know you have to take off your shoes when you're on an international flight, right?”

"Do you really want me to take off my shoes here?”

"Then I'll carry you on my back naturally."

The conversation between a good couple was constantly.

Of the eight first-class seats, there was only one couple. Seon-jae and Yeon-woo sat side by side in the couple's seats.

Yeon-woo, who won the first class on her first overseas trip, put her heart full of excitement into her phone camera.

"Honey, honey."


"Take a picture."

Instead, Yeon-woo started playing couple selfies.

The cell phone screen was filled with two faces.

"Oh, no, no. Only my face comes out like a moon. Come forward more."

When my face was relatively larger than her husband's, Yeon-woo asked for adjustment.

"What's important about the size of your face.”

"I'm important. Come forward quickly. More, more."

Seon-jae took Yeon-woo's mobile phone, which was sensitive to the size of his face, and grabbed it with his own hands.

Only then was the picture that Yeon-woo wanted made.

My husband's face looked big and my face looked small.

Click, a photo was saved with the sound. Yeonwoo, satisfied with the picture, nodded.

It's the start of a blissful honeymoon. Meanwhile, Yeonwoo remembered his parents.

"It reminds me of my mom and dad to enjoy the happiness alone."

"Let's bring them all later. Let's go on a family trip with my brother-in-law."

Yeon-woo smiled and nodded at his words.


It was lovely of him to promise a future.

I was also grateful for your concern for the future.

After a 13-hour flight, the plane arrived at Barcelona Airport.

First of all, I was able to get out of the plane and go through the immigration process, but the line to the immigration desk was still quite behind.

People got off the plane from the United States that arrived earlier.

Seonjae and Yeonwoo stood in the same line and waited for their turn. Yeon-woo finished the screening first and went out of the judging table.

However, a strange man talked to Yeon-woo, who stood still and waited for Seon-jae.

"Excuse me.


Yeonwoo was a Korean of his age.

"Didn't you live in Ssangmun-dong, Seoul when you were young?"

Yeonwoo's eyes became round. I vaguely remember living in Ssangmun-dong.

It is a story before Yeon-woo lived in Ma Jin-tae's house.

Yeonwoo was five years old at that time.

"Isn't your name Lee Yeon-woo?"

"What's going on?”

After completing the immigration process, Seonjae approached with his eyes on him. A strange man approaching his wife couldn't have looked good.

"Yeonwoo, right?"

Undeterred by this, the man continued to shine his eyes and introduce himself to Yeonwoo.

"Hey, I'm Choi Taek! Don't you remember?"

Yeon-woo stared blankly. You look familiar somewhere...….

"21 years ago, we lived next door.”

Sunjae's forehead is full of wrinkles.

Isn't he crazy?

Twenty-one years ago my wife was five. Who remembers being five years old.

"We've always met and played. Even after you moved, we used to hang out sometimes.”

It's making up an unusual sound.

It was clear that the child saw Yeon-woo's interview in Korea and tried to find a point of contact with Yeon-woo.

The alarm went off in Seonjae's head.

Seon-jae wrapped his shoulders as if protecting Yeon-woo.

By the way, Yeonwoo's expression is unusual. Seonjae became anxious.

"Your mother loved me, too. Our Taek. Our Taek would have said that he would be his son-in-law.”

Choi Taek sends a signal to Yeonwoo to respond.

No, don't respond. You're mine...….

"Taek? That... The watermelon seed spitting competition...…?”

However, Yeonwoo's lips move slowly, contrary to Seonjae's wishes.

Yeon-woo pretended to know a little, so he was more excited.

"Yes, we had a watermelon seed spitting contest in our front yard! Then I swallowed all the watermelon seeds because I thought you were going to lose the game."

"Swallowing watermelon seeds will grow in your stomach..."…?”

Yeon-woo tilted his head vaguely and pointed at him with his index finger.

"Yes, yes, yes!"

Yeon-woo's mouth slowly opened wide due to his welcoming voice.

It's our first trip, our honeymoon, and Seon-jae tasted like a sack of barley.

Yeon-woo waved the pointed finger at him and raised the volume.

"Do you know how much I cried because I was afraid my stomach would explode?"

Yeonwoo is also something that I remembered.

"Do you remember the only thing that made me cry? You've been following me a lot...….”

Choi Taek's head slowly turned as he was talking in his own world.

A strange sense of murder was felt next to him.

Try it. Try it more. Keep going.

Choi Taek, who checked the man looking at him with his ax eyes open, swallowed his dry saliva and asked Yeonwoo.

"……who is it?"

"It's a groom."

Yeonwoo answered right away.

I tried to relax Seonjae's mind a little by her answer.

"Huh, are you married already?" How old are we and we're already married?"

His manners burned his heart again.

He looked at Seonjae's face for a long time and muttered to himself.

"But I think I've seen you somewhere...….”

"I'm sure you saw it on the Internet news."

Seon-jae wanted to bluff, which he had never done before. He spoke briefly about his fame.

"Oh, Korean news? It's been a while since I watched Korean news."

"Then you must have seen it in a magazine.”



Seonjae said the name of a famous American business magazine.

He should have been discouraged at this point, but he wasn't.

"Oh, you must be quite famous."

Then, the words he adds with his tongue rolling are spectacular.

