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Chapter 78

 It was around evening when I got out of Barcelona airport.

Seon-jae and Yeon-woo took a taxi to the hotel, left their luggage, and came out right away.

I promised to Choi Taek at 7 pm.m.

Before that, Yeonwoo asked me to go to the park with about an hour left.

Guel Park, designed by Spanish architect Anthony Gaudi.

It was evening, but Barcelona's wind didn't feel so cold.

Even though it was mid-February, there were already trees blooming.

Yeon-woo moved straight down the map without looking at the flower trees.

The place she rushed to was a path lined with rugged stone columns depicting palm trees.

She stopped in front of a tree while diligently walking along the stone pillar road. The trunk was a grotesquely curved tree.

It looked like a pretty old tree, but the stems were all revealed, so Seonjae was confused whether it was a living tree or a dead tree.

"Honey, this is it. It's a tree that grants wishes. And it's a tree that lives long."

Yeonwoo said in a recalled voice.

"I was supposed to be cut down because I was blocking the path when I built this park. Gaudi redesigned the area to save this tree. That's why it's a tree that survives."

Yeon-woo reached out and touched the surface of the tree as if he were petting a kitten.

"So if you touch it, you'll live long. If you touch it and make a wish, it will come true."

Seonjae also approached and looked closely at the tree.

Unlike its rugged appearance, the surface looked smooth. It's what a lot of people have done.

How many wishes does this tree have?

"Keep touching it. Continue."

Yeon-woo said, putting his hands on a soft spot of a tree.

"I'll make a wish, so just touch it, honey."

"Can I beg you?"

"Then I pray that you make my wish come true."

Yeonwoo designated a wish.

Knowing clearly what her wish was, he had a desire to write a wish for himself.

Yeonwoo. My wish right now is not to go to Choi Taeknim's house.

It's so peaceful and happy with just the two of us, do you have to go there?

"I can see you're thinking weird things. Stay healthy and healthy."

Yeon-woo doesn't know the speed of Seon-jae and just nags with a bright face.

It was seven o'clock on this appointment.

Choi Taek's house was not far from the park.

Yeonwoo and Seonjae arrived just in time for the appointment.

Choi Taek and Choi Taek's mother met in front of the house and greeted the two.

"Yeonwoo, how long has it been!

"Hello, ma'am."

"Oh! You used to be pretty in the past, but you've gotten prettier. Do you remember me?"

"Very vaguely. I asked my mom on the way here, and she was glad that she remembered. I couldn't make a long call because it's the middle of the night in Korea.”

"Yes, yes, thank you. Welcome."

Choi Taek's mother held Yeon-woo's hand, saying it was nice to meet her.

And I greeted Sunjae next to him in a good moodily.

"You said you were married! Good to see you! I'm sure you were embarrassed by the sudden invitation, but thank you for coming."

"No, thank you for inviting me."

Although he didn't even want to say hello, Sun-jae was polite.

But it wasn't just an uncomfortable position.

Fortunately, Choi Taek's mother took the initiative, not Choi Taek.

Choi Taek's mother carefully laid out memories of Yeon-woo she knew.

The late daughter's name was Yeon-woo, apparently she cared for Yeon-woo.k.

As we talked, there were quite a few scenes that Yeon-woo vaguely remembered.

Seeing Yeon-woo and Choi Taek's mother smiling while sharing very small pieces of memory made Seon-jae happy.

Lee Yeonwoo around the age of five.

Before Yeon-woo lived in Ok Seung-hye's house, the story of Lee Yeon-woo, a lovely little boy who had no habitual assault, was heartwarming and affectionate just to imagine.

It's good to get to know you before you met me.

Would you have asked me about Saul's work with that mind?

Suddenly, Seonjae was able to recall a little more conversation with Saul.

Far from it, Saul's voice played in his head.

"This is the band of Mobius. I made it after reading it in a book. That's amazing."

"Is that amazing?"

"The circle was twisted once, so I started with the front, but it ended with the back."

"What do you make this for?”

"I heard you can apply conveyor belts or something."

"Oh! The roller coaster is also twisted."

It was a memory that Yeon-woo asked just before leaving the country.

Saul introducing the band of Mobius, himself looking into the band of Mobius.

But that's all I remember. I think I said something different after that, but I didn't remember that.

Still, it was amazing to try to remember it gradually.

I couldn't remember more than that, so my heart went back to Yeonwoo.

Since you valued my past, I should cherish yours too.

Seonjae made a lovely pledge.

But Sunjae's beautiful heart didn't last long.

After finishing the meal, Choi Taek's mother led Yeon-woo to the room, saying she would give her a present.

When only Seonjae and Choi Taek were left in the drawing room, Choi Taek openly asked.

"Why did you marry Yeonwoo so early?"”

"I got married because I wanted to."

Seon-jae replied as if he were asking such a natural thing.

"Good, heirs."

Only then did Choi Taek show his true colors.

"You can get what you want with half the effort. It's easy to get married. It's a world where people who have to head to the ground can't succeed."

There was a thorn in the horse. It was Choi Taek's secret diss.

"But even if I were to be reborn, I wouldn't want to be an heir. I only value what I've won on my own.”

