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Chapter 79

 ?? Lunch time in elementary school.

Growing boys' meals end in 10 minutes.

It is an important time to finish your meal quickly and secure time to play.

As usual, 10-year-old Seon-jae, who visited his friend with a soccer ball, asked when he saw a small belt held by his friend Saul.

"What are you doing?"

"This is the band of Mobius. I made it after reading it in a book. That's amazing."

What's so interesting about the twisted paper band on the surface, Sunjae was forced to get sulky.

"Is that amazing?"

"The circle was twisted once, so I started with the front, but it ended with the back."

Saul kindly explained to Seonjae's question.

I wanted my friend to enjoy what he was amazed by.

Seonjae also asked with a little interest.

"What do you make this for?”

"I heard you can apply conveyor belts or something."

"Oh! The roller coaster is also twisted."

Sun-jae, who was rolling his eyes, said, recalling the ride he rode recently.


Saul nodded his head.

However, Seon-jae tilted his head again.

Saul's belt is different from the roller coaster.

Even if you come back to the same place, it's on the other side.

"No. If the roller coaster comes back to its original position, everyone will fall and die."

Sun-jae, who became a nihilist, said, sobbing and breathing.

"I'm not in the right place when I get back. It's in vain."

"No, it's not."

Then Saul shook his head and grinned.

"Come back twice and be in place."

Saul had a different opinion from Seonjae.


Afterwards, Seonjae and Yeonwoo turned around at the amusement park focusing on normal rides and came out.

"Are you feeling better inside?"


Seon-jae sometimes asked because he was worried about Yeon-woo, who had a blank expression.

In fact, Yeon-woo was preoccupied with the story told by Seon-jae.

If it's Jisung, it's Gamcheon.

Yeon-woo, who even rode a roller coaster to revive Seon-jae's memory, was able to achieve his wish faster than expected.

It was tremendous to remember a distant story more than 20 years ago.

Maybe this is another miracle of life.

But Yeon-woo couldn't be more pleased with the jewel-like memory.

There were no secrets or problems in the conversation.

The word that the last Saul said sounded special.

"Come back twice and be in place."

However, adding strength to the words has complicated my brain.

To come back twice and be in place.

What does that "place" mean?

Does that mean everything is going to be the way it was?

Don't tell me you're gonna take my husband?

Yeonwoo shook his head strongly. It shouldn't be like that.

Let's try to stay positive. I'm not sure about the problem anyway, so I'll try to interpret it brightly.

Yeon-woo looked down at the bracelet and pondered.

Is that what you mean?’

I once came back from the future and my husband once came back from the past.

One for me, one for my husband.

After coming back twice, we could understand each other properly.

According to that interpretation, I've already solved the problem!’

You're right! It cheered me up a bit.

It is also wise not to harm mental health by making a plausible interpretation if the problem is not known properly.

Yeon-woo complained to Mr. Nureong inside.

'Mr. Nureung, isn't the question too difficult? I'll just interpret it as I like!’

It's bound to be.

Although he is spending his time firmly and vigorously, he has not eliminated his inherent fear.

I just pressed down on my fear because the time I spent with my husband precious.

It will continue to be the case. If Mr. Nureung does not present a real problem, he will have no choice but to live thinking about his current happiness.

"Honey, let's go past a place called Segos. It's festival season there, so there's a massive masquerade today."

To Yeon-woo, who was determined inside, Seon-jae said as he started the car.

"Oh, masquerade. Sounds fun!"

It was a vague journey to ride a roller coaster, but Yeon-woo felt like she benefited from being able to see the festival on her way.

The world was so interesting and anticipated that I couldn't be depressed with worries.

After an hour's drive along the coastal road, a car led by Seonjae reached a beach city.

As the sun passed, the world became dusk.

The world was getting dark and the streets were lively.

"There's a lot of people.”

As I reached downtown Segis, there were also a lot of people as if it were the venue for the festival.

"I think we should stop the car nearby and walk."

"I should."

Seon-jae and Yeon-woo parked their cars in a nearby parking lot and walked together to the main street where the carnival was held.

"Don't let go of your hand."

As if he could not lose it twice, Seon-jae strongly asked.

The two moved diligently in the direction of the people.

Later, the crowd grew, and I felt like I was floating among people. The noise was huge, too.

As I was pushed away, I was able to sit in front of the barricade. The parade was in full swing.

Each parade car passed one by one, and each parade of different themes unfolded.

People dressed in colorful clothes, few clothes, people dressed up as animals, animated characters, movie characters, and foreign celebrities continued to process in their own order.

Seon-jae was a person who didn't like a lot of people, but today I was excited for some reason.

People danced and sang to the parade music, and the children rode on their father's wooden horse and blew trumpets.

The couples who watched the procession hugged and kissed each other frequently without being aware of the surroundings.

A child fell down and cried as his favorite character passed by in the parade.

