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Chapter 8

 Yesterday, Sunjae came home late at night after a tight schedule.

I didn't have an official schedule the next morning, so I thought about oversleeping after a long time.

But the intruder, who jumped into his bedroom from dawn, woke him up.

Wife who had a nightmare.

He was also embarrassed because it was her first time making such a fuss.

Unable to sleep anymore, he eventually forced his way to work in the morning.

Hobby business management, specialty business management.

The addictive perfectionism of a man with the same hobby shines even more at times like this.

Sun-jae concentrated on his work, reflecting on himself whether he punished him from heaven because he tried to oversleep too complacently.

Quietly working, he recalled the morning scene from time to time.

Although Showwind is married for two years, Lee Yeon-woo was still a stranger.

Especially today, the distancing is very touching.

A bold hand that broke in and touched his body, saying he had a scary dream.

I think I was ashamed to hold hands, but I was confused whether the bird had changed or whether it was what it looked like.

Yeah, let's just say it was for a dream.

It was out of bed that further embarrassed him.

The way he looked at himself with sparkling eyes as if he were shedding tears.

The persistent glance was something I had never received from her.

"Huh. Did I dream of dying?"

I thought that might be the case.

But soon shook his head.

Even if she dies in a dream, where should Lee Yeon-woo be shocked?

There are no memories or love between the two.

Sunjae smiled smirkingly.

I was trying to get back to work when my cell phone rang.

It was a call from Sunjae's closest cousin, Eunhyuk. Seonjae answered the phone gladly.

"Hey, it's been a while.”

[Right. It's been a while.] How are you?]

"Yeah, what about you?"

[It's the same for me, too]]

Eun-hyuk is a cousin who got married two years before Seon-jae got married.

Now he has a baby and lives well, but when he first got married, Eun-hyuk had a lot of friction with the bride.

After watching Eun-hyuk's marriage process, Seon-jae asked his parents not to interfere with his marriage.

Thanks to this, Seon-jae was able to push ahead with his marriage to Yeon-woo.

As a result, Eun-hyuk is the person who allowed Sun-jae and Yeon-woo to marry without any problems.

Eun-hyuk, who also knew Sun-jae had been in a secret relationship for three years, believed that Sun-jae had worked under the table to marry Yeon-woo.

Therefore, they cheer for the two to live well.

[Are you going to Taejun's wedding today?]

"Yes, I have to go. What about you? You're close to Taejun, too.”

[Right. I have to go, but I'm at the airport now. They want me to go on a business trip. You take care of my share.]

"Really? That's too bad.

[Is Je-su coming, too?]

"I've told you. Why?

[Sunjae, what's wrong with you these days?]]

When asked by Eun-hyuk, Seon-jae was stinging.

Strangely, it was her eyes in the morning that came straight to mind when she said 'problem'.

Eyes that looked at themselves with tears falling from their eyes.

"No. Why?"

Sunjae asked again, hiding his mind.

[My mother and aunt seem to be looking for weaknesses] I heard you and Je-su didn't say anything on your grandfather's anniversary last time, but I guess that's the only thing you can see.]

Eun-hyuk was a good person, but Eun-hyuk's mother and aunt were never a good person from Sun-jae's point of view.

Seonjae's aunt and aunt were the ones who tried to make Yeonwoo live in a marriage that her mother didn't even ask.

Fortunately, my aunt and aunt can't say anything in the presence of my mother, but there will be no mother at the wedding today.

The only person who could protect Yeon-woo was her husband, Kang Sun-jae.

[Like they want something wrong, they always do.] I feel like I'm watching a morning drama.]


[So, you have to live a good life with Je-su.]

Eun-hyuk encouraged Seon-jae who didn't say anything, and hung up on him saying he had to get on the plane.

Looking at the lost cell phone, Sunjae sighed one after another.

"Should I do another play?….”

Seonjae's mind, recalling the play, became bitter again.


Seon-jae attended the wedding with such an unpleasant mind.

I deliberately settled down at my aunt's table early.

I wanted to make a friendly appearance with Yeon-woo in front of them and stop them from talking back.

But there was a catch.

Maybe it happened in the morning, but I felt uncomfortable that Yeon-woo still couldn't get out of the aftermath of the nightmare.

By the way, Yeonwoo's face, which arrived before the wedding, was brighter than expected.

Also, for some reason, the outfit was different than usual.

She, who always wore monochrome and neat clothes, wore clothes with large bright flowers.

She looked fresher and more bubbly. The subtle change caught Sun-jae's eye for a while.

And then the dining table.

As I heard once from Eunhyuk, aunt and aunt said sharp words as if they had come for a chance.

Seon-jae showed a good relationship with Yeon-woo by nagging his aunt and aunt.

Of course, it was all talk and no talk.

Yeon-woo's expression was not very good, so I thought the operation seemed to have failed.

However, Yeon-woo, who was listening silently, fired back at aunt's rudeness.

It was unexpected and surprising.

"If you don't know the artistic background and history of the artifact, it's not worth a celadon or a white porcelain. Bring it to my lab and I'll prove it. I'll schedule it, so please let me know in advance."