"I've been on the show a few times. Forbes."

Sunjae's expression, which was full of confidence, changed slightly. It's a disgrace.

He was a strong man.

"I'm doing a little business.”

He took the business card out of his pocket and gave it to Seonjae.

- CHOICE CARE. Alex Choi.

Damn it, I've heard of it.

I've heard of the IT healthcare company Choice Care a few times.

A few years ago, a student attending a prestigious medical school thought about the medical welfare system with his friends and thought of a groundbreaking idea.

"Choice Care," as Sunjae knows, is never a small company.

Damn it.

Seonjae's mouth dried up.

A man named Choi Taek turned his body back to Yeonwoo and continued to talk.

"Anyway, congratulations. When did you get married? If I knew this would happen, I would have contacted you when I went to Korea before."

What? What? What?

What a crazy guy.

What kind of people do you add when you say congratulations?

"I did it three years ago."

Yeon-woo answered kindly without knowing the speed of Seon-jae.

"Did you get married three years ago when you were 23? Isn't that too fast?"


"It's a shame. You were supposed to marry me.”

Seonjae's eyes opened wide. Seonjae doubted my ears.

At the same time, a piece of her horse, which had been easily passed by a long time ago, came out of her head with a thud and a can.

At the campsite, that's what she said.

"My first love is when I go to kindergarten, I finish it fresh with my neighbor.”

Yeonwoo, is this the one who was fresh with you?

When I stared at Yeonwoo, Yeonwoo stiffly avoided my eyes.

In the meantime, he's continuing his flamboyant story.

"How's your mother and father? After my father passed away, we came to Spain with my uncle and settled down. My mother remarried here 10 years ago. I also have a sister who is 16 years older. His name is Yeonwoo, too. My mother loved you very much."

Seonjae kept fretting.

Why should I hear this on my honeymoon?

My wife told me a few hours ago that everything in my past was important and precious, so I can't be narrow-minded.

I was barely listening to his voice, and he smiled pleasantly and asked Seonjae.

"Do you happen to have dinner tonight? If you don't have it, I'll invite you to my house. My mom really missed Yeonwoo.”

There isn't. There isn't, man.

I had to say no, but seeing Yeon-woo made me feel weak.

Don't make your eyes shine like that. You're nervous.

"Or you can stay at my place for a few days."

He kept doing me a damn favor. Please don't interrupt our honeymoon.


Around that time, Korea.

A phone call was made to Ok Seung-hye's house, which was troubled by the issue of preparing for the trial. It was an international call.

[Long time no see]

Ok Seung-hye's face turned blue after hearing the voice over the phone.

It was the voice of Hwang Sang-wook, the one who dated his daughter and caused trouble.

Seung-hye once used Hwang Sang-wook to prevent dirty rumors about her daughter.

Yeon-woo on the way home from school was forced to assault him in a brutal manner, which was linked to dating violence.

After that, Hwang Sang-wook fled to the U.S., and Seung-hye reported Hwang Sang-wook, who fled to the U.S., on other charges and eventually put him in prison.

You're gonna make me a criminal and put me in jail for dating your daughter?]

Seung-hye's hand holding the phone trembled.

[You'll see, I'll go to Korea to kill you]]

Soon, however, Seung-hye, who was driven to a dead end, was able to come up with a clever trick.

"Did I do that? Well, you didn't even watch TV there."

Seung-hye, who was convinced, replied in a voice that was not shaking at all.

"Do you remember Lee Yeon-woo?" The child married into a rich family a long time ago and became a wife. It was Lee Yeon-woo's husband who kept you there. Would Lee Yeon-woo's husband be able to leave you alone?”

Even if the sky collapses, there is a hole to rise.

"I hope you're not the only one who thinks it's unfair. I also ended up serving a prison term because of him and Yeonwoo Lee.”

There was no voice coming from the other side.

Hwang Sang-wook must have been shocked, too shocked.

"I may not be able to pick you up from Korea. Anyway, congratulations on your release from prison."

Without waiting for Sang-wook's response, Seung-hye hung up the phone promising a future.

Seung-hye, who turned her head after hanging up, was surprised.

Sang-hee was looking at herself with tears in her eyes.

"……Mom, what else are you up to?"

Sang-hee asked in a frightened voice.

"Stop it now!"

Since Seung-hye didn't answer, Sang-hee raised the volume even more.

"I'm saying this for my mother. If you do this, you will die first."

"You stay still.”

"How can I stay still when my mom is becoming a weird person!”

Tears dropped from Sang-hee's eyes.

"Mom, I'm sorry. It's my fault."

Sanghee grabbed her mother's arm and shook it.

"I'll live my life to the fullest. It's late, but I study and live quietly without making any accidents.”


"Mom, please stop. Don't do anything scary anymore. You can stop.”

I implored desperately and persuaded him. Sang-hee had no place to lean on.

If the mother was punished as it is, if she was sentenced to prison, Sang-hee could not know what future she would live in.

Seung-hye's expression was distorted for a moment. The daughter doesn't know. I don't need to know.

"You don't understand what he owes me."

Sang-hee's eyes were blanked by her mother's answer.

Seung-hye did not explain much to her desperate daughter.


"He needs to be more desperate.”

Chilling and determined, he made a terrifying point.


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