When a man dressed up as a character approached and soothed the child, the child hugged the man and kissed him.

People stared at the child and burst into laughter.

Yeon-woo also smiled as he approached Sun-jae.

A festival where each person shows what they want to do with confidence.

The freedom to express the love to the precious.

Each moment of finding my happiness blends together to give off a brilliant glow.

Sunjae suddenly wanted to show his feelings.


At the sound of calling herself, Yeon-woo looked up at the child who stopped crying.

Sun-jae, who quickly lowered his head in the middle of the festival, kissed without hesitation like a couple with the festival.

Yeon-woo's lips, which flinched in surprise, opened calmly.

I'm always ready for this guy who's always coming out of nowhere, but I still get excited every time.

And for some reason, excitement is not everything today. My heart is moved and I feel sick.

His breath flows peacefully into the proposal in a full tumult.

There were so many people, and it seemed like there were only two in the world.

It felt like time stopped for a while.

It was an illusion that seemed to be fragmented and eternal.

Yeon-woo prayed earnestly to God in a dreamlike twinkle.

Thank you for making everything with this person sparkle.

And I'm sorry to ask for more when I'm so happy.

God, protect this lovely man.

Please protect this person who can smile like a child even with so much.

More days, let me smile.

Please make me happy for a long time.


We first saw the day sea together on the beach of Segos, went back to Barcelona, touched another long-lived tree in Guell Park, rode a cable car from Monserrat to the monastery, and sat still in an old cathedral in a small town.

Time flew by quickly while slowly traipsing through the medieval alleys of Herona.

At night, I finished the day drinking Shangria.

After drinking, Yeon-woo fell asleep quickly every time, so Sun-jae held her for a long time in the morning.

"Sexy Queen" also launched "Million Sexy Race Slip."

On that day, all I had to do was get out of the hotel and take a walk around.

I couldn't go around many places, but slowly and delicately engraved my memory.

It's already February 27th.

The day when I have to go back to Korea is just a day away.

Their last visit was Figuérez, a region famous for the birthplace of the surrealist painter Salvador Dali.

Salvador Dali's work is nothing but "Continuation of Memory."

A picture of a white bird lying in a large beach-like space and a cheese-melting clock hanging over it.

The famous painting is at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, but a photograph of the painting could be found at Dali's birthplace.

If you saw the painting a long time ago, you might have thought it was quite vague.

However, Yeon-woo, who has experienced a 'different future', can now think a lot.

The picture seemed to be talking to itself.

"As expected, I'm glad I came this way for my honeymoon."

Yeonwoo said proudly.

"Because my experience is surreal."

"You see a difference, don't you?"

Yeon-woo, who was smiling somewhat, was serious about Seon-jae's joke.

"……don't go anywhere and say that. Especially, you shouldn't make such a bad joke to the staff. Let's consider the employees' right to laugh."

"Some of them will laugh because they're really funny.”

Yeon-woo smiled at her husband who became deft.

The end of the trip. It's time to talk about a new beginning.

"When professors and students work on a project together, most of the brilliant ideas come from freshmen' heads. Then professors often reject it. That's why it's not working. That's why it's impossible. Even though it's a realistic statement, I sometimes feel frustrated with the conservatism of professors."

Listening to Yeonwoo's story, Seonjae was prickly.

A manager is someone who says yes or no.

Like ordinary managers, Seonjae sometimes said that he should not listen to other people's opinions until the end.

How much has been said about the impossible has come to reflect on itself for a moment.

"Honey, I want you to be a person who embraces other people's wild ideas and dreams. That way, you will be able to meet the same person.”

"Okay, I'll try."

Yeon-woo sighed pleasantly at Sun-jae's answer.

It's good to be able to talk about the future comfortably.

"The trip is over."


Seonjae sighed along with Yeonwoo. His sighs contain a sense of regret.

"I wish I was here early. It's a shame that I couldn't go on my honeymoon when I was married."


"If I had gone then, I could have become a real couple sooner.”

"But it's good to have a honeymoon after you fall in love with each other."

"Yeah, that's true.”

Sun-jae, who was regretful, laughed quickly.

"It was the fastest ten days in the world.”

"………it's March soon."

"Spring is coming."


"Let's go see the cherry blossoms."

He talked about the coming spring.

He never talked about the "day" of his death throughout his honeymoon.

Laughing and happy all the time.

That's how he made the trip perfect.

"If I go to Korea, I will stay at home for a while.”

Yeonwoo said.

That was her plan.

It may seem ignorant, but I thought it was the most perfect plan.

Staying home together all the time without going out and making work.

"Are you going to cooperate?”

That's how I'll avoid the day of my destiny.

Seonjae nodded leisurely.

"Yes, of course."

Smiling but not unaware of the weight of each other's latent sorrows.

As if to support each other, the two held hands at the same time.

The waiting time is approaching.

I don't wait.

I don't want you to come near me.


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