When she was nervous, she didn't make any mistakes and refuted it clearly like she had been practicing from the beginning was amazing.

There was also a sense of exhilaration as if the blockage were falling out.

It was hard for Sun-jae to hold back his laughter when he saw his aunt's face getting greener after talking nonsense.

Yeah, they say earthworms will wriggle if you step on them.

I also wanted to let him pour out more because I thought how hard it must have been to hear such stories and how hard it was for this calm child to explode.

After she poured out enough of what she wanted to say.

The aunt and aunt woke up, saying they were going to the bathroom side by side as if they were looking at Yeon-woo's scars, and looked at their wives after their uncle and uncle left.

She bowed her head with a blushing face, as if belatedly ashamed of having poured out words.

I don't know why it looked so cute.

Maybe it's because I've never seen him before.

The thought of her as a heterosexual was brief before marriage. After getting married, I decided to think of him as a quiet neighbor.

So, I felt guilty when I kissed others.

Like this, she says, 'I'm a woman' and her presence comes in.

I thought you were living with several layers of walls.

I don't even know where the door was on the wall.

What she did just before the breakup was even more surprising.

A provocation that pulls you first and kisses you at the moment you approach and kiss you.

The unexpected surprise made me feel as if I was being kissed for the first time.

I wondered if she had been changed her soul somewhere or if she was a witch in her wife's mask.

After being possessed by the witch, it occurred to me that I should hold on to my reason.

A completely different day from the last two years.

Something has changed with her.

"I'll be home early today, so wait. See you at home."

As a husband, as her guardian, she needed to be properly identified.

He turned on his plan and told Yeon-woo that he would go home early.


Sun-jae was unable to return home with Yeon-woo because the social gathering that followed was an extension of his work.

The company has decided to be introduced to a person in charge of Asia at "Heaven," the world's No. 1 online shopping company.

This choice was made for a flexible atmosphere rather than a clerical position.

Having obtained information earlier that Heaven would enter Korea, Sunjae was thinking of a Korean joint venture with Heaven.

The domestic online shopping market is already saturated, so there is no time for new companies to intervene.

Therefore, it may be much better for Heaven to collaborate with domestic distributors than to directly enter the market.

With that in mind, I was trying to sound out the intention of a joint venture with Jay Group.

The conversation was easy because the Asian official already knew Seon-jae. It also turned out that it had difficulties in domestic electronic systems and legal issues.

In a brief meeting, Seon-jae even led to his next official appointment.

It was a meaningful time in many ways.

"It's been a while since I haven't seen you. Kang Sun-jae's talent."

After breaking up with a Heaven official, Ki-jun placed his arm on Seon-jae's shoulder to return to his friends.

One of Sunjae's best friends, Ki-joon, a high school and university colleague of Sunjae, is currently the marketing director of Jay Home Shopping at Jay Group.

Unlike Seon-jae, who is chic in everything, he is a smiling and sad friend, but he got married a year earlier than Seon-jae and his daughter is already four years old.

"My talent?"

"Slightly pushing your opponent to give you the answer you want.”

Ki-joon was a friend who always had a good smile and spoke well with bones.

Perhaps the only friend who is not swayed by Seonjae's spirit.

"I'm having a bad luck.

Sun-jae just smiled at the joke based on bad luck.

Ki-joon snorted in a deflated voice.

"It's not funny what it's not funny. I have to refute it."


"I told you I was unlucky. The others say, 'You're worse, you son of a gun.'

"You're not that unlucky."

The seriousness of responding seriously to jokes left Ki-joon speechless for a moment.

However, he quickly followed Seon-jae and sat in front of him with one chin, staring at him as if he were penetrating, opening the door again.

"Seonjae, I've been watching you for more than 10 years. I still feel like there's a wall between us."


"What I see is you. I don't really have feelings for everyone."


"You always seem to be trying not to cross the line."

Seen-jae, who was personally aware of the truth, closed his eyes for a momentarily.

Those who openly talk about such things would be the only criteria.

In other words, it is a fact that everyone may be feeling.

"It's upsetting sometimes. You can let go of your friends.”

Despite the criticism of the standards, Seon-jae could not say anything. In fact, the problem was that he didn't know how to let go of himself.

Kang Sun-jae's brain was exceptionally specialized for work. I admit I'm weak at everything else that deals with emotions.

But it has never been a big problem.

Ki-joon, who felt sorry for bringing up the story when he saw Seon-jae with an unexpected expression, said.

"But you'll still be honest with him, right?"

"I'm honest with you, too.”

"Wow, I want to punch you."

Seon-jae's expression hardened for a moment due to Ki-joon's joke-mixed lamentation.

While meeting Heaven's representative, the thought that he had saved for a while unfolded again.

"You can hit me."

This morning, Yeonwoo said so.

What kind of bad dream did he have to say?

It must be an afterimage of what happened to Mrs. Ok Seung-hye. Or worse?

But yes, I can't believe I can hit you.

How violent would you say that?

I don't even have a clue about her wound.

From what I did this evening, it seemed clear that something was on edge.

"I'm leaving now."

Sunjae rose from his seat without further thought.