"I understand the point of effort, but I hope you don't misunderstand Yeon-woo. Do you think your first love is someone who gets married and stays married because of my background?”

Seonjae also responded harshly to the words with bones.

"If you have that idea, even if Yeon-woo is born again, it will not be up to Choi Taek."

Choi Taek smiled with a bitter expression at Sunjae's comment.

"Yeonwoo is not next to me because I am the heir. We're together because we love each other."

Seonjae also smiled at the tip of one lip.

You're jealous, right?

I wanted to tease you more, but I decided not to be too childish.

There are so many people out there who are after my wife.

You should never die.

I must live.

Stay with your wife for a long time. Don't let anyone look at you.

He was a Seon-jae who became emotional in such a strange place.

Tomorrow, I'll go touch some more longevity trees.

After a pleasant meal, I looked around the mansion, and it was already dark night for Yeonwoo to go back.

Choi's family all came to the front of their house to see Yeon-woo and Seon-jae off.

"Thank you for inviting me. It was really nice to meet you. Ma'am."

"Yeah. Yeonwoo, live a good life. Say hello to your mom."


Choi Taek also asked Seonjae to shake hands.

Seon-jae smiled and held hands together. But actually, smiling is not laughing.

"Will you invite me when I go to Korea?”

"Haha. No."

I laughed, but I'm not kidding. I'm serious.

Choi Taek smiled back funnyly.

"Then I'll have to meet Yeonwoo alone when I go to Korea."


Anyway, fortunately breaking up without making the next appointment, Seon-jae waved at them.

On the way back to the hotel, Yeon-woo said to Seon-jae.

"I'm tired. Thank you for coming with me today."

"What are you talking about? Of course we should go together. I know what he's gonna do to you."


Yeonwoo blinked. Seonjae immediately changed the subject to the other side.

"No, it's not. By the way, Yeonwoo, I remembered more when Saul and Mobius talked about the Year of Mobius."

As expected, her expression quickly changed.

Yeon-woo glistened his eyes waiting for him to tell him more stories with Saul.


The next day, he was originally scheduled to tour downtown Barcelona, but the schedule was abruptly revised due to Yeon-woo's captain.

Yeon-woo asked me to go to an amusement park near Barcelona.

"Here's the best roller coaster in Europe."

Yeonwoo explained in an excited voice.

Listening to Seonjae last night, she quickly searched the nearby amusement park on an internet search.

The story of Seon-jae, who recalled the roller coaster in his conversation with Saul, was given a clue.

Yeon-woo twisted the bracelet of the free pass once and wrapped it around Seon-jae's wrist. It also became the band of Mobius.

Finding a roller coaster in a large amusement park wasn't rocket science.

This is because the ride that rose the highest was the roller coaster.

The dizzying slope just by looking at it from afar made Yeon-woo suffocate.

In fact, I didn't go anywhere near roller coasters since I went on a picnic in high school without knowing how to ride them, but Yeon-woo hid his past to lead Seon-jae.

"Did you want to ride that?”


Yeonwoo replied in a small voice. Seonjae asked once again.


"Of course. I really wanted to ride it.”

"But why do I look scared?"

"Oh, what a scare me.”

Yeon-woo coolly asked Sun-jae the same question.

"Honey, can you ride a roller coaster?"

"I don't have a problem. I like this kind of thing."

"Hahaha, that's a relief."

"But do you really like roller coasters?"

"Of course."

"You're not nervous, are you?"

"Yes, of course. It's perfectly fine."

"No way. She's a little smaller than me."

Seonjae encouraged Yeonwoo's desire to win.

Yeah. Why can't I ride a little kid? I can do it, too.

Yeonwoo clenched his fist.

Soon after Yeon-woo settled in the waiting line for the roller coaster, the waiting line was filled.

If I came a little later, I would have waited another half hour.

Since this has happened, I decided to burn up, but I couldn't help but shake my heart as the order got closer.

There was a cotton candy stand in Yeonwoo's sight.

"Oh, honey, shall we have some cotton candy? It looks delicious."

"Let's get on board and eat. It's a big deal if you get upset after eating."

Seon-jae responded seriously without knowing Yeon-woo's trembling speed.

How much cotton candy can turn inside out? Yeon-woo cried and whispered inside.

Soon, Yeon-woo's turn came right ahead.

The screams of the people on the roller coaster that departed felt like tearing their ears.

Life is so ironic. Why line up to pay for this painful ride.

No, I'm waiting to fly all the way to Barcelona and ride this painful thing.

"Yeonwoo, let's get on."

While Yeon-woo's head was spinning, the train returned to its home.

Yeon-woo's turn came.

Yeon-woo got on the train hiding her agony.

Seonjae carefully checked Yeonwoo's safety bar and belt and packed mine.

After a while the roller coaster started.

Yeon-woo's facial expression, which had been decorating, was completely frozen.

The roller coaster train moved slowly down the ramp to the point of frustration.

The pace has maximised the tension.

The eerie fear of not knowing when it would fall down made me breathe.

Soon, as the peak of the slope approached, Yeon-woo shed tears.