"Don't you have a drink?"

"I decided to go home early."

"Oh, well, I'm going in. Family comes first."

The criteria for Seonjae's answer are no longer asked and the thumbs are raised.

It was not rocket science to sit out of this position as long as he was there, as standards were unrivaled pathetic.

"Sunjae, are you leaving already? But it's been a while since we met."

The friends sitting across from him expressed their disappointment, but Seon-jae's determination does not change.

"Sorry. I'll make room for you later."

"A man without a wife would live in sorrow."

He was not close enough to his wife to accept the remark, but he did not make excuses.

There were many riddles to solve in my head. I'm thinking of having a conversation with my wife today.

"I'll go first, have fun."

Sun-jae, who went back to the other side, told Sarah.

It's like a scene from a movie when she smiles at her colleague sitting next to her, saying she's a fan, and then turns toward Sun-jae.

I wrapped my long eyelashes neatly. Just by looking up, it attracts attention. She was the epitome of beauty in name and reality.

"Yes. Goodbye."

Sarah waved her hand with a noble expression.

Yoo Sa-ra, a friend who has known her for more than 20 years, has become a top actor who receives love calls from Hollywood beyond Korea as she wished when she was young.

He's as arrogant and shy as he looks, but he's close to Seonjae.

As a result, he soon got along well with Seonjae's friends, and now he is more compatible with them than Seonjae.

Although he was able to spend time with Seonjae's friends, it seems that Seonjae's vacancy was felt greatly.

Shortly after Seon-jae left, a person who emptied the beer glass in front of him soon rose from his seat.

"I have a schedule tomorrow, so I'm going to get up first."

It was a forced smile, but she was a beautiful actress, as everyone admires her.


After arriving home a couple of hours after breaking up with Yeon-woo, Sun-jae called Yeon-woo after entering the living room.

It's funny to call her in the house, but he wasn't the type to sound out and look for her.

I'm sure he's at home.’

But Yeonwoo didn't answer the phone.

Yeon-woo entered her space because she couldn't wait silently until she left the room.

She also broke into his space in the morning, so she wouldn't be able to say anything about it.

Seonjae strode to the end of the hall and reached Yeonwoo's bedroom.

The bedroom door was wide open.

'What's wrong with the room...….’

Sunjae entered her bedroom, narrowing her brows.

The room is a mess.

The bed was littered with clothes, all the cosmetics on the dressing table were sprawled and some drawers were open.

I haven't been in her room much, but when he visited, it was always neat, so the current scenery was very unfamiliar.

'No way....'

Don't tell me something strange happened.

An intruder came into this room, searched every corner of the room, and kidnapped her.Or, don't tell me that.

She's not where she's supposed to be, so I feel uneasy.

I tried calling again, but she didn't answer the phone so the call would last long.

He hung up on me like that's it.

The open drawer is annoying, so I'm going to close it and turn around.

The letters "consultative divorce" were seen fluttering on the gaps in the drawer and some vertically inserted paper.

I grabbed the paper as soon as it caught my eye.

Then, Seonjae's expression hardened when he opened the folded paper and checked the letters written inside it.

The name 'Lee Yeon-woo' used in the document 'Application for Confirmation of Consult Divorce'.

And the next chapter.

"To Mr. Seonjae."

A letter with his name on it.

It was a letter from Lee Yeon-woo to Kang Sun-jae.

Under his name, Seonjae carefully checked the handwriting that had been written down line by one.

His heart thumped, thumped, and pounded heavily between the lines.

Dear Mr. Seonjae

You might be surprised because it's my first time writing a letter like this.

Since it's an important story, I think it's hard to say it in person, so I'm leaving a letter first.

I think it's time to end our relationship.

When you first started this marriage, you told me this.

Let's just register the wedding and marriage first.

If it's really hard, you can do whatever you want in two years.

From some point on, the memory became a hope. I've been looking forward to the day when I can ask like this.

I wasn't happy at all after I got married. I've been wanting a divorce.

A breathtaking life, a place where you always have to smile despite the frustrating situation...…. I'm sick and tired of everything.

Not to mention I hate everything about you.

You don't know how much I regret marrying my senior. It would have been better to live at Mrs. Ok Seung-hye's house and get a decent job and get married, to the point of thinking.

I suggest it first because I know that if I don't finish, this wrong union will continue meaninglessly throughout.

This is the only request I make to my senior.

Divorce me. Please, please, please.

I want to live a decent life now.

"Lee Yeonwoo Dream."

While reading the letter, Sunjae's hands gradually became stronger.

More than half of the paper in my hand was crumpled.

My eyes sting with all the contents of the letter.

The truth was like this.

Lee Yeon-woo was able to get away with it because he wanted to give up his wife's role.

It was funny how I rushed home worried about something.


When I laughed in vain, I heard footsteps falling down diligently.

After a while, Yeonwoo was seen in front of the bedroom door.

Yeon-woo's eyes were round when he recognized the letter in his hand.

The white face like a white porcelain seems to have become paler.

It's a moment when what she wrote proves right.

He's just looking at her.

"Did you do it for this?"

It's just frustrating.

"The goal is divorce?”


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