The sky in front of me and the scenery of the land that became smaller were dizzying.



I wanted to leave a will for some reason.

"Love…… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

I love you. I love you.

But she left a scream instead of a beautiful confession.

As soon as the train came down, it climbed back up and spun twice at 360 degrees.

Let's meet alive.Ah, ah, ah.

That was not the end.

The train was bent sideways at a tremendous speed, then dropped to a steep slope, ran backwards, and turned around one more time.

The five minutes before returning home, pure and simple, is a hell made by mankind.

"Are you okay?"

After the train stopped, Seon-jae asked Yeon-woo, who turned into a soul-shattering face.

"Wow. It's so much fun!"

Yeonwoo said something different from her mind.

Wow, this is the last roller coaster of my life.

I will never ride again.

However, her beloved husband is quite different from Yeon-woo's mind.

"It's so much fun! Do you want another ride?"

"Oh, you can't just ride this! Let's ride it evenly!"

Yeonwoo answered with a raised voice.

I couldn't hide my voice excited by Seonjae's shocking suggestion.

"I've never ridden in Korea to maintain dignity. My father told me not to ride because I'd be humiliated."

If you say so, you'll feel weak again.

Should I just close my eyes and ride it one more time?

Yeonwoo gulped his dry saliva.

It makes me cringe to think about riding that horrible thing again, but my husband likes it, and if he somehow recalls his old memories, there won't be anything better than that.

Let's think of it as an investment for the future.

But I need to go to the bathroom.

Yeon-woo pointed to the bathroom in front of her and told Seon-jae.

"Senior, I'll go to the bathroom. Hold on a second."

And rushed to the bathroom.

I felt much better after I finished my insides and gargling. Headaches and dizziness seemed to be getting better.

'I'm too short of courage. My husband is enjoying himself this fearlessly.’

Yeon-woo came out of the bathroom reflecting on herself for not enjoying the ride properly.

Now that I've made up my mind, I thought I could ride it one more time.

My husband loves it so much, I'll give him a ride. My husband can have more fun riding when I'm next to him.

Yeon-woo came out of the bathroom and gave a bright voice.

"I've been waiting for a long time..."….”

But the husband wasn't there.

Did you go to the bathroom?

Yeonwoo sat in front of the bathroom and waited for Seonjae.

But after a long time, no one came out of the bathroom.

[Excuse me, sir]

After a while, worried Yeon-woo called a tourist entering the men's restroom.

[My husband didn't come out of the bathroom] Excuse me, but could you check if he's inside?]

A man who understood Yeonwoo's English nodded and went into the bathroom.

And after a while, I told Yeonwoo again.

[There's no one in the bathroom]]

Yeon-woo, who became anxious, went around looking for Seon-jae himself.

There was no way to contact Seonjae.

I had put both of my cell phones in Yeonwoo's bag because I was riding a roller coaster.

After walking around for a long time with anxiety, it was not easy to go back to the original bathroom.

I managed to find the bathroom, but there was no husband. For some reason, the scenery I've seen so far seemed unfamiliar.

Maybe this amusement park is the band of Mobius.

It's not the same place when I go back, but I can't see where the person I'm supposed to meet is.

It's already been half an hour since I lost my husband. My heart beat harder and harder.

Yeon-woo wiped away his tears and looked around for the amusement park staff.

I thought I should do a broadcast.

Yeon-woo approached the cleaning staff who could be seen nearby.

[Excuse me]


"Lee Yeon-woo!"

My husband's voice was heard loudly behind my back.

Yeonwoo turned around in a hurry.

Seon-jae was stroking toward Yeon-woo with a large cotton candy in one hand.

A big sigh escaped between Yeonwoo's lips.

"You found it!"

Yeon-woo shouted in a watery voice.

I thought I was gonna lose you.

"I told you to stay in front of the bathroom, where did you go?”

"You're the one. Why is the kid standing in front of the bathroom?"

By the way, I was stunned by his reply.

The place where Yeon-woo was standing was in front of a different bathroom than the one he went into a long time ago.

Yeon-woo, who was in chaos, didn't recognize it.

Seonjae also sighed and continued.

"You called me senior when you went into the bathroom earlier."


"I thought you had a hard time riding the roller coaster."

Then he took a medicine box out of his pocket. He had been to the pharmacy.

"This is motion sickness medicine, this is cotton candy."


"You said you wanted cotton candy."

I bought cotton candy without forgetting what I said in vain.

Yeon-woo couldn't be happier with her overflowing sense.

"I'm just saying. Where are you going without me all of a sudden? What am I supposed to do alone in this strange place? You should have gone with me when I got out of the bathroom."

"I thought you were running a little late. I thought it was a big deal.”


“Would I acted nunchikkeot its own way.”

Seon-jae smiled and hugged Yeon-woo as if he were trying to relax her mind.

"I was worried that you were gone, too."

"I know! Why would you worry?"


"Hey, do you know how scary it was?"

"Sorry. Sorry."

Seon-jae, who repeatedly soothed Yeon-woo, once again flexibly called attention.

"But Yeonwoo. I thought of everything."


"What Saul said.”

I couldn't be angry anymore.


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